MW Chapter 1839

Chapter 1839 – Identity Revealed

In the hazy pall of spiritual light, Lin Ming was bathed in the brilliant luster of the shrine platform. In this halo he was a solemn monk, meditating in a deep trance like an ancient Buddha.

His dazzling aura sharply contrasted with his appearance.

On the cliff, many people were left speechless.

This old uncle with a full beard was unexpectedly fierce.

“This fellow, he was just pretending to be a sheep. This definitely isn’t the first time he’s been here and he must have already comprehended a lot before.”

Someone said with utter certainty in their voice.

But even if one came here many times and tried to grasp enlightenment repeatedly, to obtain such a deep understanding was still something worthy of praise.

This was because for many people, even if they tried meditating here for dozens of years, they might only light up their fourth or fifth soul sea marks. And as for the brightness of those soul sea marks, they were completely different from Lin Ming’s.

Compared to Lin Ming’s soul sea marks, theirs were like a little candle in front of the bright night moon.

In the world of martial artists, strength reigned supreme. Many people immediately discarded their earlier thoughts of belittling Lin Ming.

Among these people, Jade Lifestone had haunted eyes. He didn’t want to admit that he had been wrong from the start. An inexplicable surge of anger filled his heart, “Yes, enlighten yourself, keep on enlightening yourself, I don’t believe that once you go further you can continue singing so loudly all this time.

“When Soul Empress Sheng Mei attempted enlightenment in the past, she was far better than this. Even so, she stopped at three soul sea marks.”

Jade Lifestone unhappily said. No matter how many times Lin Ming had come in the past, this didn’t change the fact that he was now inferior to Lin Ming.

It was because these were inalterable facts that Jade Lifestone found them hard to bear.

And indeed, Jade Lifestone wasn’t wrong.

On the 90th day of grasping the principles, Lin Ming began to feel the difficulty rise.

The lines on the shrine platform weren’t as simple as they seemed.

Gradually, the lines on the shrine platform began to turn hazy and emit a mysterious rhythm.

Each line had an inexplicable attraction emanating from it, making Lin Ming’s divine soul be lost within them.

He felt as if he were standing in an endless labyrinth and had lost all sense of direction.

Moreover, the paths of this labyrinth winded about, with walls as high as mountains. It was impossible to see where they led. Everyone was covered in a thick pitch black fog, a black cage with a terrifying aura that made his heart quicken.

Facing this vast sea of Laws, a sense of powerlessness grew in his heart.

But all this knowledge, the texts of the golden page that were fused into his body and divine soul, all of those comprehensions he had obtained, began to emit a brilliant light that resonated with the mysterious strength in the darkness.

In that originally meandering labyrinth, beams of golden light would periodically appear.

This golden light appeared throughout the entire labyrinth in a profound sequence.

Lin Ming accepted this stroke of good luck and followed the golden lights…

In the outside world, his body began to shake. His body that was covered in a soft light seemed to gently sway.

100 days.

Lin Ming found it difficult to continue forwards.

Then, another 10 days passed. With this, he surpassed the 108 days that Sheng Mei had spent here.

111 days. 112 days.

At 115 days, Lin Ming’s shrine platform began to shine with a brilliant radiance that illuminated his surroundings.

“Three soul sea marks!”

Lin Ming exhaled a long breath of air. At the same time, he deeply frowned.

His speed was slower than Sheng Mei’s.

But, this was also reasonable.

Shen Mei had read the Spiritas Holy Scripture before and her understandings of the golden pages naturally surpassed Lin Ming’s. Even if Lin Ming had the support of the Asura Sutra, it was still impossible for him to surpass Sheng Mei in comprehending principles of the soul forging system.

Thinking this, Lin Ming felt there were countless hurdles blocking his way from becoming thoroughly aware of the principles here and obtaining the golden page.

“No wonder they said it was the same as impossible to come to the Fallen God Mountain Range and obtain the golden page here… even when a True Divinity was in their youth and came here, they still failed…”

Lin Ming sighed in his heart. He was completely unsatisfied with his current results.

However, if those people watching Lin Ming were to know his thoughts, they would probably have killed themselves in disgust.

“Three soul sea marks, and he can make them shine with such a powerful divine light!”

It wasn’t a surprise to anyone that Lin Ming had lit up three soul sea marks. This was because they had already recognized that Lin Ming had come to the Fallen God Mountain Range before, so it wasn’t strange if he could light up the fourth or fifth soul sea marks.

But, what amazed them was that the three soul sea marks that did light up blazed like suns. None of those present were able to compare.

They looked at Lin Ming with disbelieving expressions. No matter how they looked at Lin Ming he didn’t seem like a top genius from some large influence.

Some people nearly stamped their feet on the ground. This fellow was actually so much stronger than they were. This feeling was as if some spirit medicine had been eaten up by a pig.

“This person probably disguised themselves. Maybe he’s a peak genius from some sect… if he could do what he did, he’s definitely not some nobody.”

Jade Lifestone muttered to himself as he stared at Lin Ming.

“He’s likely hiding his identity.” Some other proud sons of heavens from other ancient influences commented, finding this entire situation suspicious.

In order to gain enlightenment on the Phantom God Spirit Cliff, one needed an extraordinary background as well a certain comprehension into the highest Laws of the spiritas. These highest Laws were all parts of top secret inheritances, so where would ordinary martial artists ever be able to study them?

