MW Chapter 1837

Chapter 1837 – Jade Lifestone

“There are many elites here…”

Lin Ming stood on the cliff, sweeping his divine sense around him. He discovered that there were many peak Empyrean descendant level geniuses.

Whether it was in size or number of masters, the Soul World far outstripped the Divine Realm. Thus, they also naturally had numerous times more peerless geniuses than humanity did.

With so many elites gathered together, this was a truly grand scene!

There were even people that stayed here for a dozen years or dozens of years. There were even people who casually stopped by to cultivate at the Fallen God Mountain Range.

However, cultivating at the Fallen God Mountain Range wasn’t necessarily the wisest choice. This was because the Laws here were extremely volatile, and without an absurdly high level of perception it was impossible to make sense of these Laws.

“The spiritas are really formidable. They are likely even stronger than the saints…”

Lin Ming couldn’t help but acknowledge that the disparity in strength between humanity and the spiritas was greater than he had imagined.

Lin Ming firmly believed that the reason the spiritas were able to develop to such a scale was linked to the existence of the Akashic Dream Universe. This was a land of unimaginable wealth, inheritances, and other such buried treasures. The Divine Realm simply had nothing they could compare with this.

But for some reason, the saints were reluctantly able to compare with the spiritas. So, what advantage did the saints possess?

To Lin Ming, great strength didn’t come without reason, and decline didn’t come without reason either.

The saints had stood tall for such a long time and still remained as glorious as they were; there had to be a reason for this.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

From beneath the cliff, in the pitch black abyss, people constantly flew out.

Those that flew out all had despondent expressions and seemed extremely tired.

They had servants waiting for them atop the cliff, all of them running forwards to greet their masters.

“That is the Vice Hall Master of Blood Dragon Hall. In the past, he was one of the proudest sons of heaven of the Daydream Skyworld. His skeletal age is just over 1200 years. I wonder if he managed to grasp any enlightenments beneath the Phantom God Spirit Cliff!”

Someone said as they discovered this top character.

Although there was a skeletal age restriction of 3000 years here, in practice, it was mostly those that were around a thousand years old who came here to attempt attaining enlightenment. The 2000-3000 year old peerless geniuses had already come to the shrine platforms numerous times in the past and didn’t want to waste any more time here. After all, the Fallen God Mountain Range had a very poor cultivation environment.

“Mm? Isn’t that Golden Sun Temple’s Young Master Wanyan? He is also one of the greatest geniuses of his generation at Golden Sun Temple. There are far too many amazing elites here today!”

Someone cried out in praise. Even though there were outstanding people all over Fallen God Mountain Range, people with Young Master Wanyan’s talent were still rare.

“White Bloodjade, he is also a proud son of heaven.”

Another person said in hushed whispers. The crowds of people began discussing these extreme talents that had flown up from the shrine platforms.

Still, so many peerless characters had failed one after another. Even so, there wasn’t any shame or surprise, nor were there any regrets – this was because failure was the norm!

In fact, no matter how great one’s reputation was or how over-exaggerated and blown out of proportion one’s talent was, no one believed that one could truly gain enlightenment on the shrine platforms.

It was simply impossible!

Even Soul Empress Sheng Mei had been forced to give up. If others could succeed where she failed, wouldn’t that be a joke?

Who was Soul Empress Sheng Mei? Without any refutations, she was known as the number one junior amongst the spiritas. Whether it was in strength, foundation, comprehension of Laws, cultivation method inheritances, or anything else, no one was able to compare with her.

“Even Soul Empress Sheng Mei failed. I suspect that there really is nothing here. Maybe whatever is here has already vanished because far too long a time has passed…”

Someone muttered with suspicion thick in his voice. In fact, many people already had this idea circling in their minds.

“In the past, how long did the Soul Empress stay here for enlightenment?”

As everyone was speaking, a large fellow with a dragon beard walked over and asked out loud with a booming voice. This large fellow was Lin Ming. Because he used the Bodily Rebirth Technique to create an illusion of a spiritas martial artist’s spiritual sea, no one was able to sense he was a human.

Many people rolled their eyes at Lin Ming. For outstanding elites, when their cultivation speed reached the extreme and far surpassed their speed in their old age, then even being 2000 years old seemed young.

As for Lin Ming… he simply really wasn’t worth a second glance. If he were in the mortal world, most people would think he was some conman selling pork on the street.

This sort of person also came to the Fallen God Mountain Range to join in on the fun?

“I must say old uncle, you shouldn’t come to this place to play around. This Fallen God Mountain Range is already crowded as it is.”

No one was able to see Lin Ming’s skeletal age; the effects of the Bodily Rebirth Technique were far too realistic.

“I’m just casually looking around. I wonder how long the Soul Empress spent trying to gain enlightenment here in the past?” Lin Ming asked once more. This was a crucial point for him.

If Sheng Mei spent a short period of time here then Lin Ming had some hopes of succeeding. But if Sheng Mei spent eight years or 10 years here without any results at all, then things became a great deal more troublesome. He didn’t have that much time to waste here.

Many people weren’t sure why Lin Ming asked the question he did. But at this time, a white-robed youth said, “108 days! Not one hour more or one hour less. During these 108 days, the Soul Empress tried to gain enlightenment 72 times and managed to light up the third soul sea!”

The white-robed youth accurately listed these numbers. As for what lighting up the third soul sea meant, Lin Ming had no idea.

At the eight-sided pagoda, he only asked for information about the golden pages, and didn’t ask about the special circumstances related to the Fallen God Mountain Range.

