MW Chapter 1834

Chapter 1834 – Seventh Revolution Sheng Mei

The main universe of the Soul World was also the largest universe of the Soul World’s seven Heavens. This universe had 4800 great worlds and their martial arts civilization had been inherited continuously for over 8 billion years.

The so-called inheritance that continued for over 8 billion years meant that for the last 8 billion years, there had been no great calamities that ruined them. Rather, they only developed to higher heights without ever being destroyed.

This allowed this universe’s martial arts civilization to reach an inconceivable degree of glory.

And the background of the spiritas’ main universe had reached depths so great that it was almost impossible to imagine!

From 5 billion years ago, after the spiritas’ main universe had existed for over 3 billion years, True Divinities began to appear amongst the ranks of the spiritas martial artists. The birth of a True Divinity required not only the accumulation of inheritances but also a deep background and the support of a great destiny.

For a shallow universe like the Divine Realm, it was hard for enough threads of destiny to gather together to nurture the ascendance of a True Divinity.

Generation upon generation of True Divinities would also leave behind their own inheritances that accumulated over time. These were the enlightenments of existences that stood above Empyreans. It was a mind-boggling level of wealth.

The spiritas possessed more than seven universes, and over half of the entire soul race’s strength was concentrated in their main universe. In this universe, the most bustling first-order world was also the hub world of the spiritas. Here, ordinary World Kings had only average statuses. Here, Empyreans numbered in the double digits and above Empyreans there was even a True Divinity.

This True Divinity was none other than the Soul Emperor, the ruler of the Soul World’s seven Heavens. He was the highest existence amongst the spiritas.

The Holy Land he established was called the Soul Rapture Holy Lands. Without a doubt, it was the largest influence of the spiritas!

The Soul Rapture Holy Lands occupied over half the land of the great world’s central continent. There were broad smelting trials and innumerable mystic realms. The training conditions here were so rich that geniuses of other influences could only hope to live here.

At this time, within the Soul Rapture Holy Lands, in a small world filled with the atmosphere of spring –

This small world was warm and pure.

The morning sunlight sprinkled down, scattering upon the floor like golden yarn. All sorts of spirit grasses and flowers grew, and spiritual dew condensed on these plants. A single drop of this dew, if it fell into the outside world, would be considered the water of a divine spring and stir up a storm of blood and chaos.

But here, this was only the most common of flower dew. It would gather every morning and then evaporate as the sun rose.

In this immortal fairyland, there was an ordinary table, and in front of this table was a chair carved from white jade, not seeming special at all. A pair of pale feet casually stepped atop the green grass in front of this chair, the toes like pearl drops.

These were the feet of a magnificent woman. She wore purple clothes and her legs were straight. Her curves and her face were perfectly molded, like the most exquisite forms of art.

A blue bird fluttered on her shoulder. This bird was gorgeous and its feathers were dazzling. Its eyes were like twin sapphires.

At this time, the woman was completely entranced. As the sunlight fell upon her pitch black hair that fell like an inky waterfall, it reflected a purple gold gloss.

In her hands and lying on the table was a thin piece of golden paper, nearly invisible in the sun.

Countless tiny runes were written atop this golden paper. She carefully read through the mysterious principles of these runes. Sometimes, her nose would wrinkle and her eyelashes would move, and she would even sway about, leaving behind faint shadows that were beautiful to behold.

If Lin Ming were here he would naturally recognize what this was. The golden paper that this woman was looking at was one of the golden pages from the Holy Scripture.

As for this woman, she was Soul Empress Sheng Mei.

The bird on her shoulder was her contract beast – The Deep Blue Ice Phoenix.

After many years, the Sheng Mei of today was different from before. She gave off a feeling as if she had broken free from her cocoon and had been reborn. Her temperament became increasingly perfect, like she was an immortal from the highest heavens, making all mortals beneath her feel naught but inferiority.

This was because…

Sheng Mei had finally completed the seventh revolution of her Grand Reincarnation Art. Like a phoenix through nirvana, she had obtained a new life!

And all of this was also partly thanks to Lin Ming.

Because of Lin Ming’s help, Sheng Mei had obtained an even greater lucky chance from the Asura Road’s final trial. With this lucky chance, she had been able to use it to complete the seventh revolution of the Grand Reincarnation Art.

Currently, Sheng Mei was deeply perceiving the Spiritas Holy Scripture, in preparation for attacking that mythical eighth revolution.

She had a faint premonition that the eighth revolution would be incomparably hard. It would cost her a massive amount of time and require an incomprehensible amount of energy and effort to complete.

And the most mysterious ninth revolution that only existed in legends, even Sheng Mei didn’t have the slightest bit of confidence in completing it.

This was because the spiritas’ Soul Emperor was also stuck at this step, unable to cross it.

Although the Soul Emperor hadn’t succeeded, Sheng Mei still wanted to try attacking the ninth revolution. In her road of martial arts, she desired to stand at the peak of all martial arts and see what the scenery there was like.

Just as she was about to put away the golden page and set out, at this time, not too far away, there was a light tinkling sound in the spirit springs not too far from her.

A beautiful rainbow fish leapt up from the springs, jumping in front of Sheng Mei. It put out a token and then swished around before splashing back into the spirit springs.

“Mm?” Sheng Mei’s eyebrows pressed together. She picked up the token. “What happened?”

During her seclusion, no one was allowed to disturb her. To be delivered a token now likely meant it was some serious matter.

She swept her sense through the token and thoroughly investigated the contents. A surprised look flashed through her eyes.

