MW Chapter 1831

Chapter 1831 – Rapidly Rising Merit Points

“No… that’s not what I mean… it’s just that the situation is a little special so our merit points might not be as simple as just 200-300 thousand.” The Zenith Palace Vice Palace Master said with a constipated expression, finding it hard to explain. If possible he didn’t want to mention their relationship with Lin Ming, but it seemed things wouldn’t go their way.

“What are you being so wishy-washy about! If it’s more than 200-300 thousand, then could it be 500 thousand or even a million? That’s about the same as a Great World King influence!”

Guru Kunyuan frowned. Some unlucky Great World King influences might not even have a million merit points.

As Guru Kunyuan was unhappy with the Vice Palace Master’s attitude, suddenly, on the Emperor God Wall, Zenith Palace’s merit points began to rise once more.


Guru Kunyuan was startled. It seemed that what the Zenith Palace Vice Palace Master said was true; Zenith Palace had more merit points to be countered still!

The merit points rapidly grew, breaking past 200 thousand in the blink of an eye.


Guru Kunyuan nodded. His originally disgruntled expression softened.

In the end, all that mattered were results. If Zenith Palace had good results, then Guru Kunyuan was willing to forgive Zenith Palace for any mistakes they made.

In several moments, the merit points rose to 250,000. Moreover, they continued to quickly increase without slowing down, soon breaking past 300 thousand.

Guru Kunyuan looked at those from Zenith Palace and said with a deep sense of satisfaction, “Well done, your results have truly not shamed you. Rest assured, I will follow my previous agreement and reward Zenith Palace well.”

However, before he finished speaking, Zenith Palace’s merit points had risen to 350 thousand.

With this, Guru Kunyuan was a bit surprised.

Around 180 thousand merit points should have been the limit of an ordinary World King influence. He never thought they would also reach 350,000 – that was something worth celebrating.

“Old Lao, you fellows didn’t do badly at all! I didn’t expect you to be hiding something like this! Could you have prepared some secret weapon?”

Guru Kunyuan stroked his beard, the smile on his face becoming ever brighter. When he shouted at the Zenith Palace Vice Palace Master and called him Old Lao, that was an extremely intimate name.

As Guru Kunyuan said, there were indeed some sects that would prepare top secret weapons to bring to the Akashic Dream Battlefield. For instance, Zenith Palace had gone to the Great Desolate Glacier in order to subdue the hornless ice dragon.

As the Vice Palace Master who was called out in such a close manner by Guru Kunyuan, he didn’t seem flattered at all. Rather, his expression appeared a bit bitter.

He knew what was happening. Zenith Palace’s merit points were rising so quickly because Lin Muk must have finally poured the merit points from his token onto the Emperor God Wall.

Following that, Zenith Palace’s merit points would grow, and this speed would become increasingly fast as the growth rate rose exponentially.

“400 thousand! Zenith Palace has truly amazed the world this time!”

Behind Guru Kunyuan, there were some Elders who had followed him here. They were also disciples of Empyrean Heavencore and were all congratulating Zenith Palace together.

“Old Lao, how come you have such an ugly expression? Are you worried that my Cardinal Sky Heavenly Palace won’t fulfill the promised rewards? I must say Old Lai, you are being too petty about this. Do you think our dignified Empyrean Heavenly Palace would be so stingy about some rewards? Even if you obtained 500-600 thousand merit points we would still be able to reward you with more than enough.”

However, as this disciple spoke, he slowly fell quiet. This was because Zenith Palace’s merit points already reached 500 thousand.

Seeing this number continue to rise, a look of doubt crossed his face.

“How come it’s still rising? It’s already at 500 thousand.”

“Unbelievable. Zenith Palace has defied the will of the heavens this time. Soon they’ll catch up to some less fortunate Great World King influences.”

“For an ordinary World King influence to surpass a Great World King influence, that is a rare feat!”

“Mm, something like this hasn’t occurred too often since ancient times. Normally this sort of thing would only happen when an astonishing genius is born into an ordinary World King influence.”

As the disciples of Cardinal Sky Heavenly Palace were discussing, they were looking over the disciples of Zenith Palace, trying to identify if there was some unrivalled genius amongst their ranks.

“600 thousand… no, it will soon reach 700 thousand!”

Several Cardinal Sky Heavenly Palace disciples were left bewildered. 700 thousand… that would soon surpass the spirit race!

The large spirit race clan only had just over 800 thousand merit points. It was said that they didn’t send out too many disciples and many amongst their ranks had been cut down by some ruthless individual. Even so, no one would suggest that their merit points would be lower than those of Zenith Palace!

“Something’s wrong here…”

Guru Kunyuan frowned.

“It is a bit exaggerated, but still something worth celebrating. If there truly is a peerless genius with astonishing combat strength that is also young enough, they would be capable of affecting the balance to such a degree.”

Behind Guru Kunyuan, some Empyrean disciples chuckled as they spoke.

However, these smiles quickly faded. This was because Zenith Palace’s merit points broke past a million.

One million! Wasn’t this just too ridiculous!?

By all common sense, no matter how fierce Zenith Palace was they still shouldn’t be so incredible. If there was some unrivalled genius that appeared at Zenith Palace, then their name should have been heard throughout Cardinal Sky World by now.

“1.5 million, heavens!”

As Zenith Palace’s merit points broke past a million, the rate of increase suddenly sped up. Before it rose by 100 thousands, now it rose by 200 thousands.

This left many disciples in a stunned shock.

