MW Chapter 1840

Chapter 1840 – Surrounded

Lin Ming’s change was far too conspicuous. This was because as the divine light was gathered onto him, everyone’s eyes were focused towards him.

“Isn’t that the bearded uncle…?”

“That’s him, the shrine platform he’s sitting on still has three soul sea marks lit up. Moreover, their light is also stronger than the others’.”

Many people remembered where Lin Ming had been sitting. As they saw his rapidly changing appearance, they were left dumbfounded.

What was going on?

“He wasn’t old at all, he’s a youth!”

“He was hiding his appearance…”

The purple-clothed girl with horns had her mouth fall open as she watched Lin Ming turn from that scary-looking uncle to a dashing young man; the difference was too great.

Why did he conceal his appearance? Did he have some enemy?

But just as this thought passed over everyone’s hearts, they also realized something.

“This person looks familiar.”

“I saw a bounty on him at Oceanguard City!”

“He’s Lin Muk!”

Someone cried out in alarm. Most of the martial...

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