MW Chapter 1809

Chapter 1809 – Cutting Down the Soul Beasts

“Stop him!”

The heroic spiritas youth cried out loud as he saw Lin Ming soon about to grab the kirin fruit.

It was true that Lin Ming was strong, but at this time in the face of a heavenly material that could be refined into a True Divinity level pill, everyone was willing to recklessly risk their lives.

After all, even dying to Lin Ming wouldn’t matter, because there were no true deaths in this Akashic Dream Battlefield.

As the other martial artists saw this, greed shined in their eyes and they threw themselves at Lin Ming.

But Lin Ming was far too fast; he had already cast himself away from everyone else!

The moment that Lin Ming was about to reach the kirin fruit, it howled out loud. The phantom within the kirin fruit began to rapidly wriggle about.

This shocked many of the martial artists present.

This kirin fruit had a mind of its own and could even move!

Lin Ming’s mind turned cold. He could sense intense life fluctuations coming from the space in front of him.

A thousand alarms went off in his mind. His body suddenly changed direction at an unbelievable angle as he hurtled past the space in front of him like a meteor.

His body movements forcefully created an air passage as he transferred 30 feet to the side.


In front of Lin Ming, the void split apart and a massive claw came reaching out, emitting strange black fluctuations. As the ripples from this claw touched the lower hems of Lin Ming’s robes, his robes instantly turned to ash.

“What is that?” Lin Ming breathlessly whispered as he felt a terrifying death aura wash over him.

All he saw was a giant hazy and bony bird appear in the dim space in front of him.

This bird forced Lin Ming backwards. Then, its body began to fade away as it hid in distorted rays of light, vanishing from sight.

“This is… what an intense death aura. This soul beast is too strange, it actually has remarkable talent in hiding itself…” Lin Ming murmured, surprised.

At this time, several martial artists greedily rushed forwards, even running past Lin Ming. But as they saw the giant bird they didn’t even have time to be dazed.

Before they even approached the kirin fruit, the leading martial artist was struck by a pitch black wing that zoomed out from the void. Black flames burned his body, instantly reducing him to ash.

At the same time, a tall and burly martial artist was nearly about to be cut in half by a black wing. Shocked, he instantly released jade-white soul force around his body that condensed into a rope-like chain.


This soul chain wrapped around the bird’s wings.

Caught off guard, the soul beast’s movements were bound. The burly martial artist wanted to use this chance to retreat and save his own life, but the pupils of that soul beast suddenly burst out with a blinding black light.

This light smashed into the head of that burly martial artist, burning it away.

“This is my chance!”

After living through countless great battles, Lin Ming had a supernatural ability to grasp the flow of battle.

This moment was just when the strange soul beast had yet to recover from using its last move.

Lin Ming’s spear shot forth like a beam of lightning. The large success blue soul battle spirit howled through the air, turning into a shining beam of light that thrust through the chest of that soul beast and shot out from its back.

The soul beast cried out in pain before exploding into pieces.

“Mm? This is so many merit points!”

Lin Ming discovered that his merit points token suddenly became boiling hot.

In just a moment, his merit points had risen by several million! This was multiple times the total merit points that Lin Ming had earned after slaughtering his way through the Akashic Dream Battlefield for these last days.

It was obvious from this that the soul beast he just slayed was an extremely formidable life form within the Akashic Dream Battlefield.

The kirin fruit continued to emit a sun-bright light. As it stared helplessly as the soul beast was struck down, its cries became even more panicked.

Its loud screams became louder and more insistent.

After killing that strange soul beast, Lin Ming didn’t stop at all. He rushed towards the kirin fruit.

He knew that this kirin fruit had a spiritual wisdom, but what he found strange was its actions. Just what was the kirin fruit crying out for?

However, there was no martial artist that would allow Lin Ming to freely snatch away the kirin fruit.

A thin martial artist sprung out from the ground, attacking Lin Ming. His soul force had condensed into a black whip and scales covered his body, making him exude a faint aura of soul beasts. This was the combination of a soul beast’s soul and soul force runes; an extremely bizarre technique.

A black whip cut through the air, flowing as if it were made from black liquid metal. As it slashed through the air it cut open the void, ruthlessly forcing Lin Ming to retreat.

However, Lin Ming refused to step back. By stiffly relying on his arm, he punched at the dark metal whip, causing the sound of ringing metal to fill the air.


Flames splashed out in all directions.

