MW Chapter 1838

Chapter 1838 – Enlightenment on the Shrine Platform

Through a simple conversation with Jade Lifestone, Lin Ming had a much higher understanding of what this ‘enlightenment’ was.

Even though Jade Lifestone and the other martial artists didn’t like Lin Ming too much, they didn’t look down on him. Although Lin Ming didn’t look like an elite of any kind and he clearly came to take a look for the fun – weren’t they the same? There wasn’t a point to people who all never reached the finishing line laughing at each other.

Almost all those at the Fallen God Mountain Range had come to experience what attempting enlightenment on the shrine platforms was like. Very few of them had true confidence in themselves that they would succeed.

Of course, even those that were confident in themselves only had disappointment as their harvests.

Seeing Lin Ming fly towards the shrine platforms beneath the cliff, these people only teased him several times before no longer bothering with him.

Every year, countless individuals came to the Fallen God Mountain Range.

Perhaps they...

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