MW Chapter 1804

Chapter 1804 – Reinforcements

The martial artists that rolled out from the tall patch of grass were all covered in blood. They wore similar sect clothing; it was obvious they came from the same influence.

Their tactics were to take advantage of the unprepared and to fight with a numbers advantage in order to slowly gather merit points. Although this method wasn’t the most efficient, it was far safer.

However, in their first attempt they had really managed to kick an iron wall; this was just their own unluckiness.

“Young hero, please show mercy and don’t kill us!”

Seeing Lin Ming overflowing with killing intent, the martial artists were terrified.

Although their lives wouldn’t be in danger if they were killed in the Akashic Dream Battlefield, the chance to enter this land wasn’t easy to obtain. They didn’t want to die just as the sect wars began.

After being killed in the Akashic Dream Battlefield, one’s body would be stranded in a separate space and forced to live out the remaining three year period there. The taste of this punishment wasn’t good at all.

Lin Ming didn’t say a word. The Phoenix Blood...

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