MW Chapter 1822

Chapter 1822 – Chaos Demon God Retreats

In terms of strength, a middle Empyrean like Empyrean Myriad Ghost couldn’t be compared with a lower Empyrean like Sheng Mei. Moreover, the difference was considerable.

Back at the final trial’s fifth level, Lin Ming appeared to have accomplished something that had been impossible for Sheng Mei. But the truth was that in that battle, Sheng Mei had been far more useful than Lin Ming was.

In the first struggle with the Undying Inferno, Sheng Mei by herself was responsible for the majority of defending against the Undying Inferno as well as attacking it afterwards.

In the second round, when facing the Undying Polar Ice, Sheng Mei had also been responsible for the majority of the defense. Lin Ming had only needed to complete the final strike.

With Lin Ming’s understanding of the Asura Laws as well as the inherent suppression of his techniques and also the support of the Black Dragon Spear, he was finally able to crush open the Undying Polar Ice’s egg.

But in a true life or death battle, one had to look at Laws, force fields, techniques, and so forth. Just...

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