MW Chapter 1849

Chapter 1849 – Mysterious Woman

At this time, Lin Ming was like an ancient well on the shrine platform, calm and serene.

Although there were many things he was still unsure of, he had already become aware of the true meaning of the golden page Sheng Mei had traded him. Now, he only needed time to slowly verify the truths within the golden page and master it.

However, just comprehending the true meaning of the golden page alone gave Lin Ming many benefits.

Soul force surged like a tide within his body, washing through him without end and making him feel as if he were being reborn.

Without stop, he began to rapidly grasp the principles atop the shrine platform.

He knew that as long as he obtained more golden pages and verified them with each other, it would be much easier to master them.

Luckily, this fleeting feeling had appeared.

Within his divine soul, the texts of the two golden pages resonated with each other, emitting clarion sounds of nature that sobered Lin Ming’s mind.

After another day passed, the fourth soul sea mark smoothly lit up.

But after that, comprehending anything further became increasingly difficult.

The dark shrine platform was shrouded in a great power that emitted an endless mystical...

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