MW Chapter 1841

Chapter 1841 – Clash

More and more people arrived. Dozens of squads had come with women and men, each one of them shining with radiant light. It was clear they were all uncommonly strong.

However, none of these people surpassed the ordinary World King realm. In fact, only a very small minority were ordinary World Kings.

To become a World King by 3000 years of age, anyone who could accomplish this was a genius amongst geniuses.

As for becoming a Great World King by 3000 years of age, that was a true monstrous genius. This sort of person could easily become an Empyrean before they were 10,000 years old, and in the future they would likely become an extreme Empyrean with even a small chance of attacking the True Divinity realm.

This type of person was exceedingly rare even in the entire Soul World. And even if there was one, they wouldn’t be spending much of their time here. Thus, even though Lin Ming was surrounded by all these large influences, it would be incredibly difficult for them to come up with a Great World King that was less than 3000 years old any time soon.

“Lin Muk, I’ll kill you in the Akashic Dream Universe first, and then I’ll bury you in the real world!”

A vicious light shined in the Purple Chestnut King’s eyes.

He had led a group of his spirit race people here to encircle Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s eyes darkened. Since he dared to come here to gain enlightenment, he was already prepared for this sort of situation. He had chosen this spot because of the restriction of the Laws, so even if there were masses of people trying to kill him, he didn’t fear them at all.

However, he had been secretly marked by a True Divinity. This was something that Lin Ming feared.

“If you want to kill me, then I’ll just kill you all first!” With his identity already exposed, Lin Ming no longer hid his strength. A terrifying aura erupted from his body, impacting into the heavens.

He moved without stirring the wind. The Phoenix Blood Spear cried out as if it were an eternally bloodthirsty beast that was awakening. A large tract of the cliff was illuminated in a blinding red light and a dreadful smell of blood filled the air.

This roiling killing intent locked onto all the people standing in the distance.

The people who arrived were mostly from the influences he had slaughtered in the Akashic Dream Battlefield. There were influences like the spirit race and Yellow Springs Palace, but there were also many other martial artists who came here for the golden page or for the bounty.

Facing so many outstanding individuals, Lin Ming was even marked by a True Divinity. No matter where he went he would be a torch in the dark, unable to hide.

Then he might as well make his stand here and massacre everyone!

At this time, a white-clothed woman stepped out from the crowd. Her cultivation was at the ordinary World King realm.

A normal World King that appeared in front of Lin Ming would have been instantly cut down. But, this World King was different. She was only 1300 years old and if she encountered another great lucky chance, she might even become an Empyrean when she was 10,000 or so years old. If so, she would even have a small chance of becoming a True Divinity.

In other words, Lin Ming was facing a martial artist who was only slightly inferior to a young Emperor Shakya!

“I am from Great Brahmic God Mountain and am one of the Great Brahmic God King’s disciples. Today I have come here by the bidding of my honorable master to take your life!”

The woman’s voice was cold, with no hint of emotion in her eyes.

The surrounding martial artists on the shrine platforms sucked in a deep breath. Great Brahmic God Mountain! A True Divinity disciple!

Even in the main universe of the Soul World, a True Divinity was a legendary existence. Wherever a True Divinity disciple went, they would rouse feelings of absolute inferiority!

They didn’t know who this white-clothed woman was, but they didn’t doubt that she was a terrifying opponent!

“Senior-apprentice Sister Icydew, be careful around that brat! He has a stronger spear and also two avatars! Those two avatars have an unbelievable defensive power.”

Beside the white-clothed woman, the Purple Chestnut King warned her as he glared at Lin Ming, listing all of Lin Ming’s cards one at a time.

“There’s no need for words!”

The white-clothed woman’s voice was cold. She stretched out her hands and her fingers rapidly moved. Shards of ice began to fall down around her as the surrounding temperature rapidly dipped!


A dreadful cold energy burst outwards. Even the rocks were suddenly covered with a layer of frost and the air became bone-bitingly cold.

For dozens of miles around, parts of the mountain froze over and began to fall down.

This was a horrifying level of power.

The geniuses standing on the shrine platforms near Lin Ming suddenly widened their eyes, their complexions changing. They knew that this was the attack of an ultra-powerhouse. They flew up from the shrine platforms, all of them hurriedly fleeing the waves of ice cold energy.

Lin Ming no longer had anywhere to hide. His killing spirit rose and his spear radiated a blinding light. In the void, the spear was wrapped in a massive sun-bright inferno. Lava seemed to tumble around in the air, carrying with it the inexhaustible power of heavenly tribulation power as it smashed into the freezing waves of cold energy.

Heavenly fire raged, bringing with it the true meaning of fire as it sank into the waves of ice and snow.

Two forces of extreme hot and extreme cold crashed into each other. Airwaves crazily swept out, wreaking havoc in all directions.

On the mountain peak, there were some servants of the young elites present. Some of these people weren’t able to move in time and were caught up in the energy waves. With miserable cries they were directly ground into paste.

In this strike, the two forces were evenly matched!

The white-clothed woman frowned. In that collision just now, she had felt Lin Ming’s enormous strength; he was a formidable opponent.

“Humph! This isn’t the Akashic Dream Battlefield where our cultivation boundaries are suppressed! Pathetic, give up any thoughts of escape!”

In the void, another World King level powerhouse began to move. With his entire body shrouded in dense demonic energy, he secretly attacked Lin Ming.

