MW Chapter 1840

Chapter 1840 – Surrounded

Lin Ming’s change was far too conspicuous. This was because as the divine light was gathered onto him, everyone’s eyes were focused towards him.

“Isn’t that the bearded uncle…?”

“That’s him, the shrine platform he’s sitting on still has three soul sea marks lit up. Moreover, their light is also stronger than the others’.”

Many people remembered where Lin Ming had been sitting. As they saw his rapidly changing appearance, they were left dumbfounded.

What was going on?

“He wasn’t old at all, he’s a youth!”

“He was hiding his appearance…”

The purple-clothed girl with horns had her mouth fall open as she watched Lin Ming turn from that scary-looking uncle to a dashing young man; the difference was too great.

Why did he conceal his appearance? Did he have some enemy?

But just as this thought passed over everyone’s hearts, they also realized something.

“This person looks familiar.”

“I saw a bounty on him at Oceanguard City!”

“He’s Lin Muk!”

Someone cried out in alarm. Most of the martial artists at Fallen God Mountain Range had been here for some time already as they tried to gain enlightenment, thus they didn’t recognize Lin Ming’s name.

“Who’s Lin Muk? What’s going on? Why would a True Divinity be looking for him?”

Fallen God Mountain Range had a skeletal age restriction, so no matter how powerful a True Divinity was, they could only send their sense here. And they likely had to pay some price to do so. But, why would they cause such a grand scene to look for a mere junior?

“This Lin Muk is the one who killed Empyrean Myriad Ghost at the Akashic Dream Battlefield! Moreover, he cut down countless World Kings and Great World Kings to finally collect a billion merit points and exchanged them for a golden page, and also left behind his name on the Emperor God Wall.”

“Not only does he have the golden page but he also has a spirit medicine beyond the transcendent divine level; I’ve heard it has already manifested into a kirin form.”

“There are several influences that have posted a sky high bounty for him. If we can kill him then that will be a great lucky chance for us!”

Soon, many people began speaking of Lin Ming. As Lin Ming’s accomplishments were spoken out loud, the martial artists that had been meditating at the Fallen God Mountain Range for a long time let out exclamations of surprise. This Lin Ming was so fierce?

He was being hunted down by so many people; no wonder he was hiding his appearance.

As for before, this could also explain how he had been able to light up three soul sea marks so brilliantly.

Jade Lifestone looked at Lin Ming, his complexion alternating between red and white. He really found it hard to believe that this was Lin Ming’s first time at the Akashic Dream Universe and that he had even slain an Empyrean at the same level. This was simply a monstrous genius that others couldn’t compare with at all.

For a time, many people began to surround Lin Ming.

They knew that many influences had posted an incredible bounty for him in Oceanguard City.

Standing upon the shrine platform, Lin Ming’s complexion had turned black. After being covered with the sense of a True Divinity, he no longer bothered with maintaining any semblance of a disguise. Instead, he drew out the Phoenix Blood Spear.

This Great Brahmic God King was actually able to bypass the rules of the Akashic Dream Universe to a certain extent. Were True Divinities powerful to such a degree?

Thinking about it, a True Divinity truly could disobey the rules of the world.

For instance, in piercing through the God Lamenting Wall that divided the 33 Heavens, or displaying such tremendous supernatural abilities in the Akashic Dream Universe.

After all, a True Divinity was only a boundary lower than the Asura Road Master and the author of the Holy Scripture.

“So you were Lin Muk!”

A gloomy voice shouted out. With innumerable ringing sounds, people drew their weapons.

As these people did so, they all blocked Lin Ming’s paths of escape.

Like this, Lin Ming became the public target.

Many people looked on with gloating expressions. Who cared how powerful Lin Ming was? In this kind of environment it was impossible for him to escape.

He wouldn’t be able to keep that golden page.

“Your name is Lin Muk? We have no previous enmity or injustice with you, but you have offended far too many people and the treasures you possess are far too valuable. You should also understand what it means for a man’s own wealth to ruin him by arousing the greed of others. So, don’t blame us for this. If you want to blame someone, only blame those who posted a bounty for you.”

At this time, three people stood up and took positions in three different directions around Lin Ming.

They all held swords in their hands.

“The Three Feather Prodigies.”

Someone said, startled. The Three Feather Prodigies were extremely famous. They were known as the most outstanding disciples to appear in the Phoenix Feather Holy Lands for the last billion years. Even here at the Fallen God Mountain Range they had considerable accomplishments in grasping the principles and had lit up their fifth soul sea marks.

