MW Chapter 1849

Chapter 1849 – Mysterious Woman

At this time, Lin Ming was like an ancient well on the shrine platform, calm and serene.

Although there were many things he was still unsure of, he had already become aware of the true meaning of the golden page Sheng Mei had traded him. Now, he only needed time to slowly verify the truths within the golden page and master it.

However, just comprehending the true meaning of the golden page alone gave Lin Ming many benefits.

Soul force surged like a tide within his body, washing through him without end and making him feel as if he were being reborn.

Without stop, he began to rapidly grasp the principles atop the shrine platform.

He knew that as long as he obtained more golden pages and verified them with each other, it would be much easier to master them.

Luckily, this fleeting feeling had appeared.

Within his divine soul, the texts of the two golden pages resonated with each other, emitting clarion sounds of nature that sobered Lin Ming’s mind.

After another day passed, the fourth soul sea mark smoothly lit up.

But after that, comprehending anything further became increasingly difficult.

The dark shrine platform was shrouded in a great power that emitted an endless mystical strength.

Not knowing when, Lin Ming discovered that he seemed to have stepped onto some narrow winding path. There was nothing but haze around him. He couldn’t make out his surroundings nor where he needed to go.

Within this misty haze, he was like a lonely boat in a pitch black sea, helpless and lost, floating quietly in the world.

Even the sparkling lights in front of him that had exuded mysterious sounds had disappeared. It was like he had been completely cut off from the outside world.

“This feeling is…”

Lin Ming’s thoughts tightened. If he couldn’t escape from this strange maze, then the following comprehensions would be increasingly difficult.

To grasp the principles of the shrine platforms of the Fallen God Mountain Range was an incredibly arduous task. Since ancient times, countless spiritas martial artists had attempted to gain enlightenment here, but all of them had been defeated one after another. This included even young True Divinities!

Thus, some people even suspected that the rules of the world had already been blocked here. No one should be able to obtain any results.

Although Lin Ming believed in himself, he didn’t think he was stronger than those spiritas True Divinities when they were young.

Nearing the bottleneck, Lin Ming became increasingly cautious.

At this time, within Lin Ming’s mind, he tried to recall some contents of the first and second wood golden pages.

The true meaning of the golden pages that he had comprehended began to shine like stars, emitting the sound of the Great Dao from within him like a great bell that thundered in his mind.

The surrounding thick mist dispersed and the black sea vanished.

In front of him, another road appeared. It was simple and plain, leading to some point in the endless horizon, as if it led to the past, as if it led to the infinite possible futures…

Lin Ming’s eyes brightened. Another bizarre roar sounded out in his head. After obtaining some comprehensions, the world suddenly fell black once more.

The endless mist covered him again, hindering him from taking even a single step forwards.

“How should I keep walking down the road?” Lin Ming pondered. He tried sensing the existence of the world around him. His comprehensions of the golden pages also became increasingly profound.

But, the fifth soul sea mark was like an endless moat that blocked his way, an obstacle that he would never be able to surmount.

As Lin Ming fell into a torpor, not too far away from him on another shrine platform, Soul Empress Sheng Mei was silently meditating.

Waves of sky-blue light from the Great Dao emanated from her. But, the fifth soul sea mark still didn’t light up.

To grasp the principles atop the shrine platform was an extremely long process. It wasn’t something that one could complete in 100-200 days. There were even people who stayed for 10 or more years at a time.

Even for the likes of Lin Ming and Sheng Mei, wanting to take away the golden page here was an extremely difficult task.

Time passed a day at a time.

Lin Ming and Sheng Mei were like statues, completely motionless. Their soul forces had reached unbelievably profound levels. For many people, sitting on the shrine platforms in meditation for a few dozen days would exhaust their soul force, but to Lin Ming and Sheng Mei this wasn’t any problem at all.  

This was because they knew how to conform to the world Laws here and conserve their soul force. At the same time, their restorative abilities were incredible.

In this aspect, Sheng Mei was far more powerful than Lin Ming. Lin Ming might not compare with Sheng Mei, but because he possessed the Magic Cube his soul had similarities with the Eternal Soul and the stability of his soul was extraordinary.

“How terrifying. They have already sat there for 10 months without moving. From the looks of it, they can sit there for several years without any problem at all.”

“Lighting up the fifth soul sea is difficult beyond compare… even Soul Empress Sheng Mei won’t find it easy…”

“That Lin Muk is also stranded at the fifth soul sea mark. Nothing’s happened for quite some time…”

“Although this human brat is strong, his strength lies in the essence gathering system. In gaining enlightenment atop the shrine platform, it is impossible for him to compare with the Soul Empress. I think that… the Soul Empress will light the fifth soul sea mark soon…” Someone quietly spoke, afraid of disturbing Sheng Mei.

On the shrine platform, Lin Ming was still struggling with his thoughts.

In front of him was a vast wilderness flooded with endless fog.

He could not see where the road was.

He walked alone. Beneath him were blue stones, just like the blue stone road he once walked upon at the Asura Road’s final trial.

