MW Chapter 1813

Chapter 1813 – A Grand Killing Feast

“It’s that boy!”

“That’s right, it must be him!”

Lin Ming looked up. Above his head, on the branches of a towering ancient tree, there were several spirit race martial artists standing there. Their scales reflected a dark light.

They had just been climbing upwards towards something that resembled the nest of a giant bird.

And above them were the brilliant fireworks that illuminated Lin Ming’s figure.

These fireworks were clearly released by these people.

“Hehe, I never thought that while we were trying to catch the eagle sparrow we would bump into you here. Really, this is what they mean by searching far and wide only to find what you’re looking for so close at hand. Be a good little boy and hand over the kirin fruit. If you do we’ll let you die a happy death. Even if we can’t give you a true death in the Akashic Dream Battlefield, we still have methods to cage you here and make you beg to die!”

A spirit martial artist with blue scales covering his face menacingly shouted at Lin Ming.

Before this, they had already received the news that the Purple Chestnut King had spread everywhere, and they had been mad with envy because of it. As for how strong this human youth was, they had only heard some vague rumors but didn’t have a clear understanding.

In particular, they had nothing to be careful about because Lin Ming was a human. To them, Lin Ming was simply a mortal child carrying a piece of precious jade and wandering the streets at night.

Wasn’t he just looking to die?

“Human brat, don’t think of running away. You are already a mouse that’s being searched for by our people in the Soul Cave… once we kill you, not only can we obtain the treasure but we can also receive the bounty reward.”

Lin Ming looked at the flames still burning in the skies. They were clearly projecting out a clear signal. Everyone within several hundred miles would see this signal and would rush over here.

He originally came here to take a treasure, and the location of this hidden treasure was somewhere in these ancient woods.

From this spirit youth’s words, Lin Ming obtained a great deal of information.

Someone knew he had obtained the kirin fruit and had posted a large bounty on his head in a short period of time. They had even used some sort of method to inform so many people that Lin Ming had the kirin fruit on him. Such methods were likely only possible by the Purple Chestnut King or that heroic spiritas youth.

At this point, Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with killing intent. He burst upwards like a tornado, howling towards those several spirit race martial artists. These people were nothing but a disaster – he needed to quickly slay all of them and then go find the treasure.

It was the first time that these spirit race martial artists had seen Lin Ming. They heard he was fierce for a human, but the truth was that in the depths of their hearts, they had looked down on him exactly because he was a human. They didn’t believe that Lin Ming was too strong at all.

As they saw this human hurtle towards them, the several spirit martial artists wildly cackled. Glistening blue lights began to flicker between their eyebrows as an intense soul force surged about them.

Light wove together in the skies and shot outwards from the group. Some lights resembled spears, some resembled snakes, and all of them were aimed at Lin Ming.

Lin Ming didn’t even take out his spear, instead, he used his fists.

His fist smashed into the void. Air compressed beneath his strike and a wave of iron-hard air shot forwards.


The air wave punched out by his fist completely crushed apart the spears and snakes condensed from soul force. Without stopping, the air wave struck a spirit youth.

Seeing his soul projection technique broken so easily and feeling the great strength behind that air wave, the spirit youth wanted to dodge. However, it was already too late.

With a loud ripping sound, the spirit youth was struck by the air wave and blew apart into bits and pieces of ruined blood and flesh.

Without waiting for the other spirit youths to respond, Lin Ming raced upwards like a bolt of lightning. His fists were like the wrath of the heavens, instantly blowing up the remaining spirit youths.

This was a completely one-sided battle.

How could these people compare with Lin Ming’s terrifying inside background? Even the stronger Purple Chestnut King was severely wounded after a single punch by Lin Ming, much less these ordinary spirit youths. Moreover, Lin Ming hadn’t even been in his peak condition back then.

After slaying these spirit youths, Lin Ming looked up at the fireworks that still lingered in the skies. His eyes were bright, like two stars shining in the skies.

“They posted a bounty on my head? Then let them come… my merit points aren’t enough.”

Lin Ming received the spirit youths’ merit points.

These merit points were considerable. This was because these spirit youths had killed a large number of people and a good portion of their total accumulated merit points was also taken by Lin Ming.

“I need a billion merit points to exchange for the golden page. Then, I’ll collect them here. I will set up a grand killing feast and everyone is invited to this party. If I were to look for people to kill then even three years might not be enough time.”

As Lin Ming was thinking this, he sat down in the air.

And the area he sat in was right underneath the signaling fireworks. He was overflowing with confidence!

The thick smell of blood still hadn’t dispersed from the ancient forest. With rustling sounds, several dark forms suddenly flashed into sight, their eyes sparkling with an electric light.

“Who sent the signal? Mm? Some people died here… people from the spirit race.”

“It must be that little human garbage who obtained the kirin fruit. We must hurry. To think that he could kill these spirit martial artists in such a short period of time, mm, he doesn’t seem weak at all. But, only like that will things become interesting.”

One of the dark figures said as he released a soul force technique.

A mass of soul force was released into the air, where it wildly distorted as if it were trying to reflect several different rhythms. Finally, the soul force condensed into a black arrow that shot straight up above their heads, like a hunting dog that had caught the scent of its prey.

“Someone’s above us?” The person who released the soul technique asked, puzzled. He looked upwards.

