MW Chapter 1835

Chapter 1835 – Reward

The mountain that Lin Ming hid himself in was shrouded by strange clouds. These clouds tumbled about, endlessly mysterious and filled with energy.

In the midst of dust, Lin Ming was sitting down, slowly reading through the golden page.

The majority of the Asura Sutra’s focus was on the Laws and the mysterious Asura runes.

As for this golden page, most of its writings were descriptive texts. These texts connected together to create all-encompassing and esoteric passages.

In these ancient passages, each word, each stroke, was filled with infinite Concepts. Just reading them aloud made Lin Ming feel as if his spiritual sea was expanding and connecting to the universe.

The endless starlight of the world seemed to shine down on Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, vitalizing his soul and making his entire body feel comfortable as if he were standing in a light spring breeze.

He felt as if he could see the starry void of the universe. Countless stars were born and destroyed as galaxies swirled around him. And these stars, all of these galaxies, seemed to constitute a part of a person and be just a part of their body.

A person’s body was like a universe, and the universe of a body could correspond to the universe...

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