MW Chapter 1822

Chapter 1822 – Chaos Demon God Retreats

In terms of strength, a middle Empyrean like Empyrean Myriad Ghost couldn’t be compared with a lower Empyrean like Sheng Mei. Moreover, the difference was considerable.

Back at the final trial’s fifth level, Lin Ming appeared to have accomplished something that had been impossible for Sheng Mei. But the truth was that in that battle, Sheng Mei had been far more useful than Lin Ming was.

In the first struggle with the Undying Inferno, Sheng Mei by herself was responsible for the majority of defending against the Undying Inferno as well as attacking it afterwards.

In the second round, when facing the Undying Polar Ice, Sheng Mei had also been responsible for the majority of the defense. Lin Ming had only needed to complete the final strike.

With Lin Ming’s understanding of the Asura Laws as well as the inherent suppression of his techniques and also the support of the Black Dragon Spear, he was finally able to crush open the Undying Polar Ice’s egg.

But in a true life or death battle, one had to look at Laws, force fields, techniques, and so forth. Just the feat of breaking open the Undying Polar Ice’s egg couldn’t explain everything.

“The death god is looking at us!”

Sensing Lin Ming’s vision on them, many people felt fear and apprehension. Lin Ming’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning, causing a shiver to crawl up their backs and their hearts to skip a beat.

“Don’t tell me he’s going to attack us!”

Someone said, their voice trembling. They already began to think of turning and running.

The truth was that they had already finished watching the fun. Now, everyone here who had the qualifications to be killed by Lin Ming was already dead, and there was no one else worth noticing.

“He shouldn’t. At this point, we’re just little bits of rice to him. Our several thousand merit points shouldn’t be worth a glance to him.”

Someone said. Although this was a strike to their self-confidence, it was simply a statement of facts. Lin Ming’s target was World Kings, Great World Kings, and even Empyreans!

And indeed, Lin Ming wasn’t looking at these people. Rather, his gaze pierced through these people, locking in on some place in the far off distance.

The place where Lin Ming looked seemed to contain a chaotic atmosphere. And Lin Ming’s gaze pierced through this chaos as if he saw through everything!

“Since you’ve come, why not reveal yourself?”

Lin Ming coldly said. He had sensed that at the end of his battle with Empyrean Myriad Ghost, a divine sense had locked onto him, but this person hadn’t done anything.

There had been a single instant eruption of killing intent as if this person wanted to sneak attack Lin Ming at the moment he had killed Empyrean Myriad Ghost. But in the end, this killing intent had dimmed down.

Now, this sense was continuously hidden in chaos, hard for even Lin Ming to detect.

Before, the reason that Lin Ming had mutually wounded himself was to preserve the amount of energy he had remaining, and it was all because he needed to deal with this enemy who was hiding in the perimeter.

Lin Ming’s words shocked everyone present!

“What? Someone’s hiding and hasn’t revealed themselves!?”

Someone cried out in alarm. They followed Lin Ming’s vision but all they saw was void that tumbled with a faintly visible aura of chaos as well as the boundless terrain of the Akashic Dream Battlefield.

Those who came to the Akashic Dream Battlefield were all outstanding individuals of their generation and were not fools. After sifting through the information they knew, they quickly guessed just who Lin Ming was speaking about.

To be able to hide himself in nothingness and deceive all those present, spying on Lin Ming in secret, and to have the courage to do all of this, perhaps the only one capable was Chaos Demon God!

Chaos Demon God was also a middle Empyrean. He was the sworn blood enemy of Empyrean Myriad Ghost. The reason he came to the Akashic Dream Battlefield was in order to fight Empyrean Myriad Ghost. However, Empyrean Myriad Ghost had eventually been slain by Lin Ming instead!

Before this, Chaos Demon God had likely exchanged a few skirmishes with Empyrean Myriad Ghost. But without a doubt, the two of them hadn’t been able to do much to each other.

In other words, Chaos Demon God was at the same level of strength as Empyrean Myriad Ghost.

If Lin Ming were in his peak state, then Chaos Demon God wouldn’t be his opponent.

However, Lin Ming was currently wounded, and through that long battle he must have consumed a considerable amount of strength. In this case, Chaos Demon God had still only kept on spying, not attacking Lin Ming!

Even when Lin Ming was fiercely battling Empyrean Myriad Ghost and there were plenty of excellent opportunities to launch a sneak attack, Chaos Demon God had held back his desire to strike.

No one believed that this was because Chaos Demon God didn’t like to do things like sneak attacks. The value of the kirin fruit was enough to cause an Empyrean to ignore any morals they had before. This meant that even in that fierce battle, Chaos Demon God still didn’t have full assurance he could defeat Lin Ming!

At the very least, he didn’t have any confidence that he could prevent Lin Ming from escaping.

Thus, he decided not to attack.

In the void, Chaos Demon God remained silent. The overlapping waves of chaos seemed like mystic illusions that contained endless mysteries, completely incomprehensible to anyone.