“Every golden page is connected to the others, but their true meanings are all greatly different… the reason my enlightenment here was so fast at the start was because of my previous experiences and also because I have comprehended the true meaning of two golden pages. After the start, the difficulty suddenly increased. My background was also used up in the first part of grasping the principles.”

Lin Ming mumbled to himself.

At this time, a voice echoed in his ears. “Eh? Someone’s here carving characters on the stone.”

Lin Ming was startled. This voice was clearly from the red-dressed little girl that had always been following him.

He turned his head and saw that in his sea of consciousness, the red-dressed little girl was sitting around. Her eyes were bright and wide and she struggled to see through the hazy fog before her. Her pupils shimmered with a strange light, as if she could see through the thick fog.

“What did you say? Someone’s carving characters?” Lin Ming’s heart quickened. He didn’t ask how this little girl appeared in the world of his consciousness. It seemed as long as something involved soul force or the mind, there was nothing that could block this red-dressed little girl.

What he cared the most about was that on this blue stone road, there was someone else here that he couldn’t see.

This was clearly because the road in front of him was covered by some strange strength. Lin Ming was completely unable to see through the source of this strength, but the red-dressed little girl was. Her origins were a puzzle, making one feel her very existence was inconceivable.

“Mm, it’s a pretty aunty. She’s using her finger to write on the blue stone…”

A woman?

Lin Ming was bewildered. Who could this person be?

“What is she writing?”

Lin Ming asked. The red-dressed little girl’s large eyes widened as she blinked again and again. Then she whispered, “They are v-very complex characters; I don’t understand them at all. But this aunty… I… f-feel she’s familiar…”

The red-dressed little girl said, lost in her thoughts.

Lin Ming’s heart skipped a beat. Familiar?

He simply had no idea what status this red-dressed little girl had. And who was this woman that was carving characters? Could they be mother and daughter?

And what were the characters that the woman was carving?

“That aunty is starting to draw pictures. There are water currents… people… planets… people on the planets… small blades of grass, soil, fire…”

The red-dressed little girl said without end. These images weren’t connected at all. As Lin Ming heard them, he was still left puzzled.

Thus, he decided to calm his mind and use his eyes to look as hard as he could at the blue stones on the side of the road.

However, as he stared unblinkingly at these blue stones, he felt his eyes hurt as if a biting wind was tearing into them.

The blue stones emitted a light that stabbed into his eyes like countless golden needles.

Lin Ming had a feeling that what the woman carved down were Laws.

Everything within the heavens and earth followed the Laws of the universe; life was no exception.

The red-dressed little girl stood beside Lin Ming, occasionally speaking. Lin Ming firmly remembered every word she said.

Lin Ming continued watching, always watching. Even though his eyes had become bloodshot, he never relaxed.

And then one day, he could see the blurry shadow of a person standing beside the blue stones.

Long hair. Blue clothes. This person emitted a terrifying aura.

This was indeed a woman, a woman that caused Lin Ming’s heart to race. Her long hair fell down her back like the river of time, making one lose themselves in a daze just by looking at her.

He was unable to distinguish what boundary this woman had reached. He only saw her quietly pace around the blue stones. Sometimes she would be deep in thought, and sometimes she would lower her head and carve some things into the blue stones.

As if she were finishing a piece of art.

Lin Ming stiffened, unable to move. He could confirm that this woman wasn’t just some illusion. An aura exuded from her, one that seemed like the endless flow of time. It was a familiar feeling, one he had felt back in the final trial and at Tragic Death Valley. This was a terrifying aura of the endless years, one that came from over 10 billion years ago. He couldn’t follow it nor could he sense the point from which it originated.

“This is a phantom left behind from 10 billion years ago?”

Lin Ming thought out loud. This aura had been preserved until now, even after such a mind-boggling period of time had passed. It left Lin Ming feeling fearful and apprehensive.

What sort of woman was this? Perhaps, the scene that the red-dressed little girl saw was that of the Akashic Dream Universe being formed, and the images that the woman carved down were the Laws that were recorded in this world. This was the best explanation he could find.

It was even possible that this woman was the one who had created the enlightenment shrine platforms of the Fallen God Mountain Range.

However… the one to create the shrine platforms, shouldn’t that person be the creator of the Holy Scripture?

In a dreamland, Lin Ming had seen the creator of the Holy Scripture twice already. He was also the person who had battled the Asura Road Master in the past. Although Lin Ming had only glanced at him, he could confirm that this person was a man.

What was going on here?

Lin Ming felt his thoughts turn chaotic. The characters from 10 billion years ago and their relations were a complete riddle to him. He couldn’t help but turn his head and look at the red-dressed little girl. This little girl might also be a character that existed 10 billion years ago, otherwise why would she feel that this woman was familiar?

If this were true, then what role did she play in the past? Why would she fall asleep for so long? Why would she still exist? Why would there not be such a strong aura of endless years emanating from her body?

Countless puzzles ran through his mind. But currently, he didn’t have time to think about these matters. He looked towards the woman’s hand, trying to see what she was carving. However, the writings shined with a mystical light, making Lin Ming unable to see them clearly.



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