MW Chapter 1848

Chapter 1848 – First Wood Page

Sheng Mei’s words caused Lin Ming’s thoughts to shake.

Exchanging golden pages was a condition that was more advantageous for Lin Ming. This was because Sheng Mei had already read through the replica of the golden pages, but Lin Ming hadn’t seen anything at all.

At this time, Sheng Mei gathered her hands together. Between her palms, golden rays of light began to shine out as a golden page seemingly spun from silk started to slowly appear.

As the people on the distant edges saw this, they all held their breath. For almost all of these people, this was their first time seeing a golden page.

“First wood, it is also the first of the golden pages.”

Sheng Mei faintly said.

Lin Ming’s golden page was the second wood page, and thus the second page, one directly connected to the first page.

If they could be linked together and studied from the start, the advantages would naturally be tremendous.

For Sheng Mei to take out the first wood page more than showed her sincerity.

Sheng Mei also said, “There are only 10 golden pages. But, the Spiritas Holy Scripture includes more than 10 golden pages. There are also many other things.”

As Sheng Mei spoke, the golden page had already fluttered into Lin Ming’s hands.

As for Lin Ming’s second wood golden page, he passed it to Sheng Mei.

The two people exchanged pages and started to meditate upon them.

Lin Ming sat on a shrine platform, his heart no longer thinking of anything else. His senses were focused and it was like the bells of nature were echoing in his ears, allowing him to meditate even more calmly.

The surrounding area seemed to have become a completely separate space, severed from the outside world.

In his hands, the golden page he had exchanged with Sheng Mei slowly fused into his inner world and spiritual sea, turning into countless motes of star-like light that surged within his divine soul.

His spiritual sea was filled with raging waves. In a deep trance, Lin Ming soon arrived in front of a pitch black mirage world.

The land he was in seemed to be made from nothingness, but if he touched anything, he could feel it was incomparably solid.

The chilling space was empty and filled with eerie mysteries.

In the far off void, countless people were covered in mystical halos, exuding endless light. They whispered in a low voice, their chants echoing through the air.

These verses were obscure; he couldn’t understand even a single word. But his flesh and his divine soul could feel a clear power emanating from them.

This was a mysterious feeling, one he could only sense but not explain.

This feeling allowed him to see many things, marvelous images passing through his eyes like grains of sand falling in a storm.

He saw a tree of heaven, its towering crown reaching high, piercing into the distance like a mountain and stabbing into the skies. This tree began to crackle and burn. Essence energy shot out and its life force was cut off. It crashed into the ground, reduced to ashes… after the wind and rain, the ashes of the great tree melted into the earth, vanishing without a trace.

He saw a boundless sea with fish dragons leaping and leviathans stretching out for 90,000 miles. The entire sea was lively and amazing. But in the blink of an eye, the skies filled with a sun-bright fire and the seawater evaporated. The sea became a mulberry field…

He saw vast planets with countless lives on them. Eagles screeched in the endless skies and tigers roared and wolves howled in the forests. There were bustling cities, adrift in the smoke and smells of a mortal world… but as the years passed, the sky began to break apart and the earth collapsed. Fire and water raged all around and the bustling world became one of terror and disasters, all life fading away in the chaos.

One after another, countless images wove together before him, manifesting and then being destroyed.

All the images exuded an icy cold death energy, endless bursts of destruction…

Lin Ming seemed to become a towering tree, a sea, a star. With incomparable clarity, he was able to sense how he was destroyed, how he died.

“Death… is just all things returning to their home…” Lin Ming sighed, his heart becoming even more desolate.

Endless scenes of death caused a certain feeling to percolate in Lin Ming’s mind.

With death, there was inevitably life. These were the two most important stages of life!

As this thought appeared, it became a cloud of smoke rising into the highest heavens, uncontainable.

Those figures chanting in the void were like suns. They began to emit a dazzlingly bright light that illuminated all directions.


…From the towering tree of heaven that was burned down by the raging fires and reduced to ashes, those ashes began to nourish the earth. From where it collapsed, small seedlings appeared. Rain fell from the skies and strong winds helped it grow straight and tall. Blades of green grass grew, each one seeming lofty and filled with grandeur…

…From the dried sea, winds rose up. Thousands of rivers began to swell up from all directions, scouring the world left and right, slowly merging together into a boundless sea once more…

…From the center of the shattered planet, a nucleus began to form once more. For billions of years it gathered the spiritual power of the infinite universe, growing once more. The planet gradually expanded, and life began to appear on its surface…

Each scene was filled with inexhaustible bubbling vitality.

