MW Chapter 1850

Chapter 1850 – Eye

“Just what are these carvings?”

Lin Ming anxiously thought. His eyes stung with a torturous pain. Looking at this divine light was like being stabbed with needles.

This continued for some time. Lin Ming’s eyes had turned blood red; he was at his limit.

Looking straight at these runes carved by an ancient peerless character, this was an extreme test on Lin Ming’s soul force.

In the next moment, Lin Ming’s body shook and blood flowed from his eyes.

He fell to the ground, propping himself up on his knees as he continued watching the woman write.

“Brother Lin, d-d-don’t look, your eyes are bleeding… if y-y-you continue to watch your eyes will collapse…”

The red-dressed little girl panicked as she saw Lin Ming’s horrible appearance, and as she panicked she began to stutter again.

“I’m fine…”

Lin Ming waved his hand, not caring at all about the problems with his eyes.

“B-but…” The red-dressed little girl was concerned about Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s heart warmed. He remembered that the little girl said he had a nice familiar smell coming from him, and it was because of this that she was attached to him. Ever since coming out from the Akashic Dream Battlefield, she had continued to follow him.

Lin Ming looked at the little girl, a gentle light in his eyes. “I don’t know your name, and you probably don’t know it either. Would it be alright if I call you Ruby from now on?”

The little girl tilted her head, nodding, seeming to be a little excited. “S-sure.”

“Mm… well, Ruby, I’m fine…”

Lin Ming grit his teeth, continuing to look at the mysterious woman’s writing.

He focused all of his concentration on what she was writing, ignoring the blood dripping down from his eyes.

He didn’t have much time remaining. The war between the saints and humanity would erupt in just several dozen more years. He couldn’t just watch helplessly on the sidelines as everything and everyone he cared for was annihilated.

And now, in this brief period of time, even though he was cooperating with Sheng Mei he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to fulfill her conditions. This was because one of them was to have him find the path to cultivating the Law of Eternal Life, and for Lin Ming this was impossible – unless he offered up the Magic Cube!

If so, then all Lin Ming could do was increase his strength as far as possible. He had a faint guess that if he could combine the Heavenly Sutra and Holy Scripture together, achieving perfection of within and without, simultaneously cultivating the universe of his body with the universe of the world to the limit, he would be able to reach an inconceivable boundary. Maybe with this he would be able to have his own strength rise drastically in a short period of time, enough so that he could help resist the great calamity.

Of course, he feared this so-called short period of time was likely far more than several dozen years…

Even so, Lin Ming had to try his best to obtain a golden page!

If Sheng Mei obtained the golden page of the Fallen God Mountain Range then there wouldn’t be anything for Lin Ming. But if he were to obtain it, he could use it to trade for another golden page with Sheng Mei. That was equal to obtaining two.

Then, Lin Ming would have four golden pages.

Although it was impossible for Lin Ming to perceive the entirety of the Holy Scripture through four golden pages alone, his hopes would be much greater than before.

He clenched his teeth, not blinking his eyes even as he overdrew on his soul force.

At this time, in the outside world, Lin Ming’s body was also undergoing a severe response.

“That Lin Muk, his eyes are bleeding...”

Several people noticed Lin Ming’s situation and were at a loss for words. Many martial artists would overuse their soul force when they tried to grasp the principles, and they would pale and be forced to withdraw.

But this Lin Ming persisted until he bled from the eyes; this was the first time they had heard of someone going this far.

“His soul force is unstable as if he’s consumed a great deal of energy. He is clearly overdrawing his soul force.”

“I’m speechless. If he doesn’t draw back now and continues to forcefully continue, is there any meaning to it…”

“Grasping the principles on the shrine platform is only something that everyone attempts; there is no hope to actually become thoroughly enlightened. At this Fallen God Mountain Range, it has been countless years since anyone has comprehended anything. Even the several True Divinities of the Soul World came here during their youth but returned without any benefits, yet this human boy is actually pushing himself this far. It seems he really is an idiot.”

Someone said with an amused, gloating expression. In truth, to many people, even someone like Soul Empress Sheng Mei would find it near impossible to obtain the golden page of the Fallen God Mountain Range.

For better or worse, Sheng Mei still had a thread of hope. At least, one of her die-hard fans like Jade Lifestone believed she would be able to succeed.

“He’s bleeding from the nose now…”

Some people glanced at each other in dismay and some people laughed. Many of them had smiles of schadenfreude.

