MW Chapter 1816

Chapter 1816 – Brilliant Fireworks

The many disciples of Zenith Palace hadn’t responded to what they saw yet.

But at the next moment, a thick smell of blood flooded their senses.

Lin Ming floated in the void. Beneath his feet, a massive pile of corpses was stacked up in thick layers!

Blood, torn flesh, dismembered corpses, this was an indescribably ghastly scene.

This was…

Jaderiver froze.

Beside her, Yi Fan had also paled. The many Elders of Zenith Palace were panic-stricken; they didn’t know just how this had happened.

Jaderiver’s wide eyes stared at the blood still dripping down Lin Ming’s spear, unable to find the words to say.

All of these people, had they been killed by Lin Muk?

From these dead martial artists she was able to feel a strong force field. This was because those that had died had been too strong in life, and after dying, their strength had gathered together instead of dispersing.

Yet such a group of powerhouses was piled up like a heap of dead dogs!

Lin Ming didn’t greet those people from Zenith Palace. Zenith Palace had only been a small springboard he used when he first came to the Soul World in order to obtain information on Sheng Mei and enter the Akashic Dream Battlefield. He had deliberately distanced himself from Zenith Palace because of this. Moreover, right now he had caused too great a stir in the Akashic Dream Battlefield. If others knew about his connections to Zenith Palace, then a World King influence like them wouldn’t be able to suffer the consequences.

Lin Ming fell on the ground and swept out his divine sense. He found a spirit race martial artist and then reached down to grab a spatial ring from their finger.

People looked at Lin Ming, unsure what he was trying to do.

With such formidable strength, he likely had plenty of lucky chances and treasures. But by all reason, he shouldn’t be interested in the wealth within a spirit race martial artist’s spatial ring.

Lin Ming probed the ring. After several breaths of time, he found some inscription symbols from within it.

Lin Ming scanned these inscription symbols and soon understood how to use them.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Were these inscription symbols so special? Why would this death god care about them?

And at this time, Lin Ming suddenly flung out his hand and the inscription symbols flew into the air. Not just that, but Lin Ming had also flooded them with his true essence as well as fusing the Asura Road’s divine runic arts into them, making them even more potent than before.

With a loud explosive sound, the inscription symbols completely exploded. In the next instant, a mind-boggling sight occurred.

These inscription symbols recklessly released dazzling fireworks into the skies, all of them brilliantly burning as they gathered into an image of Lin Ming.

With the strength of several inscription symbols gathered together as well as Lin Ming’s strength flowing through them, this caused the image of Lin Ming to be dozens of times larger than before and higher than before. It was absolutely an eye-catching sight!

Everyone watching felt their jaws drop, unable to say anything.

These were the signal flares used by the spirit race martial artists that had been chasing Lin Ming.

The previous signal flare had already burnt away by now and the fireworks had dimmed down. Thus, Lin Ming had decided to cast more up for another round!

And these were even more brilliant than before!

For a time, Lin Ming’s appearance reappeared in the dark skies. His dashing and heroic face, his sharp and fierce aura, it was like he was taunting all the elites of the world!

What was he trying to do?

He wasn’t satisfied with these numbers of people and wanted to kill more, to kill to his heart’s content!

Lin Ming’s intentions were now clear to everyone. He wanted to tell all the nearby martial artists that he was waiting here for them. No matter how many people came, he would kill that many!

Was he some inexhaustible killing puppet? He had slain so many people and battled for such a long time, and yet he wasn’t tired at all?

The people from Zenith Palace were already completely dazed. This scene also made them understand what had happened.

Before, Jaderiver thought that the image formed from fireworks in the sky looked similar to Lin Ming.

This meant that Lin Ming was the person who the spirit race had placed a bounty on. In the Soul Cave, he had obtained a precious spirit medicine that could even tempt the heart of a True Divinity. Moreover, not only was he not captured, but now he was standing here not running, waiting for people to come hunt him down so he could kill them all one at a time and gain merit points while doing so!

This method was simply frightening!

And in the next moment, Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. He looked into the distant horizon.

Through the layers of bloody mist and red clouds in the skies, Lin Ming could clearly see what was happening in the distance.

Two groups were rapidly approaching.

The group in front was led by a tall and sturdy spirit race martial artist. This martial artist was covered in purple scales from head to toe.

He was a king of the spirit race’s younger generation – the Purple Chestnut King.

And not too far away from him was the heroic spiritas youth.

Accompanying them were masters of their various influences, all of them hurtling towards Lin Ming at a breakneck pace. And amongst these masters were many Great World Kings!

As Lin Ming saw these two groups of people, he viciously smiled. He had been waiting for such a long time and now two big fish were finally approaching the bait.

They must have a great deal of merit points.

“Brat, you’re dead!”

After the Purple Chestnut King received the signal, he didn’t immediately chase after Lin Ming. Rather, he sent his own men after Lin Ming while he gathered powerhouses from his people.

He knew just how strong Lin Ming was. After that defeat at Limitless God Mountain, some martial artists had spread out news about his strength so he had risen to fame.

