MW Chapter 1838

Chapter 1838 – Enlightenment on the Shrine Platform

Through a simple conversation with Jade Lifestone, Lin Ming had a much higher understanding of what this ‘enlightenment’ was.

Even though Jade Lifestone and the other martial artists didn’t like Lin Ming too much, they didn’t look down on him. Although Lin Ming didn’t look like an elite of any kind and he clearly came to take a look for the fun – weren’t they the same? There wasn’t a point to people who all never reached the finishing line laughing at each other.

Almost all those at the Fallen God Mountain Range had come to experience what attempting enlightenment on the shrine platforms was like. Very few of them had true confidence in themselves that they would succeed.

Of course, even those that were confident in themselves only had disappointment as their harvests.

Seeing Lin Ming fly towards the shrine platforms beneath the cliff, these people only teased him several times before no longer bothering with him.

Every year, countless individuals came to the Fallen God Mountain Range.

Perhaps they were ordinary martial artists and perhaps they were peerless geniuses. But in the end, all of them were only temporary travelers who never accomplished anything.

Lin Ming stepped on the wind. A light mountain breeze wafted up from the abyss, mixed with a refreshing light mist.

In the sea of spirit fog, countless shrine platforms stood tall.

These shrine platforms all seemed forged from jade. They were square-shaped with sharp corners and edges.

The shrine platforms were only three feet long and wide, but they stood tens of thousands of feet high. They were cut into the cliff and marked with strange runes. From afar, it seemed as if they were rooted into the depths of the earth, like tall and slender totem poles that were thrust into the ground.

Lin Ming soon saw the soul sea marks atop the shrine platforms. They were pieces of clouds carved atop the cliff; beautiful and exquisite.

Some of these clouds had already lit up, symbolizing the results of some martial artists that were sitting in meditation on the shrine platforms.

Although there were many shrine platforms, there were even more martial artists. Every shrine platform was already occupied.

Lin Ming patiently waited, but he didn’t plan on blithely waiting for a random person. He swept out his divine sense and searched for someone whose aura was a little chaotic.

These types of people mostly didn’t possess much patience. Hopefully they would leave soon.

Lin Ming noticed a purple-clothed woman with a pair of small horns rising from her forehead. It was unknown what race she was from but her cultivation was only at the Soul Transformation realm; she was a true junior. She was likely not much older than Frost Dream when she had participated in the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting.

She was clearly overdrawing her soul force trying to grasp the principles atop the shrine platform and was suddenly pushed away.

Lin Ming’s eyes and feet were fast. His figure flickered and he immediately occupied the shrine platform that the purple-clothed girl fell off from. Because he had a large figure, this small shrine platform was suddenly mostly taken up by him.

This sudden movement caused many of the waiting martial artists to roll their eyes.


The purple-clothed girl looked at Lin Ming. She saw an overly tall and large dragon-bearded fellow suddenly rush onto the seat that was still warm from her body heat, and she flushed red with anger.

“What about it?” Lin Ming traced his thick beard.

The purple-clothed little girl couldn’t find the words to speak. She could only give up on the shrine platform and fly up from the cliff in a huffy rage.

Like this, Lin Ming started attempting to grasp the principles. In order to do that, he needed perception as well as luck. Even though so many years had passed, no one had succeeded. Some people even suspected that the Dao here had changed without them knowing it.

Lin Ming was also curious about what ‘enlightenment’ here really meant.

Lin Ming opened the Eight Inner Hidden Gates’ Gate of Opening. The Gate of Opening enhanced one’s perception. Moreover, Lin Ming’s Gate of Opening was not normal. He had perfectly opened the Gate of Opening, and this had provided Lin Ming with a terrifying enhancement to his perception.

When this was combined with Lin Ming’s understanding of the Asura Sutra and its countless and complex Asura runes, as well as his studying of the divine runic arts, his comprehension ability had reached a mind-boggling level.

At the same time, Lin Ming entered a perfect ethereal state. He focused his heart and released his mind. Three fused martial intents appeared, and behind Lin Ming a Bodhi tree appeared, its sparse branches with their lush, jade-green leaves stretched out.

In this immortal land of ultimate bliss, Lin Ming’s focus was as steady as an ancient lake that had never been disturbed.

With all these conditions joining with each other, Lin Ming began to perceive the Laws of the shrine platform.

The runes marked atop the pillars of the shrine platforms began to flow into Lin Ming’s spiritual sea. Here, Lin Ming was like a little lonely boat, quietly drifting through a sea of Laws.

