MW Chapter 1835

Chapter 1835 – Reward

The mountain that Lin Ming hid himself in was shrouded by strange clouds. These clouds tumbled about, endlessly mysterious and filled with energy.

In the midst of dust, Lin Ming was sitting down, slowly reading through the golden page.

The majority of the Asura Sutra’s focus was on the Laws and the mysterious Asura runes.

As for this golden page, most of its writings were descriptive texts. These texts connected together to create all-encompassing and esoteric passages.

In these ancient passages, each word, each stroke, was filled with infinite Concepts. Just reading them aloud made Lin Ming feel as if his spiritual sea was expanding and connecting to the universe.

The endless starlight of the world seemed to shine down on Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, vitalizing his soul and making his entire body feel comfortable as if he were standing in a light spring breeze.

He felt as if he could see the starry void of the universe. Countless stars were born and destroyed as galaxies swirled around him. And these stars, all of these galaxies, seemed to constitute a part of a person and be just a part of their body.

A person’s body was like a universe, and the universe of a body could correspond to the universe of the world.

In this massive body, the heartbeat, breathing, the peristalsis of its stomach, everything flowed in a methodical order, corresponding to the paths of the heavens and earth.

If the Asura Sutra cultivated the outside world, then the Holy Scripture cultivated the inside world.

The Holy Scripture was not limited to cultivating one's ‘essence, energy, and divine’. Rather, its final goal was to perfectly fuse ‘essence, energy, and divine’ together into one sublime form.

When a martial artist’s essence, energy, and divine completely integrated together, it would form a perfect cycle.

And if one possessed the Eternal Soul and was able to cultivate the Law of Eternal Life, then they could exist forever in this world as a true immortal.

This was the absolute state of perfection that was written of in the Holy Scripture.

“The Holy Scripture indeed has endless subtleties to it… just reading these passages makes me feel as if my body and divine soul are growing without end…”

Lin Ming muttered. Just reading the golden page, he could feel subtle changes occurring to his body and divine soul.

He already knew that the golden page was the second wood page of the Holy Scripture. Each page of the Holy Scripture could be considered an independent wealth of knowledge and texts, but when gathered together, they were also a complete whole.

Currently, the second wood page in front of him didn’t record any defensive or offensive techniques. Rather, all it recorded were cultivation methods. In other words, how to cultivate the body into its own universe.

Lin Ming guessed that the other pages of the Holy Scripture also didn’t record any offensive killing techniques. Even so, the Holy Scripture was far more terrifying than other top cultivation methods that contained such attack methods.

If one could gather and cultivate all the pages of the Holy Scripture and fuse them together as one, a martial artist could reach a boundary that was so high it was hard to imagine. Just by raising a hand they would be able to commune with the world and attain perfection.

If one could practice the Holy Scripture and cultivate the body’s universe into perfection, and then practice the Asura Sutra and fuse the 33 Heavenly Daos together, similarly reaching perfection of the world universe, then whether it was inside or outside, one would achieve transcendence. By comparing these two together, verifying them and fusing them as one, just what boundary could one reach?

If one could unify the Holy Scripture and Asura Sutra, fusing together the universe of the body and world, then that would truly be becoming one with all of existence, becoming invincible!

Time slowly passed, one day at a time.

Lin Ming activated his fused martial intent and sat deep in meditation within the Bodhi tree’s land of ultimate bliss. Endless dense texts reflected in his pupils, each word overflowing with profound meanings. His eyes swirled like giant raging vortexes that seemed as if they could swallow everything.

All of the surrounding soul force was unconsciously swallowed through every pore of Lin Ming’s body, slowly cleansing his body and even his divine soul.

This state continued for an unknown length of time. Then Lin Ming’s eyes slowly opened.

“The mysteries of the Holy Scripture are no less than those of the Asura Sutra. But in the past, the master of the Holy Scripture was defeated by the Asura Road Master… what was the reason for that? As for the Asura Sutra, its original name was the Heavenly Sutra, but it was later given the Asura Road Master’s name afterwards…”

As Lin Ming mumbled to himself, he firmed his resolve. He would go and seek out the other golden pages.

He would combine the Heavenly Sutra with the Holy Scripture.

Perhaps in the last 10 billion years, there had not been a single person who dared to attempt such a monumental mission.

Even so, wanting to find the other golden pages of the Holy Scripture was easier said than done. Just from the existence of the second wood page, that meant there had to be at least 10 pages of the Holy Scripture.

After emerging from the distant mountain, Lin Ming’s eyes gazed into the endless horizon. Although infinite clouds of fog obscured his line of sight, Lin Ming’s pitch black eyes sparkled and all of the fog disappeared from his vision. Not even mountains and rivers were able to block his sight.

After thoroughly reading the golden page, incredible changes occurred within Lin Ming’s body once more. His divine sense had become sharper and his eyes were like the eyes of heaven, able to see through all lies and illusions.

“I might be able to obtain more information in the city…”

Looking through the endless vast mountains and never-ending fog, he could see a bustling city in the far off distance…


Oceanguard City –

This was a large city located within the Akashic Dream Universe. Dozens of medium and large-sized sects were located nearby. The daily crowds of people shuffled in and out like the tides and constant streams of merchants and customers flowed around.

