MW Chapter 1811

Chapter 1811 – Mysterious Little Girl

The vast mountain ranges were distant and mysterious. The endless peaks of mountains continued on without end, all of them shrouded in a thick and viscous black fog.

The mountains were barren and without any sign of life. There was nothing but strange rugged stone littering the ground.

The air was cold and grim, deathly still.

From the depths of the distant mountain ranges, horrifying roars would echo out, shaking the world, as if some ancient vicious beasts were awakening from their slumber.

Lin Ming cautiously moved forwards until he found a hidden cave. Only then did he sit down and relax his thoughts.

He immediately pulled out the kirin fruit.

As the kirin fruit appeared, a rich medicinal fragrance wafted out, forming mist as tangible as a white dragon that filled every inch of the cave.

Lin Ming only needed to take a whiff of this medicinal fragrance to feel as if his body was being cleansed by a pure running...

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