MW Chapter 1833

Chapter 1833 – Golden Page

After carving the title of Polar Ice Lin into the Emperor God Wall, Lin Ming felt that his mind had become connected to it. All sorts of thoughts crossed his mind and some things seemed to be within his reach.

“Golden page…”

Lin Ming meditated in his mind. He thrust out a hand and his entire hand sank into the Emperor God Wall. As he pulled it back, a thin golden piece of paper appeared in his grasp.

This was the golden page that was exchanged with a billion merit points!

Lin Ming was excited. He found that this golden page was different from what he had thought.

He originally thought that the golden page would be a heavy piece of gold paper, around the size of a normal tome.

But, he never thought that the golden page in his hand would be as soft as gauze. As he grabbed it, he felt just how large it was. After unfolding it, it was almost three feet long, just like a small kasya worn by a monk.

The golden page was extremely soft, as smooth as silk. When it was placed against the sun, it was nearly transparent.

However, it was extremely heavy. In Lin Ming’s impression, if he held something so heavy in his hands it should hang down due to its own weight and would be difficult to shake. But the truth was that as he held this golden page in his hands, it had an airy feel to it, seeming as if it would flutter in the wind.

“What a mysterious object…”

Lin Ming could feel that this golden page was extraordinary. As he looked at it he could see thick lines of runes engraved into it. Among these runes, two particularly large ancient characters stood out, illuminating the page like two dark golden moons, shining with a sacred light.

These two characters spelled – Holy Scripture!

Holy Scripture, only two words but containing an incomprehensibly domineering momentum. With just these two words as its name, there were no other embellishments. This was enough to prove just how powerful this golden page was.

It contained unsurpassed mysteries and endless true meanings!

“Holy Scripture, is this the so-called Spiritas Holy Scripture?”

Lin Ming could feel that the golden page in his hands was a remnant of the Spiritas Holy Scripture, however its name was not Spiritas Holy Scripture but instead only Holy Scripture. This caused Lin Ming to suspect whether or not the word Spiritas had been added to the front of Holy Scripture afterwards.

In truth, was the creator of the Spiritas Holy Scripture even the first ancestor of all spiritas? This wasn’t necessarily the truth, but only the history that had been created by the spiritas. As for whether or not it was correct, that was another issue altogether.

What Lin Ming could confirm was that the creator of the Holy Scripture was an existence that had arrived at the pinnacle of the soul forging system. In terms of cultivation systems, it was similar to that of the spiritas.

Lin Ming continued to look through the cicada wing-thin golden page. He found that there were far too many tiny runes covering the page, and each rune was incredibly difficult to discern clearly. In fact, if one focused too much, an unknown force would pierce into one’s spiritual sea, causing a stabbing pain to the eyes and soul.

Was this a remnant spirit mark left behind in the Holy Scripture, or perhaps even a bit of soul force?

Lin Ming was amazed. This golden page was far too strange. Even with his current strength he found it incredibly difficult to read. Just looking at a single rune made him feel as if he would overdraw his soul force.

At this time, a flow of information passed into Lin Ming’s mind. His thoughts stirred as he perked up to attention.

This information was vague, but it gave Lin Ming an approximate feeling. Although he had exchanged for the golden page, the truth was that he had only been able to ‘borrow’ it. As for the borrowing duration, that was actually Lin Ming’s lifespan.

As long as Lin Ming was alive, this golden page would be lent to him. But if he died, the golden page would be reabsorbed into the Emperor God Wall.

“This is…”

As this information passed into Lin Ming’s mind, all sorts of thoughts raced through him. There were likely many of these golden pages, but because of the restrictions of the Laws, no matter how much time passed it would be impossible to exchange for all the golden pages of the Emperor God Wall.

If so, then the so-called original Spiritas Holy Scripture might not be the original copy after all.

Instead, it was a replica slowly formed over the billions of years of history of the spiritas, with people exchanging for golden pages throughout time and making copies of them.

But this replica was incomparably far from the true authentic work. One could even say that they couldn’t be compared at all.

That meant that even someone who possessed the Spiritas Holy Scripture would covet the golden page in his hands.

As these thoughts passed through Lin Ming’s mind, he sucked in a deep breath. It was impossible for him to hide the news that he had exchanged a billion merit points for the golden page. Now, he would become the focus of the public.