In particular, if these three people joined forces, their overall combat strength would double!

“Originally we only needed to provide clues about your whereabouts to get the bounty rewards, but since the Great Brahmic God King has found you there is no point in doing that anymore. We can only subdue you and bring you in. Don’t blame us for kicking a man when he’s down!”

The boss of the Three Feather Prodigies sneered and slashed his sword at Lin Ming!

“You think you have the qualifications to kick me when I’m down? I want you to get the hell out of my way!”

Lin Ming suddenly roared out loud. His joints crackled and his aura changed, immediately becoming like a raging and endless sea.


With a loud explosive sound, Lin Ming’s spear seemed to pierce through the skies. The gorgeous spear light crossed through the air and smashed into the boss of the Three Feather Prodigies.

“Big Brother!”

The Three Feather Prodigies had fast responses. They moved together to resist Lin Ming’s attack. However, with a cracking sound, the spear light erupted and billions of jins of strength gushed out. The world shook and space disintegrated.

The Three Feather Prodigies’ fused sword light immediately shattered like glass. The soul force spirit essence they poured into their sword light was also completely wiped out.

The three of them cried out in shock as they were sent tumbling away. As for the boss, he was sent soaring back hundreds of feet as blood spewed out from his body.


Everyone was shocked. The Three Feather Prodigies were defeated just like that?

“Mm? They didn’t die?”

A cold light sparkled in Lin Ming’s eyes. He moved forwards and chased after the Three Feather Prodigies. His spear swept out, cutting through the skies. One of the Three Feather Prodigies was sliced in half by the Phoenix Blood Spear, his blood dyeing the heavens.

“Third Brother!”

The remaining two of the Three Feather Prodigies felt their eyes turn red with rage. However, they weren’t Lin Ming’s match.

Lin Ming’s feet flickered as space seemed to lose meaning beneath him. He nearly teleported next to the remaining two, his spear falling down once more.

Puff! Puff!

With two light sounds, these two people had their hearts pierced by Lin Ming’s spear.

With this, the Three Feather Prodigies were slain by Lin Ming. Their deaths had been so sudden and brutal that even their true bodies had been wounded and it would take them some time to heal themselves.

After killing these three people, Lin Ming turned around without missing a beat. The Phoenix Blood Spear and his hand were already dyed crimson with blood!

“Death God Lin Muk!”

Seeing Lin Ming like this, some people couldn’t help but cry out the title he was given.

He was just far too strong. Even outstanding elites like the Three Feather Prodigies had been slain like farm chickens.


Many people said, frightened. For a time, none of them dared to move forwards.

Although they were well aware that Lin Ming would die sooner or later since he was surrounded by so many people, no one wanted to be one of the first to attack him.

Those that did were destined to be killed by Lin Ming, and would have no chance of receiving the bounty reward.

For a time, all of those martial artists that thought of killing Lin Ming stopped in their steps, deciding to observe instead.

At this time, a heaven-shaking roar transmitted from the skies above.

“Lin Muk, I’ve finally found you!”

“Lin Muk, you killed countless people of my spirit race at the Akashic Dream Battlefield, even harming their spiritual seas! I will make you pay for this blood debt!”

“Lin Muk, in the Akashic Dream Battlefield my boundary was suppressed so I was killed by you, but now this is a fair battle in the Akashic Dream Universe! I will slay you and take revenge!”

Howls and roars overflowed from the skies.


Lin Ming was startled. He sensed several strong auras that were rapidly arriving.

Looking up, he saw several shadows in the midst of the sea of brilliant light.

These people were sent from the influences he was enemies with. They weren’t too far from the Fallen God Mountain Range to begin with, and after obtaining the news they quickly hurried here using a transmission array.

Amongst these people, Lin Ming even saw the Purple Chestnut King. At the Akashic Dream Battlefield when Lin Ming had struck down the Purple Chestnut King, it hadn’t taken him any effort at all. But at that time, the Purple Chestnut King’s cultivation had also been suppressed. Now, he re-entered the Akashic Dream Universe so that he could kill Lin Ming in a situation where his cultivation boundary wasn’t suppressed and wipe out his previous disgrace.

“You all… even managed to make a True Divinity move…” Lin Ming’s eyes burst out with a murderous light. He never imagined he would be caught in such a situation where his whereabouts would be found by others. It seemed that he had really underestimated the heroes of the Soul World, and completely misunderstood the powers of a True Divinity.


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