MW Chapter 1808

Chapter 1808 –Kirin Fruit

The closer one neared to the peak, the more powerful the spiritual storm that was released by Limitless God Mountain.

At the end, even Lin Ming felt some formidable strength pressing down in his spiritual sea and trying to force him down the mountain.

Luckily, he had swallowed a tremendous amount of spirit source mist just a while ago and was able to support the continued use of soul force, allowing him to slowly climb upwards.

Although everyone was trying their best to climb up, they were all within a close distance of each other.

As Lin Ming almost reached the peak, he saw a brilliant light splash down at him as if a sun was rising just up ahead.

As this light fell onto his body, it warmed him and nourished his spiritual sea.

“What light is this? Just by touching me it can nourish my soul force?” Lin Ming was amazed.

He followed the path of the light and saw a rumbling stream of water falling down from the top of the mountain.

Beneath this great flow of water was a giant rock.

In a crevice within the rock, a fist-sized medicinal herb grew. It was covered with dew and emitted a blinding light. Its entire body was crystal bright and dazzling.

That brilliant sunlight had originated from this medicinal herb.

Shua shua shua –

The eyes of the four people here, Lin Ming’s included, completely fell atop that spirit fruit.

They could see shadows wriggling atop the fruit, as if there was a small life being bred within.

“That is a… kirin?”

Lin Ming stared at the shadow in the fruit. Because the light was far too bright, he could see through the walls of the fruit and make out the fine scales and mysterious pattern of Laws within. He could feel that there was a kirin being bred within this fruit.

Was this a hatching kirin fruit?

“What kind of fruit is this? It’s far too mysterious! It actually transformed and is ready to evolve into a living spirit body… the medicinal fragrance is terrifyingly rich.” Lin Ming’s heart began to shake.

Soon, he understood what had happened. The faint traces of spirit source crashing down from the spirit stream had washed over this rock for endless days and nights, slowly accumulating atop it.

Without a doubt, this fruit contained a massive amount of the purest spirit source strength. Moreover, it also possessed a uniquely divine substance; it was incomparably precious.

One after another, more and more people withstood the spiritual storm blowing down from Limitless God Mountain and approached.

As they saw the mystical fruit that was breeding a kirin within, everyone’s breath caught in their throats. A greedy light flashed in their eyes.

A short old spiritas man couldn’t restrain himself. He raised his hands and rushed towards the kirin fruit.

But as his hands reached out, a pair of golden purple arms came drilling out from the center of the old man’s chest.

Afterwards, the old man cried out in pain and sorrow and his entire body was torn in half. Blood, muscles, and pieces of intestines were flung to the floor.

The one who attacked the old man was the Purple Chestnut King. His purple red hair danced recklessly in the air and a severe light shined in his pupils. Spirit race powerhouses almost ten feet tall stood behind the Purple Chestnut King. As his hands dripped with blood, his aura became swift and fierce, arousing fear and alarm like a wandering death god.

“You think you are good enough for this treasure? It seems you don’t know what it means to die.”

The Purple Chestnut King disdainfully said.

“Heh, the treasure belongs to whoever has the skill to obtain it. Purple Chestnut King, do you think you can obtain it alone?”

Those that were able to arrive here were no ordinary martial artists. After the Purple Chestnut King’s ruthless and cruel actions, although everyone remained vigilant they didn’t feel any fear at all. Some considerably strong people almost simultaneously broke through the layers of pressure coming down from Limitless God Mountain and hurtled towards the kirin fruit.

In a moment, everyone further approached Limitless God Mountain.

At this time, the spiritual storm spread out, becoming far fiercer. In this stormy sea, everyone was beaten up and whipped by the wild winds and the world seemed to shake.

Someone cried out in misery as their head exploded. They weren’t able to withstand the violent spiritual storm and died on the spot.

However, those heroes with true foundations were not blocked by Limitless God Mountain’s spiritual storm.

“It seems you all want to die.”

Seeing so many rush forwards at once, a callous light flashed in the Purple Chestnut King’s eyes. He had already seen just how precious this kirin fruit was; it was absolutely a treasure that would even cause Empyreans to relentlessly battle for it. He wanted to possess this treasure alone and considered anyone who wanted to take it his enemy.

On his back, a strange soul force shimmered as millions of runes appeared. These runes grew up and gathered, forming into a pair of light wings that were ten feet long.

Ping! Ping! Ping! Ping! Ping! Ping!

The light wings flapped. The tall and formidable Purple Chestnut King had whipped up a tornado.

At the same time, he sped towards those six or seven people that were rushing forwards and punched out at all of them.

Brilliant purple light shot into the world. Soul force surged and a series of explosions rang out. Some nearby spirit trees and plants were dislodged in the fierce impact, as if they had been cut down by a sickle.

This scene caused everyone to suck in a breath of cold air. After all, these spirit trees and flowers hadn’t even broken at the top of Limitless God Mountain, but in that brief exchange just now they had been torn down by that horrifying strength.

Some people were panic-stricken. The Purple Chestnut King was actually stopping all those who dared to rush forwards and was eliminating them all. In a one on one battle, perhaps no one was his match.

