MW Chapter 1820

Chapter 1820 – Poison Laws

The Thunder Source in Lin Ming’s hand gathered into a roaring thunder dragon.

As this thunder dragon appeared, countless thunder runes began sparkling around it. Each rune was like a massive ball of thunder, emitting a terrifying power of thunder.

Empyrean Myriad Ghost was immediately able to sense the terror of this power of thunder. How could a human baby have grasped such a profound source power of thunder?

Before he could process this, the thunder dragon roared and began smashing into the ghosts within the Yellow Springs Ghost World.


A terrifying explosion rang out as the collision between the thunder dragon and ghosts turned into a series of deafening detonations. Two horrifying strengths crushed each other beneath the sizzling light of thunder before vanishing together!

The power of thunder possessed an inborn ability to suppress all evil beings and ghosts. It was the nemesis of Empyrean Myriad Ghost’s technique.

However, Empyrean Myriad Ghost had been an Empyrean for a long time already and his Yellow Springs Ghost World had reached much higher heights in the Laws than Lin Ming was at, thus both powers exploded together when they smashed into each other!

Countless ghosts howled and faded away even as the thunder dragon also dissipated. But, Lin Ming’s Black Dragon Spear continued on without stopping. It forcefully tore open a section of the Yellow Springs Ghost World and thrust straight towards Empyrean Myriad Ghost.

Crimson light flashed in Empyrean Myriad Ghost’s eyes. A fierce ghost phantom erupted in his hands and collided with the Black Dragon Spear’s spear light.


Endless black light shot out, accompanied by the roaring of the thunder dragon. Empyrean Myriad Ghost’s ghost claws rapidly expanded as they came racing towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming stabbed out the Black Dragon Spear. The power of the stars from the highest heavens completely merged into Lin Ming’s body and a formidable strength flared up from within him, surging towards the ghost claws in waves!

Ka ka ka ka!

In that moment, a crack appeared in Empyrean Myriad Ghost’s ghost claws. And right after that, the ghost claws were shattered!

In the moment of explosion, Lin Ming’s thoughts focused and popping sounds crackled from his bones. As for Empyrean Myriad Ghost, his heart chilled and he immediately began drawing back.

Between Lin Ming and Empyrean Myriad Ghost, the air was filled with waves of the mystic power of thunder. For a time, the entire audience fell silent.

When Lin Ming fought the bone dragon, it was fine that he took the upper hand. After all, the bone dragon was only a puppet refined by Empyrean Myriad Ghost. But following that, when Lin Ming fought Empyrean Myriad Ghost in a frontal battle, he hadn’t been the weaker one at all!

This was an Empyrean!

In the minds of common martial artists, an Empyrean was an unreachable existence. Even if an Empyrean’s cultivation was suppressed in the Akashic Dream Battlefield, they still retained access to their transcendent methods!

Yet, a human junior was able to brutally battle an Empyrean on even terms; this was inconceivable!

“You… who are you?”

Empyrean Myriad Ghost was shocked. It was impossible that a peerless genius like Lin Ming could remain unknown.

“In the Soul World, humans are nothing but mortals raised in cages. They lack strength and they have no inheritances. For the last billion years, a human Empyrean has never appeared amongst their ranks. But as for you, you possess such strength. As long as you don’t perish in the future, becoming an extreme Empyrean is the least you will accomplish! You possess the blood of a dragon and phoenix and the power of your inheritances is incredible. Moreover, you have an acute understanding of the ancient mystic Laws. You simply don’t resemble a human born in the Soul World at all.”

Empyrean Myriad Ghost had an extraordinary level of experience. After observing the clues, he began to suspect Lin Ming’s background.

Lin Ming frowned; he didn’t want others to know he came from the Divine Realm. So, he maintained complete silence. Within his body, the Asura blood began to restlessly stir.

Empyrean Myriad Ghost was indeed a formidable opponent. His comprehension of Laws surpassed Lin Ming’s. For instance, Empyrean Myriad Ghost’s Yellow Springs Ghost World was far inferior to Lin Ming’s grandmist space in terms of quality, as it was an Empyrean force field created by a peak Empyrean. But because of the differences in their comprehension of Laws as well as the disparity in their backgrounds, Lin Ming’s grandmist space wasn’t able to suppress the Yellow Springs Ghost World.

But Laws were not the only factor in a battle. In many other aspects, Lin Ming surpassed Empyrean Myriad Ghost.

For instance, the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. For instance, the power of the phoenix and dragon blood within him. For instance, the Asura Laws!

These were superiorities that even an Empyrean might not possess!

And at this time, the bubbling Asura blood within Lin Ming’s body had reached the pinnacle. His body emitted explosive crackling sounds. He grew taller, his hair turned blood red, and black scales appeared over him, covering him in a layer of armor.

A horrifying and potent aura erupted from within Lin Ming like a howling dragon. Behind him, a massive Asura phantom appeared, standing indomitable and imperious, seeming to hold the universe in its hands.

In this moment, Lin Ming had used the Asura body metamorphosis. With this, his strength had reached its zenith!

This sudden change caused all the martial artists to gasp out loud in shock. Lin Ming had actually been holding back and now he had erupted with an even more terrifying power.

It was hard to imagine just where the limits of this human lay.

It had to be known that in the past, in the fifth level of the Asura Road’s final trial, Lin Ming had used the Asura body metamorphosis and his greatest attack to break open the Undying Polar Ice’s egg.

At that time, Lin Ming was able to stand on par with Sheng Mei!

Now, facing Empyrean Myriad Ghost, Lin Ming was naturally overflowing with momentum.

The Black Dragon Spear pointed towards Empyrean Myriad Ghost’s head, the spear wind oppressing!

