MW Chapter 1825

Chapter 1825 – Middle Holy Lord

Without a doubt, that fallen golden page was a part of the Spiritas Holy Scripture. As for this part of the Akashic Dream Universe, it was likely a mystic realm left over from before the first ancestor of the spiritas collapsed.

As for the void here, it was probably the ancient battlefield between the Asura Road Master and the first ancestor of the spiritas.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming was shocked. His heart began to surge with heated blood even as his eyes brightened.

If so, then there were traces and marks here left behind by a battle between two peerless masters.

To a martial artist at Lin Ming’s level, this was an unimaginable wealth.

Faint lines of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws continuously dissipated from his fingertips, resonating in sympathy with the remnant battle aura left behind by the Asura Road Master in that deep black abyss.


An incomparably pure aura of the Asura Heavenly Dao began to flow into Lin Ming’s spiritual sea.

He could clearly feel the battle between the Asura Road Master and the ancient spiritas king. The subtle utilizations of the Asura Heavenly Dao’s power was completely reflected in his mind.

With his current understanding of the Asura Heavenly Dao, he slowly verified these truths.

In the past when he had walked down the blue stone road, Lin Ming had passed through the spirit marks left behind by the Asura Road Master and had watched on as the Asura Road Master fought in innumerable great battles.

But that had only been watching. It was different from now, where he could combine his realizations with the marks left behind on the ancient battlefield by the Asura Road Master.

It was like he had become one with the Asura Road Master. The things he could comprehend were even more profound.

He could feel in his body as the Asura Road Master fought with his enemy, understanding each minute change in the use of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws.

These comprehensions were all slowly verified with his previous understandings of the Asura Heavenly Dao. Slowly, Lin Ming was able to grasp the power of the Asura Heavenly Dao even tighter, allowing his understandings to rise once more.

Lin Ming sat down on the edge of the abyss and slowly meditated.

In the dark void, countless Asura runes fluttered about. These Asura runes were like the text of a history book, having recorded endless mysteries.

Lin Ming slowly entered deep into an ethereal state. Behind him, a withered old tree with strong dragon-like roots began to slowly appear, taking root in the void. The tree spread out its elderly branches and leaves, and all around the tree, falling petals appeared, like a noble immortal wonderland.

This was a phenomenon that occurred when Mount Potala’s Bodhi tree appeared. It was a pure land of ultimate bliss within this world.

Beneath the Bodhi tree, Lin Ming had fused together several different martial intents. This allowed him to enter a completely concentrated state whenever he wished, without sound without touch, without sight without sense.

Lin Ming meditated like this, oblivious to the passing of time. He constantly sifted through the runes, obtaining realizations from the mysteries within.

“…These changes have allowed the power of the Asura Heavenly Dao to reach the pinnacle, this is truly perfect… no wonder the ancient spiritas king wasn’t able to defend himself even though he tried his best.

“…So the power of the Asura Heaven Dao Laws was used like this. With such a stunning evolution, it is in no way inferior to the essence of the 33 Heavens’ Great Daos…”

Lin Ming floated in the void, star-like runes spinning around him as he slowly perceived the aura of the Asura Road Master.

Every tiny change that occurred when the Asura Road Master fought with the ancient spiritas king appeared in his mind.

Like this, six months rapidly passed.

Lin Ming’s figure, from the edge of the abyss, began to enter the ancient galactic battlefield.

He endlessly sensed the battle aura left behind by the Asura Road Master. His comprehensions of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws became increasingly profound.

The surrounding blood red power of the Asura Heavenly Dao’s aura formed into faint red strands that wrapped around Lin Ming.

From a distance, it looked as if Lin Ming had been bound in a crimson cocoon.

This cocoon was large, like a blood red meteor.

Sitting cross-legged within, Lin Ming was utterly immersed in his contemplative state.

The Asura Heavenly Array Diagram within him constantly hummed. The giant Asura phantom appeared, pushing a massive wheel. It slowly fused with the blood red cocoon. In the surging chaos, new changes gradually appeared.

Unknowingly and unwittingly, Lin Ming’s Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel and other Asura martial skills that Lin Ming learned through the Asura Sutra began to constantly evolve, transforming once more.

Even the Asura phantom that pushed the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel began to fill up with flesh and blood, emitting a terrifying momentum. Its pitch black pupils began to blaze with a crimson light…

At the end, the blood red cocoon surrounding Lin Ming became increasingly thick until it almost reached the size of a planet.

