MW Chapter 1827

Chapter 1827 – One Billion Merit Points

“Brat, you’re asking to die!”

“You dare speak to Lord Allheart like this? Not even a god can save you now!”

“So it’s nothing but a human bastard. It seems he doesn’t know how to spell the character death!”

The elites of the various sects began to stir up, violently shouting at Lin Ming.

Some people were already preparing to attack Lin Ming. In their opinion, Lord Allheart wouldn’t bother personally getting rid of a stupid baby like this who didn’t know the difference between the heavens and earth. They wanted to help Lord Allheart and gain a bit more of a favorable impression.

However, just as all of them stood up and were preparing to dismember Lin Ming, they discovered that Lord Allheart had actually turned blue. The spirit food in his hands had fallen out of his grip, rolling around everywhere.

As Lord Allheart’s eyes stared at Lin Ming, they were filled with disbelief.

This caused everyone to be confused. For some reason, it seemed that Lord Allheart was afraid of this youth.

“You… you are that… Lin… Lin Muk!?”

Allheart suddenly gasped. As one of the masters of the Akashic Dream Battlefield, he had gone to see the battle between Lin Ming and Empyrean Myriad Ghost. When he saw the fireworks in the skies, he planned to grab onto some advantages during the chaotic mess.

But after he saw Lin Ming’s aggressive methods when he killed nine Great World Kings and began subduing even an Empyrean, he had already fled far away.

That had been a vivid memory. How could he forget Lin Ming’s face!?


As everyone heard this name, all of them stared with wide eyes. They had never met Lin Muk before but they had heard his name.

For a time, everyone looked at Lin Ming with panic on their faces.

That was right… Lin Muk was a human, and this youth in front of them was also human!

“The death star has come. Everyone quickly run!”

It was unknown just who shouted this but once the first person began fleeing, everyone else followed suit, so scared that they almost peed their pants.

Allheart’s grin had fallen away. He looked at Lin Ming with wide eyes, all of his guards up.

“You are Lin Muk? Good, I’ve been wanting to experience your moves and see whether you are worth your name. Take my saber!”

Suddenly, endless soul force shot out from Allheart’s eyes, shaped like sabers.

Every blade tore through space, emitting an infinite mystic power that was shrouded in strange black energy.

After using this move, Allheart diabolically grinned, seeming as if he were sure to win.

But in the next moment, he wildly fled through the void like a black tornado. He wasn’t an idiot to stay here and actually fight. This freakish human had actually forced Chaos Demon God to retreat, so even if he ran away, no one would laugh at him for it. However, if he were to become Lin Ming’s merit points, it simply wasn’t worth it.

Lin Ming stepped forwards. The red spear in his hands rose like a rising red dragon, emitting endless crimson strength.

Woosh - !

Spear and man became one. The endless soul force sabers were completely twisted apart by his momentum, all of them breaking apart.

In Allheart’s horrified and panicked eyes, the long spear was like a dragon that pierced through him, instantly killing him.

As for the other influences who were fleeing, they felt a formidable and familiar aura immediately disappear behind them, leaving them frightened out of their minds. Lord Allheart had died just like that? That was a Great World King… they had to run away quicker otherwise they would become a part of that death star Lin Muk’s merit points!

However, they didn’t realize that Lin Ming was only watching them recklessly flee without the faintest hint of interest in chasing after them.

These people were simply too mediocre. Even if he killed them, the merit points he could obtain would be limited.

“I have to kill some more Great World Kings… I wonder where that Chaos Demon God is hiding… the Akashic Dream Battlefield is too large and he is also skilled in concealment techniques. If he tries his best to hide himself from me, it will be almost impossible to find him!”

Feeling the merit points in his token rise by a little, Lin Ming was still unsatisfied.

“In this Akashic Dream Battlefield, the various influences have sent out their outstanding elites. The sect masters should have decent merit points.”

As Lin Ming thought this, he rapidly flew away.


Like this, Lin Ming blazed a path of slaughter through the Akashic Dream Battlefield. He constantly searched out prey and killed them all, allowing his merit points to slowly grow.

As Lin Ming expected, Chaos Demon God didn’t appear again.

Once one entered the Akashic Dream Battlefield, they had to stay for the full three years and would be unable to leave midway.

Thus, Lin Ming could confirm that Chaos Demon God was hiding somewhere.

As a glorious and renowned Empyrean, he naturally wasn’t willing to serve as a stepping stone for a junior.

When Chaos Demon God didn’t attack Lin Ming when he was wounded, Lin Ming had already guessed Chaos Demon God’s plans.

Besides Empyreans, even Great World Kings and half-step Empyreans were not easy to find.

As Lin Ming continued his endless massacre, the name of Death God Lin Muk spreading out far and wide. The high level figures from many influences trembled in fear upon hearing this name, dreading that they would meet him.

Like this, a year passed.

Lin Ming experienced innumerable battles. However, none of these opponents had been able to make him seriously fight. Even so, searching for them in this giant Akashic Dream Battlefield was a good way of tempering Lin Ming’s skills.

He was like an extraordinary hunter that was becoming increasingly familiar with his hunting abilities.

Death God Lin Muk became a nightmare-like existence in the Akashic Dream Battlefield.

Slowly, several more months passed. Lin Ming’s merit points nearly reached a billion; killing another Great World King should be enough.

He flew across a nameless mountain valley. As he was flying over, bursts of medicinal fragrance met his nose.

He could see that deep within the mountain valley, there were small shards of ice slowly spreading out, cold to the extreme.

Within this ice was intermittent waves of fresh medicinal fragrance that gladdened the heart.

This was a spirit medicine, and around this spirit medicine, many people were gathered, including some people that Lin Ming was familiar with.

