MW Chapter 1805

Chapter 1805 – Weeping Blood God Springs

After Lin Ming killed the disciples from the Imperial Beast Sect, he felt energy dissipate from their corpses and merge into the entry token he carried with him.

These energies formed tiny motes of light within the entry token.

As Lin Ming probed the entry token with his sense, information reflected back into his mind – he now had a total of 2100 merit points.

“Only 2100 merit points. Compared to the merit points required for a golden page, this isn’t even a drop in the bucket.”

Lin Ming shook his head.

These 2100 merit points would be divided by his total age when the three year deadline came. In truth, he had only obtained a dozen some points.

And to exchange for the golden page he needed a billion merit points. The difference was far too great.

“The stronger the opponents I kill, the more merit points I’ll obtain.”

Lin Ming could feel that of the nearly 40 Imperial Beast Sect disciples he just killed, the one to give him the most merit points was that Protector Sun; Protector Sun had given him almost a thousand merit points. As for that yellow-clothed youth, he had given several hundred merit points and the remaining people had only given several dozen merit points.

The worst of all these people had only given him single digits merit points; it was a completely negligible number.

In other words, if Lin Ming wanted enough points to exchange for the golden page then he would need to kill top powerhouses without end. This included the Great World Kings, half-step Empyreans, and even Empyrean powerhouses here.

The higher the original cultivation of the person he killed, the more merit points he would receive.

“I wonder how many merit points I can get from killing an Empyrean?”

Lin Ming whispered to himself in anticipation. Two Empyreans had entered this Akashic Dream Battlefield – Chaos Demon God and Empyrean Myriad Ghost.

If he could slay these two fellows then they would surely give him a considerable number of merit points.

“I’m quite lucky. During my first time entering the Akashic Dream Battlefield there were also two Empyreans that joined in. I really might be able to collect the full billion merit points required. However, this Akashic Dream Battlefield is far too large. It won’t be easy to find them.”

Lin Ming thought to himself. If Zenith Palace were to know of his thoughts, it was impossible to tell what their reactions would be.

Zenith Palace would be doing everything in their power to avoid these Empyrean powerhouses but Lin Ming actually wanted to search for them on his own initiative.

“The Akashic Dream Battlefield is only open for three years. I can’t just aimlessly wander around. If I continue at my current speed, I won’t be able to gather a billion merit points before the Akashic Dream Battlefield ends. I have to look for some place where many powerhouses gather so I can go wild and kill them all. For instance, some place where heavenly materials are born…”

As Lin Ming was thinking this, he put away the merit point token in his hands and took out the jade slip that the yellow-clothed youth had passed to him. As he swept his mind through the jade slip, information rapidly appeared in his mind.

“Soul Cave… Undying Ruins…”

Lin Ming soon selected these two places where heavenly materials would appear. He chose them because they were the two ruins that were easiest to find.

In particular, the Soul Cave was in an almost fixed position.

Lin Ming activated his movement technique and shot straight towards the Soul Cave.

His speed wasn’t too fast and he encountered several ambushes along the way.

Those that tried to sneak attack him were all martial artists from small sects. They gathered in groups and had been lying hidden in ambush, wanting to secretly attack martial artists that passed by and take their merit points.

Chi chi chi!

As Lin Ming flew through a mountain valley, several sword lights shot out from the underbrush, forming a web of sword lights that covered him.

Lin Ming had already noticed these people long before they noticed him.

He flicked his fingers and sent spear lights shooting out.

With a cacophony of miserable cries, all of those people who tried to ambush Lin Ming were instantly killed.

In a mere moment, he had obtained another thousand plus merit points.

According to the rules of the Akashic Dream Battlefield, after Lin Ming killed a martial artist, he would obtain a fixed number of merit points based on their skills and cultivation, and also a portion of the merit points they had accumulated.

Thus, as Lin Ming killed these people who had also slaughtered many others, he obtained more points than usual.

“Hey friend, your skills aren’t too bad!”

After Lin Ming killed these ambushers, a voice called out to him.

Lin Ming turned his head to see a purple-clothed girl flying towards him as she rode a rainbow luan. Following close behind her were seven martial artists in tight-fitting black combat clothes.

These black-clothed martial artists stepped through space, their steps vague and their auras deep and powerful. Lin Ming was surprised. He suspected that before these seven black-clothed martial artists had their cultivations suppressed, they had been at the World King realm.

Although it wasn’t easy to distinguish a person’s cultivation realm because their cultivation was suppressed in the Akashic Dream Battlefield, it was possible to approximate their original cultivations from their auras.

