MW Chapter 1829

Chapter 1829 - Fall of an Empyrean

The boundless Emperor God Wall had stood tall for countless hundreds of millions of years.

The pressure that rolled off the Emperor God Wall was as oppressive as a cage. No one dared to approach too close. As for those people with poor cultivations, their spiritual seas would be directly crushed to smithereens if they were too near.

Suddenly, in front of the Emperor God Wall, a dazzling light shined out.

From the crowds of people, several hundred robed youths raised up their tokens together.

Their tokens began to erupt with a glorious brilliance.

Each ray of light shined upon the Emperor God Wall and was intercepted by a rune.

These runes turned into a number in the void.

As more and more beams of light shined out from the tokens, all sorts of numbers formed in space, finally becoming a numerical value.

“93,420 merit points!”

In front of many disciples, a sect Elder with a snow white beard shivered with excitement as he read this number.

This was the total number of merit points obtained by everyone in their sect.

“Wonderful!” A Sovereign from a small sect wearing an embroidered robe smiled brightly. This result had far exceeded his expectations.

It was considered a good result to have a hundred disciples emerge from the Akashic Dream Battlefield, but this time, there were several hundred people leaving. This was an event worth celebrating.

These merit point would provide their sect with many advantages.

The sects and various influences gathered in front of the Emperor God Wall, using their tokens to exchange for merit points.

Those from the same sect could combine their tokens together so that their merit points would become the total merit points of the sect.

Some smaller sects were ecstatic. They discovered that the number of people who survived this round of the Akashic Dream Battlefield was far higher than before.

Some of these smaller sects even managed to obtain several tens of thousands of merit points; this was far too lucky. These merit points also indicated that their sects were quite strong. The sect leaders all grinned from ear to ear, bursting with joy.

In front of the Emperor God Wall, all sorts of voices rose up.

The proud children of heaven from many influences appeared together, meeting those who waited for them.

But there were also some influences that were extremely gloomy, the expressions of their people dark and somber.

These influences discovered that their people actually didn’t appear.

“The entire spirit race together only has 890,000 merit points?” In front of the Emperor God Wall, the spirit race influence’s merit points were displayed for all to see.

This immediately caused a loud disturbance and intense discussion.

“How is that possible? The spirit race is such a large clan so it’s unbelievable that their total merit points are less than 3 million. But this time they actually have less than a million.”

“Hey, did you all notice that the Purple Chestnut King hasn’t appeared? Did he die inside?” Some influences were beyond shocked as they saw this.


A spirit race Elder was enraged, his voice rising like a billowing thunder cloud, causing the air in front of the Emperor God Wall to violently ripple.

“Who killed the Purple Chestnut King of my people? Who killed my spirit race’s five Great World Kings?”

“Hmm? How come the shaman hasn’t appeared?”

“Where did Elder Duanmu go? Was he killed inside?”

From the camps of some large influences, angry roars began to sound out.

In front of the Emperor God Wall, embarrassing scenes began to take place. There were some large influences that couldn’t even obtain a million merit points.

In comparison to the harvests of the smaller influences, the contrast was far too sharp.

Many people were startled to discover that from those large influences that couldn’t reach a million merit points, their shamans or Great World Kings had perished.

The truth was that because of their age, these Great World Kings couldn’t provide many merit points to the sect to begin with. However, they could play a great deterring role; they were considered the protective talismans of these sects.

With a Great World King accompanying these groups, the situation would be completely different. But if these Great World Kings died, the sect teams might be eaten up by others without anything remaining.

Soon, the relative disparity in merit points increased by several times.

“…What did you say? The Purple Chestnut King and the five Great World Kings were all slain by a human called Lin Muk?”

From the spirit race camp, a lion-like old man roared out loud, angrily shouting at a spirit race youth.

The youth trembled as he responded. Death God Lin Muk brought far too great a pressure to him.

“The geniuses I taught were… all killed by Lin Muk? Who is this Lin Muk?”

Many sects listened, startled. They didn’t know who Lin Muk was.

“How arrogant! Thoroughly investigate that person’s status for me, I will make sure he regrets being born!” A Great World King influence’s sect leader shouted out in a rage, his eyes flashing with a cold killing intent.

And at this time, some influences above the Great World King level were having their own suspicions.

“How come the old ancestor hasn’t emerged yet?”

The Yellow River Palace was slowly floating in the sky.

Those who stood above the palace walls were half-step Empyreans or Great World Kings. Their strengths were outstanding. However, each one was covered in dense ghost energy and followed by ghostly phantoms that endlessly howled. It was hard to tell if they were people at all.

These people were from Yellow Springs Palace, a sect created by Empyrean Myriad Ghost.

“Could it be that the old ancestor is still engaged in a massive killing spree within?”

“It shouldn’t be. The reason the old ancestor came here was for an ancient rival of his. He shouldn’t be interested in these juniors, and in any case the Akashic Dream Battlefield will be closing soon. The old ancestor should have come out by now.”

“Maybe that old scumbag Chaos is bothering the old ancestor.” A Yellow Springs Palace disciple guessed.

A number of divided opinions rang out as more and more Yellow Springs Palace disciples chimed in. Slowly, they began to suspect something had happened, and faintly felt an unlucky premonition approach.

“Did Empyrean Myriad Ghost perish? Was he killed by Chaos Demon God?”

A large influence couldn’t help but wonder as they watched this all happen.

