MW Chapter 1841

Chapter 1841 – Clash

More and more people arrived. Dozens of squads had come with women and men, each one of them shining with radiant light. It was clear they were all uncommonly strong.

However, none of these people surpassed the ordinary World King realm. In fact, only a very small minority were ordinary World Kings.

To become a World King by 3000 years of age, anyone who could accomplish this was a genius amongst geniuses.

As for becoming a Great World King by 3000 years of age, that was a true monstrous genius. This sort of person could easily become an Empyrean before they were 10,000 years old, and in the future they would likely become an extreme Empyrean with even a small chance of attacking the True Divinity realm.

This type of person was exceedingly rare even in the entire Soul World. And even if there was one, they wouldn’t be spending much of their time here. Thus, even though Lin Ming was surrounded by all these large influences, it would be incredibly difficult for them to come up with a Great World King that was less than 3000 years old any time soon.

“Lin Muk, I’ll kill you in the Akashic Dream Universe first, and then I’ll bury you in the real world!”

A vicious light shined in the Purple Chestnut King’s eyes.

He had led a group of his spirit race people...

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