MW Chapter 1810

Chapter 1810 – Decimation

“Attack together!”

As the soul beast began to break apart, the Purple Chestnut King suddenly bellowed out. At his side, a lightning-bright glow flashed past him; it was the heroic spiritas youth, shooting out bolts of black lightning from his hands.

These bolts of lightning shined with star-like runes and emitted a terrifying aura.

From all other directions, several more martial artists released their soul force, trying to attack Lin Ming and prevent him from taking the kirin fruit.

Unfortunately, they were too late. Lin Ming wanted to obtain the kirin fruit at all costs so how could he easily give up?

He used the grandmist force field and his formidable strength to forcefully withstand all the attacks. Then, he grabbed the kirin fruit, tearing it away no matter how much it tried to struggle.

The moment Lin Ming did so, his complexion changed. He could feel that the instant he picked the fruit, it was like he had alarmed some ancient vicious beast.

The giant bone that the kirin fruit grew on began to violently shake, emitting the roar of an ancient vicious beast.

Lin Ming shook. He could feel an ancient and boundless energy rush into his body, causing his meridians to break in many places and his organs to tear...

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