MW Chapter 1834

Chapter 1834 – Seventh Revolution Sheng Mei

The main universe of the Soul World was also the largest universe of the Soul World’s seven Heavens. This universe had 4800 great worlds and their martial arts civilization had been inherited continuously for over 8 billion years.

The so-called inheritance that continued for over 8 billion years meant that for the last 8 billion years, there had been no great calamities that ruined them. Rather, they only developed to higher heights without ever being destroyed.

This allowed this universe’s martial arts civilization to reach an inconceivable degree of glory.

And the background of the spiritas’ main universe had reached depths so great that it was almost impossible to imagine!

From 5 billion years ago, after the spiritas’ main universe had existed for over 3 billion years, True Divinities began to appear amongst the ranks of the spiritas martial artists. The birth of a True Divinity required not only the accumulation of inheritances but also a deep background and the support of a great destiny.

For a shallow universe like the Divine Realm, it was hard for enough threads of destiny to gather together to nurture the ascendance of a True Divinity.

Generation upon generation of True Divinities would also leave behind their own inheritances...

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