MW Chapter 1806

Chapter 1806 – The Soul Cave

Although the Soul Cave was called a cave, the truth was that it was a massive canyon. It was situated between two mountains that were hundreds of thousands of feet high and filled with a faint purple fog all year round. It was an extremely mystical place.

At this time, outside of the Soul Cave, a massive number of martial artists had gathered.

These people came from influences all over the Soul World. Lin Ming glanced over them and didn’t see anyone from Zenith Palace.

This was just because Zenith Palace was far too weak and didn’t have the qualifications to enter the Soul Cave. To try and venture into the Soul Cave with their level of strength was no different from seeking death.

“Violet Sun Divine Kingdom, hehe… I knew that the Violet Cloud Princess wouldn’t miss such a momentous event.”

In the crowd of people, a strange-looking creature spoke up.

This life form was twice the height of the average person and had golden purple scales covering his body. There was also a pair of curved horns jutting out from his head.

Lin Ming was startled. Just what sort of race was this?

From looks alone, this being seemed to be from the monster race, but Lin Ming could feel that this golden purple being was from...

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