MW Chapter 1807

Chapter 1807 - Spiritual Storm

“What a powerful soul force!”

Lin Ming’s heart raced.

With his own eyes he could see a wild and reckless soul energy violently spinning around, forming a purple storm. Just by approaching this storm, he felt as if his spiritual sea would be shattered by the powerful soul force.

Not too far away, the Violet Cloud Princess, Purple Chestnut King, and the others also stopped where they were, a solemn look on their faces. Their every movement and gesture appeared to be hindered, as if they were mired in some swamp; it was clear that their souls were being suppressed just as much if not more than Lin Ming’s.

“Mm? This is…?”

Although Lin Ming’s soul force was suppressed, his divine sense remained as sharp and formidable as before.

He could feel that at the peak of this mountain, there was a dense rain and dew that contained an intense aura of divinity, making every pore on his body open wide with longing.

He wanted to step onto the peak of this mountain and obtain that rain and dew.

However, just as he took a step forwards, the spiritual storm that enveloped his spiritual sea began to flare up again, becoming increasingly heavy.

Lin Ming flushed red and his breathing turned heavy.

“We’ve reached Limitless God Mountain. This is a famous spiritual mountain located in the Akashic Dream Battlefield. It is said that there was once an unrivalled powerhouse that stepped atop this mountain and left behind an unsurpassed inheritance. However, this mountain is strange. There is a powerful spiritual storm that wraps around it and it can even affect your true body’s soul source… once, there was a powerhouse who tried to forcefully make his way up Limitless God Mountain, but his soul source received a grievous wound and he turned into an idiot…

“If a human were to try and enter, it would be especially perilous…”

The Violet Cloud Princess glanced at Lin Ming. Although she acknowledged that Lin Ming was strong and his comprehension of Laws was outstanding, as a human he simply couldn’t compete with the soul force of a spiritas. In terms of resisting the pressure of this spiritual storm, a spiritas had an immeasurable advantage over a human.

“Thank you for the advice, Princess.” Lin Ming took a deep breath. He sank his energy into his dantian and guarded his divine soul to withstand this massive pressure.

At the same time, the Purple Chestnut King and the heroic young spiritas emitted a dim purple halo of light. They used the power of their spiritual seas to resist this spiritual storm.

As they stepped forwards, excitement began to appear on their faces. It was clear just how eager they were for this soul rain.

The Purple Chestnut King was from the spirit race thus he had a natural superiority when it came to the soul. In this, he even surpassed the spiritas.

On this Limitless God Mountain, he had a nearly unsurpassable advantage!

At this time, Lin Ming took a sudden step backwards. A black vortex rose up in his spiritual sea.


Like a divine weapon leaving its sheath, Lin Ming erupted with a soul force and momentum that soared into the heavens. Like a spear that was able to penetrate through the world, he pierced a hole through the leaden pressure of this spiritual storm.

Lin Ming calmly stepped forwards, one foot at a time.


Seeing this, the Violet Cloud Princess could tell that some sort of change had occurred within Lin Ming. He was now even able to resist the inexhaustible spiritual storm that was being released from Limitless God Mountain.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

From within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, a blue spear rose up, roaring like a dragon that had awakened from a deep slumber. It howled forwards, carrying with it an overwhelming potential as it smashed into the spiritual storm spinning in the skies.

This blue spear carried an incredible spiritual strength and exuded a matchless momentum. It was the large success blue soul battle spirit that Lin Ming had formed in the past.

In the Akashic Dream Battlefield, the Laws had suppressed Lin Ming’s cultivation to the Divine Lord realm, and even his mental strength and soul force had greatly diminished. Even so, his battle spirit remained just as strong.

A battle spirit could attack soul force; it was an extremely strange and powerful tool. In the past, Lin Ming had used his battle spirit to cut down many powerful foes.

His large success blue soul battle spirit also carried with it grandmist energy; its quality far surpassed other battle spirits of the same level.


The spiritual storm cracked open. The pressure on Lin Ming’s spiritual sea also relaxed.

With his blue soul battle spirit cutting a path through his spiritual sea, even though his suppressed soul force was weaker than that of the Violet Cloud Princess and the others, Lin Ming was actually not any slower than them.

One step at a time, the closer he approached Limitless God Mountain the more intense the spiritual storm he faced was.

At the same time, within his spiritual sea, his blue soul battle spirit was engaged in a fierce battle with the spiritual force field, slowly supporting Lin Ming’s steps forward.

In front of Lin Ming, the Purple Chestnut King already had beads of sweat dripping down his forehead. Even so, he maintained his brave and daring demeanor. The only difference was that a sharp light flashed in his eyes as he furiously struggled with the spiritual force field from Limitless God Mountain.

“That human is also following?”

Suddenly, the Purple Chestnut King noticed that just three steps behind him, the white-clothed human youth was following him at a leisurely pace. In fact, there wasn’t even a drop of sweat marring his face.

Although the human was slow, the Purple Chestnut King hadn’t been able to leave him behind.

The Purple Chestnut King’s expression froze as he frowned. How was this possible? A human also arrived at this point?

Although the Violet Cloud Princess was a woman, she was still a proud child of heaven. The Purple Chestnut King recognized her qualifications to walk side by side with him. But now, a human also caught up with his pace.