“Something’s definitely wrong!”

The Empyrean disciples of the Cardinal Sky World all rose to their feet, their eyes like perfectly round circles as they stared unblinkingly at the Emperor God Wall.

“3 million, isn’t this just defying the heavens?”

People soon discovered that the larger the merit points value, the more terrifying the speed of increase. According to the previous rate, if the speed continued to rise it would soon reach 8 or 9 million.

But at this moment, they realized they were mistaken; the result was far more monstrous than they guessed.

20 million!

Many Empyrean disciples felt their eyeballs nearly pop out of their heads.

And at this time, the other influences also noticed the changes occurring on the Emperor God Wall. The merit points of a small influence were crazily rising!

“What… what’s going on!?”

Everyone looked towards the Emperor God Wall. 20 million! Even for an Empyrean Holy Land that sent out their brightest team of elites and achieved the limit of what they could, it would still be hard to reach this number of merit points!

Then… 30 million… 40 million… 50 million…

Guru Kunyuan’s face had already turned blue. Just how high would these merit points go?

As for his previous promise of granting rewards to Zenith Palace no matter how many merit points they had, that was a nightmare. Zenith Palace already had 50 million merit points. If it rose any more, then wouldn’t the entire Cardinal Sky Heavenly Palace be bankrupted?

“A hundred million! Heavens!”

The chins of many Empyrean disciples nearly fell to the floor.

This situation was beyond all comprehension.

This definitely wasn’t caused by Zenith Palace. There must have been some change within the Akashic Dream Battlefield!

After reaching a hundred million, the merit points began to rise by nearly 20 million at a time.

Seeing the number wildly surge up as if it were trying to knock all other numbers out of the way, many people’s lips twitched, none of them able to speak.

200 million… 300 million… 400 million…

“How is this happening?”

A Great World King sect leader angrily shouted. This number was far too extraordinary!

“It must be that Lin Muk, it has to be him. Besides him, there is no one else.”

“Lin Muk, either he must come from that small sect or he was borrowing their token!”

Many disciples who just emerged from the Akashic Dream Battlefield soon understand what was happening. Although this terrifying merit points value was shocking, it wasn’t out of the realm of disbelief. Rather, they thought it was quite normal.

“How many merit points will he have?”

As everyone began clamoring out loud, Zenith Palace’s merit points soon reached 800 million.

“A billion, it’s definitely going to hit a billion!”

Someone suddenly realized. With a billion points, they could exchange for one of the top tier rewards on the Emperor God Wall!

“That Lin Muk hunted down and slaughtered so many masters all to obtain a top tier reward! Heavens, he actually managed to gather a full billion merit points! Could he be wanting to exchange for the golden page? How horrifying!”

As everyone was shouting out loud, the Zenith Vice Palace Master was startled upon hearing this. Just before they entered the Akashic Dream Battlefield, Lin Ming had asked him about the conditions for exchanging for the golden page. Back then, the Vice Palace Master had been impatient with his questions because he thought it was an impossibility. But now, it seemed that Lin Ming might actually succeed in obtaining it!

If so, then the reason he caused such a tremendous commotion in the Akashic Dream Battlefield and widely publicized his possession of the kirin fruit was all in order to lure countless powerhouses to him so he could kill them!

What a terrifying young man!

And as everyone thought, Lin Ming’s merit points finally stopped at 1.07 billion. This was just enough to exchange for the golden page.

“Where is Lin Muk?”

Someone asked out loud. For a time, everyone’s eyes panned over the crowd.

However, there were too many people standing in front of the Emperor God Wall. With all of these large influences gathered together, it was an extremely messy and chaotic scene. Wasn’t wanting to look for a single person in this sea of people easier said than done?

Moreover, this Lin Muk had most likely hidden his identity, and had probably changed his appearance!

After all, Lin Muk had offended far too many people in the Akashic Dream Battlefield. Moreover, with him wanting to do something so attention-grabbing like exchanging for the golden page, it would be impossible for him to show his true appearance to those here.

As everyone was looking for Lin Muk, the entrance to the Akashic Dream Battlefield closed. If one didn’t leave the Akashic Dream Battlefield before the entrance closed again, then all martial artists within would die. Of course, their true bodies wouldn’t die, but their merit points would be erased.

“Lin Muk is among us!”

Someone shouted out in a bass voice. But, no one knew where he was.

This was a ruthless youth who could even kill an Empyrean at the same cultivation level. If he wanted to hide, wasn’t finding him easier said than done?

Moreover, out of the martial artists present, the one with the highest cultivation was only a half-step Empyrean. After Chaos Demon God left, there were no true Empyreans here.

Who could find Lin Ming?

“That human, the small influence he came from is…”

Many people suddenly thought of looking for the small influence that Lin Ming had entered through. They soon found Zenith Palace!

For a time, the Zenith Vice Palace Master and Jaderiver’s complexions turned gray.

What should have come had now come.

Their Zenith Palace had no place to hide.

But luckily for them, they only had a passing relationship with Lin Ming. If they were honest, then they wouldn’t be sucked into this mess.

“No wonder, so that youth who killed Empyrean Myriad Ghost was brought by you…”

Guru Kunyuan said with realization. Only now did he understand the Vice Palace Master’s constipated expression.

Soon, Jaderiver and the Vice Palace Master were taken away to be questioned. As for Guru Kunyuan, he didn’t stop them from being whisked away. After all, there were no consequences to dying in the Akashic Dream Universe, and fighting in Emperor City was forbidden to begin with.


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