MW Chapter 1811

Chapter 1811 – Mysterious Little Girl

The vast mountain ranges were distant and mysterious. The endless peaks of mountains continued on without end, all of them shrouded in a thick and viscous black fog.

The mountains were barren and without any sign of life. There was nothing but strange rugged stone littering the ground.

The air was cold and grim, deathly still.

From the depths of the distant mountain ranges, horrifying roars would echo out, shaking the world, as if some ancient vicious beasts were awakening from their slumber.

Lin Ming cautiously moved forwards until he found a hidden cave. Only then did he sit down and relax his thoughts.

He immediately pulled out the kirin fruit.

As the kirin fruit appeared, a rich medicinal fragrance wafted out, forming mist as tangible as a white dragon that filled every inch of the cave.

Lin Ming only needed to take a whiff of this medicinal fragrance to feel as if his body was being cleansed by a pure running stream, filling him with comfort.

Chirp! Chirp!

The kirin fruit still wildly struggled. But because it wasn’t able to manifest a form yet, it wasn’t able to escape.

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment. In order to bring out the highest level of medicinal efficacy from this fruit, it had to be used for alchemy; he shouldn’t directly swallow it. But now, he had received heavy wounds and there was some unfamiliar energy pulsing through his body that was influencing him.

In addition, the massive explosions from those inscription symbols had caused his meridians and blood vessels to be broken in numerous places.

All of these things needed to be dealt with. When he was running away he had no time to deal with these problems but now he could rest for a moment to recover from his injuries.

Lin Ming thought for a bit. He pinched off two leaves from the kirin fruit and then swallowed them.

Although it was only two kirin fruit leaves, after swallowing them Lin Ming felt them melt within his body. Then, a moment later, a sun seemed to erupt within him.

A potent extreme strength stirred up rough waves in Lin Ming’s spiritual sea. The monstrous waves surged forwards, reaching into the skies.

“What a strong medicinal efficacy, what a good spirit source strength…”

Lin Ming didn’t dare to delay. He revolved all of his blood vitality and started to coordinate it with the medicinal efficacy of the kirin fruit leaves in his body to heal his wounds.

The blood vitality in his body began to gush like a flooded river…

After two days and a night, Lin Ming opened his eyes. A brilliant flash of light lit up his pupils; his soul force had reached a new peak yet again.

The injuries he had previously sustained had now completely vanished.

Lin Ming couldn’t help but recall the image of that arrogant and scaled Purple Chestnut King. From his heart, a dense killing intent rolled out.

But soon, he immediately dispelled these thoughts. He inspected himself and found it strange upon discovering that there were no changes with his body. The backlash caused by that peculiar energy had been so easily healed?

Thinking about it further didn’t bring him any new ideas. Rather, he pulled out the kirin fruit and looked at it.

In two days and a night, this kirin fruit actually managed to manifest two front hooves. As it appeared in Lin Ming’s hand, its legs began to rapidly twitch as it tried to escape from his grasp.

“This thing, if it were to fully manifest then wanting to cage it would be difficult… I’ll have to completely refine its spiritual wisdom.” Lin Ming grabbed the kirin fruit.

Chirp! Chirp!

After being grasped by Lin Ming, the kirin fruit began to panic. Sounds seemed to come from within it and it seemed incomparably terrified.

“This little thing…”

Such a strange and magical kirin fruit left Lin Ming feeling more and more amazed. It was just no different from a little life form. For a time, Lin Ming hesitated in exterminating its mind.

Then, from deep in the cave, the sound of pattering footsteps echoed.

“Who’s there?” Lin Ming asked, raising his guard. His muscles tightened and his electric eyes focused on the entrance of the cave.

The cave Lin Ming was in was deep and limitless, with tunnels running in all directions. But for the sounds of footsteps to appear here and at this time, this left Lin Ming bewildered.

Why would there be someone here?

At one of the cave entrances, beneath Lin Ming’s eagle-sharp eyes, a timid little girl in a red dress ran out.

This little girl appeared to be around 15-16 years old. She had black hair that fell down like a waterfall and her appearance was exquisite. However, she seemed somewhat dazed. In particular, her eyes attracted the most attention. Her two pupils were profound beyond reasoning, and there seemed to be blood red lights faintly smoldering within them.

