MW Chapter 1846

Chapter 1846 – Chips

There were no eternal friends, only eternal benefits.

Lin Ming only had the slightest bit of friendship with Sheng Mei; at best they could be considered fellow peerless elites that sympathized with each other. He couldn’t count on Sheng Mei helping him based upon the little bit of friendship that they shared.

In this situation, it was extremely difficult for Lin Ming to negotiate with the spiritas on behalf of humanity.

Lin Ming recognized that the spiritas and the saints had come to some prior agreement of benefits. It was even possible that in order for the saints to annex humanity, they had paid a certain price to the Soul Emperor in exchange for a temporary armistice.

In any case, Lin Ming believed that the spiritas and saints were still mortal enemies. Sooner or later, there would be a horrendous blood war that erupted between them. When it came to ruling the universe, there could only be one victor.

Currently, Lin Ming wanted to ally with the spiritas. Then, he would use this point and also take out chips that were more tempting than what the saints could offer!

This was equal to Lin Ming alone putting out a wealth that was greater than an entire race.

This sounded inconceivable, thus Sheng Mei couldn’t believe it. No matter what...

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