“This profound spring lotus was discovered by our Zenith Palace first, yet you still want to steal it!” Jaderiver shouted out loud at the people surrounding her.

A profound spring lotus was said to be one of the better spirit medicines found within the Akashic Dream Battlefield. One could refine this profound spring lotus into incense sticks, and lighting a single incense stick could help a spiritas cultivate their divine soul. It was extremely beneficial to their soul force.

The elite squad of Zenith Palace had passed through days of battle. Now, their original numbers of a couple hundred had been reduced to a little more than 40 people. Moreover, their Vice Palace Master had also suffered tremendous internal wounds.

If this continued, then the remaining disciples of Zenith Palace would find it hard to last until the three year deadline of the Akashic Dream Battlefield. But luckily for them, even if their entire squad was eliminated, their accumulated merit points would remain; it wouldn’t reset to zero with their deaths.

These people that surrounded Zenith Palace came from three different large sects. Of them, Skycave Cult was the most powerful one amongst them; they were originally several times larger than Zenith Palace.

This time, Zenith Palace had discovered the profound spring lotus. But at the same time, Skycave Cult and the other sects had also discovered it and had only been a single step behind. Zenith Palace had merely been the closest ones.

“You Zenith Palace people, you’re nothing but a bunch of old and disabled weaklings. If you know your limits then hurry up and screw off. Otherwise, not only will you not obtain this spirit medicine but you’ll also have to leave your corpses here!” A Great Elder of the Skycave Cult smirked.

As this Great Elder looked at the people from Zenith Palace, it was like he was already looking at a group of dead people.

The people from the other two groups also had cold and gloomy expressions. They stared at the people from Zenith Palace, remaining motionless.

At this time, everyone from Zenith Palace had ugly complexions.

“Haha, all of you screw off, that spirit medicine is mine!” A mocking voice echoed through the mountain valley. Everyone looked up to see a fat man standing atop a mountain peak with a wide smile on his face.

When this fat man had just entered the Akashic Dream Universe, he had an argument with Zenith Palace at Emperor City.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

A group of people leapt down from the 100,000 foot mountain peak, landing on the ground like a pack of lithe leopards, right in the middle of a group of people.

Seeing this fat man and his group, the severely wounded Zenith Vice Palace Master had an increasingly ugly complexion. Zenith Palace had already suffered terrible casualties and now they bumped into this group of people brought by the fat man; their situation was becoming increasingly worse.

“Hehe, all of you from Zenith Palace, I’ve already placed tracking marks on your bodies. I didn’t have much hope for you all, but I never imagined you would obtain such a rare treasure. Senior Solitude!”

The fat man shouted out loud. Then, from the void, a one-legged old man with tattered robes and disheveled hair stepped down from the air, his entire body covered with dense soul force runes.

“One-legged World King!”

Someone said with a sound transmission, not daring to say a single word. This one-legged old monster was a peak Great World King. In the past he had entered seven cults, but had been expelled from each one. However along the way, he had cultivated deep and extraordinary abilities. He was a bizarre and eccentric man, prone to tantrums during which he went on frequent killing sprees.

Upon seeing the One-legged World King appear, the Zenith Palace disciple called Xiao Chi was inexplicably frightened.

The One-legged World King was a petty and vindictive individual who never forgot his grudges. Several years ago at the Emperor God Wall, Zenith Palace had bumped into this One-legged World King and Xiao Chi had inadvertently blurted out a comment about him.

At the time, the One-legged World King had threatened to kill her.

“Senior Solitude, according to our previous agreement these spirit medicines will be handed over to you. As for these people, you simply need to beat them half to death so that our Divine Wind Valley can kill them and obtain some merit points.”

The fat man grinned, his eyes shining as he swept his gaze over everyone.

“Despicable!” Jaderiver indignantly shouted. She never imagined that the fat man would secretly move against Zenith Palace and also join forces with the One-legged World King to eliminate them.

“It’s not a problem!” The One-legged World King said, not even placing this crowd of ants in his eyes.

And just as he was about to attack and kill all these ants, he suddenly felt his back turn cold. He swiveled around, and at some unknown time, a black-clothed youth had appeared behind him. This black-clothed youth was staring at him with indifferent eyes, as if he were looking at a corpse.

“I’m missing one more. You’ll do just fine.”

Lin Ming looked at this One-legged World King and naturally remembered who he was.


The One-legged World King didn’t immediately respond. He hadn’t seen Lin Ming before, because he hadn’t been present for Lin Ming’s battle against Empyrean Myriad Ghost.

Lin Ming didn’t bother saying anything more. He grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear and thrust out right towards the One-legged World King’s chest!

“You are courting death!”

The One-legged World King was incensed. He never thought that this youth who didn’t know the disparity between the heavens and earth would actually attack him. It was like he was trying to commit suicide.

He wanted to strike Lin Ming to death with a palm. But just as he lifted his hand, Lin Ming’s spear seemed to pass through space, piercing through his chest with an unbelievable speed.


The One-legged World King’s protective spirit essence tore apart like wet paper!

The Phoenix Blood Spear twisted, crushing the heart and causing blood to shoot out!

The One-legged World King was still in the stance of lifting his hand. His eyes were filled with disbelief. He didn’t know how his heart had been so easily pierced by someone.


Lin Ming’s true essence erupted. Blood gushed out from the One-legged World King’s head as his meridians were ripped to shreds, completely cutting off his life.

Like this, a Great World King was killed like a minion upon someone’s spear. It seemed no different from a mortal dying.

“A billion merit points… I finally have it.”

Lin Ming pulled back his spear. The corpse of the One-legged World King fell down to the earth like a tumbling dead dog…



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