MW Chapter 1828

Chapter 1828 – The End of the Battlefield

“Senior… Senior Solitude!”

The fat man’s face turned ashen. In his opinion, the One-legged World King was a god-like existence, yet he had been killed like a chicken?

He felt as if he were living in some bizarre dream.

Lin Ming’s spear seemed average and simple, so why hadn’t the One-legged World King been able to avoid it?

Rather, in the fat man’s thoughts, even if the One-legged World King decided not to dodge, that spear still shouldn’t have been able to harm him at all.

Not only was the fat man in a daze, but so was everyone else. With their eyesight, they naturally weren’t able to discern the mysterious Laws within Lin Ming’s spear strike, nor were they able to judge how fast Lin Ming’s spear had been. Because of the confusion brought by the Space and Time Laws, Lin Ming’s spear gave off the feeling of an endless illusion, making it seem incomparably slow.

“You… you’re that human from Emperor City!”

The fat man remembered Lin Ming. At Emperor City, Lin Ming’s status as a human had left an impression on him. However, his complexion now changed, as if he seemed to recall something horrifying.

He wasn’t an idiot; he instantly thought of who Lin Ming might really be!

However, before he could even say anything, the Phoenix Blood Spear was also piercing towards his throat!

As the fat man saw this spear coming towards him, he wanted to move away. But in that moment, he felt his body locked down by an inexplicable power of Laws, rooting his every action in place. All he could do was stare haplessly on as this spear came shooting towards him.

“This is the reason why Senior Solitude wasn’t able to avoid that killing strike?”

This was the fat man’s last thought in the Akashic Dream Battlefield. With a light popping sound, the spear penetrated through his throat.

The fat man’s life had been instantly severed.

Two people had continuously died, included among them a top master like the One-legged World King. Even so, Lin Ming didn’t erupt with any aura at all, and he didn’t even seem to take a single step anywhere.

Such a scene was truly frightening.

“Death God Lin Muk…”

Someone sputtered out. They weren’t ignorant when it came to the news that was being spread around. They knew there was a horrifying youth who had slain Empyrean Myriad Ghost and had been hunting down World Kings and Great World Kings.

To them, a Great World King was an unreachable existence. But to Lin Ming, they were only walking merit points.

They recalled what Lin Ming had said when he killed the One-legged World King.

“A billion merit points… I finally have it.”

With this, how could they not know who Lin Ming was?

“He’s killed enough to reach… a billion merit points.”

Everyone found this hard to imagine. The merit points that Lin Ming mentioned must be after his skeletal age was factored in. The original amount must be an astronomical figure.

Lin Ming turned his head and looked at the gathered people, causing them all to be scared witless.

“Screw off!”

Lin Ming harshly said. Towards these weaklings, he couldn’t be bothered to kill them.

With this, people scattered in droves, fleeing in all directions.

However, the many disciples of Zenith Palace remained. This was because their Senior-apprentice Sister Jaderiver hadn’t moved.

Jaderiver looked at Lin Ming. She wanted to speak but hesitated.

Lin Ming looked at Jaderiver. During this trip into the Akashic Dream Battlefield, Lin Ming had crossed paths with the disciples of Zenith Palace twice; they could be considered as sharing a strand of fate. Moreover, when Lin Ming entered the Akashic Dream Battlefield, he had used a token from Zenith Palace to do so.

“The profound spring lotus is yours.”

Lin Ming had already heard the name of this spirit medicine from Zenith Palace and the other influences here. As a spirit medicine that was worth less than a transcendent divine pill, Lin Ming had no need for it at all.

If he gave this spirit medicine to Zenith Palace, it could be considered as completing their cycle of karma.

“Lin Muk…”

Jaderiver seemed to want to say something, but just as she parted her lips, Lin Ming’s figure had already disappeared into the endless skies. The only thing left was his voice that echoed through the mountain valley.

As time passed, the name of Death God Lin Muk experienced an unprecedented peak, but afterwards, talk of him began to die down. He appeared a few more times until finally he completely vanished.

However, at this time, most of the masters within the Akashic Dream Battlefield, not including Chaos Demon God who was still hiding somewhere, had already perished.

As for Lin Ming, he returned once more to the mystic realm where the Asura Road Master and the ancient spiritas king had fought. He began to peacefully meditate on the Laws in that ancient ruin once more.

His cultivation had risen far too quickly; he needed time to stabilize himself.