“Seven World Kings…”

Lin Ming was startled. The truth was that he didn’t place any World King powerhouses in his eyes. But, if this young girl could have a retinue of seven World Kings following her around in the Akashic Dream Battlefield, this meant that she had a considerably high status!

Perhaps not even a core disciple of an Empyrean Holy Land would have such a great lineup of guards.

Could she come from a True Divinity Holy Land?

Lin Ming’s heart turned cold. The seven universes of the spiritas was truly a land of crouching tigers and hidden dragons, with masters all around. It wouldn’t be strange if a core disciple of a True Divinity Holy Land were to appear at the Akashic Dream Battlefield.

“If she really is a disciple of a True Divinity Holy Land, I might be able to find out something about Sheng Mei from her.”

Lin Ming immediately developed the thought of befriending this young purple-clothed girl that had come from nowhere.

However, he maintained a vigilant guard.

“My name is Lin Muk. I wonder who this miss is…?”

“Violet Cloud.”

The purple-clothed girl briefly responded. It was impossible to find out anything valuable from this information.

“Good brother, do you plan on going to the Soul Cave?”

The purple-clothed girl looked up and down at Lin Ming, sizing him up. She clearly recognized that Lin Ming was a human. For a human to achieve this level of strength was bewildering.

Moreover, she wasn’t able to distinguish what Lin Ming’s cultivation had been before it was suppressed. This left her even more puzzled.


Lin Ming didn’t hide anything. This was the road leading to the Soul Cave and he wasn’t too far away right now.

“How about we go together? Not only are there many masters in the Soul Cave but there is also a tremendous number of nightmare beasts. If we cooperate, our combat strength will be much higher.”

Lin Ming originally wanted to get to know this purple-clothed girl and dig out some information about Sheng Mei from her. He readily agreed, “Sure!”

With Lin Ming joining them, the group expanded to nine people.

“Princess, why are you having an outsider join us? And he isn’t a spiritas, nor do we know what his character is like. In this trip to the Soul Cave he might not be able to play any role and yet we will have to split a portion of our treasures to him.”

A black-clothed martial artist asked from behind Violet Cloud.

“With another person that means we are that much stronger. We will have to face many opponents this time, and this human is quite strong if he was able to instantly kill those martial artists. With your cultivation suppressed, you can’t do that, right? He will be greatly helpful to our group… as for treasures, those are things that aren’t even in our hands. If we can’t obtain any harvests then there will be nothing to divide anyways. It's too early to be worrying about something as trivial as dividing treasures…”

As the purple-clothed girl spoke, the black-robed World King could only silently nod.

In all fairness, this human was indeed strong. After these seven World Kings had their cultivations suppressed, they had to admit that none of them were Lin Ming’s match.

“This is a human genius; I wonder what influence he comes from. What a strange sight.”

The wilderness was vast and endless. An infinite swamp stretched to the horizon with tall patches of grass littering the landscape. The occasional roar of nightmare beasts resounded through the skies, making one’s heart race.

“In front of us is the Soul Cave. This is an extremely strange spirit land. In the past, a divine object once appeared within it – the Weeping Blood God Springs.”

The information of the purple-clothed girl was clearly far more detailed than that of the Imperial Beast Sect.

Lin Ming perked up. Weeping Blood God Springs?

He had seen this name on the Emperor God Wall before. It was said to be an incomparably precious divine substance that could be used to refine True Divinity level pills. It was something that could even tempt True Divinities!

“What is the Weeping Blood God Springs?”

Lin Ming couldn’t help but ask. Something that could stir the desires of a True Divinity was no trifling matter.

The purple-clothed girl responded, “This Soul Cave can breed spirit source. In ancient times, because this spirit source was far too dense, it finally gathered together and formed liquid; in other words, a soul springs. As for the Weeping Blood God Springs, it is rumored that in ancient times a peerless God King mixed in his own blood within the soul springs, transforming it into what it is now. But, the Weeping Blood God Springs developed a wisdom of its own and escaped into the earth, completely vanishing from sight. After that, no one was able to find it.”

The purple-clothed girl shook her head. Lin Ming was startled upon hearing this story.

Liquid formed from spirit source? Then, just how rich and pure was this spirit source?

In the past when Lin Ming entered the Asura Road’s final trial, he had experienced spirit source himself. This was an extremely important source strength for all soul forging martial artists.

Lin Ming didn’t doubt that Empyrean Divine Dream’s spirit source was also obtained within the Soul World.

As for the ancient peerless God King that the purple-clothed girl spoke of, could it have been the one who created the Akashic Dream Universe, the mysterious first ancestor of the spiritas?


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