MW Chapter 1843

Chapter 1843 – Tragic

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Lin Ming was like a god of death, endlessly harvesting life. As for those martial artists who were killed by Lin Ming, their hearts were blown up and their spiritual seas shattered into pieces.

This was a ruthless and brutal killing method that horrified all of the martial artists present.

Even in the Akashic Dream Battlefield, if they were killed like this by Lin Ming then they would still have to pay an enormous price.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Starlight from the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace poured into Lin Ming’s body. His body emitted crackling sounds as he swept away all obstacles in his path!

And with Lin Ming’s speed, nearly no one was able to lock onto him. Their attacks missed, even striking nearby people.

“Lock him down!”

The Purple Chestnut King roared to the crowd.

At this time, a yellow-haired youth from Chaos Divine Palace flew out, a turtle shell in his hand.

This turtle shell was strange. As soon as it appeared, it emitted an endless chaotic light, immediately transforming into a bizarre soul beast as large as a mountain that roared like thunder.

This soul beast looked like a giant taotie from afar. The hairs down its mouth were as thick as buckets and the light of chaos shimmered around it. Simple runes exuding soul force shined on its forehead, spreading through the heavens and earth and exuding an overwhelming atmosphere. It opened its maw and swallowed, drawing in all of the nearby soul force.

“Mm? Heaven swallowing beast!”

The spiritas martial artists immediately recognized this soul beast. In the legends, once this beast grew into an adult it could even swallow up the life force of a planet, turning it into a dead rock.

This heaven swallowing beast in front of them had been killed by Chaos Demon God before it was an adult and then had its soul sealed into this ancient turtle shell and refined into a magic tool.

As this turtle shell was taken out, the spirit essence of the heaven swallowing beast could be released to swallow everything nearby, including even nearby allies.

In ordinary times, a direct disciple that held this turtle shell wouldn’t think of using it. This was because every time this heaven swallowing beast’s spirit essence was used it would be weakened until it was finally ruined.

But now, facing Lin Ming, he could only take it out.

“Junior-apprentice Sister Icydew, if you and I join together we can seal up the surrounding space and cage in this Lin Muk to kill him!” The yellow-haired youth said to Icydew.

Icydew frowned. As a proud disciple of the Great Brahmic God King, to join forces with so many others to strike down a human left her feeling frustrated. But now she had no other choice; she could only coordinate attacks with these people.

She took out a soul tool that looked like a fish scale.

This scale came from a Deep Sea Leviathan God Beast, and inherently carried the true meaning of the Ice Laws. It had been personally refined by her master and was considered her best soul tool.

As this soul tool appeared, a chilling wind spread out, even freezing the nearby space.

Soul force surged within her body. The strange fish scale rose up against the wind.

Countless ice runes rapidly froze the space around Lin Ming and the heaven swallowing beast, creating a ten thousand foot cage of ice and snow around him.

This cage of ice and snow trapped Lin Ming with everyone else.

As Icydew activated the fish scale, more and more ice runes grew around the cage of ice and snow, making it increasingly thick.


Lin Ming frowned as he saw the surrounding space freeze around him. He could no longer increase his speed. Then, the heaven swallowing beast opposite of him locked its blood red pupils onto him as they bloomed with a boundless light.

A terrifying swallowing strength covered him, causing his speed to fall.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Inside the freezing enchantment, strands of energy exploded, shaking the world.

“The heaven swallowing beast’s swallowing power can lock down the void. Lin Muk will be unable to use his previous speed. He will die beneath a barrage of our attacks.”

The yellow-haired youth from Chaos Divine Palace shouted out, “Attack together!”

Icydew’s freezing enchantment didn’t block the attacks of anyone else. For a time, everyone struck out together; the air lit up with countless beams of divine light!

To Lin Ming, the individual strength of these people wasn’t anything at all. But when they were all combined together, it was enough to shatter a planet!

“He’s dead for sure!”

The Purple Chestnut King stood outside the freezing enchantment, his lips curved up in a fierce smile. No matter how great Lin Ming’s defensive powers were, it would be impossible to live through such a terrifying barrage of attacks.

The moment that Lin Ming was covered in this divine light, an inexplicably vast aura violently surged out from the freezing enchantment.

This aura was sly and treacherous, like a deep crimson sea.

As the various elites of the Soul World surrounding the freezing enchantment felt this aura, all of them shivered in the depths of their divine soul.

This Lin Muk – he could still resist?

A shocked light flashed in Icydew’s eyes. The fish scale soul tool in her hand violently shook and the light within it weakened. Even the numerous floating Ice Law runes began shattering in droves as they were constantly annihilated. This was proof that her freezing enchantment had just suffered a horrifying impact.

Ka ka ka!

A crack appeared in the freezing enchantment; it was being slowly torn apart.

Rumble rumble rumble!

All of the divine light exploded together. At the center of the freezing enchantment where Lin Ming was standing, the dim phantom of a black-armored warrior stood high, pushing a massive wheel.

In every revolution of the wheel, endless Asura fighting spirit shined within. Countless runes glittered like stars inside it, making it feel as if even gods and buddhas would be extinguished within this black wheel.

Beneath this giant wheel, the previously inordinately arrogant heaven swallowing beast was being slowly crushed. With loud cracking sounds, every impact caused countless soul force runes to break apart and the heaven swallowing beast to weaken.

This black wheel was the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel and Myriad Essence Reincarnation Wheel overlapping on each other.

