MW Chapter 1804

Chapter 1804 – Reinforcements

The martial artists that rolled out from the tall patch of grass were all covered in blood. They wore similar sect clothing; it was obvious they came from the same influence.

Their tactics were to take advantage of the unprepared and to fight with a numbers advantage in order to slowly gather merit points. Although this method wasn’t the most efficient, it was far safer.

However, in their first attempt they had really managed to kick an iron wall; this was just their own unluckiness.

“Young hero, please show mercy and don’t kill us!”

Seeing Lin Ming overflowing with killing intent, the martial artists were terrified.

Although their lives wouldn’t be in danger if they were killed in the Akashic Dream Battlefield, the chance to enter this land wasn’t easy to obtain. They didn’t want to die just as the sect wars began.

After being killed in the Akashic Dream Battlefield, one’s body would be stranded in a separate space and forced to live out the remaining three year period there. The taste of this punishment wasn’t good at all.

Lin Ming didn’t say a word. The Phoenix Blood Spear howled and flew back into his hand. Then, he indifferently looked at these martial artists and pointed his spear straight at the forehead of a yellow-clothed man.

Lin Ming could feel that this yellow-clothed man was the strongest of the group; he should be the leader.

“Young hero, our Imperial Beast Sect is a Great World King influence that has a history spanning hundreds of millions of years. In the history of our sect, there have even been two Empyreans that have appeared. It’s just that for the last few tens of millions of years we haven’t been able to produce an Empyrean, and thus our influence has been downgraded. Even so, we still have a deep background. Young hero doesn’t need to kill us. We have some precious inherited information from our sect if young hero would like to take a look at it.”

As the yellow-clothed man spoke, his arms trembled as he lifted a jade slip and passed it to Lin Ming.

Lin Ming swept his mind over it. There wasn’t any problem with this jade slip. Then, he probed it.

After sifting through the jade slip, Lin Ming’s interest was piqued. This jade slip recorded many regional materials within the Akashic Dream Battlefield. There were even places listed where heavenly materials might appear as well as danger zones where nightmare beasts appeared more often.

Although the records within the jade slip were rough, it was good for referencing.

As Lin Ming was looking through the jade slip his thoughts stirred. He realized that while he was probing the jade slip, the furthest disciple of the Imperial Beast Sect had quietly reached out his hand and traced his spatial ring, taking out a talisman.

As this talisman appeared, it immediately burnt up and completely vanished.

“You sent a sound transmission talisman to request reinforcements?”

Lin Ming immediately thought. His eyes flashed with a murderous light. But, he maintained his composure, only looking at the eight martial artists in front of him.

His eyes were as deep as the nine nether abyss. Just looking into his gaze made one feel a shiver crawl up their spine.

“What… what do you want?”

The yellow-clothed martial artist asked with a fear-tinged voice.

They had indeed sent a sound transmission talisman requesting assistance from the sect. Although he thought his actions were discrete, he still felt weak at heart. He was afraid that Lin Ming would discover what they did and kill them all.

With them being severely wounded, it would only take Lin Ming a few breaths of time to kill them all.

The disparity was too great.

Lin Ming didn’t respond. He fiddled with the jade slip in his hands, spreading out his sense to the surrounding 100 miles.

His actions had the yellow-clothed martial artist exhaling in relief.

“This idiot hasn’t discovered anything at all. Just you wait! You are already dead!”

The yellow-clothed martial artist clenched his jaws, but on the surface he maintained a timid and terrified expression.

Time slowly passed. Soon, on the distant horizon, over ten small spots appeared in the skies, illuminated from behind by the sun.

These small shadows were extremely fast. In the blink of an eye they became as large as a palm in everyone’s sight. They were actually a group of flying dragons!

Each flying dragon had a wingspan that spread out over a hundred feet wide. Their claws were sharp and their teeth were gruesome. Each one resembled a vicious demon, terrifying to the extreme.

And standing on the backs of these flying dragons were many martial artists. These martial artists were all wearing sect clothing similar to the clothing that the martial artists who Lin Ming wounded had.

These were clearly reinforcements.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

As the flying dragons landed, they kicked up a giant sandstorm. On the backs of these flying dragons were more than 30 martial artists. The leader amongst them was a middle-aged man as thin as a string. His eyes were cold and gloomy and his momentum was intimidating. He obviously had a high status in the Imperial Beast Sect.

“Hahaha! Protector Sun, you finally made it!”

As the yellow-clothed martial artist with the gaping wound saw this middle-aged man, he began to recklessly laugh as if he had seen his savior. Not even the wounds marring his body were able to tamp down on his happiness.

“Protector Sun really came just on time!”

The other martial artists struggled to stand up. This included the martial artist that Lin Ming had seen spying on him and who had used the sound transmitting talisman to send a message.