Indeed, it was true that many people learned Lin Ming had obtained the kirin fruit. At the same time, the Purple Chestnut King’s defeat had been vividly recounted.

The Purple Chestnut King was an extremely arrogant individual. He already disliked the spiritas martial artists of the Soul World, and now with these people endlessly mocking him, it left him choking on his rage.

Thus, this time, he had to kill Lin Ming in order to recover some of his honor.

Even if he had to win in a disgraceful manner by relying on the strength of his sect, he couldn’t care too much about this. He fully realized that he wasn’t Lin Ming’s opponent.

“Elder Feng, in a bit make sure you all attack with everything you have. This brat is not easy to deal with!”

The Purple Chestnut King growled, his chest burning with hate.

“Your Highness, rest assured we will not underestimate the enemy!”

This Elder Feng was one of the Great World Kings of the spirits, moreover he was a peak existence amongst Great World Kings.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

The Purple Chestnut King had caught up and had brought five Great World Kings along with him, as well as a good number of ordinary World Kings. In addition, many Holy Lord followers were right behind them.

This was a terrifying force.

And not too far behind the Purple Chestnut King, the heroic spiritas youth had also brought a formidable force. His squad consisted of four Great World Kings and seven or eight ordinary World Kings.

It had to be known that these two martial artists originated from peak Empyrean level influences. The direct disciples of an Empyrean influence would mostly reach the World King level.

As these two terrifying teams arrived, their aura caged in the entire audience, leaving everyone shocked.

When had the martial artists from small influences ever experienced such a scene?

Even though these two teams had their cultivations suppressed, the auras emanating from their bodies were still those of top powerhouses. As these auras exuded out into the world, it left the low level martial artists reeling.

Without a doubt, any single one of these newcomers could easily eliminate one of the weaker sects present without any chance of revolt.

This was the same for Zenith Palace.

And all of these people had come for Lin Ming!

The disparity in these lineups – wasn’t it just too great?

At this time, Lin Ming was standing atop the wind. His body wasn’t stained with too much blood, and he seemed rather relaxed. Behind him, an inexplicable gray strength was gathering.

The Purple Chestnut King wanted to find a hint of fear on Lin Ming’s face but he was left disappointed. Lin Ming was a shard of ice, completely unmoved by what was happening around him.

This caused the Purple Chestnut King to become even gloomier. He didn’t think Lin Ming was a fool. In other words, if Lin Ming was calm, then Lin Ming must be far stronger than he originally anticipated!

Lin Ming was already confident in his skills to the point where he completely disregarded a circle of Great World King level powerhouses besieging him!


The Purple Chestnut King roared.

The five spirit race Great World Kings didn’t show off. Facing this junior that was countless years younger than them, they began to stand with the Purple Chestnut King, lining up shoulder to shoulder.

Soul force surged out like rivers from their bodies, forming into a massive phantom giant made of soul force.

This phantom was almost large enough to reach the heavens and contained an incredible amount of soul force.

“Human boy, go die!”

As the array formation finished gathering, the Purple Chestnut King shouted out loud. The massive phantom giant they summoned was one of the supernatural powers of their spirit race.

They could gather the soul force of several people together to multiply their strength and form an incomparably formidable soul form.

This giant soul form sent its mountain-like palms crashing down upon Lin Ming.

As Lin Ming saw this, he instantly formed millions of seals.

The gray strength behind him suddenly rose up. Countless runes sparkled. Between the heavens and earth, they formed a three-headed and six-armed figure, a titanic asura warrior phantom.

This asura warrior was slowly pushing a massive wheel.

The wheel had countless howling demons and weeping ghosts. Their cries and hisses were strange and chilling.

Lin Ming glared at the Purple Chestnut King, his slaughter energy soaring to the heavens.

In the void, two titanic figures violently struck each other.

This strike was astonishing.

The giant demon wheel pushed by the asura warrior began to grind down on the soul form. Black energy filled the air, emitting a humming sound. The void shivered and the earth shook; the potential behind their strikes was extraordinary.

As for that soul form, its fists rained down like a storm. Every time they crashed down it was like a falling mountain wrapped in soul force, with enough momentum to break through a world. Everyone was bewildered upon seeing this.

Rumble rumble rumble –

Countless runes shimmered like stars. They were struck and then annihilated.

A storm of energy spread out in all directions, cutting massive fissures into the earth.

Some spectators standing relatively close were swept up by the storm, many of them crying out in pain and misery as they were sent tumbling away.

But as the fight continued, the Purple Chestnut King’s fierce expression began to fade away, instead replaced by wide eyes of disbelief.

The complexions of the five Great World Kings with him also changed. They understood just how powerful the soul form giant they summoned was. In the past, they had even used it to block a 50% strength attack from a sovereign of the spirit race. Yet now, their soul form giant was equally matched by this strange asura warrior in front of them?

Wait, something was wrong! Their soul form giant was actually disintegrating!

Five spirit race Great World Kings had joined together with the Purple Chestnut King in a formation, and yet they were being suppressed by a single Lin Ming. The asura phantom that Lin Ming summoned was also more formidable than that soul form!



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