MW Chapter 1837

Chapter 1837 – Jade Lifestone

“There are many elites here…”

Lin Ming stood on the cliff, sweeping his divine sense around him. He discovered that there were many peak Empyrean descendant level geniuses.

Whether it was in size or number of masters, the Soul World far outstripped the Divine Realm. Thus, they also naturally had numerous times more peerless geniuses than humanity did.

With so many elites gathered together, this was a truly grand scene!

There were even people that stayed here for a dozen years or dozens of years. There were even people who casually stopped by to cultivate at the Fallen God Mountain Range.

However, cultivating at the Fallen God Mountain Range wasn’t necessarily the wisest choice. This was because the Laws here were extremely volatile, and without an absurdly high level of perception it was impossible to make sense of these Laws.

“The spiritas are really formidable. They are likely even stronger than the saints…”

Lin Ming couldn’t help but acknowledge that the disparity in strength between humanity and the spiritas was greater than he had imagined.

Lin Ming firmly believed that the reason the spiritas were able to develop to such a scale was linked to the existence of the Akashic Dream Universe. This was a land of unimaginable wealth,...

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