MW Chapter 1824

Chapter 1824 – Ancient Ruins

Lin Ming looked towards the red-dressed little girl. The little girl’s vacant look confirmed that he wouldn’t be able to obtain any valuable information from her, such as why the aura of the Asura Road Master was kept here.

The two slowly approached the stone forest. For a time, the entire stone forest seemed to come alive with movement. Flower petals formed from the Great Dao began to fall down from the skies, turning into strange runes that blocked out the world.

Lin Ming and the little girl were also blocked out. It was an incomprehensible defensive array formation.


The little girl cried out in surprise. The soul force she emitted seemed to come into conflict with this aura and was bounced back by the array formation, nearly causing her to be injured.

However, the little girl surprised Lin Ming yet again. Her body seemed to be weightless. As she was pushed back by this strange energy, she fluttered backwards like a piece of cotton.

Like this, she flew backwards several dozen feet before gently landing.

“What’s wrong?”

“T-t-this place is a b-b-bit strange. Every time I come I will be b-b-bitten by something strange… b-but last time it wasn’t so s-s-strong…”

After being with Lin Ming for such a long time, the little girl’s voice seemed to smooth out, as if all her previous speaking problems were because she hadn’t spoken with anyone for far too long a time.

Lin Ming couldn’t help but look at her and ask, “How old are you?”

The red-dressed little girl revealed a dazed expression. After a while she shook her head and said, “I d-d-don’t know… I s-s-seem to have slept for a long time, b-but for some reason, I woke up afterwards and I ended up h-here… and then… I… o-often see outsiders come h-here and try to catch me… as well as my friends…”

The red-dressed little girl spoke with a frown, as if these were memories she didn’t want to remember.

Lin Ming was dumbfounded. This little girl’s life experiences were far too strange.

According to what she said, she had likely lived for a long time already and had been deeply slumbering for most of the time.

And as for the outsiders, they were naturally the trial challengers that came to the Akashic Dream Battlefield. When these people searched for treasures in this mystic realm, they undoubtedly disturbed the rest of the little girl, and the spirit medicines they tried to take were similar to spiritual medicines like the kirin fruit who were able to manifest themselves.

“No wonder this little girl was guarded when she saw me, and seemed to fear me. Just who is she? Why does she seem like Fishy…?”

Lin Ming suddenly recalled Yan Littlefish. Although Fishy seemed like an ordinary little girl on the outside, she was actually an enigma that could eat violet sun stones and nine sun jades as if they were candy.

She also didn’t remember how long she had lived. But, her age didn’t match her mindset. It seemed that her thoughts had stayed at the level of a little child, always a bit dull and silly.

Her appearance had also never changed. She always resembled a little girl in her early teens, never growing, never aging.

“This array formation… is naturally formed by the 33 Heavens’ Great Dao, it is not made by mortal hands. In order to enter, one has to follow the Great Dao Laws of the 33 Heavens.” Lin Ming thought for a moment. His eyes focused on the array formation in front of him. Within his pupils, tens of thousands of runes were reflected, weaving together in the skies like endless stars, vast and profound…

There were similarities between this array formation and divine runic symbols.

He had studied divine runic symbols for many years and had absorbed the memories of many divine runic masters. His background was deep and he was confident that he could solve this array formation.

For some time, he began making innumerable deductions in his mind.

Slowly, he found a vein of the defensive array formation. Spear light flicked out from his fingertips, loudly smashing into a node of the array formation.

Like a giant stone falling into a calm lake, strong ripples began to spread outwards.

The entire array formation suddenly collapsed.

This incomparably dense stone forest began to decay and collapse at a speed visible to the eyes.

This was an erosion produced by endless years of weathering. Lin Ming was shocked to see this.

The earth beneath his feet began to violently shake. The surrounding space started to change. In an instant, the stone forest in front of him had disappeared.

Hu - !

An ice cold wind howled above him.

The world in front of him turned into an incredibly bleak and desolate wasteland. The rugged stones in the ground emitted a chilling aura.

Not too far away, a hellish black abyss was exposed to the air, emitting a boundless mystic strength.

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. His figure flickered and he appeared hundreds of miles away. As he arrived at the edge of the black abyss, he peered inside.

His entire body shook. The black abyss was fathomless, without anything visible at all. Rather, he felt two auras that caused his heart to tremble.

One of these auras was an incomparably pure black energy, one that released an unspeakable oppressive feeling, as if all living beings to exist had to bow before it.

It was vigorous and powerful.

This was a mass of soul force that had reached the pinnacle of purity, and even contained the feel of the Great Dao.

Without a doubt, this was the limit of soul force. The purity and depth of this soul force far surpassed even that of Soul Empress Sheng Mei.

As this soul force surged, there were infinite changes within.

