Chapter 182 - The Mysterious Seventh Floor

Chapter 182 The Mysterious Seventh Floor.


Chapter 182 – The Mysterious Seventh Floor

Lin Ming restored his mood to tranquility, took out two pure true essence stones, and sat down in meditation as he began to recover his strength while slathering bone recovering medicines on his arms.

A moment ago, he had fractured the bones within his arms that were holding the spear, and they had turned into a bloody mess. This kind of injury would normally be impossible for a martial artist to recuperate from even within half a month. However, Lin Ming’s resilience, recovery rate, and blood vitality had all been greatly enhanced. In addition to the effects of two priceless bone recovery pastes, his arms were completely recovered within two hours.

In the last remaining hour, Lin Ming restored his true essence and physical strength to its optimum condition, and adjusted his mood to be tranquil and serene.

Finally, he began the seventh and last trial.

A light flashed, and the temple disappeared around him. Lin Ming entered into a dazzlingly bright white world filled with luminous light, and countless scenes formed and twisted around him.

“The seventh trial… in 19,000 years, no one has ever set foot here.” Lin Ming clenched his fists, and completely calmed down.

Prior to this, Lin Ming had repeatedly imagined what sort of scenario would play out in the seventh level. However, now that he had truly set foot in the seventh level, what he saw here left him utterly stunned.

Of the first six levels, each world and corresponded to its name. For instance, the first level of Hell had been a blood lake. The second level was Hungry Ghost which corresponded to the Yellow Springs. The...

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