MW Chapter 1817

Chapter 1817 – Killing the World Kings

Although the spirit race’s soul body was overbearingly tyrannical, it was still a manifestation of soul force. Moreover, when truly compared, it wasn’t as perfect or as powerful as the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel.

The Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel that Lin Ming displayed was the inheritance of the Asura Road Master, someone who had surpassed the Great Dao Laws of the 33 Heavens, someone who had possessed the ability to destroy and create worlds. To control the life and death of myriad demons was in a sense a new boundary far from anything else. Within the karmic wheel was the profound true meaning of samsara and also an inherent restraint on soul force.

In terms of background of soul techniques, this soul form manifestation simply could not compare with the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel.

After the soul force was forcefully pushed back by the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel being pushed by the asura warrior, its entire body began to shake.

With every crushing impact, tumbling waves of the true meaning of samsara as well as those endless demons and ghosts began to swallow up the soul form manifestation.

By the time the Purple Chestnut King and the others discovered something was wrong, over half of the mountain-sized soul form’s body had been sucked up.

“Just what are you all still watching for!? Hurry up and attack!”

The Purple Chestnut King shouted out at the heroic spiritas youth.

Originally, the heroic spirit youth had thoughts of allowing two tigers to fight on the mountain. He wanted to have the Purple Chestnut King’s group engage Lin Ming in a bitter life or death battle and then benefit from their fallout.

But now, as he saw the Purple Chestnut King and the others soon about to be exterminated by Lin Ming, he realized his previous ideas had been far too naïve. The Purple Chestnut King and his followers were not Lin Ming’s match at all.


The heroic spiritas youth cried out. At this time, the four Great World Kings at his side as well as eight ordinary World Kings all fired towards Lin Ming!

And at this time, Lin Ming was fighting with the soul form created by the Purple Chestnut King’s squad. He wasn’t able to defend, otherwise the soul form manifestation would roll over him instead.

“This is our chance!”

The four spiritas Great World Kings’ eyes blazed with a cold light, their killing intent surging out.

Their attacks included blinding sword lights, overwhelming waves of freezing ice, phantoms of ancient beasts, and even clouds of endless energy. Their barrage contained a variety of Laws that were soon about to sweep over Lin Ming!

And even now, Lin Ming didn’t move at all. This caused others to think that he would die in the next moment.

But then, something startling occurred!

From within Lin Ming’s inner world there was the sound of a loud thunderclap. Two forms rushed out from his inner world!

Rumble rumble rumble!

A horrifying explosive noise shook the void. These two forms were like unrivalled victors, unstoppable!

One figure wore black clothes and grasped a gold spear. The other figure wore purple clothes and held a wheel in his hands. However, both of them had an appearance completely similar to Lin Ming’s.


In a situation where Lin Ming’s true body had no ability to defend himself right now, he still had two avatars!

In a moment, the joint attack of the four Great World Kings was torn apart by Lin Ming’s two avatars!

The black-clothed Lin Ming was like a peerless Asura, his speed climbing to the extreme. Not just that, but he simply ignored the attacks of the four Great World Kings. As those waves of cold ice, energy clouds, and sword lights struck this black-clothed Lin Ming’s body, all of them did nothing at all, not even able to leave behind a scar.

Even if this black-clothed Lin Ming didn’t use a spear, his body itself was an unequalled divine weapon. Now, with endless divine light radiating from his body, he hurtled towards the spiritas Great World Kings.

How could this avatar be so strong!? Its body was as hard as a divine weapon, just how could anyone fight it!?


The purple gold spear swept out and a Great World King wildly gushed blood!

The black-clothed Lin Ming was the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone that was personally refined by the Asura Road Master. Its mortal bodily strength was even greater than Lin Ming’s. A Great World King that had their cultivation suppressed to the Soul Lord realm simply wasn’t able to stop this avatar’s onslaught.

As for the purple-clothed Lin Ming, he was even stranger. He was the Soul Springs Divine Embryo and an incarnation of source soul force that possessed a power that was the nemesis of divine souls. As soon as this Lin Ming attacked, he was able to directly strike at a martial artist’s spiritual sea. To a spiritas martial artist, the spiritual sea was the foundation of their martial arts.


Another Great World King was grievously wounded. His face turned paper white and he began bleeding from his head. His spiritual sea had clearly suffered catastrophic damage.

And at this time, a voice shouted out –


Lin Ming’s true body suddenly rose up. The mountain-sized asura warrior phantom also appeared behind him.

With a punch that carried a staggering strength of over 10 billion jins, the asura warrior smashed the central region of the soul form.

The spirit race’s soul form had mostly dissipated already. Now, it was unable to withstand Lin Ming’s momentous strike.


With a deafening explosion, the soul force runes that dotted the soul form manifestation began to break apart and disintegrate. A pitch black soul force spread out like coils of snakes.

The Purple Chestnut King and the others had merged their spirits into a soul form manifestation.

Now that the soul form exploded, all of them received a dangerous backlash. They cried out in pain and spat out a mouthful of blood as they were sent flying dozens of feet away.

At the same time, the demon ghosts within the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel began to shimmer. The pitch black rays of soul force and the dissipating soul form manifestation were recklessly absorbed by the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel. The Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel grew as it continued pushing towards the Purple Chestnut King and the five Great World Kings.

