MW Chapter 1830

Chapter 1830 – Guru Kunyuan

As the disciple spoke he gulped at the same time. He knew that after mentioning that this person had a low skeletal age and was also a human, it would cause a great reaction.

And indeed, as soon as he finished speaking, the noisy crowds fell silent.

A human had struck down Empyrean Myriad Ghost but had also killed numerous World Kings. Even Chaos Demon God had been forced to patiently hide away for three years in the Akashic Dream Battlefield. Just how could this be!?

The human race had far too many of their inheritances severed and many of their transcendent divine mights and higher grade cultivation methods were controlled by the various large spiritas influences. And on the road of martial artists, understandings of the Heavenly Dao Laws were slowly accumulated generation...

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