MW Chapter 1844

Chapter 1844 – Change

As red blood and white brains rained down, the martial artists present were left terrified. The Purple Chestnut King had been killed by Lin Ming once more!

To die twice in the Akashic Dream Universe within two or three years, and in such a brutal manner, it was highly likely that the Purple Chestnut King would suffer severe wounds to his soul that would be hard to recover from.

And at this moment, Lin Ming attacked once more. The full weight of the Black Dragon Spear came smashing down on the turtle shell floating in space.


The turtle shell cracked and the yellow-haired elite was panic-stricken, his heart trembling. This was a treasure granted to him by Chaos Demon God; he absolutely could not lose it!

As his heart raced with fear, the yellow-haired youth thrust forth his hand and cast out a soul technique. A flood dragon of soul force flew into the void, wanting to snatch back that turtle shell.

Lin Ming ignored the wounds covering his body. The broken Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel began to forcefully revolve once more, wiping away that soul technique. Then, he thrust out a hand and grabbed the simple-looking turtle shell.

The turtle shell was covered with all sorts of ancient and solemn runes. It was a mass of soul force condensed by an Empyrean, but after being rubbed by the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel, the light of these runes immediately dimmed down.

Lin Ming reached out and wrapped the turtle shell with layers of seals before placing it in his spatial ring.

As the yellow-haired youth felt his mental connection with the turtle shell severed, he was so angry he nearly vomited blood.

“Continue the barrage! Turn him to ashes!”

The yellow-haired youth roared out in rage. He could sense that Lin Ming was already a spent force, but he didn’t think he would still be so strong.

“Lock in the space, don’t let him escape!” A disciple from Great Brahmic God Mountain stood up. He led the main force here to kill Lin Ming.

“Junior-apprentice Sister Icydew, use the freezing domain once more!”

The disciple turned and said to Icydew. He was an extremely calm and collected yellow-clothed youth.

Icydew took a deep breath. Because she was a proud character, she felt that her actions were dishonorable. But, she wouldn’t defy her master’s orders nor would she hold back.


An ice flower bloomed. The void froze over once more, slowing down Lin Ming’s speed.

She was amongst the strongest martial artists here. Although she had an ordinary World King cultivation, she could kill a Great World King.

With other people protecting her, there was nothing Lin Ming could do to her.

“To all those at the Fallen God Mountain Range, I’ve come here as the representative from Great Brahmic God Mountain to say this. Today, as long as you fight and do your best to bring down Lin Muk, you will obtain 10 top grade soul crystals as a reward, provided by Great Brahmic God Mountain. If you are unfortunately killed by Lin Ming in battle, then the reward will be doubled. Moreover, Great Brahmic God Mountain will provide spirit medicines to heal you and remove the soul wounds you receive from dying in the Akashic Dream Universe.”

Standing besides Icydew, the yellow-clothed youth spoke to those present.

His cultivation was also at the World King realm.

In the Soul World, it was incredibly rare to find a Great World King below 3000 years of age. But, to find ordinary World Kings below 3000 years of age was much easier.

This youth was also a core disciple from Great Brahmic God Mountain. Although he was less talented than Icydew, he managed the daily affairs of Great Brahmic God Mountain and his words held great weight.

By killing Lin Ming, the golden page on him would belong to the Great Brahmic God King. Compared to such a priceless treasure, some soul crystals and spirit medicines weren’t anything at all.

And indeed, as the martial artists on the shrine platforms heard this yellow-clothed youth’s words they were all stirred up. To them, 10 top grade soul crystals was an unbelievable amount of wealth.

“Attack together!”

“Dying doesn’t matter. Great Brahmic God Mountain has come here and offered their own resources in front of everyone. They won’t go back on their spoken words.”

More and more people joined the battle. This Fallen God Mountain Range was originally a gathering place for geniuses, and now these waves of people surrounded Lin Ming, making it impossible for him to escape!

Without a doubt, this was because Lin Ming had great treasures on his body. But, it was also because he was of a different race. In the Soul World, humans were simply servants to be pushed around.

In the eyes of these people, Lin Ming was nothing but a walking bag of soul crystals and rewards.

As for the value of his life and survival, no one cared at all.

The battlefield in space was horrendous. Countless runes shattered and soul force broke apart.

Vast waves of potent strength swelled up, twisting apart the void and causing space to boil.

Lin Ming was completely drenched in blood. Although the fused Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel and Myriad Essence Reincarnation Wheel had split open, it wasn’t fully destroyed just yet!

This was because after Lin Ming killed these numerous elites, he was able to draw out spiritual energy and blood essence from their broken bodies to restore himself.

However, his restorative abilities weren’t as fast as the rate at which he used up energy.

The light of the two wheels faded as more and more cracks appeared over their surface.

The massive Asura phantom also began to weaken. Only its two pupils continued to emit the same bloodthirsty red light as it killed more people. It still projected a terrifying killing intent that made one’s heart race.

More and more wounds crisscrossed Lin Ming’s body.  His blood-drenched body stood proud in space, completely covered with dense curse seals.

His scales had been broken in numerous places and there was not a single unharmed inch on his body. Blood wet his clothes, broken bones pierced through his skin, and his long hair was in a wild mess; he looked like a fierce devil that had climbed out from a mountain of corpses!

And at the same time, the number of geniuses that Lin Ming slayed was also innumerable.

Their bodies fell in mountains, piling up between the shrine platforms and forming rivers of blood!

This battle had reached unprecedented levels of savagery!

Enemies lay in all directions. The proud children of heaven were without end!