Lin Ming looked at this white-robed youth. This youth had a handsome appearance and a dashing aura. From a single glance, one could see that he came from an amazing background and had considerable achievements.

“A character whose talent surpasses White King…” Lin Ming secretly noticed. Empyrean Vast Universe’s direct disciple was White King. Although this wasn’t considered much to Lin Ming, not everyone was able to surpass White King in terms of talent.

“Soul Empress Sheng Mei is so fierce!” Someone cried out in praise. “108 days to light up three soul seas! Some people can’t even light up two soul seas in 10 years! I wonder why Soul Empress Sheng Mei didn’t continue meditating; perhaps she might have grasped more of the principles.”

Many people asked out loud. They also didn’t know the particulars about Sheng Mei’s attempt.

“The Empress said that three soul seas is only the start; it becomes far more difficult afterwards. But even the Empress didn’t have confidence she could succeed. Moreover, her time is precious and there were many other matters she had to attend to…”

The white-robed youth who spoke seemed to be extremely knowledgeable about Sheng Mei. The others couldn’t help but ask him, “How come you know the details so clearly? It sounds like you personally heard of it in the past.”

The white-robed youth proudly said, “Of course I know what I’m talking about. I’m from the Soul Rapture Holy Lands, so why wouldn’t I know? I have even seen the Soul Empress in person before!”

As the white-robed youth spoke, his words were like stone splashing into a calm lake. For a time, everyone looked at him, some of them with dazed expressions.

This white-robed youth came from the Soul Rapture Holy Lands, the same Holy Land as Sheng Mei! Moreover, he had even seen Sheng Mei with his own eyes!

“I remember him, he is a core disciple of the Soul Rapture Holy Lands, Jade Lifestone!”

Someone said, recalling the white-robed youth’s identity. Then, many people cast envious gazes at this white-robed youth. He actually came from the same Holy Land as Sheng Mei! For a heroic young elite like him, his future achievements would be limitless.

“Senior-apprentice Brother Jade, how did you see the Soul Empress?”

“Senior-apprentice Brother Jade, have you seen the Soul Empress fight before? What is it like?”

Many people asked Jade Lifestone in droves, some of them extremely zealous. To the spiritas, Sheng Mei was akin to a living goddess.

Many of the spiritas worshipped Sheng Mei. This was a deep reverence that came from the heart. Although many of these young outstanding elites admired Sheng Mei to the extreme, none of them had any impure thoughts towards her. This was because Sheng Mei was far too holy and perfect, to the point where no one dared to profane her image.

Jade Lifestone was also one of Sheng Mei’s adoring fans. With a slightly haughty tone, he began to narrate how he saw Sheng Mei.

As Lin Ming saw Jade Lifestone speak with such fervent enthusiasm he was left speechless. After a while he asked, “Where is the Soul Empress now?”

He wanted to see Sheng Mei. Having a general idea of where she was would be a good start.

Jade Lifestone frowned upon being interrupted. He looked towards the person asking the question and discovered it was that large and plodding dragon-bearded fellow.

To someone who was born handsome like Jade Lifestone and who was also picky about others’ appearances, he naturally didn’t have a favorable impression towards Lin Ming who currently looked like a perverted uncle who slaughtered pigs for a living.

In addition, Lin Ming interrupting his words had brought Jade Lifestone’s impression of him even lower. Even if they were both fans of Sheng Mei, Jade Lifestone still disliked Lin Ming.

“Why do you care where the Empress is? Are you thinking of going to see her?”

Lin Ming traced his beard, hiding a smile. He chuckled and said, “I’m just a little curious about where the Soul Empress would be. This little brother, you wouldn’t happen to know, right?”

“Humph, of course I know, there’s no point in you trying to rile me up. I’ll tell you that the Soul Empress is currently deep in seclusion within the Soul Rapture Holy Lands as she completes the seventh revolution of the Grand Reincarnation Art. Moreover, she will finish soon; this isn’t a secret at all. However, there is no need for you to care about where she is, as it’s useless whether you know or not.”

Lin Ming was startled to hear this. Soul Empress Sheng Mei was completing the seventh revolution of the Grand Reincarnation Art. If so, then her strength would rise yet again!

Just what boundary would she have reached?

Lin Ming counted the cards that he could bring out in front of Sheng Mei. He had to admit that even though he was looking for Sheng Mei to negotiate with her, he was in far too disadvantageous a position.

This disadvantage originated from the decline of humanity. It was hard for a single man to change this.

“If the Soul Empress left seclusion would she come to the Akashic Dream Universe?”

Lin Ming asked once more. Jade Lifestone slowly said, “The Soul Empress can naturally come to the Akashic Dream Universe if she wants, because this is a trial land for the spiritas! However, don’t go around thinking you can see her here. Wherever the Soul Empress goes, let alone you, not even I can follow her!”

Lin Ming didn’t bother with Jade Lifestone’s attitude. He asked again, “And about lighting those three soul seas that this good brother just mentioned, what is that exactly?”

Lin Ming’s last question not only caused Jade Lifestone to frown, but everyone else also rolled their eyes once more.

This person asked so many useless questions.

Jade Lifestone carelessly said, “Although we all came to the Fallen God Mountain Range to test our luck or experience it for ourselves, the least you could do is try and learn some of the most basic knowledge before coming here. The shrine platforms have soul sea marks carved into them. The more enlightenment you can grasp, the more soul sea marks light up. If you can light them all up then that is the sign that you have successfully gained enlightenment. However, these are only legends. Only in ancient times were there people able to succeed.”


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