MW Chapter 1830

Chapter 1830 – Guru Kunyuan

As the disciple spoke he gulped at the same time. He knew that after mentioning that this person had a low skeletal age and was also a human, it would cause a great reaction.

And indeed, as soon as he finished speaking, the noisy crowds fell silent.

A human had struck down Empyrean Myriad Ghost but had also killed numerous World Kings. Even Chaos Demon God had been forced to patiently hide away for three years in the Akashic Dream Battlefield. Just how could this be!?

The human race had far too many of their inheritances severed and many of their transcendent divine mights and higher grade cultivation methods were controlled by the various large spiritas influences. And on the road of martial artists, understandings of the Heavenly Dao Laws were slowly accumulated generation after generation. A single person had a limited ability, and no matter how talented they were, without inheritances it was impossible to have high achievements.

“He couldn’t have found the ancient ruins left behind by some ancient human supreme elder, right…?”

“That’s possible… but just where did this Lin Muk come from? No one knows anything about him?”

Many disciples who safely came out from the Akashic Dream Battlefield were forcefully interrogated.

However, they all unanimously shook their heads.

At this time, the disciples from Zenith Palace were all terrified.

When Lin Ming was slaughtering his way through the Akashic Dream Battlefield, the young disciples couldn’t help but brag to everyone and anyone about Lin Ming and how Lin Ming was related to Zenith Palace.

Luckily, the Zenith Palace Vice Palace Master, Jaderiver, and the others had discovered this and had promptly put an end to it.

In Jaderiver’s opinion, Lin Muk had shown graciousness to Zenith Palace. But as the matters about Lin Ming grew increasingly large and dangerous, it was best that a small fish like Zenith Palace pretend as if they didn’t know Lin Muk in order to prevent any accidents from occurring.

Otherwise, with Zenith Palace’s background, it wouldn’t strange if they were completely exterminated in a slightly large storm.

“What do we do…” The Zenith Palace Vice Palace Master muttered, a bitter expression crossing his face.

He was afraid that these influences would decide to vent their rage and frustrations on them.

Jaderiver was also at a loss of what to do. Paper couldn’t be used to wrap fire. As these various large influences probed Lin Muk’s background, they would eventually find that it led back to Zenith Palace.

“We can only state the facts. That is that we aren’t truly related to Lin Muk and only encountered him by chance. Don’t mention that we saved Lin Muk. For such a terrifying character, even if we didn’t bump into him he still would have awakened sooner or later…”

“I hope so… they won’t involve us just because we met Lin Muk… right?”

As Jaderiver was speaking to the Vice Palace Master, they heard a resounding beast’s roar spread through the air. Jaderiver looked up to see a giant ancient vicious beast pass over the skies of Emperor City, releasing an endless pressure. It stopped right in the open fields before the Emperor God Wall.

This vicious beast was a roc. Its wings spread for a hundred miles wide and its dread-inducing aura covered everyone like a mountain.

The roc opened its beak, and a thick spiritual energy gushed out.

A tall old man with a square jaw and wide shoulders slowly walked out from within the roc.

Following behind him was a team of elite martial artists with sharp appearances.

The old man’s eyes emitted a brilliant light. This light slowly swept over those present.

“Guru Kunyuan!” Jaderiver said, startled.

Compared to the numerous influences at Emperor City, Guru Kunyuan’s arrival was considered relatively common. But to Zenith Palace and those influences around Zenith Palace, Guru Kunyuan was a top master!

This was because these influences were located at the Cardinal Sky World and were subordinate to Cardinal Sky Heavenly Palace.

As for Guru Kunyuan, he was a direct disciple of Empyrean Heavencore and possessed a half-step Empyrean cultivation. It was said that he had a chance of breaking into the Empyrean realm in the next million years. Although this was only a faint hope, it still allowed Guru Kunyuan to be a highly revered figure within the entire Cardinal Sky Heavenly Palace.

This person had a short-fused temper and was not known to be friendly at all.

Seeing him, the people of some small influences from Cardinal Sky World ran up to respectfully greet him.

“Greetings, Guru.”

“Zenith Palace salutes Guru Kunyuan.” A crowd of people bowed with reverence.

“What are your harvests this time?” Guru Kunyuan didn’t bother exchanging niceties; he went straight to the point. The reason he came this time was to inspect the harvests of those that entered the Akashic Dream Battlefield. To the small influences that were attached to Cardinal Sky Heavenly Palace, this inspection was extremely important.

According to the merit points they earned, these small influences would be able to obtain rewards from Empyrean Heavencore.

“Guru, our sect brought 9000 people to the Akashic Dream Battlefield and we have 820 who survived. Our merit points are 87,000.”

“Guru, our Incense Mountain brought 8000 disciples into the Akashic Dream Battlefield and we have 670 who survived. Our merit points are 56,000…”

After listening to Guru Kunyuan’s words, the Sovereigns of some small influences began speaking out the merit points their sects earned.

As Guru Kunyuan heard this, he pleasantly smiled. It was a bit surprising. These small influences had harvested a number of merit points much better than in the past. Could the overall strength of Cardinal Sky World’s sects have increased?

“Zenith Palace, how come you aren’t speaking?” Guru Kunyuan suddenly saw that the Zenith Palace Vice Palace Master had a strange complexion on his face, as if he were hesitating to speak.

It wasn’t just the Vice Palace Master who had an awkward expression, but even the core disciple Jaderiver seemed a bit terrified.

The other influences had already finished reporting, and now only Zenith Palace was left dawdling. Guru Kunyuan’s eyes were like sharp blades as he looked at the people from Zenith Palace.

“Our Zenith Palace has obtained 186,500 merit points…” The Zenith Palace Vice Palace Master said as everyone looked at him.

After this trip into the Akashic Dream Battlefield, Zenith Palace had just around a thousand people remaining. From the elite squad that Jaderiver was in, 30 people had survived. And these 30 people contributed nearly half of these merit points.

“Mm?” Guru Kunyuan was amazed. He recalled that during the last trip into the Akashic Dream Battlefield, Zenith Palace had only harvested several tens of thousands of merit points. Yet, this time they had obtained around 180,000. They had made considerable progress from the past.

“Not bad. Honorable Master Heavencore will be happy to hear this. When the rewards are handed down, your Zenith Palace will enjoy great benefits.”

Guru Kunyuan said with satisfaction.

As the high level figures of Zenith Palace heard that Empyrean Heavencore would bestow upon them great rewards, they all looked at each other, not sure of what to say.

The Zenith Palace Vice Palace Master ambiguously said, “The truth is that our Zenith Palace obtained far more merit points than this…”

“Oh? Zenith Palace has even more merit points? You should have said so earlier!”

Guru Kunyuan was startled to hear this. The Zenith Palace Vice Palace Master had said that their Zenith Palace had obtained far more merit points, but 180,000 merit points was around the limit for a small influence. Just how many more could they possibly have obtained?

“If Zenith Palace has more than 200,000 merit points, then I shall take responsibility and grant you even more rewards!” Guru Kunyuan promised. He thought that Zenith Palace would be excited upon hearing this, but he didn’t think their complexions would twist and they would seem worried.

“What? Are you suspecting that I don’t have the ability to fulfill my promise?”

Guru Kunyuan coldly said, clearly unhappy!


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