Time slowly passed. Lin Ming calmly meditated at the edge of the abyss. As for the red-dressed little girl, she hovered like a ghost in that mystic realm, often wandering in a daze around Lin Ming. She would sit on a pitch black cliff and look into the stars shining in the distance, as if remembering something that had occurred in times long gone.

Lin Ming didn’t know what the red-dressed little girl was recalling, but he could feel that during these past days her speaking had become increasingly smooth, and she didn’t stutter as much as she used to.

With this, the three year deadline arrived…


Outside the Akashic Dream Battlefield, at Emperor City –

A powerful aura surged into the skies.

The clouds in the sky were torn apart like pieces of cloth.

A magnificent palace emitted a sun-bright light, dazzling as it floated in the void, exuding a sense of awe and power.

Standing outside the palace were a number of maids. All of them had their auras restrained; it was clear they had amazing cultivations.

There was also a mountain-sized golden chariot that emitted a boundless light. It faintly struggled with the floating palace, making others unable to look directly at it.

There was also a powerful figure standing high in the clouds, shrouded in shadows. It was impossible to see his appearance, but he exuded a vast aura that was as deep as a sea. He was definitely some absolute powerhouse, and no one dared to underestimate him.

These were great influences from all over. They came here to meet the proud children of heaven who had entered the Akashic Dream Battlefield.

“The Akashic Dream Battlefield will close soon. My descendants certainly must have shined with glory, suppressing all the other heroes.”

“Purple Chestnut will certainly have brought honor to my spirit race.” A tall king of the spirit race said.

“Hehe, just being a genius isn’t enough to rise to prominence. There are some old monsters in there. This time, I wonder just how many so-called geniuses of their sects must have been defeated within.” Someone said. Indeed, a genius was terrifying, but compared to those old monsters that had been cultivating for a long time, they were naturally of a lower level.

If these old monsters disregarded their status to attack these young elites, then those young elites would suffer serious losses.

The scene became increasingly grand. Many influences had entered the Akashic Dream Battlefield. Now, they all rushed to Emperor City to greet the opening of the Akashic Dream Battlefield.

The Akashic Dream Battlefield was only a tiny part of the Akashic Dream Universe. The Akashic Dream Universe was far too broad and encompassed the seven Heavens of the Soul World. There was more than one Akashic Dream Battlefield, and these different Akashic Dream Battlefields opened at different times.

Wanting to enter the Akashic Dream Universe was easy, but wanting to enter the Akashic Dream Battlefield was different. One required tokens, and even large influences had limited numbers of tokens.

High in the skies, a limitlessly large purple gate exuded a glorious light, blinding to the eyes.

An inexplicable strength flowed outwards.

This gate had been closed for three years, and now it was finally opening. This also signaled the end of the Akashic Dream Battlefield.

“They’re coming out.”

Someone excitedly shouted from the crowds of people. There were some ordinary influences who were particularly concerned about their results. They hoped that their disciples were able to pressure their rivals and gain some face for their sect.

For many disciples, the results from the Akashic Dream Battlefield concerned the future development of their sect. How could they not be nervous!?

In that moment, the purple gate rumbled open. Horrifying air waves burst out, following by innumerable figures that whizzed by.

A powerful scent of blood and iron filled the air.

Many influences moved forwards to greet these people.

A youth flew in front of an old man and took out a token. The old man chuckled happily.

“My good child, you’ve done well. Hehe, you’ve truly brought a smile to grandpa’s face.” The old man lovingly patted this youth’s head. He could sense the light shining from the merit points token and could tell that his grandson had killed many people. He was extremely proud of his grandson’s achievements.

“Wonderful, it seems my Blood Tree Clan did quite well. You’ve killed five or six people each… mm… and this also includes a peak Holy Lord powerhouse? Good, I am very satisfied.” The Blood Tree Clan Elder said, looking towards the several Blood Tree Clan youths. They had strange turbans wrapped around their heads that exuded a mystical strength; it was quite bizarre.

“What? Our sect only has you remaining? Who did this!?” Another Elder howled out in sorrow. As he looked at the scarred disciples in front of him, his slaughter intent soared to the heavens.

“The Deep East Family… actually plotted against you all… good, very good, I didn’t think they would be so vicious!” Another sect master said through a clenched jaw.

All of the various influences began to vigorously search for their own disciples in the throngs of people.

Some influences were pleased to see their disciples have outstanding results. Some influences gnashed their teeth, preparing to retaliate against their enemies.

For a time, the scene was bustling with activity.

In front of the Emperor God Wall, masses of people milled about.


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