MW Chapter 1820

Chapter 1820 – Poison Laws

The Thunder Source in Lin Ming’s hand gathered into a roaring thunder dragon.

As this thunder dragon appeared, countless thunder runes began sparkling around it. Each rune was like a massive ball of thunder, emitting a terrifying power of thunder.

Empyrean Myriad Ghost was immediately able to sense the terror of this power of thunder. How could a human baby have grasped such a profound source power of thunder?

Before he could process this, the thunder dragon roared and began smashing into the ghosts within the Yellow Springs Ghost World.


A terrifying explosion rang out as the collision between the thunder dragon and ghosts turned into a series of deafening detonations. Two horrifying strengths crushed each other beneath the sizzling light of thunder before vanishing together!

The power of thunder possessed an inborn ability to suppress all evil beings and ghosts. It was the nemesis of Empyrean Myriad Ghost’s technique.

However, Empyrean Myriad Ghost had been an Empyrean for a long time already and his Yellow Springs Ghost World had reached much higher heights in the Laws than Lin Ming was at, thus both powers exploded together when they smashed into each other!

Countless ghosts howled and faded away even...

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