MW Chapter 1818

Chapter 1818 – Empyrean Myriad Ghost

“After killing these Great World Kings my merit points have risen. After my age is factored in, I still have more than 300 million!”

Lin Ming realized as he looked at his token.

In the Akashic Dream Battlefield, there was far too great a difference between killing the weaklings and killing Great World Kings.

It could be said that the weaklings were almost negligible.

Only killing these peerless powerhouses held any significance.

“300 million still isn’t enough… I’m missing 700 million. If I want to exchange for the golden page, I still have a lot of work to do.”

Lin Ming played with the token in his hand. This ordinary token was now as hot as flames. Many martial artists were staring at it, their hearts filled with longing.

If they could kill Lin Ming then they could obtain not only the kirin fruit but also a massive number of merit points. This was far too tempting an offer. However, no one dared to attack. In fact, when Lin Ming’s gaze swept over them they all retreated together, none of them possessing the courage to face Lin Ming directly.

Those from Zenith Palace were also filled with fear and awe. The points in Lin Ming’s token might be far more than the total amount that Zenith Palace had earned for the last several tens of thousands of years.

Before, Empyrean Heavencore had published a list of resources that points could be exchanged for. They wondered whether or not Lin Ming’s merit points were considered to also be Zenith Palace’s. If so…

As the Zenith Palace Elders realized this, they looked at each other with a strange light in their eyes. Empyrean Heavencore, as an Empyrean level character, would keep true to his word, especially one that he publicly made. And if Lin Ming’s merit points could truly be exchanged for resources, then perhaps Empyrean Heavencore would be bankrupted…

“There’s not many powerhouses left...”

Lin Ming scanned the strength of the remaining people and discovered only a few auras that were worthy of his attention.

Moreover, these remaining powerhouses were considerably far from Lin Ming. They were all standing at carefully chosen locations, ready to escape at any moment.

After all, these people had come to the Akashic Dream Battlefield to freely slaughter to begin with. While they were all hunters, at the same time they were also prey.

In a situation where they knew they were inferior to Lin Ming, they certainly didn’t want to get too close to him. Otherwise, a single misstep and they would become the hunted prey.

Lin Ming noted these people’s movements. No matter how strong he was, these people were far too scattered. Moreover, they had also prepared themselves to run to begin with, so wanting to chase after all of them was nearly impossible.

As for killing just several of them, that was only a waste of effort.

What he needed was a billion total merit points!

“No one’s going to attack?”

Lin Ming muttered to himself. He faintly frowned. If things continued like this, how could he increase his number of merit points? If he had to search all over the Akashic Dream Battlefield and find people to kill himself, that was simply far too inefficient a method.

He thought for a moment and then immediately perked up. “Red-dressed little girl… I know that you are nearby. Do you mind if I use the kirin fruit a little?”

Lin Ming’s sudden words caused the flow of energy around him to become a little chaotic. The voice of a startled girl said, “Y-y-y-you, what do you p-p-plan on doing?”

She was panicked. And once she panicked, she spoke even faster.

The kirin fruit was still in Lin Ming’s possession. Before finding the hidden treasure that the red-dressed little girl talked about, Lin Ming naturally couldn’t hand it over. After all, Lin Ming couldn’t help but remain on guard against this little girl. She was just far too mysterious.

The red-dressed little girl was scared that Lin Ming wanted to swallow the kirin fruit. She quickly said, “If you e-e-eat it… it won’t w-w-work, you d-d-don’t have the time to digest it!”

The red-dressed girl reminded Lin Ming. To swallow something like the kirin fruit in this situation was akin to suicide. The massive influx of chaotic energy in his body would be fatal.

Lin Ming faintly smiled. He couldn’t imagine why the red-dressed girl was so anxious about this spirit medicine.

“I’m just taking it out a little. I won’t harm it.”

As Lin Ming spoke, he took out the kirin fruit from his spatial ring.

As the kirin fruit suddenly appeared, it presented itself in the eyes of these ten thousand plus martial artists. For a time, people didn’t immediately understand what was happening.

As the kirin fruit saw so many bewildered eyes on it, it began to chirp without end.

The kirin fruit already possessed spiritual wisdom, thus it knew just how valuable it was to a martial artist. It was absolutely a wonder medicine that even Empyreans would fight for. For them, this was a massive lucky chance.

Now that the kirin fruit appeared in the greedy gazes of so many people, it was like an unrivalled beauty being stripped naked and thrown into a pit of frenzied sex perverts.

What followed could be imagined!

There were so many people present – wouldn’t this stir up an unprecedented massacre?

However, what surprised the kirin fruit was that even though the ten thousand plus martial artists were staring at it with shock, many of their eyes having turned red and many of them gulping loudly, none of them dared to attack!

Their throats twitched as if they were eager to give it a try. But just as they were about to attack they seemed to recall something horrifying and would immediately shrink back.

What a joke. The Lin Ming in front of them could even kill Great World Kings en masse, so who would dare to attack him? The sea of corpses beneath his feet was the best example of those who had tried!

“It’s the legendary spirit medicine that Lin Ming stole away! That’s it!”

Someone wiped the drool from their lips. The rich source soul energy left him taking deep breaths in and out, as if he could absorb just a little bit of that spiritual energy.

Although they had never seen this spirit medicine before, this sort of aura could not be faked.

