MW Chapter 1816

Chapter 1816 – Brilliant Fireworks

The many disciples of Zenith Palace hadn’t responded to what they saw yet.

But at the next moment, a thick smell of blood flooded their senses.

Lin Ming floated in the void. Beneath his feet, a massive pile of corpses was stacked up in thick layers!

Blood, torn flesh, dismembered corpses, this was an indescribably ghastly scene.

This was…

Jaderiver froze.

Beside her, Yi Fan had also paled. The many Elders of Zenith Palace were panic-stricken; they didn’t know just how this had happened.

Jaderiver’s wide eyes stared at the blood still dripping down Lin Ming’s spear, unable to find the words to say.

All of these people, had they been killed by Lin Muk?

From these dead martial artists she was able to feel a strong force field. This was because those that had died had been too strong in life, and after dying, their strength had gathered together instead of dispersing.

Yet such a group of powerhouses was piled up like a heap of dead dogs!

Lin Ming didn’t greet those people from Zenith Palace. Zenith Palace had only been a small springboard he used when he first came to the Soul World in order to obtain information on Sheng Mei and enter the Akashic Dream Battlefield....

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