MW Chapter 1842

Chapter 1842 – Killing, Killing, Killing



Dozens of figures threw themselves towards Lin Ming.

In the skies, endless radiance sparkled and hails of thunder and fire billowed. Divine pagodas came falling down with a mountain-like suppression and massive palms split open the void… all sorts of soul techniques came raining down.

Moreover, these soul techniques contained strange soul attacks within them.

Lin Ming’s complexion was dignified. Even if his fighting strength was amazing and his mortal body was incomparably powerful, he was still pressured when facing crowds of elite martial artists.

The peak Holy Lords among these people could fight an ordinary World King.

The ordinary World Kings could struggle with a Great World King.

Arcs of lightning wove themselves around Lin Ming. The grandmist space appeared to deal with all of these attacks, but it was still constantly weakened.

Lin Ming gripped his fists. At this moment he was being sieged from all sides. If he waited here then there would inevitably be more and more people arriving.

He reached out into the void and stirred up a massive black vortex. The Black Dragon Spear appeared in his grasp once more, exuding waves of surging slaughter energy.

Lin Ming poured his true essence into the Black Dragon Spear. The spear began to emit a space-piercing black light, as if it were a vicious dragon being rudely awoken.

Bang –

A deep and dull explosion rang out from within Lin Ming’s flesh and blood.

Following this deep sound were endlessly rolling thunderclaps that continued non-stop.

In his pitch black pupils, sand-like runes began to wink in and out of existence. Crimson energy started circling him like a blood dragon.

Scales jutted out from his skin, forming a black suit of armor that wrapped around him. His killing aura soared to the heavens.

Lin Ming had awoken the Asura blood.

In a brief moment, his bodily strength multiplied by several times and his defensive capabilities rapidly stormed upwards.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

His feet stepped on the void. Every step he took caused space to split open as if it were the ground.

He shot into the skies like a rising comet. The Black Dragon Spear emitted endless black light as the soul techniques crashing towards him began disintegrating one at a time.

With the Phoenix Blood Spear in his left hand and Black Dragon Spear in his right, he fired towards the severely wounded blood red-robed youth.

He’d kill him while he was down!

The blood red-robed youth sat cross-legged in the air, black soul force surging around his forehead, trying desperately to eliminate the star-like motes of light that flickered between his eyes. As he saw Lin Ming appear in front of him, his complexion turned white.

Several half-step World Kings nearby noticed Lin Ming’s plan.

They all reached out, trying to capture Lin Ming.

Lin Ming didn’t pause. The Phoenix Blood Spear emitted a blinding light, piercing through all the phantasmal great palms that reached towards him.

Lin Ming’s spear broke apart a flood dragon created by soul force. Then, the Black Dragon Spear drew a beautiful arc in the air and severed the heads of these half-step World Kings. Their blood began to gush out like fountains!

And at this time, Icydew’s eyes flashed with a sharp light. She appeared beside Lin Ming like ghosts and gods. Her right hand reached out with pinched fingers as she tried to strike Lin Ming’s ribs.

Wherever her fingers went, space froze over, as if a massive river of ice was galloping towards Lin Ming.


Lin Ming had erupted with the strength of the Asura blood and now he was a dragon in human form. His strength had more than doubled and it was no longer possible for Icydew to stop him.


A terrifying explosion rang out and the endless cold ice was shattered by Lin Ming. Even the frozen combat armor worn by Icydew completely broke apart.

Icydew cried out in alarm and rapidly drew back, her chest dripping with blood.


Icydew was shocked. Lin Ming was actually this powerful!? She thought Lin Ming was originally just a tad stronger than she was, but after undergoing this body metamorphosis, his strength had multiplied.

At this time, Icydew could only stare helplessly on as Lin Ming pierced towards the blood red-robed youth at an inconceivable angle.

The blood red-robed youth panicked. He had been a renowned martial artist for a long time already, but when facing this Black Dragon Spear, he felt his divine soul tremble. His hairs stood on end and he tried to flee backwards. The crimson jar in his hands rose up, rumbling towards the Black Dragon Spear.

This was an extremely evil magic tool that had been refined by his honorable master using 100,000 years. It contained the resentments of a trillion anguished spirits and was extremely durable.

But this magic tool was instantly pierced through by the Black Dragon Spear. The trillion spirits within were then sucked up by the black energy circulating around the Black Dragon Spear.


The blood red-robed youth from the Yellow Springs Palace had just managed to retreat a thousand feet, but almost instantly he was run through by the Black Dragon Spear. In his horrified eyes, his blood essence was completely sucked up by the Black Dragon Spear as his body turned into a leather bag of bones that slowly fell to the ground.

Lin Ming killed the blood red-robed youth with a single spear strike. The death of a World King genius had occurred in an instant.

However, during this brief moment, Lin Ming also came under attack from others.

He was being bombarded from all sides!

Although the grandmist space blocked the majority of these attacks, many soul techniques still struck his body. Yet, after stimulating the Asura blood, his incredible defense allowed him to resist it all!

And as this sight fell into the eyes of those present, they felt nothing but abject horror.

“My attack would have severely wounded an ordinary World King, but he wasn’t injured at all?”

“My strike just now could pierce through a small planet, but he didn’t even spit blood… he even killed that World King from the Yellow Springs Palace…”

A cold chill swept through the hearts of those present. All of them looked at each other, able to feel that this human youth was incomprehensibly fierce. Someday in the future, although he might not be able to harm the spiritas as a whole, he might be a scourge upon their various influences!

