MW Chapter 1826

Chapter 1826 – Exit

Deep within an ancient forest –

In a deathly silence, far off in the endless distance, a crimson pillar of light erupted, soaring into the heavens, seeming as if it could pierce through the world.

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In the forest, a three-headed wolf soul beast was feasting on the remnants of a spiritas youth. It suddenly looked upwards and saw the crimson beam of light. Then, its entire body shook as bits of flesh dropped down from its jaws. It tucked its tail between its legs, turned around, and fled into the forest.

For a time, an inexplicably dreadful aura expanded outwards, causing countless soul beasts to escape deep into the ancient forest.

In the middle of a dust storm, Lin Ming stepped onto the void, walking out from an endless abyss.

The crimson light in his hands slowly dissipated.

Behind him, a vortex swirled above the deep abyss. Countless runes sparkled with a mystic strength, slowly closing up the abyss.

This mystic land that wasn’t easy to approach to begin with fell into a deep slumber once more.

In the mystic realm that the red-dressed little girl had guided him to, Lin Ming had mainly perceived the Asura Laws. As for the ancient powers left behind by the first ancestor of the spiritas, although Lin Ming had become aware of them, he hadn’t been able to perceive much. If he had to think of a reason, this was simply because he didn’t understand the ancient Laws used by this spiritas king. No matter how talented Lin Ming was it was impossible for him to break into Laws that stood at such heights, thus the things he could understand were limited.

“If I could just look at the true Spiritas Holy Scripture then that would be great…” Lin Ming suddenly murmured.

All clues indicated that the Spiritas Holy Scripture was in the hands of the current spiritas Soul Emperor.

And this person was the supreme leader of the spiritas. The seven Heavens of the spiritas took him as their leader.

Even Sheng Mei had to serve the Soul Emperor; she was considered one of his subordinates.

Soul Empress Sheng Mei. The title of Empress was similar to that of Emperor. However, that didn’t mean she was the queen of the spiritas. Rather, she could be regarded as the second ranked existence of the spiritas.

In terms of status alone, Sheng Mei cast off the Good Fortune Saint Son by countless miles. They were two completely incomparable existences.

“Mm… why are you still following me…?”

Lin Ming turned his head. Behind him, the red-dressed little girl was hugging the kirin fruit in her hands, a shy expression on her face.

“I’ve given the kirin fruit back to you. Our deal has ended.”

Lin Ming said. But, the red-dressed little girl continued to stare at him with a blank expression for a long time. She nodded, but didn’t move away.

Lin Ming was surprised. “Do you have something you want to say?”

He could feel that the red-dressed little girl wanted to speak but was hesitant to do so.

The little girl parted her lips and said, “Y-y-you have a very nice smell on your body… i-it… is a very f-f-familiar feeling…”


Lin Ming was stunned. He didn’t know what the little girl meant.

Familiar smell? Could it be Yan Littlefish?

Lin Ming immediately thought of Yan Littlefish. Because he had come into contact with Yan Littlefish for a period of time, he had the aura of Yan Littlefish on his body. Could this red-dressed little girl be related to Fishy?

Lin Ming was about to speak, but the red-dressed little girl’s eyes actually moved down to Lin Ming’s stomach. “Over there… is something I am familiar with…”

Lin Ming subconsciously traced his stomach. This spot caused a strange color to come over his face. A thought flashed in his mind.

For a human, this area was where the dantian was located. When a martial artist stepped into the Divine Sea realm, the dantian evolved into an inner world. The area that the red-dressed little girl was looking at was Lin Ming’s inner world.

Although the red-dressed little girl’s eyes were incomparably pure and soft, Lin Ming could feel that her gaze was extremely sharp, as if she were seeing through his inner world.

Unknowingly, Lin Ming revolved his true essence to seal up his inner world. But even so, the red-dressed little girl continued to stare unblinkingly at Lin Ming’s stomach.

As if she was confirming something.

It couldn’t be…

An idea popped into Lin Ming’s mind, one that caused his heart to shake and his breath to quicken.

Could this red-dressed little girl be looking at the Magic Cube!?

A nice smell, a familiar feeling…

Lin Ming certainly wouldn’t think that he himself was extraordinary enough to arouse any intimate feelings in the red-dressed little girl. If so, then the most likely explanation was that she was referring to the Magic Cube in his inner world!

This was because Lin Ming always felt that this red-dressed little girl had the greatest connection to soul force.

Her life experiences were certainly not simple.

If the red-dressed little girl was truly referring to the Magic Cube, then she was the first being that Lin Ming had encountered who could sense the Magic Cube in his inner world!

Even when Lin Ming was deep beneath Immemorial Imperial City and encountered the Ancient Elysium Seal, that old monster who had served Empyrean Divine Seal and lasted through the previous great calamity still hadn’t been able to sense the Magic Cube. Only when he brought it out did it recognize the Magic Cube.

But now, in the presence of this red-dressed little girl, Lin Ming hadn’t used the Magic Cube at all and yet she had still recognized it; this caused him to feel an inexplicable sense of crisis.

As he looked at the red-dressed little girl, his eyes became uncertain.