The Purple Chestnut King was panic-stricken. Suddenly, he felt just how indescribably terrifying that wheel with endless demons and ghosts howling within was. He had been wounded and his soul force was wildly surging within his body. Right now, he felt as if the massive black wheel pressing down towards him was like an endless vortex; he simply didn’t know how to resist it.

The other five Great World Kings also had agitated soul force. Facing the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel that had swallowed up their soul form manifestation, all five of them cried out in misery.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Three Great World Kings were crushed by the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel, dying on the spot!

The other two also suffered near-fatal wounds!

Then, Lin Ming used the Space Laws. With a single step, he nearly teleported right next to the Purple Chestnut King.

The Purple Chestnut King’s complexion paled and his hairs stood on end.


A deep growl came from his throat. There was no longer any time for words – Lin Ming’s Phoenix Blood Spear had already pierced through his throat!


The spear tore through his throat and spine before leaving from the back of the neck.

The Purple Chestnut King wanted to spit out his last words, but he had been silenced. His two wide eyes were filled with disbelief.

Lin Ming’s movements were extremely fast. He waved his spear and cut off the Purple Chestnut King’s head. The entire process flowed as smoothly as a spring stream.

It was only when Lin Ming left through the void did blood start erupting from the Purple Chestnut King’s head, blowing up over 10 feet high into the sky.

The many martial artists present were dumbfounded upon seeing this. Among the spirit race’s royal family, the Purple Chestnut King had been the strongest of the younger generation. Yet, this strong individual had been slain by Lin Ming after having been on the Akashic Dream Battlefield for just several months.

And now, with a loud rumbling sound, the grandmist force field came shrouding down, caging in the surrounding space.

From the two great influences, only six Great World Kings were left. Whether they were heavily injured or just suffered minor scratches, they, along with the dozen plus ordinary World Kings, were covered in the force field.

Lin Ming had himself but also possessed two avatars. They guarded three directions, surrounded by World Kings.

He would wipe away all of these people!

As the World Kings realized this, all of their complexions darkened.

This was a hunt that Lin Ming was familiar with, as well as a massacre!

As for them, they were Lin Ming’s prey!


Behind Lin Ming, the black asura phantom appeared once more. The two great wheels in its hands were like the scythe of a death god, ready to harvest the lives of others.

Blood splashed out. No one could contend with Lin Ming!

The disparity was just far too great.

On this battlefield where everyone’s cultivation was set to the same level, a Great World King was nothing at all!

There was no chance anyone could escape through a stroke of luck. When the nine Great World Kings joined forces, they still hadn’t been able to kill Lin Ming. Rather, they were killed by him instead.

One by one, Great World Kings perished. Even the heroic spirit youth had his heart pierced by Lin Ming’s spear and was instantly killed.

This heroic spiritas youth as well as the Purple Chestnut King both provided Lin Ming with many merit points. It seemed that the two of them had already killed a great number of trial challengers.

The merit points of the Purple Chestnut King and the heroic spiritas youth had all been taken away from other trial challengers. Now, all of it was returned to Lin Ming.

The token within Lin Ming’s inner world seemed to burn up in a blaze of flames. The growth of merit points within had already reached a terrifying degree.

Then, the last World King was slaughtered by Lin Ming. Blood rained down to the ground. The grandmist force field gradually faded away as Lin Ming began gathering his scattered aura.

The air was filled with the thick scent of blood.

Corpses littered the ground, and now over 20 more of them had been added to the mix. Compared to the many martial artists that Lin Ming had killed before, adding in another 20 some wasn’t considered much at all. However, these people all had abnormal identities.

Nine Great World Kings, two top geniuses of peak Empyrean influences, as well as over a dozen ordinary World Kings, all of them had been slain by Lin Ming!

From all over the Akashic Dream Battlefield, more and more people began catching up to watch what was happening. As for those that were drawn in by the signal flare, they were utterly shocked, unable to say any words.



Too strong! Strong to the point of frightening others!

Before this, some people wondered if Lin Ming had sufficient energy to continue. But now, it seemed that this Lin Ming was actually a vicious beast in human form. His endurance and power had reached an inconceivable boundary.

Some people suspected that he was restoring his strength even as he fought. In this kind of battle, the amount of energy he consumed was about the same as the speed with which he regenerated.

If this continued, he would be able to fight without end.

Some figures that were hidden in the pitch black forest began to quietly sneak away. They were also people that had once thought of killing Lin Ming.

But, this human only needed to face them to make them feel an indescribably terrifying pressure push down on them. As for attacking him now, no one was willing to do something so ridiculous.

For a time, over 10,000 people surrounded this battlefield. But, they all simply looked at Lin Ming; no one wanted to fight him.

“This person… is he really the Lin Muk we rescued?”

The Zenith Vice Palace Master looked at Jaderiver. At this moment, Jaderiver’s mind was drawing a blank. Why would he suddenly appear next to their Zenith Palace? This human youth could possess a horrifying background, have experienced massive lucky chances, or perhaps even be an incomparably monstrous genius when it came to talent.

Or, perhaps he possessed all three!

But no matter what, there was one thing they were certain of. It was impossible for such a genius to appear from nowhere. As he was rising, he should have caught the attention of countless individuals with his halo of excellence. But as it were, none of them had heard of him before!

They feared that maybe even Soul Empress Sheng Mei might not be much stronger than this Lin Muk.

It was hard to imagine that he was actually human.

If he appeared at Zenith Palace, there must have been some unknown reason for it!


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