This martial artist came from Yellow Springs Palace. Although he was also a World King, he was nearly 3000 years old and had just barely managed a breakthrough. Although he was still an early World King, he was still far inferior to Icydew, whether it was in terms of talent or strength.

Hidden in the crowds of people, he took out a blood red jar that was filled with splashing black blood.

This black blood gushed out and transformed into a massive blood river. The blood river crashed about, emanating a cold yin chill.

In the midst of this blood river, devils bobbed up and down. With the pressure of a falling mountain, a terrifyingly monstrous demonic energy was emitted. Even the air melted away beneath this demonic energy, creating large swathes of nothingness. It was a fearful power.

This was an extremely cruel and violent magic tool. Everyone drew as far away as they could lest they be touched by this blood red light.

The proud children of heaven that were on the shrine platforms all flew away, afraid that the blood river would touch them and make it impossible for them to be saved.

Lin Ming glanced at the black blood. He could feel that the blood red jar was strange, but in terms of strength, this was much weaker than Icydew. His eyes flashed with a cold light and a black spear leapt into his hands, one that emitted a boundless ancient power. This was the Black Dragon Spear!

Many people who understood Lin Ming thought that he would choose to fight with the Phoenix Blood Spear in order to save his strength. But at this time, Lin Ming actually drew out the Black Dragon Spear; this was completely unexpected.


Spear light soared up. The Heretical God Tree appeared with countless tiny thunder dragons wrapped around it, each one carrying the endless true meaning of thunder. Then, these thunder dragons began to transform into tiny sand-like motes of thunder power.

These motes of thunder bloomed with infinite arcs of lightning and smashed into the blood river and the devils within like countless stars.

The heavens and earth became a vast expanse of blinding white for a moment. Then, lightning rumbled and the world shook.

The martial artist that was carrying the blood red jar was the first to bear the brunt of this attack. He was instantly submerged into the waves of lightning.


A frightening detonation rang out. Within the resounding claps of lightning, a youth in blood red robes soared upwards, avoiding the sheets of lightning.

The blood river and devils he released had been swallowed up by the power of thunder and had been completely destroyed. Even the blood red jar in his hands had a pitch black crack in it.

This crack still shined with the mystic power of lightning that tore apart the black runes swirling around it and prevented the blood red jar from restoring itself. Between the youth’s eyebrows, star-like motes of thunder shined, emitting endless thunderclaps that caused the blood red-robed youth to vomit blood again and again. It was clear that this blood red-robed youth had been severely wounded.

Everyone standing far away in the air was left amazed. This blood red-robed youth was clearly a World King genius, but he had been grievously wounded after a single strike from Lin Ming.

Lin Ming was about to rush forwards and finish off this person with his spear, but suddenly a wall of ice blocked his path; the one who was stopping him was that Icydew once more.


Lin Ming faced Icydew. The long spear in his hands had changed, replaced by the Phoenix Blood Spear once more!


The Phoenix Blood Spear turned into a beam of light that thrust through the ice wall. Spear light shot out, blasting open chunks of the ice wall that rained down in all directions!

This left everyone surprised. Lin Ming was constantly switching his spears?

But they immediately understood what happened.

Lin Ming didn’t have confidence he could severely wound Icydew with the Black Dragon Spear in a single move. Thus, he had chosen to fight her with the Phoenix Blood Spear to conserve his strength.

But to deal with those who were relatively strong but couldn’t compare with Icydew, he would use the Black Dragon Spear so he could defeat them in a single move and save his strength.

“Rather than wounding ten fingers he would rather break off one. This Lin Muk is decisive!”

“Facing so many opponents he’s still saving as much strength as he can. What a terrifying enemy.”

The surrounding martial artists immediately understood Lin Ming’s plan.

And at this time, more and more people attacked Lin Ming.

They had no intention of fighting one on one – they chose to swarm him together!

Seeing energy of divine light cover the skies, Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with bolts of thunder. He rapidly drew back!

“There are too many enemies and there will be more and more of them catching up! If I can’t break my way out of here then I’ll die sooner or later and the golden page will be taken away!”

Lin Ming frowned as he looked at the people who were wrapped in divine light.

He had to hurry!


Lin Ming kicked out at the nearest man. The blood of an Azure Dragon roared within him, carrying with it the endless draconic power. Like a True Dragon diving into the sea, the kick was like a shadow as it smashed outwards.

This kick contained billions of jins of strength, enough to shatter air itself.

The man was startled; he didn’t think Lin Ming would take the initiative to attack him. Soul force condensed into a wall to resist this attack.

But as a result, the soul wall was crushed by this kick and the man’s chest was caved in by the kick. With several cracking sounds, the man’s bones broke all over and he was sent tumbling away as he vomited blood.

These people were all proud children of heaven with the strength of a peak Holy Lord. But in front of Lin Ming, they didn’t even have the strength to resist.

“This human’s mortal body is far too terrifying!”

“Part of us focus on attack and part of us focus on defense. Join together and use as many divine soul attacks as you can. There’s no need to show mercy or honor here!” The Purple Chestnut King shouted out. Clearly fearing Lin Ming, he didn’t step forwards at all.

At this time, killing Lin Ming was all that mattered. Anything like a martial arts spirit was a secondary matter.

Even the arrogant Icydew didn’t refuse joining forces with the others. This was because she knew that she wouldn’t be able to defeat Lin Ming one on one.

With direct orders that came from the Great Brahmic God King himself, she had to complete her master’s commands no matter the cost.


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