Luckily, this was the Akashic Dream universe. If Lin Ming were in the real world, things would undoubtedly become far more dangerous for him.

“I can’t read this here – I have to leave first.”

Lin Ming didn’t need to turn around to realize that there was a massive commotion occurring behind him. As he floated in front of the Emperor God Wall, an innumerable number of people had gathered behind him, all of them wanting to shred him to pieces and steal away his golden page.

Unfortunately for them, the Emperor God Wall’s terrifying pressure meant that these people couldn’t even cast their divine sense towards him.

Even so, they had already transmitted this news through various means.

Currently, it had only been half an hour since everyone had emerged from the Akashic Dream Battlefield, and powerhouses had yet to catch up. But as time passed, more and more masters would arrive here.

In the incomparably massive Akashic Dream Universe, there were undoubtedly many Empyreans and possibly even True Divinities.

Lin Ming didn’t want to wait at the Emperor God Wall until an Empyrean arrived. By that time, he wouldn’t be able to leave at all.

After putting away the golden page, Lin Ming shot into the sky, instantly soaring up hundreds of thousands of feet. Then, like a sparrow, he flew directly over the mountain-like Emperor God Wall and vanished over the other side.

“He ran away!”

“He’s crossed the divine mountain! We can’t chase after him!”

In Emperor City, three of the city walls were over a thousand miles long. However, on the north side where the divine mountain was located, that mountain range stretched for countless tens of thousands of miles, acting as a natural moat that no one could cross unless they had the qualifications to approach and carve their name.

As many people looked at Lin Ming, flames nearly spewed out from their eyes. They had been forced to watch on as Lin Ming left his name right next to Sheng Mei’s on the Emperor God Wall, took his reward, and then pompously flew away.

“I hate him!”

Old Green roared out, stamping his feet on the ground. He beat his fists against his chest, so angry that his liver and gallbladder hurt. Ignoring the secret that Lin Ming had on his body, just the value of that golden page was incomprehensible!

Yet, no one in their sect was capable of obtaining it. Even asking for a tenth of the required merit points was completely impossible.

“That is the treasure of us spiritas, yet it was taken by a human!”

“Debased human, he’s stolen away what belongs to us! The most sacred treasure of my soul race! How could it have fallen into the hands of a human!?”

“We must kill him and take it back!”

At this time, the animosity between the spiritas and Lin Ming had extended far past the Great World Kings and Empyrean that he had killed in the Akashic Dream Battlefield. Now, he had touched upon the reverse scale of many large spiritas influences and had even taken away a treasure that True Divinities would be jealous of!

As these various great influences spread this news, Lin Ming had already crossed the Emperor God Wall and flown into the vast depths of the Akashic Dream Universe.

His flight speed was extremely fast. As he flew, his body emitted crackling sounds as his form changed. He shrank, becoming shorter and thinner, and his looks became increasingly ordinary. His eye sockets deepened. If he were thrown into a crowd of mortals, it would be impossible to notice him.

Lin Ming’s application of the Bodily Rebirth Technique had reached an extremely high boundary. In addition to his deep cultivation and strength, even an Empyrean might not be able to see through his camouflage.

But if Lin Ming were to meet a True Divinity, he didn’t have any confidence that he would be able to fool them. However, what sort of character was a True Divinity? In the seven Heavens that comprised the Soul World, there were likely not more than a handful of True Divinities, so Lin Ming didn’t worry about them at all.

Lin Ming thought about it. He folded up the golden page and placed it near his chest, against his heart. His body became a series of afterimages as he vanished into the horizon.

Although the war in the Akashic Dream Battlefield had ended, Lin Ming didn’t plan on leaving the Akashic Dream Universe just yet. He had come here to adventure and also to find Sheng Mei.

In the seven universes of the Soul World, Lin Ming didn’t even know which one Sheng Mei was residing in. For him to find Sheng Mei like this was far, far too difficult.

Thus, the best way to do so would be to cause a massive disturbance in the Akashic Dream Universe and force Sheng Mei to seek him out on her own initiative.

Lin Ming already anticipated that the matter of him leaving behind his name on the Emperor God Wall and right next to Sheng Mei’s would soon enter into the universes of the spiritas, and subsequently pass into her ears.

This was the reason Lin Ming deliberately left behind such a title next to Sheng Mei’s name.


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