At this time, as she looked at Lin Ming, there was clearly a hint of hesitation and dread in her eyes.

As she appeared, she gave off an extremely peculiar feeling as if she were completely in sync with this world, as if she were some being that had emerged from the good fortune of this land.

In Lin Ming’s divine sense, she seemed no different from an ordinary stone or a blade of grass.

“D… d-d-don’t eat it…” The red-dressed little girl said to Lin Ming.

Her voice was beautiful and lilting, but she spoke slowly and stuttered, as if she struggled to speak each word.

“Who are you?” Lin Ming didn’t dare to lower his guard. His eyes remained locked on her body.

He believed that news of him taking the kirin fruit would have already spread out by now. There were likely countless people searching for his whereabouts, but, this little girl was clearly not one of them. It was puzzling just how she managed to show up in this hidden cave.

Lin Ming waved his right hand and extracted a spear. As this spear appeared it quietly trembled, filled with desires of bloodlust.

Seeing the bright spear, the red-dressed girl was scared and pedaled several steps back. She clearly wanted to escape, but as her eyes fell on the kirin fruit in Lin Ming’s hand, she hesitated and stopped.

“Y-y-y-you… if you don’t eat it, I… c-c-can… give you… something g-g-good.” The red-dressed little girl didn’t answer Lin Ming’s question but was instead concerned for the kirin fruit. Her words seemed to be a little faster than before but she still stuttered as if she wasn’t skilled at speaking.

The kirin fruit’s small eyes turned towards the red-dressed little girl, a look of affection and excitement within them. It chirped at the little girl as it tried desperately to escape from Lin Ming’s grasp and into her embrace.

“I-I-I-I can use this to… t-t-t-trade with you.” The red-dressed little girl revealed a worried look as she heard the kirin fruit’s cries.

Her hand opened and a dazzling light burst out, revealing a red crystal the size of a soybean.

Lin Ming’s eyes focused on this gem. But as this gem appeared in the red-dressed little girl’s palm, it melted and became a drop of blood.

Pata! Pata!

As this drop of red liquid appeared, it emitted sound waves that made the heart race, as if it were a beating heart itself.

These fluctuations were mysterious and carried with them a massive soul force. Even Lin Ming could feel his own heart begin to beat in tandem with this red liquid.

“This is…” Lin Ming carefully stared at the drop of red liquid. His intuition told him that this wasn’t blood, but whatever it was, it still contained a titanic life energy as well as spirit source.

A brilliant light burst out from Lin Ming’s eyes, runes shining within them. He wanted to completely understand what this drop of water was.

But this drop of water was deep and infinitely profound. It was wrapped by an enigmatic strength, making it so that Lin Ming couldn’t see through it.

Even so, he could feel that this was a truly terrifying drop of water.

From this drop of water, an incomparably powerful and intensely holy aura gushed out. The spirit source strength contained within it had also reached unfathomable levels.

The value of this water drop was impossible to estimate, but it was undoubtedly a top treasure that stood upon the pinnacle of rarity.

As for whether or not it was more precious than the kirin fruit, Lin Ming wasn’t able to distinguish that with his current eyesight.

“T-t-t-this is spring water… I found… from inside a cave… I… I t-t-took it… and a-a-after that… the spring disappeared. It… should be very precious.” The red-dressed girl hurriedly explained as she feared Lin Ming wouldn’t look at it. She constantly gesticulated with her hand.

“Cave? You mean the Soul Cave?” Lin Ming asked. He naturally remembered the legends. It was said that there was once a spring in the Soul Cave but it had disappeared. Could that have been… the Weeping Blood God Springs?

As Lin Ming recalled these four words his eyebrows flew up. The Weeping Blood God Springs was absolutely the most precious of treasures that could exist in the Soul Cave.

It was said to have condensed the blood of a peerless god king that once lived in times long past. Once, there were even True Divinities who entered the Soul Cave for the Weeping Blood God Springs, but after the springs disappeared, True Divinities naturally wouldn’t visit the Soul Cave.

He suddenly had doubts as to who this mysterious red-dressed little girl was. Just who was she? She had appeared from nowhere like a ghost and she even had a treasure from the Weeping Blood God Springs. Moreover, she was clearly familiar with the kirin fruit, and from how things were it seemed that the kirin fruit was intimate with this little girl and the little girl was also concerned about it…


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