In surprise, a gloomy light shined in the Purple Chestnut King’s eyes.

He was an incredibly, insufferably arrogant person, and was considered a genius of the spirit race. Even so, he was being followed by a mere human which he felt was simply impossible. A human’s advantage lay in their ability to cultivate energy but they were neophytes when it came to the soul, so why was he able to keep up?

From beside Lin Ming, the heroic spiritas youth also glanced at Lin Ming, an unfriendly light in his eyes.

At this point, only a sparse few people were able to make it to this distance.

The weaklings of the groups also tried to reach Limitless God Mountain, but just as they stepped foot at the base of the mountain, they screamed out loud as they were crushed and swept away by the spiritual force field.

There were also some who feared the spiritual pressure coming from Limitless God Mountain and hesitated in moving forwards. They looked towards the advancing individuals with envy in their eyes but they still didn’t dare to take the risk of going forwards.

Some people could see that at the front of the leading group, there was a human youth.

“How could there even be a human climbing up? That’s really… really…”

The martial artist didn’t know what to say. As spiritas martial artists, they had lost to a human when it came to soul force.

This was like a group of chess masters deciding to play against a checkers master, but the end result was that all those chess masters were defeated by the checkers master. This was an utter shame on their name.

None of them had any face left!

“Don’t worry, in the Soul World there is no space for a human to enjoy glory. He will likely fail halfway, and even if he can reach the end he will inevitably consume a great deal of energy. If this human obtains any lucky chances we can kill him together and steal them away.” Someone indignantly huffed.

Finally, Lin Ming slowly stepped halfway up the mountain.

The scene in front of him had changed.

He had stepped into a hazy pall of light rain.

This light rain was the dim fog he had seen from the base of the mountain.

After being touched by this light sprinkle, Lin Ming felt the rain drill into his body, flooding into his spiritual sea and rapidly restoring his spent soul force. Moreover, it constantly nourished his soul and expanded his spiritual sea.

“What a rich and potent… spiritual strength. This is rain formed from spirit source!” Lin Ming immediately understood just what this light rain was.

Only spirit source so rich that it had substantialized to rain could rapidly supplement his soul force like this.

Even his battle spirit was vitalized by this spirit source; it grew larger, becoming increasingly fierce and powerful.

Lin Ming didn’t hurriedly rush to the top. Instead, he looked around at his surroundings.

He discovered that this light drizzle of rain was formed from a murmuring stream on the side of the god mountain that constantly splashed up.

This stream was magnificent beyond compare. Although it splashed into the skies, it didn’t emit any sound at all.

Wherever the stream flowed, all the mountain stone around it was stained a crystalline jet black and emitted an extremely strong soul force.

“Those are peak quality soul crystals, just a little of that is a priceless treasure.” Lin Ming’s pupils shrank as he saw the soul crystals.

Before long, his eyes moved away from the soul crystals. He sat down where he was and began meditating. Like a whale sucking in water, he breathed in deeply, breathing in the wandering spirit source mist around him, allowing it to flood into his body where he absorbed it.

As he did this, the Violet Cloud Princess, Purple Chestnut King, and the others had almost simultaneously chosen the same action.

After all, no matter how it was said, this spirit source mist was the most important of treasures. It could nourish and cleanse one’s soul force and even enhance one’s cultivation. It was far more important than some external treasure.

After an incense stick of time, Lin Ming slowly opened his eyes.

He noticed that the soul force in his spiritual sea had nearly doubled. A great deal of spirit source mist that hadn’t yet been fully refined hovered above his spiritual sea, forming something akin to a layer of defense.

It cleared his senses, making him feel refreshed. When facing the spiritual force field released by Limitless God Mountain, Lin Ming felt much more assured.

“Humph.” At this time, a cold cough sounded out from in front of Lin Ming.

The tall Purple Chestnut King coldly jeered at Lin Ming, a disgusted light clear in his blood red pupils. This Limitless God Mountain had been formed through the countless years, and a great deal of the spirit source mist had been absorbed by him, Lin Ming, the Violet Cloud Princess, and the spiritas youth.

If this human wasn’t here than the Purple Chestnut King would have clearly been able to absorb more spirit source mist. At the very least, he was unhappy that he had to divvy up a portion of this lucky chance to a human like Lin Ming. He didn’t feel happy about this at all.

However, he didn’t say anything. He faintly felt that Lin Ming was not a peaceful or kind-hearted individual. There was no point in mindlessly fighting Lin Ming right now.

He continued advancing forwards.

“I never imagined that as a human, you would have such attainments in the aspect of battle spirits.” The Violet Cloud Princess’ words echoed in Lin Ming’s mind.

Lin Ming had revealed all sorts of peculiarities the longer she traveled with him, leaving her marveling with surprise every time. She thought that perhaps this human had some great secrets on him; she really didn’t know where he had come from.

“If there is another lucky chance, let’s join together and fight for it. I’m not on good ground with that Purple Chestnut King; we can be considered enemies.”

The Violet Cloud Princess tried to pull Lin Ming over to her side. At this time, because of the spiritual storm, her followers weren’t able to catch up to them. With an ally by her side, that meant her team would be that much stronger.

Lin Ming nodded. Without saying much else, he quickly moved forwards.



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