“The fruit is in the shape of a kirin that’s almost completely manifested! This is a spirit medicine found from the Soul Cave; its value cannot be imagined. In the past, even True Divinity level powerhouses stepped into the Soul Cave to search for spirit medicines and the Weeping Blood God Springs. But after the Weeping God Blood Springs disappeared, Empyreans and True Divinities no longer went to the soul cave. I never thought that something like this kirin fruit would ever appear in the world again. Just how did it come to be?”

Many martial artists longed for the kirin fruit. Those with the strength of a World King all had maddened eyes.

The Akashic Dream space was extremely strange, a fantastical and unique existence. Although they were all spirit bodies here, if they managed to obtain the kirin fruit and swallow it, their actions would be directly reflected in their true bodies, even allowing their true bodies to increase their cultivations.

Perhaps even this kirin fruit could be brought out of the Akashic Dream Space.

This was what some spiritas Empyreans had hypothesized in the past. The dream was reality, reality was a dream, everything existed with spirit source as the foundation.

“This human brat is too arrogant! Because no one is attacking him, he deliberately brought out the kirin fruit. This is the same as announcing to the world that the kirin fruit is with him, and anyone who kills him can take it!”

“He wants to draw in those who don’t fear death to attack and then kill them instead, taking their merit points!”

Many people thought that Lin Ming’s methods were far too egoistic; he was simply looking down on all the heroes of the world. But currently, when facing Lin Ming, no one dared to attack!

Like this, Lin Ming sat cross-legged in the void. The kirin fruit slowly spun above his head. The little kirin fruit cried out nonstop, clearly shocked by what was happening.

And spinning near the kirin fruit was also a blood red token. This was the token Lin Ming entered the Akashic Dream World with. This token contained a massive amount of merit points. If one could kill Lin Ming, then the majority of these merit points would be theirs.

And this merit token could only be obtained with true strength; one would have to kill Lin Ming in order to receive it. If they stole it, were given it, or obtained it through other methods, it would be regarded as invalid by the Laws of the Akashic Dream World.

Like this, Lin Ming floated in the air with the kirin fruit and red token spinning above him. As for what lay below him, there were the corpses of endless peerless powerhouses piled up high. It was like an Asura hell with rivers of blood flowing out!

Mysterious spirit objects emitted bursts of light. Combined with the rivers of blood, this formed a powerful visual impact that left everyone feeling floored.

As for the Lin Ming who was in the middle of all of this, he was undoubtedly an unrivalled war god. No one could summon the courage to resist him.

Even if greater enticements were placed in front of them, no one dared to attack.

If Lin Ming was anyone else, they could use the advantage of numbers to slowly whittle away at his strength. But, this monstrous freak Lin Ming seemed to have endless strength, so much that no one could imagine resisting him!

However, just because these people didn’t dare to attack didn’t mean that everyone was the same…

After Lin Ming sat in meditation for an hour, above his head, the skies began to suddenly darken…

Giant dark clouds gathered in the skies, and every cloud seemed to contain endless meandering ghosts, all of them weeping in pain.

A visual phantom appeared, one that was dark red and had a river-like appearance. Many bone lotuses floated above this river, making it look like the yellow springs of hell.

The surrounding temperature rapidly fell, filled with the true meaning of cold.

An aura as heavy as seas and mountains gushed out from the endless dark clouds, making everyone’s hearts feel heavy, as if this entire forest had turned into the underworld.

“Jeje.” A sharp and grating laugh resounded from above. “Junior, you are far too arrogant. I came to see just how long you can last, but I never imagined that no one would dare to fight you. After no one approached you, you thought to take out the spirit medicine in front of them. Did you really think that there was no one in this world that could take it from your hands? Hahaha, you are far too naïve!”

This voice left the martial artists present shuddering.

This aura, this pressure… Empyrean!?

Even though their cultivation was suppressed, an Empyrean’s aura remained the same. This was because their aura was almost equal to the Laws themselves. Many Empyreans had passed through heavenly tribulation. To a certain limited degree, they could be considered even with the Heavenly Dao Laws!

Of course, this ‘even’ was only within the domain they were skilled in. For instance, a fire-attribute Empyrean could reach the heights of the Heavenly Dao rules in the Fire Laws. If an Empyrean wanted to resist the full and comprehensive Heavenly Dao, that was an impossibility.

“Empyrean… Empyrean Myriad Ghost, Empyrean Myriad Ghost has come!?” Many people cried out in alarm. They had never seen Empyrean Myriad Ghost’s techniques before, but they could confirm that this other party was an Empyrean. When combined with the ghosts dancing about in the skies, they correctly guessed just who this newcomer was.

“This is bad, that god of disaster has come. We won’t be sucked into this mess, right?”

Many people were frightened and began to rapidly retreat. Empyrean Myriad Ghost had clearly come to take the kirin fruit; no one wanted to be drawn into a fight of this level.

For a time, everyone drew back over a dozen miles before slowly coming to a stop.

Of course, to the martial artists present, even if they were dozens of miles away they could still clearly see what was occurring on the battlefield.

“I’ve finally reeled in a big fish…” Lin Ming’s lips curved up in a smirk. It was inevitable that an Empyrean would appear. After all, the kirin fruit was just far too precious. Even an Empyrean would drool over it.

Lin Ming had already roused up such a great storm; how could the Empyreans here not know about it?

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