In the Akashic Dream Universe, there were countless cities like Oceanguard City.

Spiritas martial artists came here to train and hone themselves within. To do this they had to spend a tremendous amount of soul force, inscription symbols, and all sorts of other items.

Many merchants had set up shop within, selling various spirit medicines and heavenly treasures. Over time, this accumulated until this area became a prosperous city.

Almost all of the great influences, in order to train their respective talented disciples, would establish strongholds in the Akashic Dream Universe and develop their forces within.

Lin Ming walked through the crowd, seeming quite ordinary amongst the streams of people passing through the city gates.

Behind Lin Ming, a little girl followed him. She wore simple plain clothes and looked extremely ordinary.

This was the red-dressed little girl that Lin Ming met in the Akashic Dream Battlefield. Up until now, Lin Ming didn’t know her name because she herself had already forgotten it.

It was clearly the little girl’s first time coming out of the Akashic Dream Battlefield, and as she was exposed to all the excitement and activities around her, a little bit of fear and joy lit up her eyes. Her large eyes randomly flitted in all directions as she gazed at the shops and the people doing business there.

At this time, Lin Ming had also changed his appearance. He now appeared as a large fellow with a long dragon beard; he didn’t seem cute or handsome at all. A faint infernal energy rolled off his body. His posture was tall and straight and he swaggered as he walked, clearly unafraid of being recognized by anyone.

Simultaneously, his divine sense flowed like mercury around him, constantly probing the movements of the surrounding martial artists.

The strength of conditions of all martial artists in a radius of several miles appeared in Lin Ming’s mind.

Their cultivations were basically all below the World King realm. When Lin Ming chose Oceanguard City to inquire about news, one of the main reasons he did so was because Oceanguard City and the surrounding several million miles were covered in one of the unique Laws of the Akashic Dream Universe, making it so that no martial artists with a skeletal age over 3000 years was able to enter.

This Law was the equivalent of Lin Ming’s protective talisman. It had to be known that even Mount Potala’s Emperor Shakya, a peerless genius who divided himself into a billion avatars and sent them to cultivate in the mortal world and who even had hopes of breaking into the realm of True Divinity, had still only become an Empyrean at 10,000 years of age.

Even if the spiritas wanted to find a genius that was more powerful than Emperor Shakya, there couldn’t be many of them.

This Oceanguard City was a large city with both fish and dragons mixed within. There were people here from all walks of life.

The reason Lin Ming came here was to find out some information.

“That…” The little girl suddenly called out to Lin Ming. “That… seems to be you.”

The little girl pulled Lin Ming’s hand and whispered to him in a hushed voice, her pale finger pointing in the direction of a grand city wall.

On the city wall there was a massive image stone, and what was projected from atop it was the image of a youth.

This youth had black hair and was clearly Lin Ming.

Lin Ming frowned as he saw this.

His eyes swept over other areas in the city and he discovered that there were many similar image stones, all of them showing his appearance.

And below these image stones, bounties were posted.

“Yellow Springs Palace posts a reward for the capture of the human known as Lin Muk (or Polar Ice Lin). Anyone that can provide a clue leading to his capture will obtain 2000 top grade soul crystals and five transcendent divine pills.”

“The spirit race posts a reward for the capture of the human known as Lin Muk (or Polar Ice Lin). Looking for his whereabouts. The reward is seven transcendent spirit medicines and 3000 top grade soul crystals.

Looking at them all, there were over 30 bounties posted. Each bounty had rich rewards listed. Top grade soul crystals were a divine stone formed by peak spiritas masters in the Akashic Dream Universe by condensing the purest soul force and combining a hint of elementary spirit source within it.

These soul crystals could be directly used to cultivate. Although their effects were worse than spirit medicines, their advantages lay in the fact that the soul force contained within them was naturally pure and thus they commanded an exorbitant price.

At this time, many people surrounded Lin Ming’s bounty posts. Some people who just entered the city were looking at these bounties, their eyes shining.

“Such rich rewards and yet they are only looking for a human. Moreover, they only want tips as to where he is and no one even needs to capture him. Just who is he to be so valuable?”

“Seven transcendent spirit medicines, five transcendent divine pills… since when did Empyrean level medicines become so cheap? If we can not only provide tips but also capture him, then won’t we instantly be rich?”

Several people asked, nearly drooling.

However, they soon received the disdainful looks of others.

“Catch him? Keep on dreaming! This Lin Muk is a true monstrous genius! In the Akashic Dream Battlefield he killed an Empyrean at the same step! After that, he took the golden page and left behind his name on the Emperor God Wall. In the Akashic Dream Battlefield, my sect also had a World King that perished beneath Lin Ming’s hands, and to kill a World King at the same step, he only needed to use a single move…

“Forgetting all of that, even if we could just obtain Lin Muk’s golden page, that is worth far more than several transcendent divine pills.”

Most people who didn’t know of Lin Ming were stunned upon hearing this. As they weighed their own capabilities, they knew that it really was a dream for them to capture Lin Ming.

However, if it were only providing clues to his location, there was a slight possibility.


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