Lin Ming’s slaughter energy soared to the heavens. He killed and killed, killing until those geniuses on the shrine platforms lost all courage. A portion of them only surrounded Lin Ming, not daring to move forwards. They had lost all their previous haughty demeanor.

However, Lin Ming’s condition was becoming increasingly worse. Luckily, he had his two avatars supporting him. When he joined forces with them, they cut down all the incoming elites, and those that died would have their heads blown apart, their spiritual seas sundered!

Lin Ming’s message was clear. Whoever wanted to kill him would have to pay the price. Even with the spirit medicines from Great Brahmic God Mountain, the destruction of their spiritual sea would likely leave behind invisible wounds.

“He’s too terrifying!”

The more everyone fought, the more horrified they became. They knew that Lin Ming couldn’t last forever, but even though he seemed completely exhausted he was still recklessly harvesting lives.


The descendants from Chaos Divine Palace were left in a cold sweat. As for Yellow Springs Palace, they were in an even more miserable state. Of the original group of people they had brought here, only two were left.

This caused their originally pale faces to turn utterly white without a hint of blood. Their main form of combat was to release ghosts, but these ghosts were negated by the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel. Not only were they negated, but they could even act as energy supplements to the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel. It was because of this that Lin Ming had focused on them, causing them to die even quicker.

“Where did this human come from? The humans in the Soul World have never produced such a hero before.”

“We must eliminate this human as soon as possible, otherwise he will become a disaster upon our heads in the future!”

Many large influences had suffered major losses. But because they had an overwhelming advantage in numbers, none of them wanted to leave. Fallen God Mountain Range was originally a gathering spot for elites, and the ones Lin Ming killed so far were only the tip of the iceberg.

It was impossible for Lin Ming to kill them all.

As soon as he showed weakness he would be immediately eaten up by the tides of people!

The spiritas martial artists around Lin Ming were like giant wolves surrounding their prey. They wouldn’t attack together, but would instead constantly use up their prey’s strength until their prey fell over. Then, they would strike.


Another peak Holy Lord martial artist from Great Brahmic God Mountain had their head pierced through by Lin Ming’s spear. The spear penetrated to the other side, the brain still attached to it. This martial artist was as dead as he could possibly be.

Following that, the spear point turned back and burst open the head.

But at the same time, another wound appeared on Lin Ming’s chest. Because the Asura scales had been ripped open, their protective effect was extremely limited, and even Lin Ming’s protective true essence had become extremely frail.

But in that moment, silence fell over the battlefield, as if time itself had frozen over.

Bursts of auspicious light gently fell down, illuminating the Fallen God Mountain Range.

Everyone was startled – what was happening?

They looked up to see a faint blue shadow appear in the distant highest heavens. This was a mind-boggling distance away from the Fallen God Mountain Range. In fact, one could say that this blue shadow was still in the starry space, but because it was too large, everyone was able to see it.

It was like a miniature planet.

The blue shadow approached at an incredible speed. As it flew forwards, everyone could hear the echoing screech of a phoenix.

This was clearly a phoenix God Beast!

“Deep Blue Ice Phoenix!”

Someone cried out in alarm. This was the phoenix with a royal sovereign’s bloodline flowing through it. It was far more powerful than an ordinary phoenix.

Everyone watched as the blue phoenix let loose a deep cry. The blue phoenix unfurled its two wings and stretched them out for over a thousand miles, blocking out the skies. Endless blue flames appeared everywhere. These flames carried with them an endless cold, the purest of the Ice Laws. Massive tracts of surrounding space began to freeze over.

In contrast to this terrifying cold energy, the freezing domain that Icydew used before was nothing but child’s play.

At this time, a dim blue figure could be seen standing above the ice phoenix’s back, tall and lofty as if she stood in the profound darkness of a star.

Beneath her feet, endless blue flames flowed out. Mystical Laws scattered out around her, and dao patterns circulated by her side, forming motes of ice that shimmered like stars.

She was like a fairy that descended from the highest heavens, elegant beyond mortal means and without equal.

As she flew forwards, mountains and rivers shined below her. Everything was covered in a sacred and halcyon halo of light.

Just this endless halo of light alone contained an incredible momentum that caused everyone’s heart to shiver.

“Soul… Soul Empress Sheng Mei!”

“It’s the Soul Empress!”

Someone cried out in bewilderment. For a time, all the elites that surrounded Lin Ming were left in a stunned daze.

Although this person’s appearance remained as hazy and unclear as before, the appearance of the Deep Blue Ice Phoenix and this unfathomable aura already revealed this person’s identity – that of Soul Empress Sheng Mei!

Some proud children of heaven had excited expressions cross their faces. Soul Empress Sheng Mei was a legend amongst the younger generation of the spiritas. She was the most beautiful existence below the heavens, heroic and invincible.

She had become an Empyrean long ago, and her cultivation far surpassed those of the same generation.

Many proud children of heaven regarded her as their lifetime’s goal and diligently cultivated to chase after her shadow. If they could only see one side of her face, that was enough to leave them incomparably excited.

“She is Soul Empress Sheng Mei? Is she here to attempt enlightenment? Or to kill Lin Muk?”

Some geniuses asked out loud, their voices shaking with elation.

“No matter what the reason, Lin Muk will die.”

“Yes, if the Soul Empress is here to grasp the principles, she might just conveniently kill Lin Muk. No one among the same generation can match the Soul Empress. However, this lowly human is lucky to be able to die under Soul Empress Sheng Mei’s hands.”


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