Looking from afar, he could see that at the top of an ancient towering tree, on a branch as thick as a water barrel, there was a black-haired human youth indifferently sitting there.

His eyes were as bright as stars and he tranquilly stared down at them from a commanding position.

The space around him trembled as the Laws faintly circulated in it, making him seem incomparably mysterious.

The five people who were tracking this human felt a tingling sensation creep up their scalps. This human had managed to hide his aura so well that they didn’t discover him even when he was above their heads!

However, was this human right in the head? He didn’t run, but instead chose to wait here for them?

Even if he were stronger than the rumors said, as waves upon waves of martial artists arrived, they would absolutely kill him!

“You fellows aren’t slow at all.”

Lin Ming said with approval. He leapt down from the ancient tree and sized up these five people.

All he saw was that these five people had strange scarves wrapped around their heads. He didn’t know what these scarves were made from, but they seemed connected to their bodies.

Countless runes shimmered atop these scarves and many crimson lines ran through them, spreading out just like blood vessels.

Lin Ming had arrived at the Soul World not too long ago, so it could be said he didn’t know many things.

“What kind of race are you?” Lin Ming faintly asked. He had a great interest in the mythical ancient races. After all, he had a considerably deep connection to the primal god race, and the primal god race had once been one of these ancient races.

One of the blood scarf people suddenly laughed as if he had heard the funniest joke of all.

“To think you don’t know about our blood race. It seems humans are truly dumb and ignorant!”

“They can’t be blamed. Many humans are raised in cages or they are just frogs in a well that have never left their universe before, so how would they know about an ancient race like our blood race?”

Several of the blood race martial artists laughed and mocked Lin Ming.

“What a crazy brat. It’s incredible that you haven’t run by now. Then, let me see just what you’re made of!” A short and thin blood race martial artist who resembled a little monkey shouted. He licked his lips and cackled.

“Attack together!”

He roared out. He didn’t underestimate Lin Ming and try to kill him alone, but instead commanded his entire group to strike together!

These people were clearly far stronger than those spirit race youths from just now.

Lin Ming’s divine sense swept out. Although the Akashic Dream Universe had Law restrictions of all sorts and Lin Ming didn’t understand the blood race cultivation system at all, he could vaguely sense the general strength levels of these people. The monkey-like martial artist was the most powerful and obviously the leader of this pack.

“Is he an ordinary Holy Lord or a peak Holy Lord? If these are five peak Holy Lords then their merit point numbers will be quite high.” Lin Ming casually thought out loud.

The five blood race martial artists had extremely sharp hearing. As they heard Lin Ming’s words, all of them were incensed.

From the start, they could feel the obvious contempt Lin Ming felt towards them. But now that they heard Lin Ming regard them as nothing but merit points, this was just something they would not stand for!

“A lowly human actually dares spout such words to our blood race! Then, show me just how you plan to kill me!”

“Interesting, how interesting! I want to slowly play with you and see just what methods you have.”

At this time, Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. He discovered the sharp sound of splitting air transmitting from the far off distance; some people were approaching at high speed.

Time was of the essence. First he would cut down these random fellows in front of him.

His inner aura suddenly erupted. Endless flames wrapped around his left arm. It seemed like a True Phoenix was perching on his arm, screeching out loud and exuding endless mystic strength.

An Azure Dragon drilled out from his right hand before turning into dragon armor. Dragon scales wound around his arm and the terrifying aura of a True Dragon spread through the skies, shocking the mind.

The power of a dragon and phoenix collided in space and twisted together. As the phantoms of a dragon and phoenix cried out loud, even space began to shake.

The complexions of the five blood race martial artists changed.

What strength was this? The blood of a God Beast?

The five martial artists had extraordinary experience and were able to recognize the bloodlines within Lin Ming’s body.

After all, their cultivations had been suppressed to the Soul Lord realm. Facing the strength of pure blood from a True Dragon and Fire Phoenix, alarm and dread surged in their hearts. How could such pure God Beast blood be present within this human?


A horrifying explosion erupted. Although Lin Ming’s boundary was suppressed, the true meaning of a dragon and phoenix rejoicing was still completely displayed beneath Lin Ming’s skill.

The power of a phoenix and dragon blended together, multiplying each other’s strength.

Endless flames and an incomparably potent strength erupted everywhere. It was like a volcano had exploded.

The five blood race martial artists were forcefully struck by this attack.

Blood shot out from the five blood race martial artists that wove into a net of blood around them. Even so, this blood net was still smashed apart by the boundless strength as if it didn’t exist at all.

The figures of the five martial artists were all swept into this titanic strength.

After Lin Ming struck out with this attack, he no longer spared the five blood race martial artists another glance.

His token began to heat up, informing him that his merit points were rising yet again.

This method of gathering merit points – wasn’t it too simple?

Lin Ming closed his eyes and probed the number of merit points he obtained. Every time he killed an enemy, if their original cultivation was one boundary higher, it meant that they would give ten times or more the number of merit points, and this exponentially increased. If so, then if the one he killed was an Empyrean, that would truly be a considerable number of merit points.

Lin Ming put away his token. His deep eyes flashed like lightning in the dark. He had already locked onto the fastest person hurtling towards him in the void.

He could also sense a massive wave of people flying towards him.

It seemed that the kirin fruit was truly a godly treasure; it was able to draw so many people here!



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