Lin Ming didn’t move. He remained sitting where he was in the air. At the same time, he rapidly absorbed the pill in his body to restore his strength and revolved his blood vitality to regenerate his wounds.

The flesh on his chest wriggled as it regenerated, slowly restoring itself.

He didn’t attack Chaos Demon God because he didn’t have confidence he could kill two Empyreans in a row. But conversely, if Chaos Demon God attacked he also couldn’t do anything to Lin Ming.

Even if Chaos Demon God had chosen to attack Lin Ming when Lin Ming was attacking Empyrean Myriad Ghost with the final strike, Lin Ming could still have used his two avatars to defend against any potential sneak attacks.

The gray fog scattered. In the far off distance within the swirling chaos energy, after Lin Ming’s words, everyone began to faintly feel the pressure coming out from that space, causing their hearts to race.

“I can really feel the aura of an Empyrean! Perhaps Chaos Demon God has already been here for some time!”

“Of course he would come. Just what kind of character is Chaos Demon God? How could he not have sensed such a ruckus? Why wouldn’t he have rushed over?”

“If Chaos Demon God joined forces with Empyrean Myriad Ghost they probably could have defeated Lin Muk.”

“That’s impossible… Chaos Demon God and Empyrean Myriad Ghost are blood sworn enemies of each other, so it’s almost impossible for them to join forces. Moreover, even if they did, Lin Muk would still have been able to run away, and I don’t think either of them would have been able to catch him!”

Many people sighed with emotion. Such a result was simply unbelievable!

This stalemate continued for a long time. Then, a boundless voice echoed out, “Truly, I cannot harm you! You and I have no enmity, so today I shall not attack you, nor do I wish to fight you in the future. We will both mind our own business and neither of us shall interfere with the other!”

Chaos Demon God compromised, making a deal with Lin Ming!

But Lin Ming didn’t want a compromise like this, because within Chaos Demon God’s words there seemed to be a subtle meaning. It was that if he didn’t attack Lin Ming today and didn’t take the opportunity to sneak attack him, that was the same as doing Lin Ming a favor.

Lin Ming coldly sneered, “Yes, you and I have no enmity, but today, if I were weak, would you have not tried to steal away my kirin fruit because we don’t have enmity with each other? The only reason you don’t attack me is because you don’t have the confidence that you can kill me!”

Lin Ming’s words stood in sharp opposition, measure for measure!

The chaos demon energy in the void began to violently shake, becoming disorderly. Chaos Demon God furiously shouted, “What are you trying to say!?”

“Let me tell you something. If you want to attack me today, then go ahead and do it. If you don’t attack, I won’t consider this any favor done. If we meet in the future, whether we are friends or enemies is another story altogether!”

Lin Ming’s voice was indifferent and his momentum was aggressive. In truth, he didn’t want to force a character like Chaos Demon God to the end. After all, this other person was a middle Empyrean. If Lin Ming left the Akashic Dream Battlefield and he bumped into a center Empyrean, he wouldn’t have the chance to run away. To offend this kind of enemy wasn’t a wise move at all.

But Lin Ming needed a billion merit points and was currently missing 400 million. He was worried that if he didn’t kill Chaos Demon God then he wouldn’t be able to collect these 400 million merit points.

For the legendary golden page, Lin Ming would rather offend Chaos Demon God!


At this time, a cold humph filled with killing intent spread out. The martial artists present were startled. They thought that Chaos Demon God was about to attack.

However, slowly, he eventually hid himself once more. The tumbling chaos energy retreating, disappearing like sweeping winds and scattering clouds, vanishing from sight.

Chaos Demon God had fled!

Because he had felt a threat from Lin Ming.

Although Lin Ming had considerable injuries, Chaos Demon God could still feel that in the short quarter hour, Lin Ming had recovered a considerable amount.

The wound on his chest had healed by over 80%!

Lin Ming might still have some hidden card in his hand. Or, perhaps he could recover some more while fighting using guerilla tactics, or perhaps he could even absorb some of the essence energy from the kirin fruit to heal himself.

But no matter what happened, it was likely that Chaos Demon God wouldn’t be able to do anything to Lin Ming. Rather, he could be bitten by Lin Ming in return.

At that time, he would be even more disgraced. The gains didn’t equal the losses.

Chaos Demon God had a much more careful and subtle personality than Empyrean Myriad Ghost. Thus, when he retreated, he quietly disappeared, not leaving behind a trace of his aura.

As Chaos Demon God withdrew, all of the martial artists present relaxed. But at the same time they also felt a faint sense of regret. They thought that they could bear witness to another unrivalled battle, but in the end nothing had happened.

“Even Chaos Demon God gave up first. This boy… is far too terrifying. Even when injured he can still fight an Empyrean!”

“His recovery ability is extraordinary. His Laws, foundation, techniques, inner world, blood vitality, mortal body, even his spiritual sea, everything is perfect. He’s just some freakish monster!”

No one knew what Lin Ming’s skeletal age was, but what they could faintly feel was that he was undoubtedly a truly dreadful genius!



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