MW Chapter 1814

Chapter 1814 – Blood Stains the Forest

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Although they were separated through the dense forest by a thousand feet, Lin Ming was still able to rely upon his sense to clearly see each martial artist that was rushing to his location. Most of them were spiritas but there were also a number of races he had never seen before.

In the next moment, a horrifying fluctuation of energy ravaged through the forest. Massive trees cracked apart and shattered. The surrounding dense forest was nearly flattened and all that was left over were rows of large stumps; the towering trees had all been sent flying away!

The newcomers had blown apart the forest. They were afraid Lin Ming would use the forest as cover to escape.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Instantly, over 20 divine senses locked onto Lin Ming. Those that were able to reach this area did not possess low cultivations.

After all, the rumors said that Lin Ming had suppressed the Purple Chestnut King and was a genius in his own right.

“29 people…”

Lin Ming observed his situation. He drew out the Phoenix Blood Spear. With a keening cry, spear wind recklessly lashed out.

“Just turn into merit points already!”

Without further speaking, Lin Ming shot forwards!

His actions startled the 29 martial artists who had just arrived. What was happening here? They had so many people encircling him, so shouldn’t this human be trying to run?

Yet not only had the human waited for them to arrive, but he even said he wanted to turn them into merit points; this was simply ridiculous.

“Attack! Get rid of this madman!”

“Kill him first. As for his treasures, those will belong to whoever has the ability to seize them!”

No one went easy on Lin Ming. Even though Lin Ming was a junior and most of the newcomers were middle aged men or even old men, none of them had the martial arts spirit of fighting one on one. After all, rumors said that Lin Ming could even suppress the Purple Chestnut King.

Piki paka!

Lin Ming emitted crackling sounds from all his joints. Nine stars appeared high in the skies, and three Dao Palaces shined brightly within him. His feet stepped on the ground and he rushed out.

His first target was a middle-aged man who had pushed his way to the front. Lin Ming could feel that this middle-aged man was the strongest of those present. This meant that before this middle-aged man’s cultivation was suppressed by the Laws of the Akashic Dream Battlefield, his boundary might have been that of a World King.

The middle-aged man demonically grinned. He grasped a heavy sword and chopped. A dazzling sword light slashed out, tearing through the skies.

“Pathetic human, I’ll chop off your head!”

The middle-aged man shouted out. But in the next moment, thunder and fire wove together into a sea of purple and red in front of him. With a loud rumbling explosion his sword light was swallowed up by the sea of energy and the power of thunder and fire detonated in front of him. He vomited a mouthful of blood and was sent flying away, his body charred completely black.

He had been violently and instantly killed!


The others didn’t even have time to respond. At this moment, Lin Ming swept out the Phoenix Blood Spear, killing in a circle around him. Seven or eight people were brutally killed as their heads were sent soaring into the air, blood erupting from their severed necks like water fountains!

A massive number of merit points flowed into Lin Ming’s token. He felt his body heat up, as if he were stimulated by the intense smell of blood. Killing! Killing to his heart’s content!

Then, Lin Ming realized that more and more people were catching up!

This was because the spirit race martial artist from before had cast out a signal flare, and this signal flare seemed to utilize a marvelous inscription technique. Before it dissipated it rose higher and higher into the air, turning brighter and brighter, catching the attention of more and more people.

This also meant more and more challengers were arriving.

The ruckus Lin Ming had stirred up in the Soul Cave was too great. In addition to the Purple Chestnut King deliberately spreading news of what happened, many people had learned of Lin Ming.

At this time, several dozen people had gathered. As they arrived, they witnessed with their own eyes as Lin Ming’s spear totally annihilated everyone around him, cutting off the necks of seven or eight people and causing their blood to drench the world.

They naturally recognized Lin Ming’s appearance; he was completely similar to the fireworks in the sky. This meant he was the human that had obtained the kirin fruit.

For a time, all of them were shocked speechless. They unconsciously slowed down, stopping several miles away and not daring to approach.

These people had only come here to adventure and temper themselves. They weren’t too strong to begin with and didn’t think they could obtain the kirin fruit anyway; they just wanted to join in on the liveliness. And as they arrived, they saw the scene of Lin Ming slaughtering everyone around him.

“That blue-robed old man who just died… isn’t that the Blue Cloud Sect’s Elder Bai… I remember he had a half-step World King cultivation…”

A martial artist who had just arrived trembled as he spoke, his voice faltering. He had extremely good eyesight and could clearly see that one of the heads that had been soaring into the air was that of the Blue Cloud Sect’s Elder Bai. On the planet that the Blue Cloud Sect was located on, Elder Bai was absolutely an overlord of the land!

