MW Chapter 1808

Chapter 1808 –Kirin Fruit

The closer one neared to the peak, the more powerful the spiritual storm that was released by Limitless God Mountain.

At the end, even Lin Ming felt some formidable strength pressing down in his spiritual sea and trying to force him down the mountain.

Luckily, he had swallowed a tremendous amount of spirit source mist just a while ago and was able to support the continued use of soul force, allowing him to slowly climb upwards.

Although everyone was trying their best to climb up, they were all within a close distance of each other.

As Lin Ming almost reached the peak, he saw a brilliant light splash down at him as if a sun was rising just up ahead.

As this light fell onto his body, it warmed him and nourished his spiritual sea.

“What light is this? Just by touching me it can nourish my soul force?” Lin Ming was amazed.

He followed the path of the light and saw a rumbling stream of water falling down from the top of the mountain.

Beneath this great flow of water was a giant rock.

In a crevice within the rock, a fist-sized medicinal herb grew. It was covered with dew and emitted a blinding light. Its entire body was crystal bright and dazzling.

That brilliant sunlight had originated...

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