MW Chapter 1810

Chapter 1810 – Decimation

“Attack together!”

As the soul beast began to break apart, the Purple Chestnut King suddenly bellowed out. At his side, a lightning-bright glow flashed past him; it was the heroic spiritas youth, shooting out bolts of black lightning from his hands.

These bolts of lightning shined with star-like runes and emitted a terrifying aura.

From all other directions, several more martial artists released their soul force, trying to attack Lin Ming and prevent him from taking the kirin fruit.

Unfortunately, they were too late. Lin Ming wanted to obtain the kirin fruit at all costs so how could he easily give up?

He used the grandmist force field and his formidable strength to forcefully withstand all the attacks. Then, he grabbed the kirin fruit, tearing it away no matter how much it tried to struggle.

The moment Lin Ming did so, his complexion changed. He could feel that the instant he picked the fruit, it was like he had alarmed some ancient vicious beast.

The giant bone that the kirin fruit grew on began to violently shake, emitting the roar of an ancient vicious beast.

Lin Ming shook. He could feel an ancient and boundless energy rush into his body, causing his meridians to break in many places and his organs to tear apart!

Lin Ming couldn’t help but cough up a mouthful of blood. Blood also began to leak out from all over his face. This strange power had caused him to suffer severe wounds and be greatly weakened!

Just what was this?

Lin Ming was startled. But, he grit his teeth and put away the kirin fruit.

And this was Lin Ming. If anyone else had picked the kirin fruit then perhaps they might have died from the backlash of that horrifying strength.

And even Lin Ming had been severely wounded.

The shining radiance that pervaded the entirety of Limitless God Mountain began to rapidly dim down as soon as the kirin fruit was plucked.

The numerous martial artists watched as Lin Ming obtained the kirin fruit, greed and fear mixing in their eyes. Lin Ming had already clearly demonstrated his strength to everyone just now; no one here was his opponent.

“Luckily he suffered a backlash when he picked the fruit and was heavily wounded. Everyone, let’s attack together and take back the fruit. We have so many people, how can we possibly be scared of an injured human?” A martial artist loudly roared, sneakily hidden in the ranks of the crowd.

Just as this person shouted out, Lin Ming’s electric eyes focused on him.

“Sneaky like a rat, you deserve to die.” Just as Lin Ming spoke, a bead of crystalline blood appeared from between that person’s eyebrows, as eye-catching as a gem.

A beam of spear light had shot out from Lin Ming’s palm and pierced through that shouting person’s head like a beam of invisible lightning.

With a loud popping sound, the person’s head exploded and his body toppled to the ground.

For a time, many of the martial artists present fell silent with fear.

The feeling of strength they felt from this youth before became even more profound.

“Pathetic lowborn human, everyone, let’s kill him together!”

At this time, the severely wounded Purple Chestnut King could no longer endure waiting. Strange ripples of energy began emitting from his body.

He discovered that he wasn’t Lin Ming’s opponent in a one versus one, however, he could drop all pretenses of honor and stir up all the martial artists present to attack him together.

As long as they killed this human, then he would be able to make up for the fact that he had been grievously wounded by a human here.

Lin Ming arched an eyebrow. He focused power into his toes and erupted with a dreadful velocity, even causing the mountain stone beneath him to shatter. The feeling he gave off was like a meteor racing through the skies. As he tore open the void, he rushed straight towards the Purple Chestnut King, engaging everyone there in a group melee.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Lin Ming was like a demon god. He broke into the group of spiritas martial artists and began to freely massacre everyone near him.

All sorts of soul forces shined and exploded. Magnificent lights shot up into the skies, impacting into the horizon. The entirety of Limitless God Mountain rang nonstop with the deafening sound of endless thunderclaps.

The Violet Cloud Princess didn’t join in on the battle. Her eyes glittered as they remained locked on Lin Ming.

“Humanity… since when have they produced such a talented character? His comprehension of Laws is unbelievably profound… his mortal body is as intense as a God Beast’s, and even his soul force is amazing. This is just incredible!”

All she saw was the wounded Lin Ming fighting within the group of martial artists. Besides the Purple Chestnut King and the heroic spiritas youth able to fight him on slightly more even terms, everyone else was being quickly cut down. Lin Ming thrust out spear after spear, causing the heads of martial artists to explode every few breaths of time.

Moreover, his fighting methods were savage and brutal. With the intensity of his mortal body, he could completely ignore the attacks from some weaker martial artists.

Lin Ming killed his way through the crowd. With every martial artist that died, he felt his token become increasingly hot as the number of merit points within shot up.

The Purple Chestnut King stared helplessly on as one of his soul attacks struck Lin Ming from behind, only to leave behind a minor wound. Not only was his attack almost negligible, but Lin Ming instead thrust out his spear and blew apart the head of another martial artist. A sudden surge of fear rose up in the Purple Chestnut King’s heart – this human was far too terrifying.

He was clearly injured and yet he remained so ferocious. If he were in his peak condition, what would that be like?

The Purple Chestnut King grit his teeth and scales exploded on his body, releasing a burst of strange runes.

This was an inscription symbol. As soon as it appeared, the surrounding space froze and began to emit an icy cold energy.

Even the void began to freeze over.

The Purple Chestnut King’s scales exploded again and again as he released these strange inscription symbols three times.

He suddenly thrust out a soul force technique that resembled a black spider web. All of those inscription symbols hung atop this spider web-shaped soul technique.