The Imperial Beast Sect had come extremely fast. It seemed that they weren’t located too far away.

“It’s this little animal. He killed my black lizard and severely wounded us all, even stealing my material jade slip.”

The yellow-clothed man glared at Lin Ming, his expression full of spite and hate.

“That’s right, this is him. Protector Sun, don’t let him die easily. Make sure he suffers before that!”

“You were so arrogant just then, but now we’ll plant poisonous bugs in your body so you can experience what a pain worse than death is!”

As the reinforcements arrived, the originally heavily wounded martial artists all cried out with joy, their faces beaming with a fiendish delight.

“This is him? A human youth did this to you all? What a useless bunch.”

Protector Sun looked at Lin Ming, disdain written all over his face.

“Protector Sun be careful, this person is extremely fierce.” As the yellow-clothed martial artist saw Lin Ming remain as poised as before, without any panic on his face, he suddenly felt a bit weak at the knees.

“12 breaths of time…” Lin Ming suddenly said, “From the time that you notified the reinforcements to come here, you used a full 12 breaths of time. That was quite fast of them. These reinforcements must have laid down traps elsewhere to kill the martial artists of the Akashic Dream Battlefield, right?”

As Lin Ming swept his eyes over the crowd, he grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear and pointed it at the ground, without any haste or dread in his tone.

Hearing Lin Ming’s words, Protector Sun looked at Lin Ming with incredulous eyes. He sneered, “You’ve already stepped on the road to death and yet you’re so arrogant about yourself. Since you attacked my Imperial Beast Sect, that is already an unforgivable crime. Allow me to take your life!”

As Protector Sun spoke he immediately attacked right afterwards. Although he felt contempt at Lin Ming’s words, he still remained vigilant throughout. Thus, with this strike, he didn’t hold back at all.

Protector Sun drew out a heavy sword from his spatial ring. With a chop of the sword, a thin purple fog poured out.

Lin Ming didn’t need to look to sense that this sword contained a powerful inherent soul attack.

He used his foot to lift up the Phoenix Blood Spear. With a sweep of his spear, the power of thunder and fire erupted, like a red and purple wave gushing out together!

With a loud explosion, Protector Sun was sent flying backwards.

He cried out to the heavens in alarm. Lin Ming’s attack power had surpassed his comprehension. His protective spirit essence had been nothing but snow that rapidly shrank in the sunlight.

His face turned paper white. He wanted to take out an inscription symbol from his spatial ring, but the turbulent waves of thunder and fire had completely burnt through his spirit essence and had broken into his body, causing his organs and meridians to be damaged.


Another explosive sound rang through the air.

Half of Protector Sun’s body had been baked black.

A pile of broken bones and chunks of meat went flying everywhere. Blood splashed all over the audience. Right now, Protector Sun’s breathing weakened with every second; he wouldn’t live for much longer.

“Protector Sun!”

The Imperial Beast Sect disciples were startled. They weren’t even able to react to this sudden change.

“How could this happen?”

In the eyes of the Imperial Beast Sect disciples, Protector Sun was an incomparably powerful existence. Not only was he an outstanding individual but his cultivation was profoundly deep.

After entering the Akashic Dream Battlefield, a martial artist’s cultivation was suppressed. But, their comprehension of Laws didn’t change and they were something that ordinary martial artists couldn’t deal with. Yet, Protector Sun had been instantly killed by someone!

“I was originally hoping you would all call some more people for me to earn some merit points, but in the end you only called 30 or so. How disappointing…”

Lin Ming’s words were like the whispers of a demon. As the yellow-clothed martial artist heard them, he felt all his hairs standing on end.

So this human had already realized they had sent a secret message, and the reason he intentionally waited here was to kill people and take their merit points?

“Everyone run! Scatter and run!”

The yellow-clothed martial artist screamed, as if he had just been awakened from a dream.

But at this time, Lin Ming finally moved. His speed reached an incredible velocity. The long spear in his hands was like the sickle of a death god. With every movement of his spear, someone’s head would fall down.

These people were all inferior to Protector Sun, so just where would they find the strength to revolt against Lin Ming?

Almost as soon as they met face to face, Protector Sun had suffered a most miserable death.

In the blink of an eye, blood dyed the floor and many Imperial Beast Sect disciples flew away in all directions as they tried to escape. But, these people were all pierced through by Lin Ming’s spear light!

Puff! Puff!

A flying corpse fell down from the skies. The scene was extremely terrifying.

“De… demon…”

Just before dying, the yellow-clothed martial artist spoke out some final words as he choked on his blood.

Lin Ming picked up his spear and directly pierced through the yellow-clothed martial artist’s heart.

In just ten breaths of time, he had solved the battlefield problem.

Lin Ming appreciatively held the jade slip in his hands. This jade slip that the yellow-clothed martial artist handed him could be called an unexpected harvest.


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