This scene caused Empyrean Myriad Ghost to truly become enraged. His face turned incomparably grim and cloudy. Never before in his life had he been provoked like this by a junior.

“Then let me show you the strength of an Empyrean!”

Rays of black light burst out from within Empyrean Myriad Ghost’s eyes, as if twin black suns had risen in his pupils.

His body began to turn hazy and drops of blood appeared from his pores.

Each drop of blood condensed into a meteor-sized demon head in skies. They hissed and roared, emitting waves of fierce noxious aura.

At the same time, every demon head began to chant in a strange and harsh tone.

The surroundings began to change, as everything was covered with a thin layer of frost that carried with it the true meaning of cold.

Lin Ming discovered that his legs began to sink down, as if the void itself had turned into an endless swamp.

Countless thick bones drilled out from the ground, grasping towards everything above.

Even the corpses of the many martial artists that Lin Ming killed before were grabbed by these bones. With loud sizzling sounds, these corpses emitted plumes of green smoke. In the next moment, everything melted, without even broken bones remaining!

Like this, the mountain of corpses turned into black and red goo which emitted a smell that burnt the nose. This macabre sight caused one’s scalp to itch.


Lin Ming’s eyes shrank. Empyrean Myriad Ghost’s technique contained an extremely strong corrosive power; these were the Poison Laws. Once a martial artist touched these Poison Laws, their flesh and blood would be constantly eaten away.

The bones tumbled in the void, rushing towards Lin Ming like endlessly long pythons!

Lin Ming’s electric eyes glared at Empyrean Myriad Ghost. His body also began to turn hazy.

An aura as deep and boundless as the sea erupted from his body.

Black light covered him, blinding to the eyes. Curse seals appeared on his skin, spreading outwards.

A terrifying light shot out from his pupils, making them seem like twin black vortexes.


As Lin Ming shouted out loud, all around him bones began to blow up in swathes.

Lin Ming was like a demon god reborn. Becoming one with his spear, he became like a black dragon. Completely disregarding space, he tore through the void and the floating demon heads, firing straight towards Empyrean Myriad Ghost!

With a thrust of his spear, the mountainous piles of bones were destroyed.

Empyrean Myriad Ghost thrust out his hands, forming millions of runes. All sorts of Ghost Laws emerged from him, even distorting space.

All of this energy condensed into a thick, pitch black ghost wall.

As for Lin Ming’s spear, it thrust into this ghost wall, pushing straight into it!


In the intense collision, endless poison gas was broken apart. At such a short distance, it was impossible for Lin Ming to escape the shockwaves of energy. The inexhaustible poison gas surged towards Lin Ming’s body, striking at his protective true essence.

Chi chi chi!

Lin Ming’s protective true essence was constantly corroded by the poison gas!

After his protective true essence melted away, his body was touched by the poison gas and his black scales began to corrode, with bloody pus flowing out from them.

As Empyrean Myriad Ghost saw this, he diabolically grinned.

“You want to severely wound me at all costs so that we mutually suffer? How could I give you that chance?”

Empyrean Myriad Ghost had seen through Lin Ming’s plan; Lin Ming had been intending to ignore all injuries and forcibly pierce through the black wall to wound him.

However, the poison gas he released wasn’t easy to deal with at all. Once this corrosive power entered a martial artist’s body, it would spread through a person’s meridians, corroding their energy, body, and blood vitality.

With the support of these Poison Laws, even touching a tiny bit of this poison gas was fatal.

Empyrean Myriad Ghost’s figure flickered as he drew backwards.

He had to avoid Lin Ming’s attack. Facing Lin Ming, he no longer held any disdain towards him at all. He knew that as long as he dodged Lin Ming’s attack and allowed his poison gas to continue corroding Lin Ming’s body, he would win.

Seeing Empyrean Myriad Ghost engage in these guerilla tactics, the surrounding martial artists were left in a daze.

“As an Empyrean, he would actually use such skirmishing tactics against a junior to whittle them to death. This isn’t glorious at all…”

“Don’t speak so carelessly. All that matters here is winning. Don’t think that this human is some common junior! Although Empyrean Myriad Ghost’s tactics seem somewhat shameful, it is the wisest choice!”

Many spiritas martial artists spoke up on behalf of Empyrean Myriad Ghost. After all, Lin Ming was still a human.

After dodging Lin Ming’s attack, Empyrean Myriad Ghost’s lips curved up in a wide smile.

Lin Ming’s merit points were useless to him, but that kirin fruit was something he longed for even in his dreams. It was a miracle object for nourishing the soul and could even help him break into the superior Empyrean boundary!

After several more exchanges, he would win.

However, just as Empyrean Myriad Ghost moved, wanting to avoid Lin Ming’s attack once more, his complexion changed. He swiveled around.

Behind him, energy crazily surged. A black-clothed Lin Ming as well as a purple-clothed Lin Ming had appeared. Each held a wheel in their hands as they came hurtling towards Empyrean Myriad Ghost.


Empyrean Myriad Ghost was shocked.


Lin Ming’s two avatars had blocked Empyrean Myriad Ghost’s paths of retreat. Not just that, but the massive Asura phantom fell down from the clouds, directly covering Empyrean Myriad Ghost!

Empyrean Myriad Ghost simply didn’t have time to make a choice; he could only battle the two avatars and meet their strikes!

These two avatars were divine objects personally refined by the Asura Road Master himself. Although they were restricted by Lin Ming’s cultivation and couldn’t display their true heaven-shaking strength, in this Akashic Dream Battlefield Empyrean Myriad Ghost’s cultivation was also suppressed. If these two avatars joined together they actually formed a terrifying combat force.


Two Asura wheels smashed into Empyrean Myriad Ghost’s devil arts.

For a time, ghost fog surged out and divine light pierced into the skies!


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