At this time, Lin Ming was a seed. He stretched out his limbs, absorbing nutrition from the ashes of the towering tree. He became a sapling and started to slowly grow.

He was a dry sea bed. From the deathly stillness, infinite water vapors began to gather, wetting the land once more.

He was a cold and lonely planet nucleus. Through billions of years of loneliness, he accumulated the thinly spread out spiritual essence of the universe, eventually giving birth to endless life forms…

From the infinite chanting, Lin Ming realized the experiences of life to death, from death to life. He became all things, repeating the cycle endlessly.

Again and again and again.

His heart went from desolate to vigorous, from vigorous to desolate, continually being tempered…

He suddenly understood. The texts that floated in his spiritual sea began to resonate with the endless chanting.

He became a blade of grass, as well as a towering tree.

He became a drop of water, as well as a vast sea.

He became a planet nucleus, as well as a giant planet.

He was everything, and everything was him.

“The universe is samsara, space and time are infinite…” Lin Ming silently read the simple texts, each word shining in his heart, floating in the void of his mind like stars.

Floating in his spiritual sea, the ancient texts of the golden page began to resonate with his words. The runes started to release a fervent cheer, becoming increasingly bright.

Although some texts still remained obscure and puzzling, the current Lin Ming had already comprehended the essential true meaning contained with the golden page that Sheng Mei had traded him.

The Asura Sutra that the Asura Road Master left behind could be said to speak about the ultimate Heavenly Dao that stood atop the 33 Heavens; it was the power of the universe.

Then, the golden pages left behind amongst the spiritas spoke about returning to one’s true origins.

I am the universe. I am the myriad of existence!


On the shrine platforms nuzzled into the sheer cliffs, Soul Empress Sheng Mei was grasping enlightenment not too far away from Lin Ming.

The icy cold energy had frozen a thick ice wall a thousand feet around her. Strange runes flashed along them, making it impossible for others to see what was occurring inside.

As for the soul sea marks, from the moment Sheng Mei sat down on the shrine platform and started to perceive the second wood golden page, these soul sea marks also began to light up.

On the 100th day, the fourth soul sea mark had already started to emit a dim light.

On the cliff, some proud children of heaven from various races tittered in excitement upon seeing this.

“The Soul Empress is truly fierce. The last time she was here she lit up three soul sea marks in 108 days. Now, in just 100 days she is already able to have the fourth soul sea mark shine with a dim light. In time completely lighting it up will be no problem at all. Perhaps this time the Soul Empress really might be able to obtain the golden page from this Fallen God Mountain Range.”

“Of course. The last time the Soul Empress was here she had only completed her sixth revolution, but now she has completed her seventh. There is no comparing the her from back then to her now. Moreover, Lin Ming gave her the second wood golden page, making her even more powerful.”

Jade Lifestone smiled. As someone who was originally here at the Fallen God Mountain Range to attempt enlightenment, he naturally didn’t leave with those from Great Brahmic God Mountain. He stayed at the cliff to continue his enlightenment.

Soul Empress Sheng Mei came from the same Holy Land he did. If Sheng Mei was strong, that was also something he could be proud of.

However, as he glanced at Lin Ming, who was at a shrine platform not too far from her, a complex light filled his eyes.

This character Lin Ming was the same as an enigma. He made the heart race.

“This brat has a terrifying combat strength. I wonder how far he can go.”

Jade Lifestone didn’t dare to look down on Lin Ming’s background anymore.

Then, on Lin Ming’s lonely shrine platform, the light of the first soul sea mark began to shine.

Following that, the second and third soul sea marks lit up.

This meant that Lin Ming had finally finished perceiving the golden page and was beginning to grasp the Laws on the shrine platform.

The light was blinding, like a miniature sun rising. It was even brighter than Lin Ming’s previous attempt, and no worse than Sheng Mei’s.

The proud children of heaven found it hard to not pay attention to what was occurring.

Sheng Mei and Lin Ming, two peerless geniuses, had arrived at the Fallen God Mountain Range. Could they create a miracle here?


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