MW Chapter 1823

Chapter 1823 – Hidden Treasures

News of Lin Ming killing Empyrean Myriad Ghost and forcing Chaos Demon God to retreat soon spread throughout the entire Akashic Dream Battlefield.

The two Empyreans had originally entered the Akashic Dream Battlefield to duel each other, but their battles hadn’t been seen by anyone, nor had they gone all-out. Rather, they had only exchanged a few initial probing strikes. But now, they were both ruined by Lin Ming. One had been directly killed and the other had fled in the eyes of all present.

This was a simply unimaginable situation!

For a time, the terrifying name of Lin Muk spread throughout the entire Akashic Dream Battlefield. This was news that came from Zenith Palace.

The young disciples of Zenith Palace couldn’t help but brag about their relationship with Lin Ming, thus they naturally used the name he had given them – Lin Muk.

On the Akashic Dream Battlefield, people felt fear and awe upon hearing this name. This was especially true...

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