MW Chapter 1824

Chapter 1824 – Ancient Ruins

Lin Ming looked towards the red-dressed little girl. The little girl’s vacant look confirmed that he wouldn’t be able to obtain any valuable information from her, such as why the aura of the Asura Road Master was kept here.

The two slowly approached the stone forest. For a time, the entire stone forest seemed to come alive with movement. Flower petals formed from the Great Dao began to fall down from the skies, turning into strange runes that blocked out the world.

Lin Ming and the little girl were also blocked out. It was an incomprehensible defensive array formation.


The little girl cried out in surprise. The soul force she emitted seemed to come into conflict with this aura and was bounced back by the array formation, nearly causing her to be injured.

However, the little girl surprised Lin Ming yet again. Her body seemed to be weightless. As she was pushed back by this strange energy, she fluttered backwards like a piece of cotton.

Like this, she flew backwards several dozen feet before gently landing.

“What’s wrong?”

“T-t-this place is a b-b-bit strange. Every time I come I will...

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