MW Chapter 1842

Chapter 1842 – Killing, Killing, Killing



Dozens of figures threw themselves towards Lin Ming.

In the skies, endless radiance sparkled and hails of thunder and fire billowed. Divine pagodas came falling down with a mountain-like suppression and massive palms split open the void… all sorts of soul techniques came raining down.

Moreover, these soul techniques contained strange soul attacks within them.

Lin Ming’s complexion was dignified. Even if his fighting strength was amazing and his mortal body was incomparably powerful, he was still pressured when facing crowds of elite martial artists.

The peak Holy Lords among these people could fight an ordinary World King.

The ordinary World Kings could struggle with a Great World King.

Arcs of lightning wove themselves around Lin Ming. The grandmist space appeared to deal with all of these attacks, but it was still constantly weakened.

Lin Ming gripped his fists. At this moment he was being sieged from all sides. If he waited here then there would inevitably be more and more people arriving.

He reached out into the void and stirred up a massive black vortex. The Black Dragon Spear appeared in his grasp once more, exuding waves of surging slaughter energy.

Lin Ming poured his true essence into the Black Dragon Spear. The spear...

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