Chapter 183 - Samsara of 100 Lives

Chapter 183 Samsara of 100 Lives.


Chapter 183 – Samsara of 100 Lives

TL/N: In the measurement system of this series, 10 inches = 1 foot (because of Chinese measurements being different).


In the neverending Samsara, the concept of time no longer existed. Lin Ming passed, looking through, and ingrained deep within his heart every fleeting moment.

Every time in Lin Ming’s life when he had come to a fork in the road, he would see a completely different existence.

Lin Ming saw his meteoric rise to the heavens, and also saw his abject fall to perdition.

He saw his future with different wives and different children.

He stayed in the Sky Fortune Kingdom and became the Seven Profound Martial House Master. He had married the Seven Profound Envoy, Qin Xingxuan, and had a flourishing family with many children and grandchildren. The legacy he left would become the number one family within the nation…

He stayed in the vast Southern Wilderness. There, he married the sisters, Na Yi and Na Shui. Together they would rebuild the Na Tribe, and he would rule the South as king…

Of course, there were endless gray lives where he would experience the most miserable of fates. Once, Lin Ming did not find the Magic Cube. He was hunted and persecuted by Zhu Yan, the muscles and tendon of his body were severed...

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