MW Chapter 1807

Chapter 1807 - Spiritual Storm

“What a powerful soul force!”

Lin Ming’s heart raced.

With his own eyes he could see a wild and reckless soul energy violently spinning around, forming a purple storm. Just by approaching this storm, he felt as if his spiritual sea would be shattered by the powerful soul force.

Not too far away, the Violet Cloud Princess, Purple Chestnut King, and the others also stopped where they were, a solemn look on their faces. Their every movement and gesture appeared to be hindered, as if they were mired in some swamp; it was clear that their souls were being suppressed just as much if not more than Lin Ming’s.

“Mm? This is…?”

Although Lin Ming’s soul force was suppressed, his divine sense remained as sharp and formidable as before.

He could feel that at the peak of this mountain, there was a dense rain and dew that contained an intense aura of divinity, making every pore on his body open wide with longing.

He wanted to step onto the peak of this mountain and obtain that rain and dew.

However, just as he took a step forwards, the spiritual storm that enveloped his spiritual sea began to flare up again, becoming increasingly heavy.

Lin Ming flushed red and his breathing turned heavy.


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