Violet Cloud had also been blocked by the Purple Chestnut King’s punch just now. Her thin eyebrows pressed together as she felt somewhat insulted. After many years of not seeing him, the Purple Chestnut King’s strength had risen even further.

She sent Lin Ming a sound transmission, “Brother Lin, let’s attack together! The Purple Chestnut King is from the spirit race and is a favored pet of the heavens. It is said that he is at the half-step World King realm and even then he is able to jump ranks to defeat a Great World King. In the future he is someone that might become a peak Empyrean! If we join forces we can suppress him together, and after that we can divide the spoils equally.”

Violet Cloud put forth her conditions. However, Lin Ming shook his head, “No need.”

His figure flashed like gods and ghosts. He fluttered over alone to that kirin fruit.

He had been closely observing the kirin fruit all this time and didn’t rush into action, so the Purple Chestnut King hadn’t noticed him.

Seeing Lin Ming’s movements, the Violet Cloud Princess was dumbfounded. She didn’t think that Lin Ming would refuse her reasonable terms and run towards the kirin fruit alone.

Did he think he was stronger than the Purple Chestnut King?

Seeing Lin Ming leisurely move forwards, the Purple Chestnut King fiendishly grinned. Killing intent erupted from his body; he had long been wanting to kill this human brat.

From his body, monstrous ripples of gold spread out, covering the area for hundreds of feet around him. The golden light began to sweep towards Lin Ming like the waves of the ocean.

Every golden ripple contained a terrifying number of shimmering runes.

Feeling the terrifying golden ripples rush towards him, Lin Ming didn’t show any expression at all. He was able to immediately see that this was the Purple Chestnut King’s unique force field. If a weaker martial artist were to enter this force field then they wouldn’t be able to die even if they wanted too. Even then, he wouldn’t be able to display his true combat strength either.

Lin Ming’s thoughts focused. From his inner world, a loud rumbling sound spread out.

In a vast sea of true essence, three vast and boundless palaces floated up, slowly appearing as they were lifted by three massive stars.

Each palace shined with dazzling starlight. As this endless mystic strength was released, mystical lines of the dao appeared, seeming to resemble a mysterious and unreachable goal.

As these three palaces floated in Lin Ming’s inner world, they completely suppressed the force field that the Purple Chestnut King had released.

These three palaces were the three Dao Palaces Lin Ming had opened.

Every Dao Palace possessed the mark of the Great Dao. Although they couldn’t be thrown out towards enemies, they were still more than enough to resist the impact left by the force field in his inner world.

Lin Ming felt the pressure on him lighten up. The Phoenix Blood Spear shot forwards like a dragon swimming through the ocean, running out from his spatial ring and roaring in the air, causing the surrounding soul force to wildly shiver.

Lin Ming’s mind stirred. Endless strength erupted from his body and man and spear became one. The energy within his hand was like thousands of suns imploding together. Waves of spear strikes gathered together, forming a radiant column of light that was unstoppable.

In an instant, Lin Ming pierced out with his spear tens of thousands of time, each spear strike contained a near endless mystic strength, completely crushing the golden ripples to nothing.

The endless golden ripples twisted with the sea of spear light and were then completely submerged.


The Purple Chestnut King cried out. By the time he discovered something was wrong, it was already too late for him.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Infinite howling spear phantoms appeared in front of him, as if they were passing down a summons from the true god of death.

From the back, the Purple Chestnut King felt his scalp tingle with fear. He exploded with a roar and spat out a mouthful of essence energy and blood vitality.

The drops of blood condensed in the void, forming a thick wall of blood.

He cried out pitifully and was forcibly cast back over a hundred feet.

Atop his massive body, endless spear lights had produced bloody holes. Even so, the Purple Chestnut King hadn’t died and was only severely wounded.

Lin Ming’s spear had heavily wounded the Purple Chestnut King but it wasn’t able to kill him. This left Lin Ming surprised. Although he didn’t put his full strength behind his attack, it was still far more than enough. For this Purple Chestnut King to not die left him surprised. It seemed that the spirit race was far more formidable than he first thought.

Lin Ming was only surprised. As for the others still on Limitless God Mountain, all of them were shocked speechless.

“This… this is…”

The Violet Cloud Princess’ eyes widened. She never imagined such a scene would occur.

She originally had a deep grudge against the Purple Chestnut King and was well aware of what his limits were.

She believed that if she and the Purple Chestnut King had the same level of cultivation, she wouldn’t be his opponent. This was because this Purpled Chestnut King was a descendant of an ancient race that existed 10 billion years and also came with a top bloodline.

If there was a race that could exist for 10 billion years and only decline now, then that meant this clan wasn’t as simple as he first thought. Right now, the fact that they had existed for this long was a testament to their strength!

As for the Purple Chestnut King, he was one of the most outstanding individuals amongst the juniors of the spirit race.

Yet such a person had been defeated by Lin Ming’s spear and his entire body marred with blood holes. This difference was too great!

Moreover, the Violet Cloud Princess suspected that Lin Ming wasn’t using his full strength.

“Goodness… what a strong fellow.”

The Violet Cloud Princess’ normally calm expression was replaced with one of shock and disbelief. At this time, Lin Ming no longer spared the Purple Chestnut King a glance. Without slowing down, he plunged towards the kirin fruit. He had to obtain this fruit at all costs!


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