“The Laws of the shrine platform are similar in some ways to the Holy Scripture, but they are also completely different…”

Lin Ming’s eyesight was extraordinary. He was someone who had seen the Holy Scripture and Asura Sutra, and he could tell that the Laws of Fallen God Mountain Range’s shrine platforms were inherited from the Holy Scripture.

In fact, even the aura here seemed to echo with the golden page he had on him, their true meanings superimposing upon each other.

In order to prevent any accidents from occurring, Lin Ming had placed the golden page into his inner world. As he touched his divine sense upon the page, a strange cord of resonance seemed to form.

Like this, Lin Ming sat in meditation for a day. He discovered that even though cultivating wasn’t good at the Fallen God Mountain Range, it was actually highly beneficial for him if he were only trying to perceive the mysteries of the golden page.

Slowly, Lin Ming gained an increasingly profound understanding of the second wood page. Three days later, Lin Ming could sense something extra in his spiritual sea. Because of this, there was a change to his spiritual sea, and with a light cracking sound, one of the carved clouds on Lin Ming’s shrine platform lit up with a sparkling light.

This was the soul sea mark of the shrine platform.

Now, it had been lit up by Lin Ming.

“Mm… someone made progress. It’s so bright too, you rarely see that!”

At the Fallen God Mountain Range, countless people came to grasp the principles every year, so lighting up a soul sea mark wasn’t much at all. But for a soul sea mark to emit such a blinding light after lighting up, that was actually extremely rare.

The brighter the light was, the more a martial artist had grasped the principles. This also meant their potential was greater.

At this time, even though Lin Ming had only lit up the first soul sea mark, it was still more radiant than those people who had lit up three or four soul sea marks already.

“Who is so fierce…?”

Many people looked at Lin Ming’s shrine platform. As they realized who he was, a strange complexion came over their faces.

“It’s actually him…”

Jade Lifestone from the Soul Rapture Holy Lands had been attempting enlightenment on a shrine platform too. As he saw Lin Ming and his performance, his face twisted as if he had eaten a fly.

If it were anyone else he wouldn’t find it strange, but… why was it him?

This person clearly didn’t seem extraordinary at all, nor was he young, so how could this person have such a high degree of perception? This was just a joke!

Jade Lifestone looked at Lin Ming’s shrine platform which was nearly completely covered by Lin Ming’s large butt. He looked at the strongly shining soul sea mark and contrasted it to his own three dimly shimmering soul sea marks. At that time, Jade Lifestone felt as if 10,000 crows were flying above his head.

“How is this possible? This fellow looks like he should be selling pork on the side of the street so how is he better than me? Before this, he even asked me what it meant to light up three soul sea marks and it seemed as if it were his first time coming to the Fallen God Mountain Range. Was that all an act?”

Jade Lifestone felt sick to his stomach. He didn’t believe this was Lin Ming’s first time at the Fallen God Mountain Range.

He quickly stabilized his mind and returned to trying to grasp the principles. After being surpassed by this uncle-like Lin Ming, he was in a bad mood.


“I see it…”

The purple-clothed girl with two little horns jutting out from her forehead was watching Lin Ming, her mouth slightly fallen open, a bit unwilling to admit defeat. The shrine platform that Lin Ming was sitting on had been hers, and when Lin Ming sat on it, it suddenly dazzled with a blinding light. But when she had tried, there had only been a dim glow.

“Could it be that perception is inversely related to one’s good looks? He is so old and hideous yet his comprehensions are so deep, and I am so cute yet… ugh…” The purple-clothed girl turned red with shame and no longer thought about it. After resting for three days her soul force had recovered and she could attempt the shrine platform again.

When Lin Ming lit up the first soul sea mark he created a small commotion, but the disturbance quickly died down. Although Lin Ming’s comprehension ability was rare, it wasn’t too uncommon. Through the many years there were lots of people with achievements similar to Lin Ming’s, but in the end they had all fallen short.

The shrine platforms of the Fallen God Mountain Range weren’t simple at all.

Many people recognized it as a matter of fact that Lin Ming had come to the Fallen God Mountain Range before. Otherwise, to light up the first soul sea mark in three days and also to such a degree – that was just unbelievable.

But soon, they were even more shocked.

Another 40 days passed. Lin Ming had been at the Fallen God Mountain Range for a month and a half now. On this day, another soul sea mark lit up on Lin Ming’s shrine platform, dazzling with a blinding light.

This was the second soul sea mark. Lin Ming felt as if another layer had formed in his spiritual sea and his soul force became increasingly deep. He had obtained considerable benefits from attempting enlightenment here.

Of course, these advantages were because Lin Ming’s enlightenment results were almost perfect, far above what the average person could compare with.


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