MW Chapter 1845

Chapter 1845 – Sheng Mei Arrives

Sheng Mei’s appearance left the many proud children of heaven dazed but also excited.

In particular, the most excited one of all was the Soul Rapture Holy Lands’ Jade Lifestone.

The Soul Rapture Holy Lands was far too large, and Jade Lifestone was a disciple not worthy of any special mention. The time that he had managed to luckily catch a glimpse of Sheng Mei was at a grand ceremony, and that had been from several hundred miles away.

Now that he saw Sheng Mei arrive with his own eyes and also at such a close distance, his cheeks turned red and he waved his hands.

“Soul Empress!”

With the Soul Empress here to help, Lin Ming would die without a doubt. As for the golden page, that would also end up in her hands.

Realizing this, the disciples from Great Brahmic God Mountain had ugly complexions. They didn’t believe that anyone on their side could hope to negotiate with Sheng Mei, but neither were they willing to give up on the golden page so easily.

The freezing enchantment that Icydew laid down existed only in name to Sheng Mei. From the far off distance in the starry skies, she simply took a step forwards and vanished, instantly reappearing within the center of the freezing enchantment,...

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