MW Chapter 1829

Chapter 1829 - Fall of an Empyrean

The boundless Emperor God Wall had stood tall for countless hundreds of millions of years.

The pressure that rolled off the Emperor God Wall was as oppressive as a cage. No one dared to approach too close. As for those people with poor cultivations, their spiritual seas would be directly crushed to smithereens if they were too near.

Suddenly, in front of the Emperor God Wall, a dazzling light shined out.

From the crowds of people, several hundred robed youths raised up their tokens together.

Their tokens began to erupt with a glorious brilliance.

Each ray of light shined upon the Emperor God Wall and was intercepted by a rune.

These runes turned into a number in the void.

As more and more beams of light shined out from the tokens, all sorts of numbers formed in space, finally becoming a numerical value.

“93,420 merit points!”

In front of many disciples, a sect Elder with a snow white beard shivered with excitement as he read this number.

This was the total number of merit points obtained by everyone in their sect.

“Wonderful!” A Sovereign from a small sect wearing an embroidered robe smiled brightly. This result had far exceeded his expectations.

It was considered a good result to have a hundred disciples...

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