MW Chapter 1832

Chapter 1832 – Next to Sheng Mei

“Great Desolate Glacier? You’re saying that human was buried deep in the snow, half his body iced over, and when your Zenith Palace went there to look for the hornless ice dragon, as a result you ended up finding Lin Muk instead?”

Those from Zenith Palace were taken off by a number of great influences and interrogated separately, so the truth about how they found Lin Ming was soon known.

Zenith Palace naturally didn’t dare to hide anything concerning Lin Ming, including how they had misunderstood Lin Ming’s strength at the start, and even how they planned to use him as an object of study to further perfect their soul and energy dual cultivation method.

“Early Holy Lord? What are you saying! Are you saying that when you ran into that human he was only at the early Holy Lord realm!?”

Upon hearing of Lin Ming’s cultivation, the several Great World Kings present stood up. Those from Yellow Springs Palace were particularly agitated.

“Old man, are you saying that Lin Muk was only at the early Holy Lord realm?”

The direct disciples of Empyrean Myriad Ghost were all morbidly thin like bags of bones. However, each one was exceedingly tall. One of these tall disciples was an old man with green hair. He picked up the Zenith Vice Palace Master as easily as a chicken.

The Zenith Vice Palace Master turned ash white. In front of such a character, his status was nothing to speak of.

“This lowly servant doesn’t dare to lie.”

The Vice Palace Master reluctantly said.

“Are you saying that my honorable master was defeated beneath the hands of an early Holy Lord realm junior!?”

The green-haired old man’s eyes turned blood red, as if he could devour the Vice Palace Master alive. The disciples of Yellow Springs Palace were all covered with a gloomy yin energy and their conduct was strange and bizarre. If they really did eat others it wouldn’t be a surprise at all.

The Vice Palace Master’s palms began to sweat. He grit his teeth and nodded, “Unless Lin Muk was deliberately tricking me… but, it should be true that his skeletal age is extremely low…”

Facing an interrogation from so many large influences, the pressure on the Zenith Vice Palace Master was far too great. If any one of these large influences were stirred up then there wouldn’t be any good result for them at all. There was the possibility that the entirety of Zenith Palace would be annihilated.


The green-haired old man angrily coughed. Empyrean Myriad Ghost had lost to such a little bastard that he was getting enraged just thinking about it. He had a lot of grievances to vent but didn’t know just who to vent them on.

And at this time, a middle-aged man standing nearby said, “Old Green, stop being angry just because you’ve been disgraced. All the clues indicate that this Lin Muk is indeed a junior and a monstrously talented individual, to the point that none of us can imagine. If you take out your anger on Zenith Palace it won’t be of any use.”

The middle-aged man came from Chaos Divine Palace.

Chaos Divine Palace and Yellow Springs Palace were sworn enemies of each other. But at this time, both of their old ancestors had been defeated by a junior. There was no need to mention Empyrean Myriad Ghost who had been killed by Lin Muk, but even Chaos Demon God had been forced into hiding for the remainder of the three years, not daring to appear in front of Lin Ming. It was only when the Akashic Dream Battlefield opened once more that he left in a huff.

With a common enemy, the originally contentious relationship between Chaos Divine Palace and Yellow Springs Palace loosened a little.

“We have to discuss countermeasures and how to look for Lin Muk. He has offended so many people in the Akashic Dream Battlefield that he’s become the enemy of the public. Moreover, there is definitely some secret on his body, otherwise it would have been impossible to grow to such a degree. Perhaps he obtained an extraordinary ancient lucky chance of some sort.”

In ancient times, humans had been no weaker than the spiritas. There were some human supreme elders who had hidden vaults of astronomical value!

“Yes, in any case we must find this fellow. I suspect he has already left Emperor City by now. What a pity, after a martial artist enters the Akashic Dream Battlefield their true body will be sealed away by the Laws in a different space so it will be impossible to find. Otherwise, everything would work out easier if we could find his true body.”

Many high level figures of these large influences began to form plans together. Lin Ming had slapped all their faces in the Akashic Dream Battlefield and he also likely had some profound treasure hidden on his body. And most important of all, Lin Ming was only a little junior that hadn’t grown yet. In this sort of situation, how could they let Lin Ming go?

As the Elders were plotting together, a loud noise began to rise from outside.

“What is it!?” Old Green roared out, “What are you all making so much noise for!”

“Elder, someone has neared the Emperor God Wall. It might be…”

Before this person finished speaking, the green-haired old man rushed outside, accompanied by the other high level figures of large influences, all of them overflowing with killing intent.

The Emperor God Wall released a horrifying pressure at all times, disallowing anyone from approaching too close. This was true no matter how talented one was and even Empyreans weren’t an exception.

No one could violate the Laws of the Akashic Dream Universe.

But there was one exception. This was if a person had obtained the qualifications to leave behind their name on the Emperor God Wall. Then, the Emperor God Wall would allow this person to approach and carve their name.

Now that someone was approaching the Emperor God Wall, they all thought of one person – Lin Muk!

Bang bang bang!

Masses of people hurtled towards the Emperor God Wall. They could see that in the far off distance, a blue-clothed youth was flying towards the Emperor God Wall with a smug expression on his face. The horrifying pressure that scared off all others didn’t seem to exist to him at all. As he approached the Emperor God Wall on the wind, his steps seemed calm and stable.

From everyone’s angle, they could only see this youth’s back and not his appearance.