The red-dressed little girl’s heart skipped a beat and she subconsciously took a step back, somewhat afraid of Lin Ming. She had seen the haunting light in his eyes.

“Y-y-y-y-y-ou…” The red-dressed little girl nervously said, her voice beginning to heavily stutter once more. She stubbornly hugged the kirin fruit to her chest like a frightened little rabbit.

Seeing the red-dressed little girl in such a state, Lin Ming let out a long sigh. As he thought of himself just now, he felt a deep sense of shame.

These past years he had been far too sensitive and had unwittingly formed the habit of strangling any crises before they could rise. However, he could sense that this red-dressed little girl was guarded against any other strangers, but towards him, she held a rare trust.

All of this was likely because of the Magic Cube.

The Magic Cube had caused a transformation to Lin Ming’s soul, becoming faintly similar to something which Sheng Mei had said before – the ‘Eternal Soul’.

And to this red-dressed little girl who had a profound connection to soul force, this Eternal Soul likely gave her a deep sense of familiarity.

“I-I-I… won’t say anything…”

The little girl rapidly breathed out. At these times, she was quite intelligent. She discovered that there was some secret in Lin Ming’s inner world that she couldn’t tell anyone.

“Do you want to come with me?”

Lin Ming asked after thinking for a little while.

The red-dressed little girl’s pitch black eyes went wide. She stared at Lin Ming for a long time and then slowly nodded, “Mm.”

“Okay, let’s go then.” Lin Ming turned and flew away.

As for the red-dressed little girl, she turned into pure soul force and followed Lin Ming.

She was silent and without presence – not even an Empyrean could discover her.

As Lin Ming flew, he probed the token in his spatial ring.

“My merit points have risen to 600 million, but I still need 400 million!”

Lin Ming frowned, a cold light glittering in his eyes.

In the Akashic Dream Battlefield, just around less than a year had passed.

He still had two years remaining. He had to hunt enough masters and collect the remaining 400 million!

The power of his divine sense rippled outwards, spreading out for hundreds of miles. Lin Ming discovered there were very few martial artists around him.

Because of his killing spree just now, killing the Purple Chestnut King, annihilating Great World Kings, and even slaying Empyrean Myriad Ghost, it seemed as if this entire landscape had become a desolate wilderness, a place people subconsciously avoided. They were likely scared that Lin Ming would appear nearby.

In the current Akashic Dream Battlefield, Lin Ming had become a dark star.

“Since no one’s here, I’ll just have to look for them.”


Akashic Dream Battlefield, atop a 100,000 foot cliff.

The winds were cold.

A giant nest hung on the edge of this 100,000 foot cliff, as if it were trying to block out the skies.

Each piece of grass used to construct this nest was as large as a giant log.

Waves of brilliant light emitted from the nest.

In the middle of this nest, a group of people in different colored robes were respectfully kneeling, afraid to even take a deep breath.

At the center of the nest there was the corpse of a giant roc beast. Its bloody wounds had already coagulated.

This roc beast contained a horrifying combat strength in the Akashic Dream Battlefield. But now, it had been slain and its meat had been torn off.

A bonfire had been lit. A fat middle-aged man was draining away blood from the roc beast even as he grinned at the group of kneeling people.

In front of him were dense rows of fragrant spirit medicines and all sorts of heavenly materials, all of them shining with a gorgeous light.

“Jejeje, Severed Soul Palace, Dragon Fang Faction, your loyalty isn’t too bad. I will accept these treasures. The soul beasts that you want to kill, I will help you kill them. As for the Leafnet Valley and Mount Qin, since they are your enemies, I can conveniently wipe them from the Akashic Dream Battlefield while I’m at it.” A monstrous light shined in the fat middle-aged man’s eyes as he smiled.

Leafnet Valley and Mount Qin were both small sects from the Soul World, similar in size to Zenith Palace. Although they were small sects, they still had half-step World Kings leading them on this trip to the Akashic Dream Battlefield.

Yes, the fat middle-aged man’s tone considered these groups to be as little as ants. He said he could casually exterminate them all.

As for his words, the ones kneeling to him were clearly convinced they were true.

The two groups that were spoken to were suddenly ecstatic with joy.

“Thank you, Lord Allheart.”

“If Lord Allheart is willing to help, that is truly the good fortune of my Dragon Fang Faction.”

“Of course. As a Great World King, even a World King would collapse in a single blow before him. Even this giant roc beast was instantly slain by Lord Allheart… those people from Leafnet Valley are in for a bad spell of luck this time. Once they are eliminated, we’ll be able to stay here longer and can obtain more merit points that we can use to exchange for things outside! In the Soul World, the difference between our sects will slowly increase and we can begin our plans to suppress them!”

“Lord Allheart, we will definitely obtain more treasure to offer tribute to you…” Someone carefully said.

But then, their words were interrupted by a loud explosion.

This explosion was caused by someone slowly walking towards them.

After several breaths of time, everyone saw someone’s shadowy figure slowly approach – it was a black-haired youth.

“In this area there is only you, a single Great World King?” The black-haired youth looked up at Great World King Allheart who had just been desperately eating food.

This black-haired youth was Lin Ming, who had just left the ancient galaxy battlefield.

He had flown for a long time and had finally found his first prey.


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