MW Chapter 1805

Chapter 1805 – Weeping Blood God Springs

After Lin Ming killed the disciples from the Imperial Beast Sect, he felt energy dissipate from their corpses and merge into the entry token he carried with him.

These energies formed tiny motes of light within the entry token.

As Lin Ming probed the entry token with his sense, information reflected back into his mind – he now had a total of 2100 merit points.

“Only 2100 merit points. Compared to the merit points required for a golden page, this isn’t even a drop in the bucket.”

Lin Ming shook his head.

These 2100 merit points would be divided by his total age when the three year deadline came. In truth, he had only obtained a dozen some points.

And to exchange for the golden page he needed a billion merit points. The difference was far too great.

“The stronger the opponents I kill, the more merit points I’ll obtain.”

Lin Ming could feel that of the nearly 40 Imperial Beast Sect disciples he just killed, the one to give him the most merit points was that Protector Sun; Protector Sun had given him almost a thousand merit points. As...

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