MW Chapter 1809

Chapter 1809 – Cutting Down the Soul Beasts

“Stop him!”

The heroic spiritas youth cried out loud as he saw Lin Ming soon about to grab the kirin fruit.

It was true that Lin Ming was strong, but at this time in the face of a heavenly material that could be refined into a True Divinity level pill, everyone was willing to recklessly risk their lives.

After all, even dying to Lin Ming wouldn’t matter, because there were no true deaths in this Akashic Dream Battlefield.

As the other martial artists saw this, greed shined in their eyes and they threw themselves at Lin Ming.

But Lin Ming was far too fast; he had already cast himself away from everyone else!

The moment that Lin Ming was about to reach the kirin fruit, it howled out loud. The phantom within the kirin fruit began to rapidly wriggle about.

This shocked many of the martial artists present.

This kirin fruit had a mind of its own and could even move!

Lin Ming’s mind turned cold. He could sense intense life fluctuations coming from the space in front of him.

A thousand...

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