Chapter 185 - Unexpected Fusion

Chapter 185 Unexpected Fusion.


Chapter 185 – Unexpected Fusion

Lin Ming’s mind flashed, the Magic Cube! It could absorb the blood of powerhouses! He had actually forgotten about it!

When Lin Ming first obtained the Purple Gold Flexible Armor that the Crown Prince had bestowed upon him, it had been marked with the blood symbol from a peak Houtian realm master. This blood symbol had later been absorbed by the Magic Cube, and Lin Ming had therefore managed to obtain his second opportunity to enter into the space of the Magic Cube.

Sure enough, it was as Lin Ming had imagined. An invisible force ran out from Lin Ming’s heart as if it was a snake striking out at its prey. This force had suddenly locked onto the reverse scale blood, and slowly begun dragging it closer and closer to Lin Ming’s heart.

The reverse scale blood grew increasingly desperate. It tried to rush back, but it could not break away from the oppressive pressure.

At this time, Lin Ming’s mind began to race. What could he do? The Magic Cube obviously wanted to absorb the reverse scale blood, and looking at the situation, absorbing the reverse scale blood would be a simple matter.

If the reverse scale blood were absorbed by the Magic Cube, it might empower the Magic Cube. However, this was just a bit too wasteful for such a precious treasure…

The Magic Cube was able to absorb the blood of the Houtian realm master. Although the quality was much worse than the reverse scale blood, it could be made up for in quantity.

Lin Ming was also a bit anxious. At this time, the reverse scale blood had been drawn into Lin Ming’s heart. The reverse scale blood desperately wanted to break free from this invisible chain. It began to crash against Lin Ming’s heart muscles, as if it would rather fuse with him than be absorbed by the Magic Cube.

At this time, the strange invisible tug of the Magic Cube on the reverse scale blood suddenly weakened.

The reverse scale blood caught this opportunity and finally broke into Lin Ming’s heart. Without a hint of hesitation, it began to integrate with Lin Ming’s heart.

This was a completely voluntary fusion; it was not forced by either the power of the Magic Cube or Yan Mo.

“Mm… this is…”

As the Magic Cube gradually relaxed its binding force on the reverse scale blood, the reverse scale blood desperately integrated with Lin Ming’s heart. This process was completely of the reverse blood scale’s own volition, and Lin Ming felt no pain at all.

“An accident like this actually happened…” Lin Ming gulped a mouthful of saliva, somewhat stunned at the turn of events.

How proud was the True Dragon bloodline? If not for such a sudden, horrifying change in the situation, there was no way that it would ever have willingly fused with a mortal.

If he wanted to absorb it by himself, he could only count on his own power to suppress it, then forcefully assimilate it. This process was like washing one’s muscles and marrow; it was incomparably painful.

Even Yan Mo had said that he would at least need to be at the limit of the Xiantian realm to have a chance to absorb the reverse scale blood.

Lin Ming was only at the peak of Bone Forging, and the distance between him and the Xiantian realm was like heaven and earth. Yet the reverse scale blood had voluntarily fused with Lin Ming, and there wasn’t even the slightest bit of pain.

At this time, Yan Mo also found that the reverse scale blood had started to fuse with Lin Ming’s heart. It looked deeply at Lin Ming, and then stopped pouring its strength into the spatial seal in Lin Ming’s body. It was simply no longer necessary.

The Magic Cube also completely abandoned its invisible shackles on the reverse scale blood. However, when the reverse scale blood discovered that the invisible forces on it had disappeared, it had already mostly fused with Lin Ming. It slowed down for a moment, hesitating, as if deciding whether or not it should still try to immediately escape. But just as it thought this idea, the reverse scale blood suddenly felt a huge coercive force transmit upon it. The soul of the reverse scale blood shivered, and abandoned that thought and honestly continued to integrate into Lin Ming.

With this chain of events, Lin Ming actually felt something. The Magic Cube… had a consciousness!

It was not an inanimate object.

