Chapter 181 - Gravity Cage

Chapter 181 Gravity Cage.


Chapter 181 – Gravity Cage

“To defeat him, I can only use Thunderfire Annihilation. But I can only use Thunderfire Annihilation once. Since this light shadow martial artist is a Houtian realm master, will he be able to defend against Thunderfire Annihilation? Once Thunderfire Annihilation is blocked, I will have spent a massive amount of true essence, and I’ll be defeated soon after.”

Lin Ming’s mind began racing through different scenarios; there was no way that he could defeat the enemy with a surprise attack of some sort.

The light shadow martial artist didn’t attack for a while. His brows furrowed; he was obviously not satisfied with his own performance so far. “You can’t keep hiding and you can’t keep defending. Do you really plan on going through a war of attrition to waste my strength? An innovative idea. However, do not forget that you are only at the Bone Forging stage, and I am at the Houtian realm. If you want to compare true essence reserves and drag out this fight, then the first person to falter will surely be you.”

The light shadow martial artist raised his sword once more, and the two exchanged dozens of moves!

Lin Ming clenched his teeth. Although he danced on the edge of disaster; he still wasn’t defeated!

Such tenacity shocked even the light shadow martial artist.

The light shadow martial artist had thought...

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