When Lin Ming had swept out his spear and killed so many people, they had subconsciously thought that he had only slain cannon fodder and useless minions. But now, it seemed that Lin Ming was actually slaying peerless powerhouses!

To Lin Ming, these peerless powerhouses were no different than chickens or dogs. He killed them by the batch.

This was just far too terrifying!

From what they could see, Lin Ming wasn’t old at all, and even seemed to be younger than the Purple Chestnut King, so how could he be so strong?

And what was even more incredible was that he was a human.

In the Soul World, the human race that had been suppressed on all sides was synonymous with ‘weak’.

“All of you, die.”

Lin Ming attacked again and again, his speed as phantasmal as ghosts and gods. The 20 some martial artists that arrived were systematically killed by Lin Ming. Their heads were blown off or their hearts were pierced. Their blood rained down to the earth and their organs flew out!

Some people were scared silly and tried to run away.

However, Lin Ming simply stepped forwards and space shrank beneath his feet, instantly bringing him behind those that were running away. Without expression, he thrust out his spear!


His spear pierced through a martial artist’s chest, causing blood to fly out. Out of the 29 people, 22 of them had been killed already!

The remaining seven had ashen complexions. They all used their best techniques to flee this execution ground.

But at this time, a boundless force field covered the surrounding space, sealing all seven people within.

This was the grandmist force field.

The star-heavy grandmist energy immediately locked down their movements.

“Damn it all!”


The seven people madly roared out. They attacked the grandmist space with everything they had, but all of their efforts failed.

They watched as Lin Ming’s spear light was soon about to swallow them all up.


At this time, someone shouted out loud as more and more martial artists arrived. Of these people, some shared the same types of robes that some of the seven soon-to-die martial artists wore. It was clear they originated from the same sect.

However, Lin Ming remained indifferent, completely disregarding this shout.

The Phoenix Blood Spear slashed out.

With a loud slicing sound, blood shot out. After Lin Ming swept out his spear, the seven people had all been cut in half at the waist.

“How vile!”

The dozen plus people who just arrived had uncertain and gloomy expressions. They hadn’t figured out just what had happened yet, but as they looked at the scene around them they could see that Lin Ming had already killed many people!

Many of the dead had torn up corpses, their blood flowing out in streams.

Lin Ming’s head immediately swiveled like a hawk spotting its prey, locking onto those people who had shouted out for him to stop just now.

As his eyes blazed at them, the courage of these people nearly broke apart. Just what kind of eyes were these? The killing intent and hostility gushing out from them was terrifying to behold, as if they were the eyes of a people-eating demon.

“We… should…”

Several of these dozen plus people already formed thoughts of drawing back and escaping. But at this time, Lin Ming was like a death reaper hunting the night. He stepped forwards, rushing towards these newcomers on his own initiative!

“It’s too late! Attack!”

The dozen plus people were shocked. They all drew their weapons.

However, what they didn’t notice was that just several miles away, those people that were too scared to do anything were looking at them with fear and pity in their eyes.

In the opinion of these distant people, these dozen plus newcomers were dead because they hadn’t been here to see just how brutal Lin Ming had been in his actions, or how impossibly fierce he was. If gods stepped in his way he would kill gods, if buddhas blocked his path he would cut down buddhas!

The Blue Cloud Sect’s Elder Bai was a half-step World King, and yet he had died no differently than some chicken, instantly killed where he had stood!

This was a horrifying demon. Anyone that dared to look down upon him with disdain just because he was a human would be killed until they couldn’t die anymore.

It could be said that the moment those dozen plus people had shouted out ‘stop’, their destiny had been sealed – they would undoubtedly die!


“Junior-apprentice Sister, there seem to be some signaling fireworks in the distance…”

On a vast grassland, a troop of several hundred people was crossing over mountains and rivers. After experiencing a war that had lasted for several months already, they were all exhausted.

These people all wore similar icy blue robes – they came from Zenith Palace.

Zenith Palace was only a World King influence and because their World Kings were far too old, it was impossible for them to make another breakthrough in their lifetimes. Thus, they didn’t enter the Akashic Dream Battlefield.

The fiercest martial artists Zenith Palace were able to send to the Akashic Dream Battlefield were only several half-step World Kings. Thus, the disciples of Zenith Palace were aware of their own limits and didn’t think about trying to wander their way into a danger zone like the Soul Cave.

They knew that with the abilities of Zenith Palace, entering such a place meant they would be eaten up without any bones remaining.



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