“Polar Ice Lin, that is the title someone carved on the Emperor God Wall, right next to my name. Moreover, he has a golden page and he is even a human…”

In the entire 33 Heavens, there was only a handful of people that would be able to carve their names into the Emperor God Wall. In addition, this person was surnamed Lin and was also a human. With all these factors added together, Sheng Mei suddenly recalled someone.

And that name Polar Ice Lin. This Polar Ice… it was likely that…

Sheng Mei unconsciously thought back to the final trial’s Undying Polar Ice. Polar Ice Lin – could it be Lin Ming?

Otherwise, it was impossible to explain such coincidences in the world.

A human had chosen to carve the name Polar Ice Lin right next to her own. It was extremely likely that Lin Ming wanted to tell her something – that he had come to the Soul World.

“Lin Ming…”

Sheng Mei stood up, a thoughtful look on her face. “He wants to see me?”

Towards Lin Ming, Sheng Mei couldn’t quite describe just what she felt. They could be considered enemies as well as friends. But what a pity – he was not a spiritas.

“The golden page in his hands should be the second wood page. For this page, I should see him at least once.”

Like this, Sheng Mei flew out from the small world.


At this time, in a remote mountain deep within the Akashic Dream Universe, Lin Ming had opened up his own cave dwelling and was quietly reading through the golden page.

Scanning this golden page placed an enormous burden on his eyes, often making his eyes and mind hurt. It was like countless needles poking at his thoughts. He couldn’t help but put the golden page down periodically and take a rest before starting reading again.

Reading this golden page required a strong soul force. With Lin Ming’s current strength, he was just barely able to do it.

However, Lin Ming discovered that even though there was a piercing pain to his spiritual sea as he read through the page, as he read through it day after day, he also noticed that his soul seemed to be constantly tempered throughout.

The direct manifestation of this was that he could read the golden page for longer and longer periods of time with each attempt.

The more Lin Ming read, the more he discovered that the writer of the Holy Scripture was also an era-shaking peerless character.

But, it was unknown just why he had engaged in a life or death struggle with the Asura Road Master.

Like this, Lin Ming used an entire month to read through the golden page.

He also finally knew just what was recorded within the Holy Scripture.

The Asura Heavenly Dao could be called, in a way, a comprehensive summary of the Laws of the 33 Heavens, a way of standing on par with the Great Dao of the universe.

And, this Holy Scripture was the exploration of a martial artist, the excavation of their complete life potential.

“Law of Reincarnation…”

“Art of Eternal Life…”

Lin Ming was amazed.

The Law of Reincarnation was the Grand Reincarnation Art that Sheng Mei cultivated; it was one of the most essential parts of the Holy Scripture. However, besides the Law of Reincarnation, there was an even more terrifying arcane technique within the Holy Scripture, something that could truly be described as defying the will of the heavens.

Its name was – the Art of Eternal Life.

Eternal Life. That sounded like an unbelievable concept. If a martial artist could achieve immortality then as long as they lived, their strength would constantly increase. If they could live for 10 billion years, just how strong would they become? What level would they reach? It was impossible to imagine!

A mystic stone, after experiencing the infinite washing of time, could eventually become an Essence Spirit Embryo Stone. So, if a pig were to experience the infinite tempering of years, even it could eventually accumulate the good fortune of the world and obtain enlightenment, becoming a monster, and then a monster emperor, and sooner or later rule a world.

The Art of Eternal Life complemented the Law of Reincarnation. But, in order to cultivate the Art of Eternal Life, one needed an Eternal Soul. And this sort of mythical soul had already vanished for billions and billions of years.

As for the Art of Eternal Life, it became nothing but a story…

“Eternal Soul…”

Lin Ming’s thoughts chilled. He certainly remembered that in one of his encounters with Sheng Mei in the past, Sheng Mei had said that his soul was similar to the Eternal Soul.

In the past, Lin Ming believed that this was because of the Magic Cube. The existence of the Magic Cube had caused some sort of fundamental mutation to Lin Ming’s soul.

Lin Ming couldn’t help but think – was his soul the Eternal Soul?

“With my soul, can I succeed in cultivating the Art of Eternal Life?”

According to the records of the Holy Scripture, it was nearly impossible to cultivate the Art of Eternal Life. In fact, it wasn’t a perfect cultivation method. Even the creator of this cultivation method, the author of the Holy Scripture, had only completed a part of this Art of Eternal Life in the past.

Even the one who wrote the Holy Scripture hadn’t been able to eventually obtain eternal life.

Eternal life – it was a curse upon the Heavenly Dao, something that the Heavenly Dao would never allow.

Even universes would eventually perish, much less life.

“I wonder if I can see the boundary of eternal life after surpassing a True Divinity…”

Lin Ming inexplicably thought. He had no idea whether the Asura Road Master was alive or dead.

“This Holy Scripture is a peerless treasure. Unfortunately, I only have a single page. If I can obtain other pages, then my understandings towards life will reach new heights. If I can cultivate the Grand Reincarnation Art, then let alone the seventh, eighth, or ninth revolution, as long as I can complete six revolutions my strength will greatly increase!”

As Lin Ming thought of this, he became increasingly excited. It had to be known that a good portion of Sheng Mei’s strength was due to the Grand Reincarnation Art!

The Asura Sutra and Holy Scripture were both peerless cultivation methods that spoke of the true meaning of the Great Dao. One explored the limits of the universe and the other explored the limits of a martial artist. If both could be gathered together, just what would that be like?


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