MW Chapter 1847

Chapter 1847 – All of You, Disperse

“You’ve even made yourself into a bargaining chip? It seems you really are willing to do everything you can.” Sheng Mei faintly smiled. “To go to war for the spiritas for 10 million years and destroy the saints? For a race that is already in steep decline, is it worth it? You entered the Asura Road, entered the Soul World, and I don’t know what price you must have paid to do so or what dangers you experienced along the way, but all that you’ve done cannot change the end result. With your miniscule amount of strength do you really believe you can affect the rise and fall of an entire race?

“In the past when the saints invaded the Divine Realm, Empyrean Divine Seal had already broken into the boundary of True Divinity, and even so he failed, much less the current you. The saints will not give you the slightest chance!

“Do you know that when you came to look for me, hoping to form an alliance between humanity and the spiritas, in the time you were proposing your conditions I was already able to feel a tiny strand of dissolute mourning from you.”

Sheng Mei’s words were like needles that jabbed into Lin Ming’s innermost feelings. Lin Ming’s thoughts shook. As he looked at Sheng Mei, his breath caught in his throat.

“You are...

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