MW Chapter 1823

Chapter 1823 – Hidden Treasures

News of Lin Ming killing Empyrean Myriad Ghost and forcing Chaos Demon God to retreat soon spread throughout the entire Akashic Dream Battlefield.

The two Empyreans had originally entered the Akashic Dream Battlefield to duel each other, but their battles hadn’t been seen by anyone, nor had they gone all-out. Rather, they had only exchanged a few initial probing strikes. But now, they were both ruined by Lin Ming. One had been directly killed and the other had fled in the eyes of all present.

This was a simply unimaginable situation!

For a time, the terrifying name of Lin Muk spread throughout the entire Akashic Dream Battlefield. This was news that came from Zenith Palace.

The young disciples of Zenith Palace couldn’t help but brag about their relationship with Lin Ming, thus they naturally used the name he had given them – Lin Muk.

On the Akashic Dream Battlefield, people felt fear and awe upon hearing this name. This was especially true for the World Kings and Great World Kings here. They were afraid that they would accidently bump into Lin Ming and wouldn’t even have any hopes of escaping, eventually becoming a part of Lin Ming’s merit points.

However, none of this news spread outside the Akashic Dream Battlefield. Once the Akashic Dream Battlefield was sealed up, no one would know what occurred within until the full three years had passed.

However, Lin Ming simply didn’t care about any of this at all.

Alone, he trod deep into the vast desolate woods. Not too far behind, a little girl followed.

She wore a bright red dress and her rosy feet were bare as she stepped upon the wind. Her snow white toes were like ten pearls, glowing with a crystalline light.

In this forest there were countless giant ancient vicious beasts, in other words, soul beasts. These soul beasts were particularly fierce and would launch continuous ambushes, creating a good deal of trouble for Lin Ming.

However, what surprised Lin Ming was that the little girl simply fluttered forwards, unnoticed by these soul beasts.

No matter how formidable the soul beasts were, they would just run past her without sparing her a glance.

From deep within the ancient forest, there was a mystic and formidable aura that emanated outwards.

Lin Ming also discovered the existence of this aura. He grew increasingly sure that the hidden treasure the red-dressed little girl spoke of was this existence.

This ancient forest seemed to have existed for countless billions of years. Each leaf was as large as a house.

Any rays of light that shined down were blocked by layers of thick leaves, filtering out to a dim haze that left mottled shadows on the ground.

“What is that?”

Lin Ming suddenly paused. In the forest, his figure flashed, instantly travelling hundreds of miles.

Soon, he reached the edge of the ancient forest. What he suddenly saw in front of him was a vast outcropping of rocks, a stone forest that towered in an open space for hundreds of miles.

This stone forest was vast. As Lin Ming leapt up to the canopy of the trees, he looked down and saw that the shape of this stone forest resembled that of a hand.

The five fingers were represented by five massive towering stone formations.

The way that the central region was set up resembled a palm.

This stone forest was covered in a dense blanket of brilliant light that dazzled the eyes.

Waves of strange runes shot up from the stone forest, rising up like a river of stars.

A bird soul beast that had a wingspan of over 30 feet flew out from the forest and into the broad skies. However, it carefully avoided the stone forest, as if there was something terrifying within it.

This caused Lin Ming’s mind to chill.

The stone forest should be the hidden treasure trove that the little girl spoke of. However, this hidden treasure area contained a horrifying aura.

Lin Ming frowned. He drew back his gaze from the stone forest and slowly turned around.

Behind him, atop the ground that looked like rocky sand, the red-dressed girl was calmly floating.

“You said that the hidden treasure area is in this stone forest?” He knew that this little girl was extremely timid, thus he tried to keep his voice as gentle as possible.

“Mm.” Looking at the stone forest, a strange and lonely look crossed the red-dressed little girl’s face, followed by confusion. Then, she looked towards Lin Ming and rapidly nodded.

Chirp chirp!

The kirin fruit cried out, revealing a horrified look as it stared at the stone forest. It was unknown just what it was afraid of.

But why would Lin Ming care about whether this little fruit was scared? He put away the kirin fruit and said, “Let’s go!”

Lin Ming called out to the little girl. Then, he cautiously approached the mysterious stone forest.

But before long, he suddenly stopped, a look of amazement crossing his face.