Just by glancing at it, one’s heart would race, feeling as if their divine soul would be swallowed up.

As for the other aura, it was one that Lin Ming was familiar with – the aura of the Asura Road Master.

This aura carried with it the strength of the Asura Heavenly Dao, as deep as an endless ocean. It was majestic and daring, with a killing intent that soared into the heavens, seeming capable of crushing the universe itself.

These two auras had existed in this space since time immemorial, faintly struggling with each other and colliding with each other, with no distinction of rank between them.

“Who is this person? They can contend with the Asura Road Master on the same level?”

Lin Ming was surprised. He discovered that this soul force that fought with the Asura Road Master’s remnant aura was not any worse.

Because of the peerless array formation here, this soul force as well as the Asura Road Master’s aura had been sealed in an independent world, not dissipating even after billions upon billions of years. Rather, it faintly formed its own Heavenly Dao system and continuously grew.

Countless runes spun out, vividly dancing in the darkness of space.

Lin Ming revolved the power of the Asura Laws and looked at these runes with rapt attention. Even though his eyes became a little sore, he made a bewildering discovery. These runes that danced in the air were like history books, recording unimaginable scenes within them.

Lin Ming discovered that at the end of the abyss beneath him, there was yet another abyss, one that was deep and without end.

Within that abyss, a grand aura also surged outwards.

That abyss was incredibly dense, riddling this entire world like a honeycomb.

“Could this be an ancient battlefield from when the Asura Road Master was fighting with someone else?”

Lin Ming thought, dumbfounded. The Asura Road Master had lived billions of years ago. Such a broken world could only appear if struck by a great strength.

Just as he thought this, the black clouds of energy that camouflaged the void began to fade away.

Stars twinkled in space, distant and cold in the endless void.

Trillions of stars continued without end, even hanging above his head. Looking up, he could make out strange stones and inexhaustible mountain ranges.

These stars emitted a boundless mystical power of stars.

Lin Ming was standing on a star, but amongst the boundless stars in the universe, it was only an ordinary one.

Taking a broad look around, he could see that the innumerable stars around him were tattered and riddled with holes, verging on the point of collapse.

Even further away, at the center of the galaxy, there were massive wreckages of annihilated stars burning there.

At the center of the galaxy, there were no more stars or dust. Rather, there was only a pitch black and burning red light shining endlessly from within.

These two lights were like two universes. With just a single glance, Lin Ming’s chest violently trembled, as if he had been struck by some large invisible hand.

Strong. These were two absolutely strong forces.

Time passed. Even the erosion of time wasn’t able to cause these two groups of power to disappear.

Instead, they formed the Laws of the heavens and earth, becoming like yin and yang, mutually elevating and constraining each other, growing together.

They were like infinite suns exploding. An incomprehensibly powerful mystic strength was imprisoned, seeming to exist for eternity.

“Mm? This is?”

Lin Ming could vaguely see an image…

The Asura was standing in the pitch black cold of space. He wore black armor and his pupils shined with a terrifying light.

He was fighting a man with a similarly terrifying aura. This man walked the distant end of the galaxy where they began to fight each other.

The Asura’s fist shadows were vigorous and vast, each fist shadow strike tearing apart the universe. Endless stars cracked apart, swallowing up the man that walked in from the other side of the galaxy.

In these endless shadows, the man pulled out a strange ancient black book.

He began to recite scriptures. The scriptures turned into ancient words that spread out from the Asura’s rain of fist shadows.

Every ancient word changed into columns of soul force in the void. They tore through the galaxy and collided with the Asura’s fist shadows. Terrifying fluctuations of energy spread out, tearing apart large tracts of space and destroying millions of stars…

This battle continued for a mind-boggling period of time. It was unknown how many years they fought or how many billions of stars were crushed.

In the end, the mysterious man’s forehead was scratched by the Asura Road Master’s fist shadows. His star-heavy blood fell down, crashing into the boundless space below.

With this, a mysterious page from the ancient black book in the man’s hands also fell down…

After this scene, all illusions collapsed. Lin Ming reappeared at the edge of the giant abyss. Asura runes shimmered in front of him.

What Lin Ming saw just now were the records contained within the runes born from the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws…

Lin Ming took a deep breath – the mysterious man that fought with the Asura Road Master was naturally the ancient first ancestor of the spiritas.

The center of the galaxy had been their final battlefield.

In the Asura Road’s final trial, at the end of the mysterious blue stone road, Lin Ming had seen the Asura Road Master fight with this mysterious man.

But the outcome of that battle had been unknown.

However, Lin Ming now knew the final result – the ancient king of the spiritas had lost to the Asura Road Master!

But, the Asura Road Master had also been injured.

Moreover, the incomparably ancient and mysterious book had a golden page fall out from it, making it incomplete.


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