Lin Ming originally had his back to the Purple Chestnut King. As he felt a strange power begin gathering behind him, he swiveled around.

As he turned, he came face to face with a great blinding explosion.

A stormy cold strength that seemed to freeze space, an incomparably powerful annihilating gravitational strength, an endless surge of the true meaning of thunder, all of these powers turned into a hail of arrows that shot towards Lin Ming with enough strength to crush a star.

“Mm? Inscription symbols?” Lin Ming was startled. These inscription symbols possessed ancient and profound Concepts; they weren’t ordinary at all.

Waves of heaven-shaking explosions sounded out. The spiritual storm that wrapped around the entirety of Limitless God Mountain was stirred up, becoming increasingly violent as it roared like waves in a storm.

Lin Ming’s figure was completely swallowed up by this wild energy storm. A massive plume of energy rose up as destructive thunder, fire, and frost mixed together.

Some weaker martial artists were struck by the energy waves and were sent hurtling dozens of feet away.

“He’s dead…”

This thought cut through everyone’s minds. But before they could discern what really happened,  there was a sudden change in the center of the energy storm.

A towering tree appeared, rapidly growing into the heavens. This tree carried with it rippling waves of mystic strength, accompanied by tongues of destructive heavenly tribulation flames as well as howling thunder dragons.

The branches of this great tree were like endless great whips. They tore through space, causing a massive storm to be swept up.

A monstrous power of fire joined together with the thunder dragons as they tore open a gaping hole within the energy storm.

“This is…”

The Purple Chestnut King’s voice shivered as he saw this. He had tossed out every single ancient inherited inscription symbol he had on him and yet this human had survived…

Suddenly, a beam of spear light shot out from the energy storm and smashed into the Purple Chestnut King.

Then, with a rumbling explosion, the shadow of a person followed right behind – this was Lin Ming.


The Purple Chestnut King vomited a mouthful of blood and was sent flying away. Lin Ming’s strike had sent him soaring, but because he was heavily wounded he wasn’t able to kill the Purple Chestnut King.

Lin Ming turned into a beam of light as he rushed towards the cave entrance!

He didn’t know what had happened when he picked the kirin fruit. When he did, an unknown strength had surged up from the giant ancient bone and into his body.

He had to look for a safe area to examine if anything had happened to his body.

“Chase him!”

The Purple Chestnut King gnashed his teeth. His eyes had always been aimed at the top and his strength and talent surpassed the many young geniuses of the spirit race. Even so, in this Soul Cave he had randomly bumped into this strange human youth who had caused him to be defeated again and again.

He took out a pill from his spatial ring and swallowed it down. A bizarre red color flushed through his face. Then, without waiting, he ran after Lin Ming.

The other masters of the spirit race all followed him.

Some martial artists clearly knew they weren’t the opponent of this human youth but they weren’t willing to give up. This kirin fruit could be refined into a transcendent divine pill so how could they allow it to fall into the hands of others?

They also rushed out to chase Lin Ming. But because they weren’t too strong to begin with and they were slow in their steps, by the time they left the cave Lin Ming had already disappeared from sight; he was just too fast.

Only the Purple Chestnut King and some others were barely able to keep up with him.


Hu – hu – hu –

Strong winds howled. Lin Ming flew forwards with lightning speed. Pangs of pain throbbed from all over his body.

Lin Ming’s organs had been seriously battered and his blood vessels had exploded in countless places. However, his mortal body was simply ridiculously strong. Every inch of his body emitted a dazzling shimmer as his wounds began to wriggle like bugs. However, a strange energy hindered him, stopping his body from rapidly regenerating.

“My wounds are heavy. I’ll have to spend some time recovering…”

Lin Ming gloomily thought. If he was caught by others and a great war exploded around him, he would suffer wounds upon wounds. This wouldn’t be a good outcome for him at all.

He grit his teeth and used a void-breaking movement technique. Space seemed to lose meaning to him as his figure turned hazy and he flew over a cliff.

The Akashic Dream Battlefield was vast and boundless, vacant for the most part. Mountain ranges continued without end and giant underground caves and passages wound through the ground beneath him.

Lin Ming looked for an especially rugged terrain with many hiding spots where he could hunker down.

He passed another several mountains and dove through numerous rivers. With this, he easily lost the people that had been chasing him.

The severely wounded Purple Chestnut King slowly recovered as he pursued Lin Ming. However, his strength couldn’t compare with Lin Ming’s to begin with. He could only gaze helplessly as he was left behind by Lin Ming, who eventually vanished into a string of endless mountain ranges.

“How hateful!”

Looking at the endless mountain ranges in front of him, the Purple Chestnut King stomped his feet.

Slowly, the other masters of the spirit race appeared behind him, gathering at his location.

“Use an image transmitting symbol and send an image of that brat to all the nearby groups of masters. Tell them that he has the kirin fruit…” The Purple Chestnut King said, grinding his teeth together.

On this day, all of the masters that were exploring areas near the Soul Cave received a piece of information – a kirin fruit had appeared at the Soul Cave and was taken away by a human boy.

As for this fruit, although many people hadn’t seen it before, just from looking at its image and the phantom of a kirin manifested within it, one could tell it was no ordinary treasure.

For a time, a great upheaval was stirred up within the Akashic Dream Battlefield. Numerous masters set out towards the Soul Cave…

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