“To all the heroes at the Phantom God Spirit Cliff, this human called Lin Muk snuck into our Akashic Dream Battlefield and used despicable means to kill my people, even angering the Great Brahmic God King to the point where he took personal action to seek this human… to all fellow martial cultivators, let us kill this human together! If anyone has accomplishments during this battle then my people will give you a large reward, we can even double the posted bounty!”

The Purple Chestnut King shouted out from a safe position far away from the battlefield. His voice spread out for hundreds of miles.

On the Phantom God Spirit Cliff, there were innumerable proud children of heaven from different influences trying to grasp the principles here.

Although the average level of these people couldn’t match with the martial artists that had rushed here to kill Lin Ming, there were still some peerless young elites hidden in the crowd where they remained unknown.

If these people could be used, they would be a considerable force.

After the Purple Chestnut King spoke, some people didn’t wish to be used as a weapon by these influences and quietly withdrew.

But there were some people who had harbored a burning envy towards Lin Ming for lighting three soul sea marks in such a short period of time. Moreover, with Lin Ming’s status as a human added on and the total amount of bounties offered for him, they were tempted.

“If you take the lead we will naturally help.”

A martial artist on a shrine platform said. They already considered Lin Ming as a fish on a chopping block, but this struggling fish just had a few more bones than usual.

“Kill him! Strike together!” Someone from the Yellow Springs Palace cried out loud.

“As long as we kill him in the Akashic Dream Universe then his true body will be ejected from the  separate space and the Great Brahmic God King can use his transcendent methods once more to find him! At that time, we can kill him however we want!”

Outside the battlefield, the Purple Chestnut King yelled out.

“Hahaha! Lin Muk, I want to see just how you’ll die then!”

The Purple Chestnut King’s eyes were fierce. Lin Ming’s thoughts turned cold. He had already experienced the Great Brahmic God King’s methods once and he didn’t doubt that he could be found again!

If he died here, then losing the golden page wouldn’t be the only consequence!

In the end, the reason Lin Ming was in such a crisis was because he didn’t completely understand the methods of a True Divinity.

At this time, the people from the Yellow Springs Palace took the initiative to attack. Endless ghosts blocked out the skies!

Behind them, several whistling sounds rang through the air as the people atop the shrine platforms flew towards Lin Ming. Arcs of blazing light radiated from their bodies as the world seemed to surge around them.

“You want to kill me?”

Lin Ming’s eyes turned blood red. Black light shot out from his body. The Black Dragon Spear thrust into the void, causing a pitch black light to appear.

Soon, the pitch black light expanded again and again, carrying with it a billowing power of chaos. Like a black hole, it emitted an inexhaustible power to swallow everything.

The dozen plus martial artists that flew towards Lin Ming weren’t able to stop. The black hole swallowed them all and specks of their flesh and blood rained down from the skies.

The thick stench of blood filled the air.

These people had been killed in such a violent manner that even in the real world their divine souls had been injured. Moreover, these injuries weren’t minor at all!

But at the same time, as Lin Ming attacked, his back was also ambushed by several people.

There were far too many people here! They came in swarms larger than the time Lin Ming had been surrounded in the Akashic Dream Battlefield.

And, these people didn’t have their cultivations suppressed. Many of them had a cultivation base higher than Lin Ming.

Rumble rumble rumble.

These people were all elites of their era and their striking power was astonishing. Beneath the barrage of star-bright beams of light, Lin Ming avoided the majority of them but was still struck by a good number of attacks. No matter how strong his defensive capabilities were, after being bombarded by so many people his blood vitality still swelled up and his inner energy turned chaotic.

Blood began flowing down the scales on Lin Ming’s back.

“I have to move! I can’t just stand here in the middle and let them attack me, otherwise I’ll just exhaust myself and die!”

Lin Ming immediately thought. He turned his head and an infinite mystical strength erupted once more. His icy cold gaze swept through the spiritas martial artists that had attacked him from behind.

“I’ll start with you!”

Lin Ming shouted out. He stepped on the void and his velocity reached the limit.

He revolved the Space Laws, instantly appearing in front of those who had ambushed him, causing everyone else to lose their target.

“Be careful!”

Someone cried out in alarm. But, it was too late!

The Black Dragon Spear swept out and a terrifying killing intent erupted. The heads of three ambushers exploded into bits, their brains and blood spraying outwards!

This brutal way of dying frightened the other martial artists. If they died in such a manner, and especially with their heads blown apart, this would inevitably cause major damage to their spiritual seas. Even their true bodies would suffer debilitating losses and would require at least a year to recover from. Moreover, they wouldn’t be able to fully recover without the use of miracle medicines.

“Kill him!”

In the skies, someone from the Yellow Springs Palace attacked!

Just as he attacked Lin Ming, Lin Ming instantly vanished, appearing not too far away from him. As for those other martial artists that had been standing near Lin Ming, they were caught in the radius of the missed attack. The ghosts sent by the Yellow Spring Palace martial artist swallowed them whole, leaving their ear-piercing screams to fill the air.

The feeling of being swallowed up by these ghostly spirits was no better than having one’s head blown apart, and it also caused major damage to one’s divine soul.

“Damn it!”

The one who attacked was stunned. He had actually accidently killed those on his side.

But in that brief moment of surprise, Lin Ming had appeared in front of him. With arctic eyes, the Black Dragon Spear in his hands slashed out like the scythe of a death god!

Blood bloomed like a red lotus…


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