Lin Ming flew closer and closer to the center of the ancient galaxy battlefield. Finally, with a loud rumbling sound, he fused together with the strongest battle runes left behind in the battle between the Asura Road Master and the ancient spiritas king.

The blood red cocoon began to rapidly revolve within the ancient galaxy battlefield. Bursts of red light flashed out and exploded as if a sea of thunder was rumbling within.

Inside the blood red cocoon, Lin Ming was sitting naked in the void, like an ancient Buddha deep in contemplation.

Every pore on his body emitted a blinding light. Dense crimson curse seals crawled over his body like countless centipedes.

Every curse seal contained the rhythm of the Great Dao and emitted the roars of dragons and tigers.

These curse seals were the most ancient texts of the Asura Sutra. Originally, these texts had only been recorded within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea where they floated like stars, obscure and enigmatic, completely incomprehensible.

But now, Lin Ming perceived the battle marks left behind by the Asura Road Master, and he slowly fused with these battle marks, allowing them to be felt through his body.

Then, these battle marks resonated with the Asura Sutra texts within his spiritual sea. Some areas which he was confused about before were suddenly crystal clear.

The texts of the Asura Sutra that contained endless mysteries and strength began to thoroughly mingle with Lin Ming’s flesh and blood, becoming a part of his body.

In that moment, Lin Ming’s comprehension of the Asura Heavenly Dao rose even further, becoming increasingly perfect…

The dazzling blood red cocoon also began to dim down until falling completely silent. Gradually, it seemed to become a part of the ancient galaxy battlefield, turning into a blood red meteor that didn’t exude any strength at all. It was icy cold and deathly still.

This condition continued for an unknown period of time. It seemed to be a single breath of time, and it seemed to be an entire era of a universe.


The icy cold meteor that was the blood red cocoon loudly shattered and dissipated into the void.

Middle Holy Lord realm!

In that instant, Lin Ming knew he had broken into the middle Holy Lord realm. Although his cultivation was still suppressed to the Divine Lord realm in the Akashic Dream Battlefield, he knew that as long as he left this place, his cultivation would instantly return to that of a middle Holy Lord, completely unstoppable.

Lin Ming had repeatedly suppressed his cultivation in order to consolidate his foundation. And now, his cultivation could no longer be suppressed. It was a like a pot that was filled with too much liquid and couldn’t help but flow out.

Since it couldn’t be suppressed, Lin Ming didn’t try to either.

He planned to wait once he reached the peak of the Holy Lord realm and started towards the World King realm. He would go into seclusion for dozens or even a hundred years in order to consolidate his cultivation and have his foundation become as stable as it possibly could.

This was in order to offset the problems caused by his cultivation rising too quickly.

Lin Ming slowly stepped out. His aura was restrained and every pore on his body was as smooth as the finest jade, not releasing any power at all.

He simply walked through the galaxy. With every step he took, parts of broken stars would disintegrate beneath the mysterious beat of his steps.

Step after step, he finally reached the outermost edge of the galaxy.

He waved his hand and a purple robe covered his naked figure.

And at this time, the red-dressed little girl was sitting on the broken star, quietly watching Lin Ming approach. Her eyes shimmered with a divine light; it was unknown just what she was thinking.

She seemed a bit dazed, a bit surprised, and even a bit confused.

As if she didn’t recognize Lin Ming at all.

“This was truly a trove of hidden treasure. My harvests here were great. Thank you.”

Lin Ming’s voice echoed like billowing thunderclaps, spreading in all directions and causing winds to surge.

Everything around him trembled. Some massive rocks that were damaged directly collapsed and crashed to the ground.

This was clearly a lion-like phenomenon that only occurred when one’s strength became incredibly formidable.

The red-dressed little girl jumped up in fright. She shrank inwards.

“…Y-y-you scared me.”

Lin Ming laughed in embarrassment and awkwardly rubbed his nose. This time he had experienced the last battle between the Asura Road Master and that ancient spiritas king.

He had fused together with the battle marks left here by the Asura Road Master and had obtained endless benefits.

He could clearly feel the strength within his body that was as vast as a sea. He had taken another step towards breaking into the critical point of the World King realm.

Moreover, he had an even better grasp of the Asura Heavenly Dao. Those previously confusing places were now clear to him. With this miraculous enlightenment, it was just like being reborn.

At Lin Ming’s current level, wanting to take a single step forwards wasn’t easy at all. Now that he had such a tremendous harvest, he was naturally overjoyed.



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