As everyone saw this they were shocked – what an incredibly strong mortal body!

Lin Ming borrowed the force behind that whip’s strike to hasten his speed.

At the same time, he shot out spear lights with his hands, causing the heads of those trying to sneak attack him to explode!

This sort of strength was formidable to the point of being terrifying!

Whoever got in his way died without exception. For a time, no one dared to attack him.

Although the treasure lay before them, against this Lin Ming who was just a vicious beast masquerading in human form, it was impossible to seize the kirin fruit. The only thing they would receive was their own deaths.

How could a human be this strong?

As Lin Ming was about to reach the kirin fruit, he held his breath and raised his guard. Just as he was going to reach out, he felt an inexplicably horrifying aura gush out from the direction of the kirin fruit.

“What is that?”

Lin Ming’s eyes suddenly focused on the rock that the kirin fruit was growing out of.

In this area, his divine sense was blinded by the endless spiritual storm that swirled around him. He could only rely on his eyes to make out his surroundings.

At this time, he thought that the kirin fruit was growing on a black rock. But now that he was only 30 feet away, he was able to clearly see what was in front of him.

How was that a rock? It was clearly a bone.

This bone was immense. It stretched out on both sides and was covered by layers of gray soil, thus one wasn’t able to make out what it really was.

At this time, the bone was emitting a dreadful pressure as if it were reacting to the kirin fruit’s cries.

Lin Ming realized something was wrong. The giant bone released a dazzling light and a mist suddenly erupted from it, forming a giant water ape that was over 20 feet tall.

As this water ape appeared it roared in anger. Its fists were covered with hairs, each hair as sharp as a steel needle. It punched the air, causing the void to distort. Then, it smashed its fists at Lin Ming’s chest.

At this crucial moment, Lin Ming raised his spear to block the water ape soul beast’s fists. His entire body shook as if he had been struck by a mountain.

The massive impact force caused him to take several steps back.

Just as he was about to obtain the treasure, this bewildering soul beast had actually blocked him. Lin Ming frowned.

Shaking his spear, endless spear lights shot through space like a kaleidoscope, all of them striking the water ape.

One soul beast and one human, both of them seemed to possess infinite strength, and they used soul technique after soul technique.

The water ape shot out endless bucket-wide water arrows, causing massive holes to appear all throughout Limitless God Mountain.

Lin Ming’s aura was also extraordinary. His spear weaved about like a dragon and tiny True Dragon scales began appearing on his body. Then, an Azure Dragon drilled out from his body, clawing at the air as it fought by his side.

Some martial artists tried to rush into the battlefield of Lin Ming and the water ape but were sliced up by the sharp winds swirling about.

Even the stronger Purple Chestnut King and heroic spiritas youth were concerned with their own thoughts and didn’t participate in the battle. As they looked upon the battlefield, their complexions were extremely ugly.

Lin Ming was just far too strong. Even if they tried to take advantage of these two tigers duking it out, there was still nothing they could do against him.

At this time, the diamond-hard stone beneath Lin Ming’s feet abruptly had a 10 foot deep hole blasted into it.

He didn’t need to look back to know that the heavily wounded Purple Chestnut King and the heroic spiritas youth were both eyeing him with greed in their eyes. However, he simply didn’t care about them at all. He had to obtain this kirin fruit at all costs. With his formidable foundation of strength, even if someone tried to profit from his battle he still wouldn’t fear them.

“I have to quickly finish this battle and make sure none of them have a chance to do anything!”

With this thought in mind, Lin Ming’s eyes flashed. At that moment, the water ape punched out again, causing a monstrous wave of soul force to sweep towards Lin Ming.

Unexpectedly, Lin Ming didn’t try to avoid this attack at all. Rather, a faint black light shined atop his blue soul battle spirit.

This black light rapidly expanded.

Whorl whorl whorl!

It eventually erupted into a giant black vortex.

His figure flashing, Lin Ming grabbed onto the fists of the water ape.

A torrential fist strength rushed through Lin Ming’s body, all of it withstood by him. After breaking into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, his mortal body surpassed some royal saint bloodlines in terms of durability and intensity. Even so, blood still trickled down from his eyes, nose, and ears.

At the same time, a blue spear-shaped battle spirit dove forwards like a dragon, smashing into the water ape’s body along with the black vortex.

This black vortex was a black hole!


The black hole exploded. Even the powerful water ape that was nourished by the power of spirit source all day and night began to break apart beneath the force of the black light…

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