In the separate space within the stone forest, in that ancient galactic battlefield, Lin Ming had obtained endless harvests when he witnessed and comprehended the final battle between the Asura Road Master and the ancient spiritas king.

His comprehension of the Asura Sutra became far more profound and with that, the associated Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel became even stronger.

The Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel had an inherent ability to crush apart all source force and evil spirits. Besides the Magic Cube, it could be called one of Lin Ming’s strongest methods to deal with the spiritas.

Rumble rumble rumble!

All of the divine lights of these attacks fell atop the wheel and were completely swallowed up by it.

However, the wheel also withstood a tremendous impact!

Lin Ming’s blood vessels rose up, his meridians appearing!

“He cannot keep withstanding this! He has consumed too much energy and his aura is weakening!”

“That black spear is fierce, but it also sucks out a massive amount of his true essence!”

In the crowd, many people shouted out loud. But at the same time, all of them were dumbstruck to the extreme. Lin Ming was far too horrifying an enemy. Even under such an onslaught of attacks he was still able to persist.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

More people attacked. Some martial artists that were observing the battle from the shrine platforms also joined in on the melee. They saw Lin Ming decisively killing all those nearby and hadn’t attacked because they feared they would be drawn into the mess and destroyed. But now as they saw Lin Ming besieged by innumerable people, like an elephant being slowly whittled down, they also took this chance to join in. They wanted to be the last straw that crushed his back.

More and more people joined in. Lin Ming was the target of all.

In this world, there would never be a lack of people who were willing to take advantage of someone when they were down. Moreover, Lin Ming was from a different race, and the spiritas geniuses were jealous of his achievements and talent.

These people never wanted to see others do well. Thus, seeing Lin Ming in distress and also with bounty rewards to take, they didn’t mind giving Lin Ming an extra kick.


An even more horrifying explosion lit up the skies. A crack appeared in the Asura phantom’s giant wheel. Blood began to flow down the corners of Lin Ming’s lips.

His eyes were blood red with rage and his body erupted to the peak with killing intent.

This was the sorrow of being from another race. The more he dazzled with glory, the easier he would be classified as a foe!

“Hehe, die!”

The Purple Chestnut King also attacked. Before this he had been hiding safely on the sidelines of the battlefield, but now as he saw that Lin Ming was nearly exhausted, he finally chose to move forwards and attack with everything he had. He tossed out all sorts of inscription symbols, wanting to tear Lin Ming to pieces.

Lin Ming’s eyes blazed with a fierce murderous intent.

Woosh! Woosh!

From Lin Ming’s inner world, two figures rushed out.

The speed of these two figures approached extreme velocities. One figure rushed towards the shrine platforms to finish off the weaker martial artists and another one hurtled towards the Purple Chestnut King!

“Be careful!”

Someone cried out. But, it was too late.

The figure flying towards the shrine platforms was the purple-clothed Lin Ming, the Soul Springs Divine Embryo. His movements were like ghosts and gods; in an instant, several geniuses on the shrine platforms had their spiritual seas pierced through.

At the same time, the black-clothed Lin Ming, the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone, also reached the Purple Chestnut King.

“Damn it!” The Purple Chestnut King roared, “Do you think a mere avatar can harm me!?”

The Purple Chestnut King extracted a heavy sword from his spatial ring and cut down towards the black-clothed avatar. A divine soul attack was contained within his sword light!


A terrifying collision occurred. The black-clothed Lin Ming’s mortal body had been refined endlessly through billions of years and had long become indestructible. In terms of bodily strength, this avatar was stronger than Lin Ming. As for the Purple Chestnut King’s divine soul attack, it was unable to do anything to the black-clothed Lin Ming, because within the avatar’s spiritual sea, what was condensed there was the murderous thoughts of the Asura Road Master.


The Purple Chestnut King spat out a mouthful of blood as he tumbled away. He had been defeated in a single strike!

The Purple Chestnut King hadn’t even been able to contend with an avatar. The disparity was far too great!

The black-clothed Lin Ming continued his onslaught. It joined forces with the purple-clothed Lin Ming and began slaughtering the surrounding martial artists. With these two avatars fighting together, their combat strength reached incomprehensible levels. They cut down swathes of martial artists and were no less ruthless in their methods. The martial artists that died had their heads burst open!

Blood rained down from the skies.

But at this time, Lin Ming had also consumed his strength to the limit. The black wheel in the Asura phantom’s hands had thoroughly disintegrated!

Lin Ming had been severely wounded and was bleeding all over.

His chest and stomach were stained with blood and a great number of his ribs were broken. His organs were torn in multiple places and his meridians were ripped. This was an extremely tragic battle.

No matter how strong he was, he couldn’t withstand the bombardment of so many people.

“He’s almost done for.”

Someone said. But as their voice fell, they heard a pitiful cry echo through the air. The Purple Chestnut King had his heart pierced through by the combined attack of the two avatars.

The Purple Chestnut King howled in fear, panic coloring his face. He had just been killed by Lin Ming in the Akashic Dream Battlefield not too long ago, and his divine soul had yet to fully heal from that. Now, he was suffering a similar fate.


The Purple Chestnut King screeched. After being continuously killed twice, this would create heavy damage to his divine soul, to the point where it would affect his future achievements.


The black-clothed Lin Ming’s expression was indifferent. His fist came punching out, directly exploding the Purple Chestnut King’s head!


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