MW Chapter 1836

Chapter 1836 – Fallen God Mountain Range

From the crowd, the voice of some noisy people constantly drilled into Lin Ming’s ears.

Lin Ming didn’t underestimate the martial artists of the Soul World, thus he was extra cautious. In a city where no one’s skeletal age surpassed 3000, combined with the Bodily Rebirth Technique, he didn’t believe even an Empyrean could recognize him.

Lin Ming believed that no one here would realize who he was.

He moved throughout the crowd without drawing attention, casually making his way into the depths of Oceanguard City where a giant glazed octagonal pagoda stood high.

The pagoda’s top half was hidden in clouds, and a chilling energy rolled off of it, emitting a strange and mystical strength.

On the outer walls of this pagoda, one could see precious treasure mirrors radiating out rippling waves of light.

Countless runes sparkled, raining down around the pagoda like a hail of light.

On every level of the pagoda, one could see deacons standing guard.

This eight-sided pagoda was the main reason Lin Ming had come to Oceanguard City.

The Akashic Dream Universe was mysterious and vast. There were endless lucky chances waiting to be found as well as endless dangers.

Moreover, the various races all came here to adventure and gain experience. With all of the various influences woven together, it formed a complex society.

Information in particular was extremely important. There were some large influences who traded information as their lifeline and they had constructed these eight-sided turrets throughout many large cities of the Akashic Dream Universe.

In a way, it was similar to Heaven’s Secret of the Asura Road.

Slowly walking towards the main hall of the pagoda, a guardian deacon stared at Lin Ming but didn’t say a single word.

Lin Ming didn’t speak. He walked to the first level of the pagoda and took out a spirit medicine.

This spirit medicine was one of the treasures Lin Ming found in the Soul Cave; it could be used by a World King to attack the Great World King realm and was valued by many people.

Seeing this spirit medicine, the deacon’s eyes flashed. “A medicine second only to a transcendent divine spirit medicine. You may inquire into any information below six stars. What type of information are you searching for?”

“Holy Scripture, golden pages.” Lin Ming said with vigorous energy, his voice matching his burly outer appearance.

In the Akashic Dream Universe, the truth was that there were many legends and pieces of information regarding the golden pages. Wanting to find out the methods to obtain them wasn’t difficult, but completing these requirements was a completely different matter.

For instance, in the Akashic Dream Battlefield, one had to exchange a billion merit points to exchange for a golden page.

The deacon quieted down. Then, a gentle light rushed out from the hall and shrouded Lin Ming.

Lin Ming didn’t resist. A long section of information was directly poured into Lin Ming’s mind.

This information involved news about several golden pages, one of them even involved stealing away a golden page from Polar Ice Lin.

Seeing this information, Lin Ming was left speechless. He should steal his own golden page?

In addition, the information also stated that Sheng Mei and the Soul Emperor had golden pages in their hands.

Of course, with Lin Ming’s current ability it was impossible for him to think of obtaining the golden pages of a True Divinity Holy Land.

Lin Ming’s expression didn’t change. Slowly, he found something he wanted as he sifted through the information. That was… Phantom God Spirit Cliff.

Phantom God Spirit Cliff!

Lin Ming was startled upon seeing these words. He hadn’t been in the Akashic Dream Universe for too long thus he had never heard about the Phantom God Spirit Cliff. The reason he chose this location was because it was marked. This area was within a million miles of Oceanguard City and those who could come were also restricted in their skeletal age by the Laws. It was relatively safer.

“I want to know more information about the Phantom God Spirit Cliff.” Lin Ming said.

“Of course. We will give you information about Phantom God Spirit Cliff for free.”

The deacon slowly said. Then, more information appeared in Lin Ming’s mind. Lin Ming didn’t refuse it, completely accepting it.

After learning this information, Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath – Phantom God Spirit Cliff was an extremely strange place.

Atop this cliff, there were countless shrine platforms. The legends said that if one could gain enlightenment on these shrine platforms then one could obtain a golden page.

“Successfully gain enlightenment? What is considered as gaining enlightenment?” Lin Ming muttered, surprised. Although this task sounded simple, the truth was that it was likely impossibly difficult.

There was not a single golden page that would be easy to obtain.

Lin Ming looked towards the deacon. The deacon shook his head, saying, “As for what it means to successfully gain enlightenment, I am not sure of the details. But, I know that it is enormously difficult to obtain this golden page from Fallen God Mountain Rage. Do you plan on going to the shrine platforms to grasp the principles there? Every year there are countless geniuses that go to the Fallen God Mountain Range to attempt this, but none of them have ever succeeded. Some people even suspect whether or not this golden page exists.”

“No one has succeeded? The Soul Empress hasn’t succeeded either?” Lin Ming asked. Sheng Mei’s talent was without doubt. The deacon shook his head again, “It’s obvious isn’t it? Otherwise the golden page would have already been taken away by the Soul Empress. Why would it still be there?”

The deacon said. Lin Ming fell silent.

As the deacon said, the golden pages that were still available now were still there because the countless masters and young elites of the Soul World weren’t able to take them. All of them had an extremely high difficulty.