“Empyrean Myriad Ghost is the domineering and rampant kind of person. If he won then he should already be swaggering his way out. Now the Akashic Dream Battlefield is closing soon and he still hasn’t appeared, that might mean he was killed by Chaos Demon God.” Someone boldly suggested.

As many people heard this, they felt this was the most reasonable explanation.

As the people from Yellow Springs Palace heard these discussions, they became angry and even more worried.

“Something’s wrong, even Chaos Demon God hasn’t emerged!”

Someone discovered that across from them, Chaos Divine Palace was also floating up and down, the people within keeping their auras restrained. Chaos filled the air around them as they quietly waited for their Empyrean to appear.

Facing the glowering gaze from those of Yellow Springs Palace, the people from Chaos Divine Palace stared back, their eyes just as fierce and filled with a thick slaughter energy.

As the great purple gate was about to close, a vast chaos aura as deep as a sea enveloped everyone present.

“It’s the old ancestor, the old ancestor has come out!” In the camp of Chaos Divine Palace, someone began to cheer out loud.

They saw an old man in jade green robes appear, his entire body covered with chaos energy.

This old man’s pupils emitted a terrifying chaotic light that shot out in all directions.

As he appeared, everyone was alarmed.

“Haha! My Chaos Divine Palace’s old ancestor has emerged!”

“Truly worthy of being our old ancestor, he even slew that old thief from Yellow Springs Palace! My Chaos Divine Palace is truly above all else!”

“That’s right, how could Yellow Springs Palace possibly hope to compete with my Chaos Divine Palace?”

Everyone was watching as Chaos Divine Palace began celebrating. As for those from Yellow Springs Palace, their faces turned as purple as frozen eggplants. All of them were agitated; it was obvious that their previous guesses appeared increasingly true.

Many disciples from Chaos Divine Palace moved forwards to greet Chaos Demon God. But as they approached, they were all sent flying away with a thick air wave summoned by Chaos Demon God.

“Old ancestor!”

A disciple cried out in panic. However, Chaos Demon God didn’t seem to hear this at all, not even bothering to glance in the direction of these disciples. Without even going to Chaos Divine Palace, his face darkened, becoming incredibly dreadful. His figure flashed and he flew off into the distance at an incredible speed.

The people from Chaos Divine Palace looked helplessly on as Chaos Demon God flew far away. All of them were left in a silent daze.

“Where did old ancestor go?”

“Old ancestor seems to be in a bad mood…”

“What do we do now?”

“Hurry up and chase after him!” The people from Chaos Divine Palace were frightened. The higher level disciples began to quickly activate the palace and break through the void, chasing after Chaos Demon God.

Crowds of confused outer court disciples were left floating in the air, all of them dumbfounded. They had absolutely no clue as to what had just happened.

“What’s wrong with that old geezer Chaos Demon God? If he truly won the battle then he shouldn’t be so quiet. Could he have been defeated? If so, then what about our old ancestor?”

The people from Yellow Springs Palace saw Chaos Demon God fly away without a single word. Each of them looked at his vanishing back, their thoughts even more confused.

“What… what did you say!?”

As the many disciples of Yellow Springs Palace were stunned, a loud surprised voice suddenly echoed out.

The cry came from a Great World King Holy Land. And, the one who shouted out loud was this Holy Land’s shaman, who had just said he would make Lin Muk regret being born in this world.

“You… say that again?” The old Great World King had a look of utter disbelief crossing his face.

“Yes… yes… what this disciple said is that Empyrean Myriad Ghost started a battle not long after entering the Akashic Dream Battlefield, but… he was killed by Lin Muk. Lin Muk was also severely wounded, and at that time Chaos Demon God had arrived. But, Chaos Demon God didn’t dare to attack Lin Ming. After that, Chaos Demon God went missing for the rest of the three year timeline and only appeared today…”

Because of the Holy Land shaman’s shout, many people had turned towards him. As they heard what this disciple was saying, all of them were left speechless.

Empyrean Myriad Ghost, an Empyrean level powerhouse, had been slain by Lin Ming. How was this possible!?

As for Chaos Demon God, according to what the disciple had said, he undoubtedly feared Lin Ming, thus he had hidden for all this time and had only appeared today.

An Empyrean had been scared by a human to the point where he didn’t dare make an appearance in the remaining three year timeline. Just how could this happen?

The remaining disciples of Chaos Divine Palace all glared at this disciple, but they had no way of refuting this. Their old ancestor leaving in an angry rage without saying a single word was the best proof of what had happened.

As for the shaman who had threatened Lin Ming, he was at a loss for words.

He knew that his disciple wouldn’t rashly speak about such important matters. Moreover, the many survivors who had come out from the Akashic Dream Battlefield were all nodding with terrified expressions, confirming what had happened!

The shaman remained silent as the people from Yellow Springs Palace came rushing down from the skies. This time, the only person who entered the Akashic Dream Battlefield from their Yellow Springs Palace had been Empyrean Myriad Ghost. Yellow Springs Palace had no other disciples enter, thus they had no idea what the situation was inside.

“What is his cultivation!?”

The people from Yellow Springs Palace asked.

“I’m not sure.” The Great World King influence disciple shook his head. “It shouldn’t be too high, and his skeletal age wasn’t too old either. He is also a human. Besides Empyrean Myriad Ghost, around 90% of the Great World Kings that died in the Akashic Dream Battlefield were probably because of him…”

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