Without a doubt, if the Magic Cube had insisted on absorbing the reverse scale blood, then it could absolutely have done this. It had originally intended to absorb the reverse scale blood, but when the reverse scale blood had begun to fuse with Lin Ming’s heart, the Magic Cube had actually changed its mind!

It had gradually relaxed its hold on the reverse scale blood in order to let it freely integrate with Lin Ming’s heart. Afterwards, it even supervised and facilitated this integration.

This made Lin Ming feel extremely perplexed. Just what was the Magic Cube?

Did it have a soul?

The reverse scale blood would rather integrate into him than be sucked into the Magic Cube. Was the Magic Cube really such a horrifying existence? Just what was going on?

Just after a little more than a quarter of an hour, the reverse scale blood had been thoroughly absorbed by Lin Ming.

Yan Mo was giving Lin Ming a very weird and peculiar look. It had said that Lin Ming would need to be at the limit of the Xiantian realm in order to absorb the reverse scale blood, and he would also have to undergo a baptism of suffering to do so. However, now he had actually quickly absorbed the reverse scale blood as if he was eating a light meal. Not only was there no discomfort, but it appeared to have been quite an enjoyable encounter.

‘What is the reason for this?’

Yan Mo had some doubts. Although it could track the location of the reverse scale blood, it was completely unable to feel the presence of the Magic Cube.

Yan Mo was extremely formidable. However, this was only relative to those within the Sky Spill Continent. The Magic Cube represented a power that it could not hope to see into.

“You absorbed the reverse scale blood?” Yan Mo asked in disbelief.

Lin Ming nodded, unsure of what expression he should be wearing at this time.

“But… how did you absorb it?”

Lin Ming gave an apologetic smile; there was simply no way he could explain this. He could only play the fool and pretend he knew nothing. “I’m not sure myself. The reserve scale blood suddenly decided to voluntarily fuse with my body.”

“Voluntary fusion…” Yan Mo was at a complete loss. If the reverse scale blood was willing to integrate into a human body, then back in the day, his Master could have done so. As long as the Yin and Yang elements did not conflict within his body, then there was no problem for there to be two diametrically opposed powers within his blood.

What secrets did this boy hold? It was impossible for the reverse scale blood to yield to an ordinary mortal. Could this young boy be the reincarnation of a True Dragon?

How was this possible…

Yan Mo’s gaze at Lin Ming became increasingly bizarre and perplexed. As Yan Mo looked straight at Lin Ming, even Lin Ming was feeling a bit uncomfortable.

This fellow had lived for such a long time, Lin Ming wasn’t sure if he could actually fool him.

Yan Mo couldn’t figure out the reason for what had just occurred. He finally said, “Anyway, regardless of why it happened, it is a good thing that the reverse scale blood voluntarily fused with you. It will take a while for your true essence to fuse with the Dragon Yang Qi. The sooner you absorbed the reverse scale blood, the greater benefits you will experience.

“If you had used your own strength to forcefully absorb the reverse scale blood, then it would have destroyed part of the reverse scale bloodline, and you would not have integrated with it so perfectly like now.

“You have been a good smelting trial participant. Now that the life and death smelting trial has ended, you may leave. From here on out, you will undoubtedly live an incomparably wonderful life. But, I must continue to guard my 72 smelting trial pagodas. If fate wills it, then we shall meet again.”

As Yan Mo said this, his body twisted, and he begun to slowly fade away.

Lin Ming hesitated, then suddenly said, “Senior, please wait a moment, I actually have a question I’ve wanted to ask you. Since the Sorcerer Senior is already gone, then these 72 cultivation pagodas have already lost their meaning. For what reason does Senior still stay here to protect them?”

Listening to this question, Yan Mo seemed thoughtful and quietly said, “This is my fate, and I am willing to bear the burden of it. Just like you, who vows to struggle against the heavens…”

As Yan Mo spoke these words, he had already vanished. The faint sound of his voice became distant echoes that reverberated in the emptiness, lingering on for a long time until they finally died down.

Lin Ming smiled for a moment. In that brief second, there was an inexplicable taste that came to mind…


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