MW Chapter 1812

Chapter 1812 – Hidden Treasure

Lin Ming’s eyes focused on the red-dressed little girl’s bare feet. Even though the path here was covered with jagged rocks, incredibly as she moved she appeared to be walking across the surface of smooth water, completely in tune with her surrounding environment.

“Who are you?”

Lin Ming asked once more. However, the little girl only flushed red. She gripped her fists, not saying anything else.

Lin Ming slightly frowned; he was completely unable to see through this little girl’s boundary. She felt like a mortal, but his intuition told him that the truth wasn’t so simple. She must possess some sort of mystical ability and he couldn’t see what the limits of her strength were.

Lin Ming’s silence caused the little girl to tense up. She parted her lips and said, “Is… i-is… it not enough?”

The little girl also felt that the thing she took out wasn’t valuable enough. At least, it wasn’t enough to satisfy Lin Ming. He still might eat the kirin fruit.

She thought...

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