MW Chapter 1826

Chapter 1826 – Exit

Deep within an ancient forest –

In a deathly silence, far off in the endless distance, a crimson pillar of light erupted, soaring into the heavens, seeming as if it could pierce through the world.

Awoo - !

In the forest, a three-headed wolf soul beast was feasting on the remnants of a spiritas youth. It suddenly looked upwards and saw the crimson beam of light. Then, its entire body shook as bits of flesh dropped down from its jaws. It tucked its tail between its legs, turned around, and fled into the forest.

For a time, an inexplicably dreadful aura expanded outwards, causing countless soul beasts to escape deep into the ancient forest.

In the middle of a dust storm, Lin Ming stepped onto the void, walking out from an endless abyss.

The crimson light in his hands slowly dissipated.

Behind him, a vortex swirled above the deep abyss. Countless runes sparkled with a mystic strength, slowly closing up the abyss.

This mystic land that wasn’t easy to approach to begin with fell into a deep slumber once more.

In the mystic realm that the red-dressed little girl had guided him to, Lin Ming had mainly perceived the Asura Laws. As for...

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