Chapter 185 - Unexpected Fusion

Chapter 185 Unexpected Fusion.


Chapter 185 – Unexpected Fusion

Lin Ming’s mind flashed, the Magic Cube! It could absorb the blood of powerhouses! He had actually forgotten about it!

When Lin Ming first obtained the Purple Gold Flexible Armor that the Crown Prince had bestowed upon him, it had been marked with the blood symbol from a peak Houtian realm master. This blood symbol had later been absorbed by the Magic Cube, and Lin Ming had therefore managed to obtain his second opportunity to enter into the space of the Magic Cube.

Sure enough, it was as Lin Ming had imagined. An invisible force ran out from Lin Ming’s heart as if it was a snake striking out at its prey. This force had suddenly locked onto the reverse scale blood, and slowly begun dragging it closer and closer to Lin Ming’s heart.

The reverse scale blood grew increasingly desperate. It tried to rush back, but it could...

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