“I wonder where he is from? Are there any large influences with such an ugly elite…?”

The purple-clothed girl with two horns thought to herself, finding it hard to accept Lin Ming’s appearance.

But Lin Ming completely ignored all the whispers around him.

In his ears, all he heard were the divine sounds of the world. The texts of the golden page that had fused into his body and divine soul, as well as his comprehensions of them, floated within him like giant stars, exuding endless true meanings. Their shining light granted him a great deal of inspiration.

He could feel his soul force billowing like a vast tide. He had gained great benefits here once more.

Although there were many advantages, Lin Ming was still worried about how he would obtain the golden page here.

Then, a timid voice echoed in Lin Ming’s mind.

“H-h-h-hey… just now… there are some things that you seemed to have… mistaken…”

This voice startled Lin Ming. It was the red-dressed little girl he had met in the Akashic Dream Battlefield!

She had turned into a pure energy form that lingered around Lin Ming. No one was able to discover her presence.

The reason she suddenly spoke up now was because she realized there were errors in Lin Ming’s enlightenment.

This shocked Lin Ming. His three soul sea marks had shined so brilliantly, but he was actually wrong in his approach?

“Where was my mistake?”

Lin Ming quickly asked with a sound transmission. He knew that the red-dressed little girl wasn’t ordinary, but he didn’t think she would be able to see through the profound and complex principles of the shrine platform’s Laws.

But before the red-dressed little girl could reply, the skies suddenly changed color. A dreadful fluctuation of energy began to rise up from all around.

Lin Ming was startled. He looked up into the skies.

What just happened?

Rumble rumble rumble!

The air trembled, as if there was thunder brewing.

Dark clouds formed, blotting out the skies.

This sudden change left everyone panic-stricken. They all looked upwards, not sure what was happening.

And at this time, with a loud tearing sound, a divine sword seemed to cut through the skies. The gray clouds above the Phantom God Spirit Cliff were violently torn apart.

A misty light converged into a shining sea of light, one that appeared without any indication.

This light drowned out the skies. It was omnipresent, covering every person there.

Each ray of light seemed to originate from the nothingness of ancient times, seeming to illuminate all their hearts.

A vast aura spread outwards, making everyone’s hearts shake.

Beneath this shining light, all of the martial artists at the Phantom God Spirit Cliff were frightened. Beneath this light they felt completely powerless, nearly overcome with a desire to prostrate themselves on the ground in worship.

“Endless light, endless life, illuminate the 33 Heavens…”

From the heavens, after the sea of light appeared, a deep and boundless ancient voice followed right after.

As this voice appeared, countless motes of light formed in the air, constantly wandering around those present.

“Great Brahmic God King!”

“It’s the old ancestor! The old ancestor’s divine sense! Why would it be here!?”

Some of the chosen prides of heaven here had accompanied their honorable masters to the divine mountain before, or even came from the influence there. Now, these people all felt fear in their hearts. They fell to their knees.

“What? This sense comes from the Great Brahmic God King?”

“Great Brahmic God King… this is the sense of a God King!”

On the cliff, there were still some people on the shrine platforms who didn’t know where the origin of this mystical light was. After finding out, they fell to their knees, sincerely bowing.

The Great Brahmic God King was one of the top powerhouses of the Soul World. He was worthy of their worship.

“God King!?”

Lin Ming was bewildered. What was a God King? A True Divinity?

Lin Ming didn’t want to believe this, but even if this existence wasn’t a True Divinity, the title of God King wouldn’t be given to anyone below an Empyrean.

And from the responses of the elites present, this person was likely a True Divinity!

Even an Empyrean couldn’t bring out such a reaction. At the Akashic Dream Battlefield, after Empyrean Myriad Ghost and Chaos Demon God had appeared, although the young elites present had been afraid of them, they didn’t all fall to their knees.

A True Divinity was able to permeate their divine sense into the Fallen God Mountain Range; how was this possible?

“A True Divinity is powerful to this degree? Even though their main body cannot enter the Fallen God Mountain Range, they can still cover this area with their sense? Even affecting this area?”

A foreboding premonition rose in Lin Ming’s heart. If a True Divinity’s sense had come here, then there had to be a reason…

A cold sweat seeped down Lin Ming’s back. Then, it should be to track him!

Just as this thought flashed through Lin Ming’s mind, a beam of divine light fell down from the skies and covered him.

As Lin Ming was covered in this mystical light, it was like he had been struck by a bolt of lightning, like countless meteorites were smashing into his spiritual sea.

Luckily, Lin Ming’s divine soul was extremely formidable. Otherwise, his spiritual sea might have already collapsed upon being covered by this divine sense.

“A True Divinity’s strength!”

Although he already had a guess, the impact on his spiritual sea by this light confirmed to Lin Ming that this person who sent the divine sense here was a True Divinity. And worst of all, this True Divinity had come for him!

In an instant, Lin Ming’s limbs went cold, as if he had fallen into an icy lake!

A True Divinity had locked onto him!


Lin Ming grimly thought. As he was covered in this light, he felt his divine soul be attacked by some strange marks.

Beneath the influence of these marks, his Bodily Rebirth Technique melted away like snow beneath the scorching sun. His beard disappeared… his muscles deflated… his face became thinner…

Lin Ming’s true appearance had been revealed.


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