All he felt was an invisible, mountain-like atmosphere enveloping him. A tremendous pressure fell upon every inch of his skin, pressing down on his shoulders. Even though he had billions of jins of strength, he still found it onerous to move.

Every joint in his body emitted popping sounds. However, he was still 10 miles away from the stone forest.

But what startled him the most was not this formidable and invisible aura, but the fact that within this aura, there was a familiar feeling.

It was because this aura was not just simple soul force. Rather, it contained the power of ‘energy’, from the essence gathering system.

This was a simply unthinkable matter. The Akashic Dream Battlefield was only a small part of the Akashic Dream World. The Akashic Dream World itself was a treasure left behind by the first ancestor of all spiritas, an existence that surpassed the realm of True Divinity.

Everything inside should be formed from the purest soul force, so how could such a pure and rich power from the essence gathering system have appeared here?

Lin Ming was puzzled. He let out a deep breath and his blood vitality began to surge within his body, flowing like an endlessly raging river.

From every pore of his body, an invisible astral energy shot out, forcefully resisting the strange pressure that was everywhere around him.

Hu - !

Hu - !

After energizing the blood vitality essence energy within his body, he forcefully split apart the potent pressure like a river, causing it to flow around him.

Step by step, he slowly approached the mysterious stone forest.

“Mm? What is this power? This… power is clearly one of the 33 Heavens’ Great Daos.

“This is also another Great Dao power of the 33 Heavens…”

The closer Lin Ming came to the stone forest, the more shocked he became. He began to feel more and more Great Dao systems as he approached the stone forest.

Moreover, what was most peculiar of all was that even though these powers didn’t belong to the Akashic Dream World, they weren’t suppressed, weakened, or even repelled.

This completely subverted Lin Ming’s understandings of the 33 Heavens’ Great Daos.

“To leave behind such a tremendous aura that contains the Great Daos of the 33 Heavens… could this stone forest have been left behind by a True Divinity level character? No… even a True Divinity level character shouldn’t possess the power of so many Great Daos from the 33 Heavens… as far as I know, the only one who has managed to grasp the power of so many Great Daos, through the endless ages, has only been the Asura Road Master…”

As Lin Ming was thinking about all of this, he reached less than a mile from the stone forest.

Even though his body was as intense as an ancient vicious beast, at this time, he was being suppressed by the Great Dao aura of the 33 Heavens. His skin and his bones constantly distorted as wave-like ripples passed over him. Even his face twisted beneath the unimaginably huge pressure, continuously changing.

Every inch of Lin Ming’s body felt as if it were being grinded by a pan; the pain was agonizing.

Lin Ming took another step forwards –

Hum! Hum! Hum!

From his originally quiet dantian, the Asura Heavenly Array Diagram began to quietly tremble and hum. The array formation that was fused into his flesh and blood began to emanate waves of the Asura Heavenly Dao’s strength.

The Asura Heavenly Array Diagram was left behind by the Asura Road Master and was formed by combining the three source energies of ‘essence, energy, and divine’. It could reform an image of the Asura Road within his body, so that the power he obtained from the Asura Road wouldn’t be suppressed and repelled by the Great Daos of the 33 Heavens. This array diagram that fused into Lin Ming was one of the ultimate rewards he received from the Asura Road’s final trial.

In ordinary times, as long as Lin Ming didn’t use the power of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws then the Asura Heavenly Array Diagram would remain dormant, without any movement at all.

But at this time, it actually resonated with some strange force and was opening on its own.

Even the numerous divine runic symbols that Lin Ming had on him didn’t remain calm. The Asura Heavenly Dao Laws within them also began to emit keening cries.

“This is… the aura of the Asura Road Master!?”

Lin Ming’s sharp senses perceived the aura of the Asura Road Master. Moreover, it was from the mysterious stone forest.

This vast and boundless aura seemed to contain a momentum that could swallow the universe. Even as Lin Ming was shocked, he still felt an intimate familiarity with it.

Moreover, as this aura appeared, the auras of the 33 Heavens’ Great Daos were suddenly weakened. The pressure on Lin Ming lightened by a great deal.

More and more suspicions appeared in Lin Ming’s mind. Why would the aura of the Asura Road Master appear here?

This was the Akashic Dream World.

Did the Asura Road Master… also step into the Akashic Dream World before?

This thought suddenly flashed through Lin Ming’s mind, leaving him feeling inexplicably astonished.


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