Chapter 184 - Reverse Scale Blood

Chapter 184 Reverse Scale Blood.


Chapter 184 – Reverse Scale Blood

Lin Ming was ecstatic to the point of finding it difficult to maintain his calm. It was extremely rare in the entire world for someone to be able to comprehend two different martial intents. The difficulty of this was beyond hopeless!

He had never imaged that he would obtain such a lucky chance!

“Since I comprehended this martial intent after living through 100 worlds of Samsara, then I will call this the Samsara martial intent.”

Lin Ming had completely calmed down. The world around him began to slowly disappear like the receding waves of a tide. In a moment, he was returned to the life and death smelting trial. In front of him, space began to ripple, and Yan Mo appeared.

“Congratulations, you have perfectly passed through the seventh level! Ever since the Sorcerer Pagoda was created, you are the first one to pass through the complete smelting trial!” Yan Mo said. Although he spoke words of applause, he still spoke in the same icy monotone voice.

“The trial of the seventh floor has always been an opportunity. I think you have realized his by now.”

“Mm. I understand.” Lin Ming nodded. The World of the Sorcerer had never existed to begin with. This was because the Sorcerer was not a god. There was no god in this world. The Faith of the Sorcerer, and the god known the Sorcerer...

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