MW Chapter 1819

Chapter 1819 – Fighting an Empyrean

“Human, do you think you are undefeatable in this world just because you defeated several Great World Kings?”

From the skies, a dark cackling voice spread out. The one speaking clearly felt that there was a considerable number of Great World King corpses scattered on the ground.

“The disparity between an Empyrean and a World King is not what you could hope to imagine! Do you think a Great World King is just a single level away from an Empyrean?”

Although there was still a half-step Empyrean level between a Great World King and an Empyrean, this half-step Empyrean was not considered a full boundary but half a boundary. In other words, half a step.

If one had to truly state it, there was indeed just a single level separating a Great World King from an Empyrean.

But, this single level was a monumental difference!

This was because an Empyrean often had to cross heavenly tribulation and would be reborn in the process. The Laws of an Empyrean were on a completely different rank from those of a Great World King, and the power of these Laws stood on equal ground with the Heavenly Dao. They could even be brought into the Akashic Dream Battlefield!

This difference was the same as the heavens and earth.


Empyrean Myriad Ghost’s aura erupted, filled with a matchless arrogance,...

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