Not only were they repulsed by Lin Ming, they were also jealous of him.

Their background was the number one race of the universe – the spiritas. Yet, they couldn’t compare with a human. This left them feeling uncomfortable in their hearts. But now as they saw Lin Ming end up like this, they felt much better as if they had vented a good deal of their frustrations.

How could a mere human think of obtaining the inheritances of their soul race?

“He has only lit up the fourth soul sea mark, but to completely grasp the principles of the shrine platform one has to light up seven soul sea marks. The disparity is incredible. Does he really think he can attain complete enlightenment in a single go?”

“I think this boy might have gone mad…”

Some people laughed.

They looked at Lin Ming and then looked at Sheng Mei.

Sheng Mei was still as calm as before. Her slender eyebrows were only slightly pushed together, but as for Lin Ming, he had ended up in such a state. The difference between them was far too great. Moreover, as time passed and Sheng Mei lit up more soul sea marks, the disparity would only increase.

Perhaps Lin Ming wouldn’t even be able to light up the fifth soul sea mark.


“The beautiful aunty is drawing a fish…”

Ruby suddenly said. Every time she saw the mysterious woman draw something she could speak out what she saw. Ruby saw all of this easily, as if she were watching someone draw lines in sand. As for Lin Ming, he couldn’t see anything no matter how much he struggled.

“Fish… rivers… the rhythm of the Dao…”

Lin Ming felt as if the mysterious woman’s hand had been thrust into the infinite river of time. It was impossible for him to clearly see it.

He persisted past his limits. His eyes were covered with blood and he nearly became blind.

The mysterious woman lightly stepped about like a celestial goddess. She sat down on a blue stone, every movement and every action she took filled with the aura and rhythm of the Laws.

She seemed to be deep in thought. Her endlessly long hair hung down like the curtain of night, concealing her appearance, making it impossible for anyone to see her.

After an unknown period of time she stood up and began drawing again.

“She’s drawing an eye!”

Ruby said. No matter what the mysterious woman did, nothing could hinder her from seeing.


Lin Ming’s field of vision had already turned crimson. The figure of the mysterious woman blurred in his eyes.

Then, the mysterious woman turned around and glanced at Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s body shook; he spat out a mouthful of blood!

He fell to his knees, feeling an incomparable burning heat between his eyes.


Lin Ming grit his teeth and bit his lips until they bled. Even his consciousness seemed to become blurry. But, he summoned the final dregs of his strength and watched the blue stone beneath the woman’s hands.

He could faintly feel that success wasn’t too far away. As long as he could persist just a little longer, there would be clarity!

However, what worried Lin Ming was that at this time he could no longer see anything at all.

Everything in his eyes was blood red!

He approached unconsciousness. But just as he was about to fall over, he didn’t know why but within his field of vision, he could faintly see an eye!

Rather, it should be said that this eye was an image that directly imprinted itself into his mind, thrust there without passing through his own two eyes.

Lin Ming could feel an agonizing ache between his eyebrows. Faintly, it was like a little bit of starlight gathered in this space, converging towards the point between Lin Ming’s eyebrows.

Hum - ! Hum - ! Hum - !

The world trembled. This world of consciousness seemed to tear apart and endless starlight fell down. In the skies, nine stars appeared high in the air, all of them burning like scorching hot suns.

Infinite starlight fell down like a river of stars.

Lin Ming experienced a splitting headache, as if his head would be forcefully cut off by this starlight!

“This is…”

Lin Ming clearly felt that between his eyebrows, there was a burning heat that felt like it would melt away his skull. But endless starlight gathered there, slowly forming a Dao Palace!

“Daevic Eye? Daevic Eye Dao Palace?”

Lin Ming’s heart shook. Of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, this was the Celestial Eye Dao Palace!

This Dao Palace didn’t have any specific striking power, but once opened, it would directly enhance a martial artist’s divine sense, so that they could spy upon the secrets of heaven and see through the infinite mysteries!

“I actually accidentally opened a Dao Palace…”

Lin Ming muttered, gasping for breath. His forehead was covered with blood, but within this thick blood, a mystical eye seemed to flash.

Previously, when Lin Ming opened the Purple Temple Dao Palace, Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace, and Extreme Polar Dao Palace, he had relied on gathering numerous spirit medicines to accomplish those feats, but this time in opening the Daevic Eye Dao Palace, Lin Ming simply relied upon his own strength and accumulations to forcefully open it.


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