As for those that could be taken, they were already taken.

Sheng Mei hadn’t been able to successfully gain enlightenment…

Lin Ming frowned. Wanting to obtain this golden page wouldn’t be easy at all!

Although he knew that this task would be filled with difficulties, Lin Ming still wanted to give it a try.

A peerless treasure like the golden pages required not just strength but also a great destiny. Lin Ming had already comprehended one of the golden pages, and he believed that he didn’t lose out when it came to either strength or lucky chances. If there was even the slightest hope he could succeed, he naturally wouldn’t miss out on this chance in the Fallen God Mountain Range.

Reorganizing his thoughts, Lin Ming’s figure flickered and he disappeared, shooting straight in the direction of the Phantom God Spirit Cliff.


In the endlessly far horizon, in a mystical land.

Massive stars shined.

Between two radiant stars, there was an incomparably large mountain range, so vast it seemed like pillars that held up the heavens.

In the middle of this mountain range that stretched to the far off distances, there were numerous opulent palaces.

Each palace exuded a mysterious and boundless aura.

If an outsider were to come here, they would cry out in alarm. The atmosphere of these palaces was so vast that it seemed like an Empyrean lived in each palace.

On this day, at the base of the central divine mountain, a group of people were kneeling on the floor. Of these people there were several old men who were standing respectfully.

These old men restrained their auras as they attempted to minimize their presence. But, one could see that they each possessed an immeasurably deep strength.

These old men were Elders of the spirit race, as well as some unfamiliar old men. However, each one possessed strength at the Great World King realm or above.

Even Chaos Demon God was within this group of people.

“Lin Muk… Polar Ice Lin…”

An old voice echoed out, without any hint of emotion.

Chaos Demon God had come to narrate the events of the Akashic Dream Battlefield. As to who he was narrating to, they were the master of this divine mountain range – Great Brahmic God King.

The golden page that Lin Ming possessed could even arouse the interest of a True Divinity.

“Oh mighty Great Brahmic God King, please find justice for us. This Lin Muk has stolen away the kirin fruit of us spiritas and has killed innumerable Great World Kings of my people… yet, we still don’t know where Lin Muk is now. I beg Great Brahmic God King to shower us with your divine glory so that we may find this human thief.”

“These are the clothes that the little human thief once wore and bear remnants of his aura.”

A rumbling sound echoed through the mountain range for tens of millions of miles, causing the ground to shake.

A piece of clothing fluttered upwards, wafting towards the depths of the endless mountain range. This piece of clothing was something that Lin Ming had once worn at Zenith Palace when he changed clothes there.

After a long period of time, the divine mountain emitted a blinding light.

Each ray of light seemed to stretch to the endless distance, illuminating the emptiness of space.

An ancient voice echoed out, seeming as if it were filled with the endlessness of the years. Every syllable seemed to condense runes in the void and rang like thunderclaps to the ears.

This was an order that could only be obeyed, a transcendent boundary of speaking with the sound of the Great Dao.

“Endless light, shines endlessly far. According to the 33 Heavens…”

Hearing this voice, everyone couldn’t help but restrain their excitement. Great Brahmic God King was using his transcendent techniques. He could search for anyone’s whereabouts in the infinite Soul World just by having a wisp of their aura.


The wind howled. Lin Ming crossed over rivers and mountain peaks, finally arriving at a bleak and empty land.

The mountain peak he stood atop now was filled with bizarre and grotesquely-shaped rocks. A cold wind whistled through the air, blowing nonstop from the side.

Many mountains were spread out in front of him, and in front of them was a bottomless abyss. Here, everything was bare, without a hint of life.

The only colors here were the despairing hues of dark brown earth and gray rocks.

And in the distant horizon, Lin Ming could see a strange mountain range.

The entire mountain range shimmered with a faint star-like light.

Lin Ming had keen eyesight. He could see that every mote of starlight was actually a shrine platform.

Every shrine platform exuded a mystical spiritual strength.

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. In a flash, he soon arrived at a nearby mountain peak.

“This place is the Fallen God Mountain Range.”

Lin Ming didn’t need to look through the jade slip that the pagoda provided him with to know that he had found the Fallen God Mountain Range.

Because many powerful auras greeted him.

These were the auras of peerless young elites and masters!

Within the Fallen God Mountain Range, there was a golden page buried here. As long as one could successfully grasp the principles, they could take it away. There were countless individuals who wished to try their luck.

And because of the Laws restricting skeletal age, no martial artists above 3000 years of age could come here. Thus, this was a land where young geniuses gathered. Every large influence would send the peerless disciples of their generation here to try grasping the principles.

At this moment, as Lin Ming looked at a nearby cliff, he could see that thousands of people had already gathered.

The pitch black abyss spanned the distance in front of this mountain range, right beneath the mountain cliffs. On the cliff edge there were innumerable shrine platforms, and one could see many people sitting on them. Their bodies were shrouded in spiritual energy as they closed their eyes deep in meditation.

Deep in the abyss, one could still make out the faint figures of people…


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