“It’s him, it’s Lin Muk!”

Many people immediately surmised. During this round of the Akashic Dream Battlefield, only Lin Ming managed to obtain the approval of the Emperor God Wall and approach so easily.

“This damned brat!”

Someone angrily said before they flew towards Lin Ming. But before this person could get too close, he was unable to continue due to the massive pressure exuding from the Emperor God Wall.

But, he had already been prepared for this. As he reached the limit for how far he could go, he suddenly threw out his sword.

“Fuse with my soul force, Spirit Sword!”

This person poured all of his soul force into this sword. The sword shot through the air, approaching Lin Ming’s back.

However, this sword was also governed by the Laws of Emperor City as well as the pressure from the Emperor God Wall. The sword only managed to fly out several thousand feet before it exploded into pieces and the soul force attached to it was also torn apart. The person who threw the sword stuffily coughed, taking several steps back as he paled.

He had suffered a severe backlash.

“Don’t be reckless, it is impossible for us to approach the Emperor God Wall! And it is also extremely dangerous for anyone who dares to attack near it!”

Someone blocked everyone else. From start to finish, Lin Ming hadn’t even turned his head as he continued flying towards the Emperor God Wall.

“What do we do? Do we just watch on as he does whatever he wants?”

Someone said with deep unwillingness. Many people shook their heads; they were indeed helpless in this situation. They could only stare blankly on as Lin Ming flew forwards. And, what was most depressing was that they couldn’t even see Lin Ming’s face.

“This human, he wants to carve his name on the Emperor God Wall.”

The Emperor God Wall itself was a titanic divine mountain and one of the natural walls of Emperor City. As Lin Ming flew towards the Emperor God Wall, he seemed like a tiny speck of dust against a massive mountain, nearly unnoticeable.

Lin Ming flew higher as he chose the spot to carve his name.

Carving one’s name on the Emperor God Wall wasn’t difficult in itself. What was difficult was earning the qualifications to do so.

Finally, he stopped. The area he chose didn’t seem particularly special, but if one looked to the side, they would see two more characters written in a flowing and beautiful manner – Sheng Mei!

These two characters were drawn like twin phoenixes dancing in the skies, and contained the deep meaning of numerous Laws. If an influence could copy these two characters, it would become the most precious inheritance of their sect.


Lin Ming drew out a black spear – this was the Black Dragon Spear!

As this spear appeared, a vast and ancient aura erupted outwards. Even the Emperor God Wall didn’t seem completely capable of suppressing this aura.

“The place the human chose is next to Empress Sheng Mei. He wants to carve his characters next to Empress Sheng Mei’s!”

“This is - !?”

Some people cried out loud as they realized Lin Ming’s plan.

Sheng Mei was a goddess of the spiritas. Now, a human wanted to carve his name next to their people’s goddess. This touched upon the fragile mentality of all spiritas martial artists present.

It was like this action was mercilessly taunting the spiritas martial artists of this generation, because none of them had been able to win the qualifications to carve their name on the Emperor God Wall. For the last million years, in the entirety of the spiritas’ seven Heavens, only Sheng Mei had earned the rights to leave behind her name on the Emperor God Wall.

As for them, all of them were ordinary martial artists that hadn’t been recognized.

Now, a mere human was actually planning to carve his name near Sheng Mei’s to be on par with her, even making it faintly feel like a couple flying together.

How could they not be incensed by this?

“This bastard!”

Some people gripped their fists in a rage. At this time, Lin Ming finally moved. The Black Dragon Spear was flourished in an epic manner. The sharp spear edge drew on the Emperor God Wall, emitting a crisp sound of stone on metal. At the same time, countless sparks flew out!

Lin Ming’s writing was as smooth as dancing dragons and phoenixes, and every line he drew contained a rumbling god-killing intent. Looking at the characters he drew was like watching an Asura on a golden chariot tear their way through an endless battlefield of slaughter, overwhelming all enemies!

Countless stone shards flew out, but these shards were reabsorbed by the Emperor God Wall, only leaving behind the drawn lines. But, what startled those watching was that Lin Ming didn’t leave behind the name Lin Muk, but had drawn out – Polar Ice Lin!

“Polar Ice Lin, is that Lin Muk’s title?”

“We don’t even know if Lin Muk is his true name. He probably just made it up on the spot when he ran into those disciples of Zenith Palace.”

There were many suspicious points about why Lin Ming had suddenly appeared on the Great Desolate Glacier. It likely involved some great secret, so it was reasonable if he gave out a fake name.

People didn’t even know if the title of Polar Ice Lin was true or not.

“I’m about to be aggravated to death!”

Old Green shook as he spoke. Everyone could only stare helplessly on as Lin Ming drew these characters right next to Sheng Mei’s. Yet, there was nothing any of them could do.

“Block off Emperor City!”

Someone roared.

“It’s too late. There aren’t any Empyreans present, and even if there were they still wouldn’t be able to near the Emperor God Wall. We can block off three sides of Emperor City, but to Lin Muk this doesn’t matter at all.”

“His actions are purposefully provoking the goddess of my people! This is an unforgivable crime!”

“Curse him! If one day I can carve my name atop the Emperor God Wall, I will ruin his characters!”

 A spiritas genius unwillingly said. But, no one could agree with his words. Even his friends from his own sect didn’t believe he had even the smallest chance of carving his name atop the Emperor God Wall.


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