MW Chapter 1827

Chapter 1827 – One Billion Merit Points

“Brat, you’re asking to die!”

“You dare speak to Lord Allheart like this? Not even a god can save you now!”

“So it’s nothing but a human bastard. It seems he doesn’t know how to spell the character death!”

The elites of the various sects began to stir up, violently shouting at Lin Ming.

Some people were already preparing to attack Lin Ming. In their opinion, Lord Allheart wouldn’t bother personally getting rid of a stupid baby like this who didn’t know the difference between the heavens and earth. They wanted to help Lord Allheart and gain a bit more of a favorable impression.

However, just as all of them stood up and were preparing to dismember Lin Ming, they discovered that Lord Allheart had actually turned blue. The spirit food in his hands had fallen out of his grip, rolling around everywhere.

As Lord Allheart’s eyes stared at Lin Ming, they were filled with disbelief.

This caused everyone to be confused. For some reason, it seemed that Lord Allheart was afraid of this youth.

“You… you are that… Lin… Lin Muk!?”

Allheart suddenly gasped. As one of the masters of the Akashic Dream Battlefield, he had gone to see the battle between Lin Ming and Empyrean Myriad Ghost. When he saw the fireworks in the skies, he planned to grab onto some advantages during the chaotic...

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